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Workflow Policy : Workflow policy has certain conditions and based on these
conditions specific actions should be performed.
The relationship between the conditions in a single policy should always be And
Eg:1 Account Status should be Active and Account Type is Competitor. But not Or
Eg:2 Account Status should be Active or Account type is Competitor. In Eg 2 , u need to
create one more policy for the other condition.
Solution Design and Implementation:
1. Go to Site Map Siebel Workflow Admin (in 7.7 Business Proc Admin)
Select Workflow Policy Group RCNR
SR Group

Service Request Workflow Object

2. In the Drop down above Select Workflow Policies

SRWF Policy

Workflow Object
Service request

Activation Date

Just below, find Conditions tab RCNR

SR Severity
SR Priority

Expiry Date

1 - Very High

3. Below, find Action Tab, if u do RCNR , u need to associate an action, but we have
not created any action. We just completed setting up conditions only, where will
we get an action, here theres no scope to prepare any action. So we need to go to
Workflow Action screen and create and then associate in this place when it is
4. So, we need to select Workflow Action in the Drop down RCNR
SR Action

Workflow Program
SendSR Message Broadcast

Workflow Object
Service Request

5. In Arguments Tab, add the desired message u want to see also can take help of
substitution fields available on Right hand side Keep priority Urgent with
6. Below, find Recipients Tab RCNR
Send to Employee
Send to Position
Send to relative


Go to Site Map Server Administration Enterprise Configuration ,In the

below tabs select Components RCNR
Generate Trigger



Leave the Second tab ---- Go to Parameters Tab RCNR



For Constructing a Trigger, Remove parameter should be False and

For removing a Trigger, Remove Parameter should be True.

Now, we need to run Workflow monitor agent, from Siebel 7.5.2 onwards,
Workflow monitor agent can be invoked form where Generate triggers is
Invoked , I mean similar step to what we have just done above thought it is
a back ground component, but in Siebel 7.0, all Back ground components
should be run from command prompt.
See the screen shot. For Command prompt steps stored in the system.
Internal Process -
As soon as we create a Generate Trigger Component , it will actually set pointer
to Severity and Priority Fields ( ie., the fields we defined in conditions Tab ) , when will
the values given for those fields will appear , once a user creates an SR and assigns
Severity with Critical Value and Priority with Very High , the entire Record will be
pushed to a table called S_ESCL_REQ , which in turn is monitored by Workflow
Monitor Agent , Sleep Time will be Set for WM agent , in that interval , only once he
pings the table for any records , if found , will push those record to S_ESCL_ACTN
table, which is Monitored by Workflow Action Agent , who pings once in the set interval
and if finds any record will actually perform the action , in this eg: popups a message u
have actually written.
We can by pass requests to Action Agent by setting Action Agent Parameter in Workflow
monitor agent to N. , if the parameter value is Y , request will be sent to Action agent
and action agent performs the action.