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April 2008

EXtreme insulation
and safety

Insulated Roof Panels Kingspan KS 1000 XD (X-dek)

TR 20 bitumine membrane bitumen impregnated glass fiber
membrane suitable for multi layer torch on systems.
TR 27 Glass tissue facing suitable for mechanically fixed or fully
adhered single ply PVC twice for EPDM membrane
0,7 mm thick steel for mechanically fixed or fully adhered
waterproof membranes

PIR core (Firesafe IPN)


Factory applied PE anti-condensation tape






Bottom deck steel

thickness 0.9 mm





Load-span table of KS 1000 XD (X-dek) 70mm

Load-span table Kingspan KS1000 XD 70 bottom deck 0,9mm /
top TR20 or TR27. Downwards [kN/m2]
Span [m]:

ULS Ultimata Limit State Loads factored
SLS Serviceability Limit State Loads un-factored(characteristic)
Maximum permissible deflection for SLS: L / 200
Figures are valid for steel grade S220GD and foam density 40kg/m3
Dead load of panels included in above values
For any other specification of KS1000 XD panels load-span tables are available at Kingspan Technical Department.

Czech Republic: Tel.: +420 495 866 111, Fax: +420 495 866 100, E-mail: info@kingspan.cz
Poland: Tel.: +48 48 378 31 00, Fax: +48 48 378 13 30, E-mail: info@kingspan.pl
Hungary: Tel.: +36 29 573 400, Fax: +36 29 573 410, E-mail: info@kingspan.hu
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Romania: Tel. +40 21 231 50 89, Fax: +40 21 231 50 89, E-mail: info@kingspan.ro
Details for the following countries:
Austria, Belarussia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania,
Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine can be found by visiting our website www.kingspan.info

Kingspan X-dek
KS 1000 XD
Insulated Roof Panels

Kingspan X-dek KS 1000 XD

Insulated Roof Panels

Kingspan X-dek

KS 1000 XD - Insulated Roof Panels

Possibility of application of any
waterproof membrane(PVC, Bitumen,
EPDM, etc)
High load capacity on external and
internal loadings

KS 1000 XD (X-Dek) panels with Firesafe IPN core are
roof panels suitable for site applied membrane finished
flat roofs for all building applications with a minimum
roof-slope of 1 (2%). The KS1000 XD panel secures the
base for final waterproof covering of the roof installed
by others.
The waterproof top membrane possible to apply:

PCV, TPO or EPDM membranes mechanically fixed

or fully bonded.
Bitumine torch on or mechanically fixed membranes

X-dek system can be applied in non purlin or purlin roof

systems. Minimum internal temperature of the building
is higher than 5 C.

Fire performance
Thermal insulation
Thermal Transmittance for = 0,022 W/m2K
Uc = 0,27 W/m2K.

Corosion resistance
KS 1000 XD (X-Dek) panels with internal steel made
from galvanized steel with standard polyester coating
25 micro (internal side of the building) can be applied
in internal environments with an atmosphere category
corrosion of C1, C2 and C3 in accordance with EN ISO

KS 1000 XD (X-dek) panels are classified as B roof (t1) and

as non spreading fire (NRO).
X-dek panels are classified as:

REI 15 - KS 1000 XD with steel top skin, for load

of 2,0 kN/m2 at 4m span,

REI15 - KS 1000 XD with TR20 and TR27 membrane

for load of 1,4 kN/m2 at 4m span.

All KS1000 XD (X-dekTM) panels have a single figure
weighted sound reduction index Rw = 26dB.

All roofing elements available at one

supplier. Technical support from one
No empty air gaps in roof
Installation possible in any
weather conditions
Low weight
Low risk of human factor
in installation. Single part system safe
and easy to install.
Factory controlled high quality
Total solution approved by certificates
Fast track construction

roof elements

High resistance of
elements to loadings

Quick & Easy to Install

1 operation instead of 3


Manufacturer controlled quality,

element ready to apply.

First insulated roof panel with spans

that had been impossible to achieve
for insulated panels before.

Three layers of roof covering

in one element (Lift & Fix).

High quality, fully filled in core,

no empty gaps, no thermal bridges or slots.