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Public Works Committee

Safety & Public Properties Committee


April 29, 2015

Subject: Status update for the month ending April 30, 2015
A. Under Study and/or Design
1. St. Mary's Stream Bank Stabilization
The project is out for bid. The mandatory prebid meeting is on 5/1/15 and bid opening is 5/8/15.
2. Pepperwood Drainage Improvement Phase IIB
Final drawings have been submitted to Engineering for review. The project will be out for bid the week of
May 4, 2015.
3. Solon Road Sidewalk Improvements
Status unchanged. A portion of this project will be considered for the 2015 construction season.
4. SOM/Cannon Intersection Improvements
The City is working with ODOT for possible funding sources. The conceptual detour plan has been accepted.
5. The Preserve Subdivision Modifications Phase II
Status unchanged. This phase included a comprehensive study of the sanitary and storm sewers in the
Silkwood and Nightshade area. The Engineering Department is considering a proposal from the Consultant
with regard to the design of a relief storm sewer on Silkwood. This project will be evaluated upon the
completion of the Preserve Subdivision Modifications Phase III project.
6. The Preserve Subdivision Modifications Phase III
Status unchanged. B&N continues to work on permitting. Letters have been sent to affected residents
regarding filling in the existing ditch.
7. SOM Center Retaining Wall/Fence
Status unchanged. Project is on hold pending Planning Department review of the bridge area.
8. Briarhill Culvert
Status unchanged. The Engineering Department will work on a proposal with B&N to re-survey the culvert
and finalize the design. A meeting with B&N was held on 3/27/15.
9. SOM/Aurora Intersection Improvements
ROW - Title work is complete. Euthenics is working on R/W plans. A request to change the acquisition
project manager will be considered at the May Public Works Committee Meeting.
Design - ODOT is currently reviewing the stage 2 plans and requested additional work to complete a capacity
analysis. The capacity analysis has been submitted to ODOT for review.
10. Sanitary Sewer Master Plan Update
Status unchanged. The City has completed the electro scanning of the sanitary sewer on Miles Road and in
the Chagrin Valley Estates area.
G:\Engineering\KJW\Project Status- detail.xls

11. Neptune Oval (Miles Subdivision)

Status unchanged. Plans are complete. An approved OEPA sanitary PTI and conservation easement are
required for final approval from the City. A fee letter was sent to the developer. The Engineering Department
is waiting on the items requested.
12. Brainard Road Culvert Replacement
The Engineering Department is continuing to work on easement acquisition.
13. Engineering General Services
The as needed services with B&N have been extended to the end of 2015.
14. Fox Run Storm Sewer
Status unchanged. The Engineering Department is reviewing the final plans.
15. SOM Center Concrete Repair Project
Contracts are being signed. A residents meeting will be scheduled prior to construction.
16. Longview Drive Infrastructure Improvement Project
The original bids have been rejected. The project is being advertised for re-bid.
17. Liberty Ford Storm Sewer Relocation
Status unchanged. Permit has been approved.
18. Brainard Road over US 422 Bridge Project
ODOT opened bids on 4/23/15. Construction is expected this summer.
19. Hawthorn Parkway over US 422 Bridge Project
Status unchanged. ODOT is in the process of developing design plans to address maintenance items for this
bridge. Hawthorn Parkway will most likely stay closed between Cannon Road and Harper Road until the
bridge is repaired in 2016.
20. Naiman Parkway Pump Station & Force Main
Status unchanged. B&N is working on the capacity analysis.
21. Timberlane Drive Stormwater Management Study
The preliminary report has been submitted to the City for review.
22. Liberty Road Sidewalk (City of Twinsburg)
Status unchanged. Final plans were submitted to the City. Construction is expected this summer.
23. SOM Center Sanitary Replacement
Plans have been submitted to the Engineering Department for review.
24. Cannon Road Sidewalk (South side only Nestle to Harper)
Status unchanged. The project will be bid later in 2015.
25. Woods of Solon (SOM/Miles)
Design plans have been submitted for review.
G:\Engineering\KJW\Project Status- detail.xls

26. Miles Road Sanitary Sewer Replacement

Status unchanged. The Consultant is preparing the plans and specifications.
27. Twinsburg Widening of SR 91 - Phase II
Solon has been added to the distribution list. The Engineering Department is reviewing the stage 1 plans. A
request for right of way has been submitted by the City of Twinsburg and will be discussed at Safety and
Public Properties once the final information has been submitted.
28. US 422 Resurfacing (ODOT) - Solon Road to SR 306
Construction is in progress.
29. Liberty Road Bridge under US422 Slope Repair (ODOT)
Status unchanged. ODOT submitted plans. Review comments have been sent to ODOT.
B. Construction

2013 Annual Contracts

Materials Testing
2014 Annual Contracts

Working with the contractor to close out the project.


Construction Inspection Services

Contract is being used as needed. This contract will be

used for the duration of the City Wide Traffic Signal

Concrete Repair
Asphalt Repair
Materials Testing
Sewer Grouting
2015 Annual Contracts
Construction Inspection Services
Concrete Repair
Street Striping
Preventative Maintenance - Crack Sealing
Asphalt Repair
Materials Testing
Sewer Grouting
Emergency and Miscellaneous Roadway Repair
Sanitary and Storm Repair

Punch list work is complete.

Work will resume in May.
Work is in progress.
Final closeout will be presented at the May Public
Works meeting.
Contracts are being signed
Work is in progress.
Contracts are being signed
Contracts are being signed.
Work is on going as needed.
Work is on going as needed.

1. Aerial Utility Line Documentation for the City Wide Traffic Signal Project
First Energy has advised the Engineering Department that all make ready work is complete.
2. City-Wide Intersection Traffic Signal Rehabilitation and Upgrade
Work is in progress.
3. Hunter's Ridge Infrastructure Improvement Project
The sanitary and concrete work has been completed. Restoration will be completed in May.
4. Linden Drive Sewer Improvement
Final restoration will take place in May.
G:\Engineering\KJW\Project Status- detail.xls

5. Pepperwood Drainage Improvement Phase IIA

Project is substantially complete. Final restoration will take place in May.
6. Bridle Trail Force Main Replacement
Final restoration is in progress.
7. Stone Creek Estates
Street work is substantially complete. Gas line is being installed.
8. Cannon Road Pump Station (Nestle)
Pump station driveway has been poured. The contractor is working on the punch list items.
A. Under Study and/or Design
1. Aurora Road Traffic Study
Status unchanged. GPD presented recommendations at the January S&PP meeting.
2. City Wide Roof Evaluation Project
The Engineering Department met with Grantwood and the consultant to finalize plans and specifications for
the Grantwood project. The Police Department roof project is being advertised for bid.
3. Aurora Road Traffic Study (SOM to Bainbridge Corp line)
The report will be discussed at the May Safety and Public Properties committee meeting.
4. Traffic Engineering Services
Work is on going.
5. Police Department Roof Replacement
The consultant is finalizing the plans and specifications to bid in April.
6. Solon Historical Society Fire Suppression System
Status unchanged. Approval from Cleveland Water is complete. The Engineering Department is finalizing
7. Grantwood Roof Replacement
Status unchanged. The Consultant is preparing the plans and specifications. Authorization to bid was
approved at the April Safety and Public Properties meeting.
B. Construction
1. Briar Hill Lake Dam
The constractor submitted the as-built for review. The City is waiting for final approval from ODNR for the
Emergency Action Plan and the Operation, Inspection and Maintenance Manual which was submitted by
2. Water Reclamation Roof Replacement
Work is complete. Punch list items are complete and construction is finalizing quantities with the contractor.

Mayor Drucker
Edward H. Kraus, Ward 6 Council Representative

G:\Engineering\KJW\Project Status- detail.xls