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From: Kelley Lynch <kelley.lynch,-2A10@gnail.

Date: Thu, Aug 14, 2A74 at 1:06 PM
Subject Re: People v. Kelley Lynch Case No. 2C404539-01
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I teceived the bail hearing tanscdpt. Thank you. I want to ask you a question: I distinctly recall the
prosecutor speaking to the judge aboutJonathan Maihart, a young man that worked for me in 2005.
She advisedJudge Mayerson that he was a Latino gang membet. Hers Petsian. I don't see this
discussion in the tanscript. The prosecutor attempted to use a situation where Jotathan, a
messenger, stopped by Cohen's lawyet's office. I detailed the situation for Congtessmalr Y/axman.
AIso, during mI ial, the public defendet tead from his notes (I believe) that he asked Cohen a
question and Cohen testified that we were in a purely business relationship and confirmed that in
two follow up questions. I don't see that reflected in the tanscript although Cohen also recalled it
because he testified that he did confirm this in two follow up questions at the bail hearing.
Could you double check these points for me. I, on the othet hand, will check my shothand notes.
Thank you. I trust you had a nice vacation.

AII the best,