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don't modify this file because it will get overwritten each time you update the
(to add your own websites modify UserWebsites.txt, which will not be overwritte
un buen libro para los amantes del reciclaje
line active
This file (ConfigDir.ini) defines the directory where all configuration
files for the program will be stored.
There should be only 1 actual line in this file that has any meaning,
the CONFIGDIR assignmane above. Everything else here is just comments.
By default it is normally set to the program directory itself, meaning
that all configuration/ini/settings/preferences will be store here
with this ConfigDir.ini file. This is also best for when you want to
put the program on a usb drive.
Sometimes it is preferable to store the configuration files in a
different directory, like a "C:\Documents and Settings" subdirectory
which is designed to store program configuration data, or a custom
directory specified by a user on a separate drive.
1. You can comment out lines by prefacing them with //
2. You can use the following replacements:
. (actual program directory -- use this for portable usb, etc.)
%MYDOCUMENTS% (like C:\My Documents)
%APPDATA% (like C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\Application Data)
%PROFILE% (like C:\Documents and Settings\{username})
%COMMONAPPDATA% (like C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data)
3. The specified directory will be created if it doesn't exist.
4. If configuration files are not found in the specified directory,
any existing configuration files in the app dir will be copied
from the app dir to the specified directory.
5. If you edit this file while the program is running you need to
exit and restart the program before it will take effect.
NOTE: the company and application subdirectory name will automatically be
added to the path specified (except for %APPDIR% which includes the name
already, i.e.:
"E:\MyCleverSettings" -> "E:\MyCleverSettings\DonationCoder\AppName\"
NEW:// You can now signify that an app should run in portable mode (no files s
aved to anything ut app dir)
by specifying the uncommented line:

You can install new versions of this program on top of old versions without firs
t uninstalling, just make sure the program isn't running during the install proc
After the main program installs, the free WinPCap Network Engine will be install
ed in order to provide the network traffic scanning support functions.