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Tenolia Terry Marshall

929 Densmore Bay Court

Gambrills, Maryland 21054
Direct: (443) 603-4646 Home: (410) 721-0208

Career Objective: To obtain a challenging position within an IT/ Engineering organization with the
potential to grow and achieve success by continuing to be committed to excellence.
Employment Status: Full- time
Military Status: US Marine Corps Veteran
Clearance Level: Secret
Qualification Summary: Over nine years of experience applying Software Development Methodology (SDM) in
an IT environment for Federal and State Agencies, Telecommunications and Private industries. Very
knowledgeable of Software Quality Assurance Testing and Inspection methods. IV&V experience as a
Government contractor serving the Department of State Consular Affairs and the Federal Communication
Commissions (FCC). Over four years in a lead testing role in the Telecom industry. Extensive experience testing
various areas of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) to include Front End Software GUI, Mainframe,
Web and custom applications. Senior level experience in creating Test Designs, Test Plans, and Test Cases with
in depth test scenarios using functional requirements and design document and/or Use Case design documents.
Experience in using test traceability metrics that proves all requirements are testable during each iterations of
testing. An integral member of the SDLC and participate all areas of software releases, from conception to
implementation for new software projects as well as patches and fixed releases. Trained and participate in CMMI
practices from level 1 through level 4 compliance, as well as well versed in the Software Engineering Institutes
(SEI) processes/maturity model and ISO (9000) compliances. Highly skilled and trained in the total Software
Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and the specific roles and responsibilities of each groups role involved
throughout the project lifecycles.

Technical Skills Summary:

HARDWARE: IBM 3090, COMPAQ V700, IBM PC’S (Compatibles)
O/S: WINDOWS NT, XP Pro, 95, 98, 2000, 2003, 2007
OTHER: Travel Document Issuance System (TDIS), Passport Lookout Tracking System
(PLOTS) Record Service Suite (PPT & Monitor), PVCS-Tracker, PVCS Version
Manager, Metasolv Telecommunication, Business Solutions (TBS), Clarify –Trouble
Tickets, MS Office suite, TSL, FogBugz,
Database: MySQL Management suite, Enterprise Mgr, Oracle (TOAD) 9.6.1
Automated Test
Tools: Test Director 9.1, Win Runner 9.1, Quality Center 9.0, Rational ClearQuest, Rational
ClearCase, Rational ReqPro (Client & Web)

Work Experience:

Department Of State (Consular Affairs) Rosslyn, Virginia

Company: American Systems Inc.
Title: Sr. Software Test Engineer
Oct 2008 – Present
Duties and Responsibilities: As a member of the American Systems functional test team which provides IV&V
services for the Consular Affairs /Consular System Technology (CA/CST)., and the Department of State, I am
involved in the planning and preparation of activities that support testing efforts to the following systems; (TDIS,
PLOTS, Record Service Suite, and MS Patch testing). Responsible for the development and publishing of test
artifacts which include Service Request Plans, Test Plans, Test Designs, Test Procedures and Test Cases with
positive and negative Scenarios for added value to the customer.

• Review and Analyze the developers Use Case Requirements for full scope of planed testing activities
• Processed a variety of TDIS application types via the client interface and the web application (using 2D
• Perform functional testing for products such as Passport Lookout Tracking System, Travel Document
Issuance System, and Record Services applications.
• Create Test Incident Report (TIR’s) via Rational Clear Quest defect tracking and test reporting tool.

• Assign and Received products for printing passport books and or passport cards
• Operate MX6000 card print machine for printing passport cards
• Manage several user permission roles to perform testing activity and confirm results
• Review and provide comments on developer’s project plan, Interface Control Document (ICD),
Software Report Specification (SRS) and Software Release Notice (SRN)
• Plan, coordinate and prepare test resource such as the lab space, client environment, network
configuration and test data.
• Execute Manual Testing for testing functionality and GUI of the application
• List functional requirements in each Test Case for traceability
• Use SQL Enterprise Manager to query the database to analyze data to ensure test results
• Use Oracle (TOAD) to verify test data

Real Networks Inc., Reston, Virginia

Title: Lead Test Engineer, Manager
Aug 2007 – April 2008
Duties and Responsibilities: Lead a software testing team of 6 analysts for the Real Network, Music on
Demand projects. Responsible for coordinating all testing efforts for 3 major vendors (Verizon, Rogers and
Helio). Coordinate test plan walk through before the schedule testing begins to assure the test cases cover the
scope of testing according to the requirements. Responsible for scheduling team members and recourses through
out the testing phase of the projects.

• Communicate with the development team and the program managers to keep the projects on schedule.
• Participate in verification and validation reviews on all business requirements and system functionality to
assure the system process flows according to documentation.
• Responsible for assigning task to the team that meets the requirements specifications delivered from the
business units.
• Participate in all project meetings giving the QA level of effort to assure the scheduled project has a date QA
can meet.
• Communicate with the service planners on the delivery of requirements to make sure all changes are made
before QA begins testing.
• Deliver up to date status for all vendors to the QA manager keeping them abreast of the testing activities.
• Coordinate weekly bug scrub sessions with the business units to track the defects through the retesting
• Assign testers to production maintenance window to test the scheduled items in a production environment.
• Keep track and of daily metrics and submit them to the QA manager which is provided to the QA director.
• Ensure all testing deliverables are documented and up to date and meets (CM) change management
• Give a detailed test summary after e ach iteration of testing and file documents in accordance to CM best
• Testing Tools and environment includes Quality Center 9.0, Clear Quest, for various projects and

U.S. Military Communications, Comtech Mobile Datacom, Germantown, Maryland (6 month Contract)
Title: Test Engineer
Jan. 2007 – Aug. 2007
Duties and Responsibilities: Apply software quality assurance policy and procedures to all engineering projects,
releases, upgrades for the Geo Ops, ISAF FTS and FMS applications. Responsible for all test set up in the GIT
Lab and assure all hardware connections are secure in order for the application to operate effectively. Create test
plans and test procedures and participate in all project meetings, teleconferences.

• Test software “Over the Air” via satellite and transceivers and socket connection via LAN lines
• Verify and make changes to router configuration XML files and other Configuration files when necessary
• Install applications on client and on remote servers
• Create and maintain database for testing using MySQL Management Studio
• Update previous written test procedures
• Peer review for team members test documents
• Report defects along with system log files and server files

Computech Inc. (4 month Contract), Washington DC

Title: Test Engineer
May 2006 – Sept. 2006
Duties and Responsibilities: Perform testing for the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) auction
As a contractor, I assisted the test team in creating test plans, test cases and procedures on the auction system.
Responsible for tracking software issues, bugs for the team and conduct weekly reviews with the client and the
team developers, programmers and project manager. Assign retest cases throughout the team.
• Participate in all QA efforts regarding the FCC auction web application
• Communicate status of the application during testing daily
• Enter system issues in PVCS Tracker
• Participate in User Acceptance Test while the live auction is in progress
• Create test documents for each software version

Nextel Communications, Reston, Virginia

Title: Sr. System Analyst
Sept. 2001 – April 2006
Duties and Responsibilities: In a CMMI level 4 environment I applied software-testing methodology in the
analysis and execution of test plans to ensure the successful development and implementation of delivered
software applications. Effectively plan, coordinate, and execute the testing efforts for each required TBS ASOG
release. Create test plans, test cases, test scenarios and test scripts from the functional requirements/design
documentation to test the functionality of the system or release tested to be sure the system meets the business
owner’s requirements.
• Responsible for the development of all test plans, test cases test scenarios, test scripts as well as the
installation of the tested software environment for TBS for all ASOG release, e-fixes, and patches.
• Created IT / Engineering System testing procedures for TBS documents.
• Assists software product developers and other technical groups on testing all aspects of the product
• Works closely with the project manager, production support and test team members to report all
progress, and to ensure that bugs are properly identified, tracked, documented and/or fixed.
• Interacts extensively with the project lead for ILEC specific test plan and test cases
• Attends all necessary departmental, company, or project meetings as required or requested by the
project manager
• Ensure all testing efforts is performed in a timely manner and testing deliverables are met

Network Access Solution (NAS) – Telecommunications Co., Herndon, Virginia

Title: Quality Assurance Specialist II / Lead System Tester
June 2000 – May 2001
Duties and Responsibilities: Effectively plan, coordinate, and execute the Integration for each required NAS
software release, which impacts customer services, and support organizations. Create test scripts, test plans, test
cases, and test scenarios to perform end-to-end testing, regression testing, and system functionality testing to
ensure a production ready interface that meets all requirements specified by the Software Manual.
• Ensure the soundness of the Interface between the DSET gateway and MetaSolv’s TBS
(Telecommunications Business Solution software).
• Create LSR’s and ASR’S according to CLEC’s / ILEC’s business rules.
• Work together with the user community and information technology groups to test and validate the
successful system implementation of the business requirements and processes.
• Manage the test process, track the progress of the Integration, and provide daily status to Project Manager.
• Provide status on defects that affect their specific functionality or system.
• Plan and conduct UAT, Coordinate communications between users and IT during user acceptance testing in
order to quickly identify and resolve software issues.
• Assist in the collection and reporting of IT metrics.
• Perform as backup SPR manager for Dimensions.

DHR, Family Investment Administration, Baltimore, MD
Title: Human Service Specialist III / User System Tester
Jan 1999 to June 2000

Duties and Responsibilities: Review designed documents or work request to identify proposed system
changes or enhancement, defining current system functionality and system history, giving information around
policy enforced by the system.
Responsibilities include the following:
• Review current policy and regulations
• Review outstanding incident reports around system functionality
• Document test results by screen prints and annotating discrepancies. Making folders to map results to the
formal test plan
• Submit draft of test plan to be reviewed by manager
• Test all applicable interfaces
• Test all notices and alerts
• Test all technical eligibility and financial eligibilities
• Write a summary of test activity completed and results received and results expected
• Document issues, problems and current status
• Ensures that changes made to the system meet local departments operational requirements and conform to
State and Federal regulations

DHR, Family Investment Administration, Baltimore, MD

Title: Administrator Officer III, Testing, Implementation, and Training
Dec 1994 – Dec 1999
Duties and Responsibilities: Directly responsible for Baltimore City DSS implementation and case conversion
for the Johnston Square District. Train case managers on the entire process of a new case cycle, new re-
certification periods, case reinstatements, over payments/underpayments payments, medical spend downs and
other functions on the CARES system and how to apply policy to determine eligibility. Act as an on site help
desk troubleshooting system problems and case problems.
Duties included:
• Supervised the conversion team as well as CARES support staff in the entire phase of system
• Directly participated in all phases of the FIA User Support, implementation and conversion
• Provided instruction and supervision to staff in the local department throughout the district in policy and
technical requirements
• Provided hands on training to assist in system proficiency
• Created and distributed periodic reports and policy changes related to these activities; handle communication
and correspondence

Education: Arundel Senior High School 1978-1982 Gambrills,

United States Marine Corp 1983-1987 Global

Training: Managing by Influence 1994 Upper Marlboro, MD

Mercury Interactive/HP Introduction to WinRunner 2002 Herndon, VA.
Mercury Interactive/HP Advanced WinRunner 2002 Herndon,
Software testing & Inspection Method 2002 Rockville,
Software System Analysis & design 2003 Rockville, Md.
Introduction to Programming 2003 Rockville,

Reference: Available Upon Request