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Automation solutions in machine and system building


Key of
the Future

Think future. Switch to green.



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Moeller Solutions is the Moeller
customer publication for industrial
Moeller GmbH


Dirk Bolz ( v.i.S.d.P.)
Frank Spelter
Integral Dr. Schumacher
Kerstin Reitz

News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-7
xSystem: Natural wood shaped to perfection . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-9
Flexible and open Moeller automation systems
XV400: Production of Italian delicatessen products . . . . . . . . . 10-11
Transparent access from production to logistics
MFD-Titan: Text-free visualization . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12-13
Moeller uses symbols that are understood worldwide
XC200: Modular furniture production made in Brazil . . . . . . 14-15
Powerful PLC integrates the IT world
xEnergy: High availability low-voltage power
distribution system for server farm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16-17
Safe and reliable power distribution
Visualisation Designed Quickly and Reliably
with Microsoft Excel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18-19
XSoft-EPAM graphical user interface for Touch Panels
Moeller Field Service: always at the ready . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20-21
Qualified service round the clock
Trend: The key of the future . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Access control with biometric finger scanning

Andreas Frevel
Paul Knodel
Andreas Schumacher
Dr. Monika Schumacher
Frank Spelter
Hein-Moeller-Strae 7-11
53115 Bonn
Tel.: +49 228 602-0
Fax : +49 228 602-62275
E-mail: info@moeller.net
Copyright 2005 by Moeller GmbH
KM 0213-4261GB
Article. No.: 290230
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Printed in Germany (04/05)

Moeller Link
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now available via the new
Moeller link. Simply enter
the link of the article in
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controlling a rip saw

Automation in parquet floor

XSoft-EPAM uses standards



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+++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++

DF51 and DV51

More Flexibility for the Drive
The new Moeller DF51 and DV51
series of frequency inverters offers
optimum flexibility for drives in
the rating ranges 0.25 to 2.2 kW
for 230 V and 0.37 to 7.5 kW for
400 V versions. DF51 and DV51
are fully compatible with the
previous DF5/DV5 series.
Moeller has reduced the size of
the inverters by 40 percent and
considerably increased their
functionality. Furthermore, devices
can be installed adjacent to each
other without any spacing
required. These features therefore
save valuable space in the control
panel. The new devices feature an
RS 485 interface onboard with a
Modbus RTU protocol.
An extensive range of accessories
with direct type coordination
from cable protection up to the
sinusoidal filter enables a
complete electrical drive train
system to be created. Certification
in compliance with CE, UL, c-UL,
c-Tick and the extended mains
voltage range enables devices to
be used worldwide.
The DF51 is a compact device with
a permanently integrated keypad,
setpoint potentiometer and a
function set similar to the DV51.
DF51 is suitable for a wide range
of drive applications such as those
involving pumps, fans and

conveyors. The keypad is provided

with an interface port to which
the new communication options
of the DV51 such as Profibus DP
and CANopen can be connected
DV51 frequency inverters have a
modular design. The new option
boxes are adapted to the
application at hand and are simply
plugged in or onto the device.
The keypad or communication
option boxes can be fitted directly
on the front. Pluggable control
terminals also simplify termination
on the DV51.
The new sensorless vector
operation of the DV51 series
simplifies and shortens
commissioning. The new
frequency inverters do not require
any setting. Even an Autotuning
procedure for optimising the drive
is no longer necessary. The drive is
immediately operational. A higher
starting torque of more than 200
percent compared to the DV5
series is available already at an
approximate output frequency of
1Hz. Even applications with heavy
starting characteristics can be
transformed to speedy drive units.
In advanced applications, the
analog input can likewise be used
for torque limitation.


New parameter
The new Drives-Soft
3.0 parameter software
enables users to configure
drives quickly and simply, as
well as being fully compatible
with previous device series. All
the parameters can be set to suit
individual requirements, and are
easy to document and save.
An oscilloscope function is also
provided which graphically
displays important operating data
and continuously supplies
information about the status of
the drive.

Basic unit
Communication module


Functions at I/O level

The I/O level of the DF51 and
DV51 also offers a number of new
functions that would otherwise
have to be connected or controlled
externally with additional
components. For example, the
type of activation of configurable
digital inputs and outputs can be
selected. Users can assign
reference value inputs to different
sources as required or link them
in mathematical operations.
Bus, terminal or keypad control
can be activated via digital inputs,
whilst the digital outputs can also
be programmed flexibly.



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NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEW

New Moeller XVH300 Touch Panels Offer Outstanding Cost

Efficiency: High Performance at an Affordable Price

Moeller's XVH300 series touch

panels were specially developed
to support cost efficiency in
machine building and industrial
automation: XVH340 panels with
infra-red touch technology and
XVH330 panels with resistive
touch technology are designed as

optimised low budget systems,

and can be used as HMI devices
for data management and
visualization. The touch panels
come with integrated CANopen,
Ethernet (10/100 Mbit) and USB
slave on board for
communication. The systems

Mobile Visualisation with

XSoft-EPAM RemoteControl Client
The XSoft EasyPageMachine
(EPAM) visualization tool is specially
designed for graphical operator
guidance using touch screens, and
enables the visualization to be
configured easily with parameters
without the need for complicated
programming. The integrated
RemoteControl client/server
function is provided for users
requiring mobile applications.
The current screen content of the
local visualization is compressed
and transferred with a minimum
data volume via wireless LAN to
the remote client. In this way, any
application created with EPAM is
also available as a mobile
application without the need for
any additional project design.
The RemoteControl client can be
run on several different standard
devices using Windows Pocket PC
2003, WindowsCE and Windows.
The Pocket PC iPAQ from HewlettPackard, for example, can be used

as a mobile visualization device for

all Moeller HMI-PLCs of the
XVC/XCC-601 and MC-HPG200/300
The wireless communication to the
iPAQ is implemented using a
standard WLAN access point.
The integrated password protection
prevents unauthorised access to
the system.
A scroll function is also provided
for screens with higher resolutions.
A JAVA client is used for calling in
web browsers.


feature a RISC processor (32-bit,

200 MHz) and a 64 MB memory
which ensures sufficient memory

machines with small dimensions.

The devices have a rugged design
and the front panel is protected
to IP 65.

A high level of flexibility is also

offered thanks to the use of
removable CompactFlash cards.
CompactFlash cards enable users
to adapt the memory capacity for
data (such as project or recipe
data) to actual requirements, and
select the optimum visualization
system for the application. The
user is free to choose between
the XSoft GALILEO graphical
visualization tool and the XSoft
EPAM software that runs as an
MS Excel plug-in. The CompactFlash card can simply be changed
as required.

The touch panels have been

developed for international
markets and industrial
applications, and come with
CE, ZL/CSA, CCC and EX22

Thanks to their compact design

and minimum mounting depth,
touch panels can also be used in

A free demo version of the

visualization tools can be
downloaded from the Moeller




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EWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS

EASY-SOFT: New Functions for easy800 and MFD-Titan

for customising the laser
inscription of labels on
the devices. EASYSOFT can likewise
simulate all device
functions on the PC.

The software for Moeller's easy

control relay and MFD-Titan
multi-function display is now
available in a new version.
EASY-SOFT now comes in two
versions: EASY-SOFT-BASIC for
easy500 and easy700, and EASYSOFT-PRO (Professional) for all
easy400, 500, 600, 700,
800 devices and MFD-Titan.
This therefore provides one
software for all easy devices,
which also comes with an
integrated OPC server and a new
label editor. This last tool is used

The new and

extensive functions
of easy800 and
MFD-Titan can be
programmed and assigned parameters using EASYSOFT-PRO. easy800 and
MFD-Titan now support 13
languages with specific national
codes and appropriate fonts.
The character sets include
Western and Central European
fonts, as well as Cyrillic.
easy800 can now control stepper
motors: The pulse output is used
for controlling stepper motors
and power modules directly.
The serial log output function
block allows you to output
messages for which the data is
output serially via the

appropriate interface. In the

Button Editor, a special function
has been added to the four P
buttons on the MFD-Titan:
the cursor buttons are assigned
to the variables P1 to P4 and can
be used like in the Status display.
The P button function is an
exclusive function and thus has
priority over any other button
functions. The P buttons can
thus be used for manually
actuated functions (On/Off,
Start/Stop) and other operator
functions. The new password
concept enables the display of a
particular screen to be protected
by a password.
MFD-Titan now supports
Terminal mode, in which users
can easily access all stations on
the easy.NET. Access to network
stations is thus possible from any
station and is not reserved to a
few particular stations.
MFD-Titan also supports new
visualization functions and

screen elements, such as year

and 7-day time switch entry,
timing relay value entry and
display, date and time entry. This
makes it possible to set the time
switches from the visualization
application. The entry values are
then stored permanently in the
program (FRAM). The bar graph
function is also new, and
provides a display element that
can represent a value in the form
of a freely scalable bar. The
display direction can also be
set, as well as a flash function
to indicate out of range values.
EASY-SOFT-PRO also supports
other programmable
visualization functions such as
latching buttons and interlocked
button fields, message bitmaps,
rolling text display, running text
and screen menues.


LSE-Titan Analog Electronic Position Switches

LS-Titan is the name of Moeller's
new generation of tried and
tested position switches. The LSE
(Limit Switch Electronic) position
switch stands out as the first of
its kind in the world, with LSE-AI
(4-20mA) and LSE-AU (0-10V)
analog position switches offering
yet another advancement in this
field. The actual position of a flue
gas flap or an actuator can now
be monitored continuously for
the first time. The position data is
converted to an analog current or
voltage value and continuously
fed to the automation
environment. Even the data of
objects with different sizes or
thicknesses such as brake blocks
can now be monitored and
processed further.
Simple speed-based control
systems for fan motors or

ventilation systems indicate the

extent of the air flap opening
(e.g. 25, 50 and 75 percent), thus
allowing savings in energy and
materials. The analog position
switches also feature a
diagnostics output for additional
data processing. This ensures that
a safe operating state can be
monitored and evaluated at any
time. The position switch also has
a self-test function. Outputs Q1
and Q2 are continuously tested
for overloads, short-circuits to 0V
and short-circuits to +Ue.
Like the electromechanical position switches, LSE-Titan position
switches ensure safety category 3
or 4 of the EN 954-1 standard for
machine safety when configured
as a redundant system. All
devices are thus suitable for
safety applications that are used

for the protection of persons or

Control circuit devices from the
RMQ-Titan range can be used
in combination with the
LS-Titan position switches,
the entire unit at least offering
protection to IP66 front
and rear.




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NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEW

Contactors up to 75 kW Create Space in the Control Panel

The new xStart contactors up to
75 kW represent a seamless
expansion of the contactor range
up to 15 kW that has been
available since June 2004.
Considerably reduced dimensions
and an extremely low sealing
power of 0.5 W on DC contactors
provide a number of benefits.
The particularly narrow 55 mm
mounting width of contactors up
to 65 A saves valuable space in the
control panel. The mechanical
interlock mostly used with
Moeller's reversing starter
combinations has no additional
space requirements. This patented
and smart solution consists of a
plastic sphere. It is simply inserted

DC contactors up to 65 A normally
have a deeper construction than
AC contactors. However, the
dimensions of xStart DC and AC
versions are identical thanks to
electronically supported drives. If a
series machine manufacturer uses
different control voltages, checking
the cabinet layout is no longer
necessary, and DC contactors can
be positioned on the mounting rail

or mounting plate just like the AC

In panel building the permissible
packing density is limited by the
heat dissipation. Solutions that are
mechanically possible cannot
therefore be implemented due to
the high temperatures involved.
The extremely low sealing power of
0.5 W for Moeller DC contactors
now offers options that were
previously impossible.


Contactors from 185 A to 500 A

as Inexpensive Standard Version

Toolless Combination of DIUL and

SDAINL up to 16 A

In addition to the popular

premium version of its DILM185
to DILM500 contactors, Moeller
is now offering an affordable
standard version DILM185-S to
DILM500-S: In the list price ten
percent cheaper, with the same

Moeller has drastically reduced

the wiring costs on its reversing
and star-delta combinations,
thanks to the combination plug
connector design. Sockets have
been added to Moeller's DIL
contactor series up to 16 A at no
extra cost, enabling users to
simply plug in the connection
elements. Time consuming and
costly operations such as cutting
cables to length, cable stripping,
preparing cable ends, labelling
and screwing to a defined torque
are thus no longer necessary.
The 21 electrical connection
points between the mains, star
and delta contactor now only
require a visual inspection.
Measurements with the test
probes of measuring devices
can now be carried out at a later
time without having to remove
the connection elements.


in the specially designed recesses

on the side of both contactors
where it can reliably prevent
simultaneous switching. A lateral
clearance between the contactors is
not required, and the contactors
can be mounted and wired directly
next to each other.

specifications for mechanical

lifespan and maximum switching
frequency. The offer is an
attractive alternative for many
applications. DILM...-S types are
controlled in the conventional
way. The control circuit terminals
are available either as screw or
spring-loaded terminals.




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EWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS

New Moeller software

tool: Displaying Several Tripping
Curves According to Settings
For several protective devices to
work together effectively in a
control panel, tripping
characteristics must be
compared in order to ensure
optimum system availability.
Whilst fuses are designed with
fixed characteristics, those of
circuit-breakers can largely be
adjusted to suit individual
requirements. However, different
equipment and operating
configurations require a wide
range of differently equipped
Up to now it has been virtually
impossible to graphically
compare the curves of individual
settings. Any evaluation failed
because of the different scales of
curve coordinates for protective
switches and fuses. A new and
easy-to-use software tool from

Moeller offers an ideal solution

for displaying selectivity in the
overload range. It consists of a
single Excel file.
The Characteristics program
tool shows simply on PC the
curves of several protective
devices together with the same
time and current scales. This
makes it easier to assess the
interaction of Moeller NZM and
IZM circuit-breakers, as well as
any h.b.c. fuses used in
combination with them.
The program can show the
tripping curves on the screen or
can generate a clear printout as
required. The curve sets can be
saved, printed or exported to
other documents with password
protection for project
documentation and with
individual project data.

Moeller PFR Residual

Current Protective Relay:
Compact, Reliable, Flexible

The program and notes on the

selection criteria for protective
devices are available from
port.jsp. Free of charge
registration is all that is
necessary in order to use the
software. The file can be used
for any number of projects and
can be run in German or English
versions in Microsoft Excel.
Saving projects separately and
always reusing the original
program file are recommended.

The tool will soon be expanded

to include other components
such as the PKZM motorprotective circuit-breaker and
the ZB overload relay.

The new residual current

protective device from Moeller is
specially designed for use where
space is scarce, such as in a
service distribution board. Ringtype transducers and measuring
relays are combined together
to form one functional unit.
The ring-type transducers are
compactly installed in the cable
run, whilst the measuring relay is
clipped on a DIN rail as required.

implement preventative
maintenance in order to avoid
power supply disconnections.
The residual currents monitored
and processed by the relay are
between 30 mA and 5 A. The
type A tripping characteristic
ensures tripping with sinusoidal
AC residual currents and
pulsating DC residual currents
that may increase suddenly or

The new Moeller relay/transducer

combinations cover the operating
currents between 1 and 1800 A.
The range of possible applications is particularly wide, from
general power distribution to
individual motor feeders.

After the preset residual current

has been exceeded, the PFR
outputs a signal via a changeover
contact. Depending on the
application, the contact signal
can be used as an indication in
controllers or to trigger a
protective switch via the shunt
or undervoltage release. Relays
and transducers can be combined
flexibly with any protective

The adjustable relay features a

pre-warning function that is
triggered when the set residual
current is exceeded. A red LED
then flashes at different
frequencies to indicate the level
of the particular residual current
in stages of 25, 50 and 75
percent. This enables users to





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Natural Wood
Shaped to Perfection

Hi-tech and state-of-the-art process engineering have for a long time been
used in the wood industry. The production of parquet flooring, for example,
requires a great deal of experience and know-how if perfect results are to
be achieved. Four Moeller text display HMI-PLCs are used to control a
flexible system for producing semi-finished parquet products. Using XI/ON,
eight servo axes and CANopen, the parquet manufacturer can now
combine different networked sections of
the system to suit actual requirements.



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Bauwerk Parkett AG is based in
St. Margrethen, Switzerland, and belongs
to Nybron Flooring International, the
largest parquet manufacturers in Europe.
Over fifty years of experience, combined
with know-how in the latest building and
application technology, provide the basis
for the development and production of
Bauwerk's modern finished parquet
flooring. Apart from project
developments, R & D and consulting for
application technology, the range of
products and services also includes
training courses and exhibitions.

The TADO 3 system at Bauwerk Parkett AG,

Switzerland produces semi-finished parquet
products. It consists of several system sections
that are all networked together. For example,
system sections handle the cutting of parquet
blocks from spruce and pine planks as well as
sorting, separating and making them into
complete batches. The covering, which later
becomes the visible layer, is separated from a
magazine and bonded. It is this bonding of
the covering layer that has to be visually
monitored. The covering layer and blocks are
finally joined together, arranged into one unit
and then pressed.
As Bauwerk places particular importance on
quality assurance, they monitor, for example,
the time taken for every covering layer from
the bonding machine to the press, and remove
them if the set time is exceeded.
The user-friendliness of the control system is
another important requirement. Operator
control should be as easy as possible during
operation and service. Bauwerk also required
an open, flexible communication system that
provides flexibility for further device

functionality are
programmed using
XSoft-Professional is a
programming system that
is based on the CoDeSys 3S software in
compliance with the international IEC 61131-3
standard. Benefit for the customer: A single
tool keeps development times for both
functions to a minimum and simplifies
commissioning and maintenance.
The system control was largely programmed in
instruction list, whilst the HMI-PLC and various
monitoring functions were programmed in
structured text. The visualization application
can be created simply, whilst program sections
can be tested before or during commissioning.
The inexpensive PLC of the XC100 series
enables the entire system to be optimally
divided into several autonomous function
modules. Its scalability, modularity and
integrated CANopen interface combine to
form a both technically and economically
mature solution.

Flexible network structure

Combining system sections flexibly
Four CPUs of the XC100 series are used for the
flexible and freely combinable control of system
sections. These form a CANopen network
together with two local MI4 visualization
systems, XI/ON remote I/Os and eight servo
controllers. All specific product parameters can
be entered centrally via a text display HMI-PLC
a combination of text display and XC100.
Its display and also those of the two MI4s
ensure a fast response in the event of system
The text display of the HMI-PLC can be
programmed without any additional
visualization software required: PLC and HMI

Bauwerk Parkett AG also uses the XI/ON

remote I/O system one of the fastest
CANopen I/O systems on the market. Even
high-speed processes can be logged without
any additional installation requirements for
special signals, and the seamless remote
concept could be implemented without any
restriction. Additional customer benefit of
XI/ON: All XI/ON modules can be hot swapped
during operation, and the removal of an
electronic unit does not cause any interference
in the other electronic modules. This is a clear
advantage on the Bauwerk TADO 3 system
where the overall operation was divided into
different function modules. The entire system
does not therefore have to be shut down
when one section is maintained.

This increases system availability and reduces

operating costs.

CANopen is primarily used for networking

electrical and hydraulic drives, programmable
controller systems, I/O systems and sensors.
It has enjoyed a well-established reputation
in networks for many years and has
consequently been the chosen bus system of
many device manufacturers. It allows users to
make the optimum device selection for their
requirements at an outstanding
price/performance ratio.

Bauwerk Parkett AG chose Moeller's
XSystem since XSystem components can
be networked flexibly in open CANopen
structures and the devices can be
combined with those of any other
manufacturer. The system is divided into
several units, and different system
sections are combined. The Moeller HMIPLCs enable commissioning to be carried
out quickly. Communication between the
CPUs runs problem-free using network
variables and the same applies to
communication from the master to the
servo axes, the XI/ON stations and the
text displays.




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Seite 10

XV400: Production of Italian

Delicatessen Products

At its new Brianza factory in Garbagnate Monastero in the province of

Lecco, the Italian company Fratelli Beretta is using an automation solution
that is based on product and communication standards. The company
strategy aims to move away from proprietary solutions towards
interoperable units. From receiving an order to production, logistics and
control, open communication systems are required to ensure short and
problem-free work flows, as well as increasing production reliability,
quality and efficiency.
Open communication standards such as
Ethernet TCP/IP form the backbone of Fratelli
Beretta's new plant that was commissioned in
2004. The installation covers three floors with
a total area of 15,000 square metres.
The final constellation implements a draining
and curing process at the hundred cells in
place, and these are controlled by HMI-PLCs
from the Moeller XV 400 series.
HMI or HMI-PLC: It's the Compact Flash that
decides, not the hardware
The XV400 series provides automation
solutions that are scalable, flexible and costefficient. The series is based on one hardware
platform, with an interchangeable Compact
Flash card that determines whether HMI or
HMI-PLC functions are implemented.
The required software function is simply
added to the XV400 basic unit via the
Compact Flash card, as well as an optional
communication card.



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Seite 11

PC Scada

Up to 5 PC scada

The Beretta brothers have been active in
the food industry since 1812. For over
five generations they handed down their
experience and recipes for the production
of high quality sausages and pork
products. The family run business now
has 600 employees. Fratelli Beretta S.p.A.
has its headquarters in Trezzo d'Adda and
in its ten plants processes approximately
27,000 tons with more than 300 single
products. This ranges from salami to
mortadella, from the renowned Parma
and San Daniele ham to wrstel and the
DOP certified Salami Brianza.

Ethernet backbone / OPC

75 Moeller HMI-PLC




Up to 10 MFDs
via PB DP network
Remote I/O XI/ON

XV400 devices are available either as infra-red

or resistive touch devices with 5.7 STN color,
10.4 or 12.1 TFT color displays. The infra-red
touch screens also feature a scratch-proof
safety glass front. The basic units come with a
RISC-CPU (32-bit, 400 MHz) and integrated
interfaces such as RS232, USB, Ethernet
10/100 MBit and CAN. One (5.7 device) or
two (10.4 and 12.1 devices) communication
slots can take a variety of different
communication boards such as the multiprotocol communication board with MPI,
Profibus DP master or slave, and DeviceNet,
thus enabling a wide range of communication
and networking options.

Free web, FTP and OPC client server

Three software packages for any user and

any application

For Fratelli Beretta the option of networking a

total of number 75 XV400 touch displays via
Ethernet was equally important. This ensures
reliable data exchange between the different
PLCs and the five SCADA display/control
stations, whilst also transparently integrating
the Movicon Millenium supervisor unit from
Progea into the system.

Moeller offers two software packages for

exclusively HMI applications: Galileo or XSoftEPAM. Galileo is an easy-to-use Windowsbased graphical configurator.
XSoft-EPAM is a Moeller add-in that is
integrated in Microsoft Excel. For HMI-PLC
applications, the XSoft-Professional PLC
programming tool is used in addition to the
visualization tool. This CoDeSys-based
programming tool supports the multi-tasking
capabilities of the HMI-PLC in compliance with
IEC 61131-3. The complete package, together
with the Compact Flash memory cards of 32
MB to 512 MB, ensure that XV400 devices
can be used flexibly whether as an HMI unit,
HMI-PLC solution, panel with a gateway
function or as a connection to the
management level via Ethernet.

The IT functionality of the HMI-PLC XV400,

both in terms of hardware and software, were
the decisive factors in Fratelli Beretta's choice
of device. The HMI-PLC, for example, comes
with a free web, FTP and OPC client server as
standard, making remote maintenance and
visualization easy to implement with XV400.
Every visualization application created with
XSoft-EPAM is thus automatically webenabled. In this case, a Java applet is loaded
that generates a 1:1 image of the visualization
in any standard Java-compatible browser, thus
supporting remote operation of the system.

Open and flexible communication to the

field level
The field devices exchange their data with
the PLCs via two standard communication
networks: CANopen and Profibus DP. This is
where Moeller's XI/ON modular remote I/O
system is used. DF5/6 series frequency
inverters, DIL series remote switches, as well
as PKZ motor-protective circuit-breakers
complete the range of additional
electromechanical components in the system.

Ten MFD-Titan micro PLCs from the Moeller

easy range are installed on the local level.
With a full-featured 132 x 64 pixel graphic
display they provide problem-free interaction
between man and machine inside the
production cell. The MFD-Titan multi-function
display combines the functions of a display
and operator unit in one device, meeting all
the relevant industrial standards. MFD-Titan
has an optional backlight and meets the high
protection requirements of IP65.

The various XV400 devices can also be
controlled directly from a remote SCADA
station using a graphical emulation
software. It provides an exact replica of
the graphical display contents on the
supervisor PC. Process phases can thus
be controlled remotely and any
modifications to the field microcontrollers
can be carried out. Fratelli Beretta now
has transparent access to all production,
control and logistics operations. The
systems have an open design and offer
problem-free communication beyond
hierarchical limits. For Fratelli Beretta,
the new plant is a showcase project for
its demanding and quality-conscious





13:39 Uhr

Seite 12

Text-free Visualization

Machine builders generally export their products

all over the world. In their visualization systems
they either use multi-lingual texts or none at all,
favouring symbols that are internationally
understood. Whatever the case, important
operating data and fault signals must be
displayed correctly, and Raimann, the machine
builders, chose Moeller's fully graphical compact
MFD-Titan controller for this purpose. The MFDTitan multi-function display from the easy range
is a cost-effective alternative to conventional
HMIs, combining HMI and control functions in
one compact device.


The Freiburg-based company, Raimann

Holzoptimierung, developed a visualization
system for the ProfiRip KM310 rip saw. All the
relevant operating data and fault messages
had to be displayed cost-effectively and using
a fully matured technology. A visualization
system was required that could operate
without the use of text if possible.
Moeller's MFDTitan fully
meets these
and the entire
application is run
without a single
word. All machine
faults are visualised using symbols, thus
eliminating the need for any translations into
individual languages. Moreover, the national
language of a country does not play any part
in the construction of the machine nor in the
delivery to the end customer.
MFD-Titan meets all the relevant industrial
standards, ensuring reliable and universal use.
The full-featured MFD graphic display with
132 x 64 pixels comes with an optional
backlight and meets the demanding industrial



13:39 Uhr

Seite 13

Raimann Holzoptimierung GmbH &
Co.KG is based in Freiburg and is the
top supplier of user-friendly saws and
economical woodworking systems.
The machine builder produces around
400 machines a year and has a turnover
of around 17 million euros with 113
employees. Raimann has been part of
the Weinig Group in Tauberbischofsheim
since 2001.

protection requirements of IP65. Two freely

configurable status LEDs are provided to
indicate additional operating states and signal
alarms. The operating temperature range is
25 to +55C and therefore allows the
electronic controls to be used in machines or
systems. All connections are fitted with
maintenance free and vibration-proof
cage-clamp terminals to ensure optimum
operational reliability.

Data acquisition and evaluation

MFD-Titan can visualise important operational
data in addition to fault indications: Machine
operating hours, current consumption in
Amps, as a percentage as well as in bar graph
display. However, MFD-Titan can do a lot
more. Raimann thus uses the compact controller
for logging, evaluating and storing relevant
machine data. Operating hours, maximum
operating current and the number of each
individual fault are logged for further
The non-volatile memory integrated in MFDTitan and easy800 makes them ideal for data
acquisition. This offers memory for data,
timers, marker ranges and for counters.

Versatile, open communication

MFD-Titan offers open communication options
and complies with a wide range of standards:
AS-Interface, Profibus DP, CANopen,
DeviceNet, serial interface, Windows DLLs,
OPC. The MFD-Titan compact controller can
therefore also be integrated in larger
automation solutions, and Raimann uses
existing Windows DLLs for this. A simple
high-level language program enables any
service employee to read out data from the
MFD-Titan and transfer it to MS Excel. Every
Raimann machine has its own device passport
that can be updated with every service
operation if required via modem.

Visualization, networking, counting,

MFD-Titan is not only a display and operator
unit but also a full-featured easy800 with an
additional graphical display. The user-friendly
graphic editor enables up to 255 screens to be
created, consisting of text, graphics or both.
If required, each screen can be given its own
button assignment, thus enabling user-friendly
parameter entry or the simple on/off switching
of auxiliary units.
Up to eight MFD-Titans or easy800s can be
networked together using easy.NET for more
complex tasks. Users can thus implement
applications with up to 320 I/O points.
MFD-Titan and easy800 run with a 32-bit
internal resolution, so that numbers between 2,147,483,648 and +2,147,483,647 can be
displayed. Virtually all function blocks such as
counters or timers use this number range. A
large number of marker bytes, marker words
and double words are available in addition to
marker bits.

Four high-speed counters (5KHz), or

alternatively also two incremental value
counters (3KHz) are provided in addition to
the 32 elementary counters.
Apart from basic two-step controllers,
ready-to-use PID controllers are also available,
which simply have to be activated and
assigned parameters. With arithmetic and
scaling function blocks also available,
closed-loop control solutions with MFD-Titan
are astonishingly simple to create.

Display marking
For a small extra charge, the MFD display can
also be provided with customised laser printed
markings. The supplied Labeleditor allows
customers to create their individual layout. In
addition to adding a logo, the two LEDs and
all buttons can be provided with customer


In the woodworking
industry, machine
builders worldwide
often come across
untrained machine
operators. Raimann
therefore uses
symbols exclusively in its visualization in
order to reduce operating errors as well
as costs. As Pius Gretzmaier, electrical
engineering designer at Raimann, said:
The graphical error display eliminates
any language problems. MFD-Titan offers
us a user-friendly package of hardware
and software with an impressive
price/performance ratio.




13:40 Uhr

Seite 14

XC200: Modular Furniture

Production made in Brazil

Todeschini is a Brazilian company based in Bento

Goncalves Rio Grande do Sul, and produces modular
wooden furniture, such as kitchens or shelves.
The company is continuously investing in new technologies and automation
solutions, and for a long time has relied on Moeller products and solutions
in this field. Todeschini is currently using the affordable XC200 modular PLC
in order to integrate a woodworking machine in a system line.




13:40 Uhr

Seite 15


Todeschini, the Brazilian furniture

manufacturer, uses a modular XC200 PLC for
individually tailored automation concepts on
account of its scalable design. The XC200 PLC
is used to integrate a woodworking machine
in a system line. The machine operator can
load and start the required program with a
simple button actuation on the HMI. In this
way, the machine in the system line can adjust
settings for axes, speed, generators and
motors, edge lengths and other parameters
required for production.
XC200 for high-speed processing
The compact XC200 modular PLC from the
XControl series offers several outstanding
features, not only in traditional PLC areas
such as memory and processing speed
(512 K program, 256 K data, 0.04 ms/K).
The multi-tasking operating system ensures
optimum use of the CPU resources. Eight
digital inputs and six digital outputs are
already integrated for connecting peripheral
devices, and an incremental encoder can be
connected directly for positioning tasks.
Interrupt inputs ensure fast reactions to critical
events. I/O expansions can be implemented
using XI/OC modules, and can be connected
locally or remotely with screw or cage clamp

As Paulo Csar Malvessi, responsible for
engineering at Todeschine, confirmed:
The use of XC200 optimises the
reliability of our production line and the
finishing of parts. Having integrated
the XC200 modular PLC in our company
network, we can connect it to our
Intranet, making production data
accessible, as well as offering extensive
diagnostics options in the event of faults.

XControl XC200 modular PLC

terminals. XC200 is also provided with a slot
for multi-media memory cards (MMC). These
can store programs or recipe data and are
read into the PLC. Other features include the
integrated battery-backed real-time clock and
up to 32 K of retentive data.

The XC200 PLC integrates a number of I/O

points in a compact design: With a 60 mm
mounting width 14 inputs/outputs are
integrated, 238 input/outputs with a
mounting width of 270 mm and up to 495
I/O with a mounting width of 510 mm.

Open for multiple communication

XC200 features on board:

The connection to other peripheral devices is

an important feature for users: A freely programmable serial interface, USB, a CANopen
fieldbus master and a 10/100Mbit Ethernet
interface are standard features. The Ethernet
connection is used for programming access,
for effective networking between PLCs, and
thanks to the integrated OPC server, as a data
provider for OPC clients such as visualization
systems. A web server that is also integrated
allows user-defined web pages to be loaded
without any additional tools. Any browser can
thus display data, for example for diagnostics
tasks, without the need for any additional
visualization tool. The Ethernet interface
likewise supports remote programming and
remote diagnostics.

8 digital inputs, 6 digital outputs,

MMC multi-media memory card,
Expandable with up to 15 XI/OC
CANopen (1 MBaud),
OPC server,
Web server,
RS232, USB, 10/100 Mbit Ethernet,
Optional 256/ 512 Kbyte data memory,
Optional 256/ 512 Kbyte program

Instead of mounting on standard top-hat rails,

users can also fit the XC200 PLC directly on
XVision display fronts in order to upgrade the
XC200 to a compact HMI-PLC. This opens up
with a range of different equipment versions
the possibility of other applications and space
saving automation solutions.





13:40 Uhr

Seite 16

High Availability
Low-Voltage Power Distribution
System for Server Farm

With power demands increasing all over the world and the continued
increasing pressure to cut costs, there is an even greater need for secure
investments through which efficient planning, assembly, installation
and operation are ensured. This requires the use of cost-efficient and
standardised power distribution systems that customers can adapt to the
individual requirements of their projects. Thats why Moellers xEnergy
provides this capability in full: xEnergy stands for maximum flexibility,
economy and reliability.



13:40 Uhr

Seite 17


MESA Mess- und Steuerungsanlagen
GmbH, based in Maintal, was founded in
1973 by its current owner Olaf Sulatycki.
MESA is a competent partner for electrical
engineering and automation, focusing on
PLC/CNC automation, control systems,
industrial power supply and control,
low and medium voltage systems, building
services management, industrial
installations and engineering, consulting,
service and services.

xEnergy - the integrated and flexibly

combinable system range - consists of
switching and protective devices, the
mounting system design, the switchboard
system, and the planning and calculation tools.
The Moeller KIT system is ideally tailored to
ensure safe and reliable power distribution.
Individual projects, either in functional
buildings, offices and industrial buildings can
be implemented quickly and economically.
Not only does the customer save time, money
and space, but also benefits from Moellers
excellent reputation for safety and without
restriction in the entire world of IEC/EN

Reliability, safety, availability

Apart from reliability, safety and availability,

the completion date for commissioning was
also a key requirement of the IT centre.
The production plant for xEnergy fully
manufactured and supplied the sections
within six workings days. The panel builders,
MESA, installed the power distribution system
within 14 days and commissioned the system
in the same period.

Moeller supplies the full range, functionally

packed in individual elements (flat pack) or
according to customer requirements as
pre-assembled switchboards. The system
platform enables panel builders to create
individual solutions that can be optimally
designed to meet the requirements of the
end customer.

Efficient software tools

Safe energy control
xEnergy is Moellers new system range, and
consists of power distribution systems specially
designed for the building infrastructure up to
4000 A. Moeller offers an intelligent system
platform for switching and protective devices
that panel builders can customise, assemble
quickly and handle easily.
The Moeller power distribution system
incorporates the latest trends and combines
essential features. The individual switching
and protective devices, the associated
mounting system design and also the
switchgear are combined to form one
technical unit. This kind of system is both
economical and reliable at the same time, as
perfectly matched and type-tested functional
units have been developed as a modular
system. Exactly tailored function modules that
have been type-tested in accordance with IEC
60439 with an internal separation from Form
1 to Form 4, comply with local installation
requirements such as DIN VDE, CEI, NF or UNE.

An IT centre or server farm has demanding

requirements with regard to reliability, safety
and availability. Any failure mainly results in
extremely high direct and indirect costs.

The xEnergy range consists of:

Together with MESA, the panel builders from

Maintal, Moeller received the tender for a
2500 A low-voltage power distribution system
based on xEnergy. The order covered all stages
from planning to commissioning, and the
system, consisting of nine sections with corner
sections and a further seven sections on the
rear, was required for a server farm of around
1300 sq metres in size. This required two
feeder sections each of up to 2500A. The
other sections are outgoers for UPS systems,
transformer feeders and feeder section for
generators. The sections are equipped with
Moeller IZM and NZM4 circuit-breakers in
withdrawable units.

- Individually equipped outgoer sections with

fixed compartment modules for switching
and protective devices including motor
starter combinations up to 630 A,

- Feeder and coupling sections for

circuit-breakers up to 4000 A,

- Outgoing sections up to 630 A for flushmounted switch-fuse strips, fuse rails and
fuse switch-disconnectors,
- Control sections and empty sections for
ancillary components such as motor starters,
PFC modules, frequency inverters,
softstarters or for automation solutions,

Components on their own, however, are not

enough. A future-proof planning of lowvoltage switchboard systems must be
supported and documented with suitable
tools such as for network calculations,
dimensioning and configuration. This provides
a verifiable guarantee of the quality required
for safe and reliable power distribution.
Moeller offers software tools with this in mind,
enabling panel builders to plan and document
all their projects simply. These range from
tools for network calculation, configuration,
quotations, system engineering to order
handling. Moeller tools, regardless of the
system data involved, allow the switchboard
system required to be selected and configured
precisely and quickly, in accordance with
international requirements.


The engineering and calculation
programs used from planning to the
production of the sections impressed
Olaf Sulatycki, MESAs owner: They
enabled us to dimension and calculate
the technical and financial requirements
of the IT centre exactly, thus producing
a technically functional and economical
unit. This project laid the foundation
for a partnership agreement between
MESA and Moeller, and brought about
a follow-up order and additional offers
for 26 sections in total.

- Mounting systems for rail-mounted service

installation devices for conventional service
distribution boards up to 630 A.




13:40 Uhr

Seite 18

Visualization Designed
Quickly and Reliably
with Microsoft Excel

The innovative combination of HMI and PLC into an HMI-PLC (display

controller) reduces the hardware and software interfaces required, thus
reducing the costs for hardware and engineering. The interplay between
the visualization and PLC software is a key factor in the efficiency of the
overall system. Moeller, the automation specialists from Bonn, offer an
extensive system of 5.7 to 15 touch display controllers (HMI-PLCs) with
either resistive or infra-red technology.
Moeller's XSoft-EPAM (Easy PAge Machine)
visualization tool is specially designed for
creating graphical user interfaces for touch
panels, enabling visualization parameters to
be defined simply. XSoft-EPAM creates an
interpreter for the visualization project, i.e.
the objects and screen pages are stored in a
structured and tabular ASCII file. EPAM
then converts this script file into a graphical
presentation on the touch screen. The script
file itself contains the definitions of the
individual screen pages and their objects,

and is created with Microsoft Excel. Users

provide graphics as PCX image files with a
standard graphics program and reference
them via the file name to the script file. The
same technique is also used for the font files.
Graphical standard objects such as buttons,
switches, alphanumeric variables, bars or
messages are provided for creating individual
screens. These objects are configured in a
structured ASCII file, linked with the PLC
variables and combined to form complete

screen pages. The linked screen pages can also

be called with button objects. Thanks to the
transparent data format, users can document
the project automatically at the same time.
The interpreter is used to test the application
directly on the PC, enabling changes to be
carried out and tested without any problems.
The application is then finally loaded onto the
target system. The open design concept also
enables recurring functions to be automated
using Excel macros, so that you can adapt the



13:40 Uhr

Seite 19

development environment to your individual
The tried and tested Windows scroll bar
function also eliminates the need for screen
changes, so that even large parameter sets and
recipes can be displayed on one screen page.

Remote diagnostics and maintenance

already installed
EPAM's Remote Control object enables the
screen pages of other touch screens to be
displayed. The operating states of individual
system sections can thus be displayed and
controlled from one central display. Variable
values can also be displayed and modified
on a separate picture-in-picture visualization
page. The remote technology also allows
users to access the variables of other stations
linked via Ethernet.
The Ethernet interface with TCP/IP is not only
used as a programming interface or for
networking all the controllers. It also allows a
vertical integration, such as the linking to the
management level. This can be implemented
with Web-EPAM or EPAM Remote Control.
Both tools are not individual software
packages. A Java applet is simply loaded
via the integrated web server and generates a
1:1 image of the visualization in any standard
Java-compatible browser, thus enabling the
system to be operated remotely.
The integrated OPC client-server offers an
open interface using MS Windows
COM/DCOM technology, enabling even
conventional office programs and their data
to be linked to the automation environment.
A central operator station can also be
designed on an office PC using EPAM runtime
for MS Windows. For this the project is only
stored once on your target system and does
not have to be converted again when changes
are made.

Standardisation with IEC 61131-3

XSoft-EPAM is an Excel Add-in for designing
visualization applications and is used for
HMI-PLC functions in conjunction with the
XSoft-Professional PLC programming tool.
XSoft-Professional (3S CoDeSys) is the
programming tool used for multitaskingcapable HMI-PLCs in compliance with
IEC 61131-3.
The factory integrated Ethernet interface on
the Moeller HMI/PLC, with a transfer rate of
10/100 MBit, enables a communication

connection to be established
to virtually all Ethernet
systems via UDP. The
function blocks provided
by XSoft-Professional
make this task simple and

Simple and efficient project

design with Excel

Import of variables
from XSoft

Data exchange is just as
positioning 3
simple to devices from other
suppliers with the 3S
CoDeSys runtime system
and an Ethernet interface.
In this case, the physical
ready to run!
connection is implemented
via standard Ethernet TCP/IP
and the SymArti driver
integrated in 3S. For this a
symbol file containing the
global visualization variables
is simply created in the supplier's device.
The Motion Control toolbox contains
The symbol file just has to be loaded in the
approximately 40 function blocks that can be
visualization system and the required variable
individually integrated. The toolbox contains
basic positioning function blocks for
elementary tasks and also more powerful
Programming in compliance with IEC 61131-3
function blocks, such as for asynchronous
also meets the requirements of OMAC (open
point-to-point positioning, master-slave
modular architecture controls), a North
positioning, incremental coordinate
American association of end users, machine
positioning, rotary axis positioning and much
and automation manufacturers with
more. The Motion Control toolbox also
international operations for the promotion
contains synchronisation function blocks for
of open automation architectures, and
electronic gears and the flying saw function.
therefore also with packaging machines.

Application software libraries expand the

standard PLC
True to the principle of Parameter definition
instead of programming, Moeller is offering
ready-to-use closed-loop and motion control
function block libraries for its PLC devices.
All libraries can be imported in the IEC 61131-3
programming software. These function blocks,
which have been quality assured and tested,
can then be used as standard or application
function blocks inside the PLC program.
All toolboxes are being continually further

The closed-loop control toolbox contains

around 120 function blocks. The standard
function blocks allow full utilisation of the
know-how implemented, and it is also possible
to create special application solutions by
combining and cascading function blocks.
PID controllers, three-point step controllers,
pulse width modulation, fuzzy controllers,
and function blocks for signal processing and
simulation are provided.




13:41 Uhr

Seite 20

Moeller Field Service:

always at the ready

MS: Is the Field Service an on site service?


Dr. Ing. Frank Vlker,

Field Service manager

The term "service" covers

many features, however,
customers often feel left on
their own. A Field Service has
been in place at Moeller for
years. Dr. Frank Vlker, Field
Service manager, describes
the services offered, costs
and customer benefits.


Vlker: Yes and no, we use the term to cover

all after-sales services and to express its special
proximity to the customer. Our Field Service is
established worldwide and is made up of four
elements: the Helpline, the Onsite and Online
Service and Repairs. The Helpline is available
to customers round the clock as a service
hotline for support in the event of a
malfunction. The Onsite Service offers fault
rectification onsite, support with installation
and commissioning, or the measuring and
testing of complex control and energy
distribution systems. The Online Service offers
our customers access to the Field Service
database with which they can carry out online
diagnostics and troubleshooting. Answers to
FAQs are available, as well as the latest
software updates or documentation. The
Repairs area includes the fast Direct Exchange
Service for Moeller products and inexpensive
repairs. This includes Service training courses
for selected Moeller products. Our range of
services complies with the service structure
stipulated by the German Electrical and
Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI).



13:41 Uhr

Seite 21


MS: What does the Field Service offer


MS: Moeller operates globally, can you

guarantee a worldwide service?

Vlker: The Field Service provides customers

with fast and flexible support. Our staff have
several years of experience and are specialists
in their field. They are available round the
clock. This guarantees short downtimes and
prevents long production stoppages.
We also carry out regular inspections and
maintenance, enabling any possible faults to
be detected in advance, so that preventative
measures, such as repairs or parts exchange
can be carried out. Our Field Service also
offers a conversion service in which existing
systems are examined and possible
conversions presented and implemented
on request. This offers customers significant
cost benefits.

Vlker: We offer 24-hour support on our

Helpline for the whole of Europe. Worldwide
support and problem solving is offered by our
telephone Service Centre, which is manned
during normal business hours. The Online
Service, the Email Service and the Online
Diagnostics service are also available. This last
service is currently being set up for selected
automation products, and requires the
customer to enter more detailed information
about the symptoms and faults until the cause
of the fault is determined. We also offer
invaluable remote diagnostics services for
several products.

MS: Who are your customers and what cost

benefits do you mean?

MS: What service operations have

you recently completed? Were they all

Vlker: For the user, malfunctions on devices

and machines can bring about unwanted
production stoppages, downtimes or restricted
availability often involving considerable
costs. Our Field Service can rectify faults swiftly
or even prevent them in some cases.
In addition to system users, our customers
include OEMs, consisting primarily of machine
builders and panel builders. They appreciate
the benefits of a reliable service and do not
have to set up resources of their own. With
regard to cost benefits, the following example
illustrates the benefits a direct exchange of
Moeller products. Ceratizit Austria GmbH,
based in Reutte in the Austrian Tirol, received
a shutdown signal in one of its plants in
Hungary. We were able to send the
replacement part by express courier on the
same day so that the downtime costs could
be kept to a minimum. We were able to
deploy a wide range of options in order to
provide fast and straightforward support.

Vlker: Without wanting to exaggerate, we

have been very successful. The operation at
the Frankfurt Main Tower is one example of
this. One Saturday night, a circuit-breaker
tripped and indicated a fault in the cooling
supply of the district-heating power stations.
Any failure on a weekday would incur
personnel costs of about 175 000 euros per
day, as well as a loss in sales. We had already
rectified the fault by Sunday. Another example
was a fault in the main feeder of a hospital.
In this critical area human life can naturally be
put at risk. We restored the power supply
within the shortest possible time since a standby generating set is not a permanent solution.
An operation in Saudi Arabia demonstrates
the capabilities of our worldwide service.
Together with our Italian colleagues from
Moeller Electric S.r.I. we developed a tailored
solution for the parameter assignment of soft
starters at the Mohammed A.Sharbatly Corp.
in Saudi Arabia.

MS: What are the costs for your customers?

Vlker: The Moeller Field Service
continuously adapts its terms and conditions
to market requirements. The costs are based
on hourly rates and material prices. However,
every order and every contract is tailored
individually to suit customers according
to their requirements and the resulting
service provisions. We offer tailor-made
package prices for inspections, maintenance,
conversions and retrofits. Preventative
service charges are relatively low compared
to the considerable expenditure involved in
malfunctions, and their consequences
in particular. The 24-hour hotline for
malfunctions is free of charge to our
customers. We can offer special contracts
for special requirements in terms of availability
of material, personnel and know-how.

MS: How do you adapt your offers to present and future requirements?
Vlker: We have maintained close contact
with our customers over several years and are
currently expanding our service. As well as the
response service that we have improved, we
also offer the active service previously
mentioned. This is designed for the conversion
of PLCs and circuit-breakers, as well as for
preventative maintenance in the form of
inspections and maintenance of components
or systems. We are also expanding the
database support of customized processes
(CRM) and the telephone Service Centre.
Furthermore, our service team is highly
motivated and is continuously increasing its
level of expertise.
MS: Where can prospective customers find
information about the Field Service?
Vlker: All important information and
telephone numbers are available on our home
page at (www.moeller.net/fieldservice).
Our customers can reach us directly via
fieldservice@moeller.net and via our hotline.



13:41 Uhr

Seite 22

Trend: The Key of the Future

Access to machines and installations is normally

protected by keys, ID cards or PIN codes.
However, these items are frequently lost,
forgotten or illegally copied. Biometric access
systems operate completely differently: they are
unique, unchangeable and are unambiguously
assigned to a person. They therefore offer a
reliable alternative to conventional
access and control systems, particularly
where special requirements are involved.

In today's world, there is a rapidly growing

need for the security of persons, buildings and
data, and a large number of sensitive areas
require a special type of access control.
Moeller has developed the M22-ESA finger
print system for these kinds of access controls.
The electronic locking system can detect and
memorise the structure of the human fingertip
and thus reliably identify authorised persons.
Unlike ID cards, keys or PIN codes, the features
of the human finger print cannot be
transferred to third parties and do not change
during the life of the person. Administrative
costs incurred through the loss or forgetting
of conventional access systems are no longer
an issue. The system prevents any possibility
of faking a finger print by restricting the
evaluation surface. This means, for example,
that only a certain section of the finger print is
stored and scanned accordingly. This prevents
the possibility of any finger prints accidentally

left behind on objects from being copied and

misused. The number of failed authentication
attempts can also be restricted or the level of
security can be increased by combining the
use of a finger print with that of a key switch.

the protected area is made accessible.

The M22-ESA finger print system offers
sufficient memory for 100 finger prints.
Its parameters can be set easily via the
MFD-Titan multi-function display.

The M22-ESA finger print system is designed
as a thermal line sensor and operates using
the so-called infra-red process. The finger is
moved in a line across a linear array of thermo
sensors. The varying arrangement of lines on
the finger produces different formations of
ridges and furrows (minutiae) on the finger.
By making contact, the ridges emit heat better
than the furrows, and these temperature
differences are registered by thermo sensors.
Over several scans the composed digital image
of the finger or finger print is produced. This
image is stored and compared by the finger
print system with the finger prints in the
database. If the finger print is identified, a
green LED indicates access authorisation and

The M22-ESA finger print system uses
the benefits of biometric features, and
thus not only provides a simple and
economical alternative to conventional
access controls but also one that is really




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DF51, DV51 frequency inverters





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LSE-Titan position switch

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M22-ESA finger print system



xEnergy, MODAN power distribution system


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