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International Tech Note 07/031


Wednesday Aug. 15th 2007

Troubleshooting a USB driver Installation


P1x, P330i and P430i

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Please find an explanation on how to troubleshoot a USB driver installation.
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The following tips provide helpful actions to insure proper loading of Zebra Card
Printer windows drivers when using a USB connection.
Section 1:
Section 2:
Section 3:

Install Shield Wizard (this page)

USB Connection (page 4)
Uninstalling the Driver (page 6)

Section 1 Install Shield Wizard

1. If the Install Shield Wizard fails to start, extract the driver files from the
downloaded windows driver .exe file (WinZip can be used to extract the files)
to a new folder on your Local Drive, Open up the folder, and double click on
the Setup.exe file. The driver installation will begin.

2. If the Install Shield Wizard fails to load the driver

a. Extract the driver files to a new folder on your Local Drive, Open up the
folder and extract the files from the Data1.cab file to a subdirectory of
the folder on your Local Drive.
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b. Use the Add Printer wizard in the Printer and Faxes screen to load
the driver.
c. When the Install Printer Software screen appears select Have Disk

d. Go to the directory where the extracted files of the Data1.cab files are
located and select the .inf file.

e. Complete the wizard to install the driver


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Section 2 USB Connection

1. Do not connect the Printer prior to installing the driver. The driver must finish
loading the proper files before using the Found New Hardware Wizard.
2. If the driver installed without error but does not communicate with the printer
check the following.
a. Open the Device Manager then click on the plus sign by Universal
Serial Bus Controllers.
b. Insure the printer was loaded as USB Printing Support and not as a
USB Printer. If the driver loaded as a USB Printer then Right-Click on
the device and choose Update Driver. The Hardware Update Wizard
will appear select No, not this time then click on Next

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c. Select Install from a list of specific location (Advanced) then click

on Next

d. Select Dont Search. I will choose

the driver to install, then click on Next

e. Select the latest version of USB Printing Support, then click on Next.

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f. Click on Finish to complete

the Hardware Update Wizard.

Section 3 Uninstalling the Driver

1. When updating the driver to a newer version, the previous version must first
be uninstalled. The Install Shield Wizard of the newer version of the driver
should recognize the older version of the driver and prompt you to remove it
before the new
2. If the older version of the driver fails to uninstall and the Install Shield Wizard
continues to prompt you to remove it then
a. Go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add or Remove Programs
and highlight the appropriate Zebra Card Printer Driver.
b. Click on Change/Remove to uninstall the driver.

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