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ear Resident of Newberry Township:

Over the past few years, the Board of Supervisors of Newberry Township
have been faced with the reality of flat or declining revenues and increasing costs
to maintain the services provided to residents. Simply put; a local government has
limited options to balance the budget. The Supervisors can increase revenues, raise
taxes, or reduce expenditures. The Supervisors recognize that their residents are
facing the same situation with their household budgets and made the decision not
to increase taxes on Newberry Township residents again this year.
Instead, the Supervisors took the following steps to reduce expenditures:
In January of 2012, the Supervisors decided to lay off 4 employees of the
highway department. At the same time, the police department was reduced
by an officer. This action allowed the township to save $294,000 and end
the year with $79,000 of income over expenditures.
For this year of 2013, the Supervisors continued with these labor force
reductions and outsourced the zoning and codes enforcement position. This
decision, combined with those of 2012 provided a total 2 year savings of
$632,000. The Supervisors also eliminated the refuse billing position and
divided those duties between existing employees for an expected cost
reduction of at least $20,000 a year.
In the budget year for 2014 the Supervisors decided to withdraw from the
West Shore Recreation Commission to save the contribution amount of
$33,300 each year. The Supervisors also changed the method by which the
Tax Collector's compensation is determined. In the past, the Tax Collector
was paid a flat 5% commission rate on all taxes collected. For 2014, the
Tax Collector will be paid on a per bill mailed/per bill collected method.
This is the same method used by York County and both West Shore and
Northeastern School Districts. This change will increase the amount of tax
dollars remaining in township funds by $42,000 a year.
Of course, the Supervisors have tried to achieve these saving for the
taxpayers while maintaining a level of service the residents expect, and keeping an
eye to the future by updating police vehicles, improvements of roads, bridges and
Shelley Park. The Supervisors also purchased a 3 acre property directly adjacent to

the existing township municipal property for $98,000 in November of 2012. This
purchase allows for a wide variety of future municipal use from expansion of
facilities to recreation. To date, the property has been used several times by the
police department as a training facility.
The Board of Supervisors wants to assure the residents of Newberry
Township that they are working very hard and making tough decisions in an
effort to keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket.

Wishing you a safe and prosperous New Year!

Newberry Township Board of Supervisors

Carl Hughes, Chairman
Ernest Helmick, Vice-Chairman
Robert Conley
Brandt Cook
Maxine Kauffman

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