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Buddhism: ld
began about 2,500 years ago in north-eastern India. It
Christianity is the religion of Christians.
. on the teachings of an Indian nobleman,
a religion based
follow the teachings of a preacher andis
called Jesus Christ, who lived about 2,000
years Gautama, who became the Buddha, or enlightened
ago in Palestine in the Middle East. Christians
one. Buddhists do not worship the Buddha as a god but honour
believe that Jesus was the Son of God who came
him as a great teacher. They follow his teachings as a guide to
to Earth to save people from their sins. After
in and understanding the world around them. Today, there
Jesuss death, his followers spread his living
360 million Buddhists all over the world. Most live
far and wide. Today, Christianity is the worlds
largest religion, with some 2 billion followers,
in Asia but Buddhism has also attracted many followers in
living all over the world. Most Christians
share and North America.
the same basic beliefs but they have different
ways of understanding and expressing them. The
three main Christian groups are Orthodox
Christians, Roman Catholics and Protestants.

Islam is one of the worlds major religions.

The word Islam means obedience or
submission to Allah. Followers of Islam are
called Muslims. Muslims believe that Allah is
the only God.
For Muslims, Islam is a whole way of life and
they follow Allahs guidance in every aspect
of their lives. Islam began in the Middle East
some 1,400 years ago. Today, there are up to
1.3 billion Muslims living in countries all over
the world. Islam is the worlds fastest-growing
Jainism: Jainism is a religion that began in
northern India about 2,500 years ago. This
was a time of great religious change in India.
The main Indian religion was a form of
Hinduism, but old ideas were being
challenged. New ideas were put forward, and
both Jainism and Buddhism developed as a
result. Jainism takes its name from the jinas,
who were 24 great teachers who overcame
worldly ties and attachments to achieve
spiritual liberation and perfection. These
teachers are also called tirthankaras, which
means makers of the path. The most recent
was a man called Mahavira, who Jains
consider to be the greatest of their teachers.
Today, there are about 3 to 4 million Jains,
most of whom still live in India. Of these,
about 6,000 to 7,000 Jains have devoted their
lives to their faith and become monks and

. Hinduism is one of the worlds oldest religions, although
there is no fixed date for when it began. It is also a very
varied religion, with many ways of worshipping. Hindus
themselves do not use the word Hinduism to describe their
beliefs. They call them sanatana dharma, which means
eternal teaching.
Today, there are more than 700 million Hindus. Most live
in India where their religion began. There are also large
Hindu communities in Europe, North America, South
Africa and South East Asia.
Sikhism began about 500 years ago in Punjab, an area in
north-western India. At that time, the two main religions in
India were Hinduism and Islam. There was great tension
and conflict between the two, however, and many people
felt excluded. A holy man, Nanak, who was a Hindu,
introduced a new religion that taught tolerance and
equality. This religion was Sikhism. Followers of Sikhism
are called Sikhs, which means learners or seekers in
the Punjabi language. Today, there are about 16 million
Sikhs. Most still live in India, although there are also Sikh
communities in Europe and North America.


A. What's the oldest and the newest religion?

Arrange the 5 religions based on their ages.
C. How are hese religions relate?
Hindism and BuddhismChristianity and IslamBuddhism and JainismHinduism and Sikhism
Learn about another major religion:
Judaism-Judaismisthereligion of the Jewish people. According to Jewish law, anyone who has a
Jewish mother counts as a Jew, even if he or she is not religious. Many Jews do, however, actively
follow the religious practices of Judaism. Judaism is one of the worlds oldest religions, beginning
some 3,500 years ago in the Middle East. Today, there are about 18 million Jews. They live all
over the world, but mostly in the United States, Europe and Israel. There are many different
groups of Jews with different ways of practicing their faith. The main groups are

Orthodox, Reform and Conservative Jews.