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Article NH Bukarest/Romania



Procedure from 6.09.2007 regarding the authorization of construction site leaders.
According to the legal definition from art. 11 a), the diriginte de santier is a natural person who is
excercising duties of proofing quality of materials and accordance between the execution of works
and the plan, who is appointed by the investor (in the meaning of the law investor will always
mean beneficiary of the construction).
Regardless of citizenship the diriginti de santier must be authorized by the national authorities, as it
is provided in art. 9
In order to be authorised the diriginte de santier must have a work experience that varies between 3
and 20 years depending on the complexity of the construction. The complexity criterions for
constructions are defined in HG 766/1997
The candidates who hold a PhD title (it is not mentioned in what field but a thelological
interpretation will lead to the conclusion that it must be in the field of construction) or a professor
title (in some jurisdictions it is possible to be a professor without to hold a PhD title; in Romania
there are 5 academic degrees, from which the first two can only teach seminars but not courses. In
order to promote into the 3rd degree one must be at least a PhD candidate. The 4th degree requires
PhD title. Professor is the 5th, and highest degree).
Admission file must contain:

bachelor degree diploma
2 recommendations from 2 institutions regarding the activity exercised in the domain the
application is filed in
other authorisations (gas regulatory authority, energy regulatory authority) if applicable
Proof of tax payment and, labour book copy if applicable.

If the applicant has not exercised the profession in the last 3 years he must follow a training course.
The exam contains questions regarding the construction legislation, the quality system, and from the
technical. The actual field of subjects will be published in due time. The grading is on a scala of 1 to
10 whereas 1 is the lowest. In order to pass a candidate must obtain at least the grade 7.
According to the methodological norms of applying the law 50/1991 regarding construction
authorisations the diriginte de santier is responsible with the supervision of the construction site. It
NH Bukarest, Dr. Monika Hirsch, Str. Theodor Aman 27, 010773 Bucuresti, Tel 0040/21/3115574, office@nhbukarest.eu,

Article NH Bukarest/Romania

is also the job of the technical responsible, which is a legal person appointed by the construction
company. In practice it is a common practice that only one of them exists, usually appointed by the
construction company solely. The costs of the supervision, according to the norms will be integrated
into the total cost of the construction.

NH Bukarest, Dr. Monika Hirsch, Str. Theodor Aman 27, 010773 Bucuresti, Tel 0040/21/3115574, office@nhbukarest.eu,