Scientists Discover Sixth DNA Base?

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Scientists Discover Sixth DNA Base?

By Jenna Iacurci

May 05, 2015 12:35 PM EDT

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Scientists may have discovered a sixth DNA base, changing the way we think about our genetic makeup,
according to a new study.
DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), the main component of our genetic material, is formed by combining four
parts: A, C, G and T (adenine, cytosine, guanine and thymine). These parts, or bases, of DNA combine in
thousands of possible sequences to provide the genetic variability that makes us human beings.



In the early 1980s, a fifth component was added to these four
"classic" bases, called methyl-cytosine (mC), which is derived from
cytosine. Then, in the late 1990s, mC was recognized as the main
cause of epigenetic mechanisms. Meaning, it can switch genes on
or off depending on the physiological needs of each tissue.
In recent years, researchers have studied this fifth DNA
base in more detail because it seems alterations in the mC
base contribute to the development of many human
diseases, including cancer.
Now, according to new findings published in the
journal Cell, a sixth possible DNA base may also exist.
Called methyl-adenine (mA), this potential DNA base may
also help determine the epigenome and would therefore be
key in the life of the cells.

Humans Have Genes Not
Passed Down From Our

Although scientists have known for years the existence of mA in
distantly-related bacteria - used to protect against the insertion of
genetic material from other organisms - it was believed to be a
phenomenon unique to primitive cells.


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and consider what its role is. Headlines and Global News (HNGN). "These studies suggest that algae. biology Page 2 of 3 MOST POPULAR 1 Massive Mississippi Floods May Have Wiped Out Ancient Civilization 2 Fjords Act as Major Carbon Sinks. Cytosine . DNA Base . Do not reproduce without permission.. Base . humans .." For more great nature science stories and general news. Bioluminescence is Just a Mistake 7 Unrecognized Species of African Elephants Face Extinction © 2015 NatureWorldNews. But Esteller and his team were able to make this discovery using unique analytical methods with high sensitivity. making them difficult to study." "Now. Guanine . "the challenge we face is to confirm this data and find out whether genes .com All rights reserved. genetics . worms and flies possess mA and it acts to regulate the expression of certain genes. Tags DNA . also present the sixth DNA base. now this latest study suggests that "more complex cells called eukaryotes such as the human body cells. 06/05/2015 ." Esteller concluded. please visit our sister site. Email Newsletter SUBMIT 0 Comments Print E-mail JOIN THE CONVERSATION SPACE Unusual 'Howling Zombie Stars' May be at the Milky Way's Core Hubble Witnesses the Death of Giants: Ancient Galaxies Sputter Out Is the 3D Universe Just a Hologram? Cosmic Tsunamis Bring Dead Galaxies Back to Life SCIENCE India's Mysterious Move toward Eurasia Finally Solved Domestic Anger and Abuse is More Common Among the Hungry Pluto Shows Off Possible Ice Cap as New Horizons Closes in Prehistoric Cockroaches Were Mantis-Like Monstrosities Two 'Happy' Hormone Regulators May Cause Intense Rage TECH This App Could Help Animal Shelters Stay Empty http://www.Scientists Discover Sixth DNA Base? : Biology : Nature World News However. Adenine . said in a statement. "In addition it seems that mA would play a specific role in stem cells and early stages of development. Thymine .. levels of mA in described genomes are low. possibly leading to a rewrite of biology books. we also have this sixth DNA base.natureworldnews. Normally. director of the Epigenetics and Cancer Biology Program of the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL). Place your ad here Loading." he added. Says NASA 6 Why Do Those Bugs Glow? For Some.. Study Says 3 Scientists Discover Sixth DNA Base? 4 Decline of Large Herbivores Could Lead to 'Empty Landscape' 5 Nepal's Earthquake was So Intense it Changed Both Land and Air. thus constituting a new epigenetic mark." Manel Esteller. including humans.

. 06/05/2015 .natureworldnews.Scientists Discover Sixth DNA Base? : Biology : Nature World News Page 3 of 3 Hail the Hubble: Experts Talk About the Iconic Telescope's 25 Years in Space Introducing a 'Space Station Safari' for Conservation Ant Warfare Inspires the Next Generation of E-Mail Spam Filters Lucky Koala Survives 50-Mile-Long Roadtrip Tiger Leaps onto Boat. Snatches Helpless Fisherman in East India Frostie the Baby Goat Fitted with Customized Wheelchair Brown Bear Attacks Alaskan Jogger to Protect Cubs Community Fears 80-Ton Blue Whale Carcass Will Explode on its Shore Dolphins Protect Long-Distance Swimmer from Great White Shark Home News Animals Biology Environment Health & Medicine Tech Science Space Video © Copyright 2015 Nature World News. About Us Contact Us Privacy Policy Terms&Conditions http://www. All Rights

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