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C eram ic D elta 3D P rin ter

Final Project: Ostalab Program Fablab Egypt

Ahmed ElEraky

My idea was established up on building Delta 3D Printer
that print using ceramic clay.
Why Delta?
Faster than Cartesian & other configurations
Higher parts.

Why Ceramic?
Ceramic clay is a cheap material with respect to PLA & APS.
Ceramic has a good appearance & you can make it harder by
Color ceramic clay with a few drops of gouache colors or any proper

Idea Inspiration
Ceramic delta 3d printer project idea inspired from
watching those amazing photos from Olivier van Herpt

D esign
Design process was divided to phases:
Gathering Knowledge.
Creating design main lines.
Schematic design.
Gathering available materials to determine dimensions.
3D Modeling.
Design final editing.
Working drawings.

M anufacturing
Acrylic (3 mm Sheet & 8 mm Axis).
Wood sheet 3 mm.
Stainless Steel 304, 8 mm D, 4200 mm L.

CNC Router.
MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer.
MORN laser cutter.
Miter Saw.

3* Stepper motors Jameco 238538.
6* Limit Switches for detecting rail ends.
RAMPS V1.4 for system deriving.
Arduino Mega 2560.
ATX Power Supply for feeding electricity.

Softw are
I use Johann Rocholls modifiedMarlin firmware.
To create and edit 3D files I use Autodesk Inventor, an
open source 3D modeling program calledBlender.
To slice up the .stl file to gcode ready for the SD card
that carries the information to the printer I useRepetier
For trying I used Sprinter-master frimware & Pronterface
as a UI.

Frame CAD Design


Most of parts before



Frame Assembly

MDF Cracking under

assembly hammering.

Bearing Holder

Stepper Motor Mount

Still under construction

I have mounted Marlin

firmware on the Arduino
mega successfully but I
did not test it on
mechanism until now.

D elta-TREX 3D Printer

D if f
Unorganized Environment.
Availability of materials.
Cutting accuracy.
Stainless Steel bowing.
MDF cracking.
Machining time.
Machines Calibration.
tools leakage.

D evelopm ent
Phase 1
Carbon fiber instead of Acrylic arms.
Artilon instead of MDF for frame.
Compressor with container for feeding ceramic clay automatically.
Adjustable pressure gauge.
Heating bed.
LCD/SD Card kit.
Auto level sensor.

Phase 2
Aluminum frame with higher building scale.
Heaters around print bench for hardening printed parts.
Toolbox for switching between different nozzles sizes & material colors.


Thank You