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English 3 – Honors

Research Paper

Objective: Students will research and compose a comprehensive paper on The Great
Gatsby while adhering to the following format:

Introduction: Introduce the topic you have chosen and end with your
Body paragraph #1: Tie the topic you have chosen to the novel. How is this
topic reflected in the novel?
Body paragraph #2: Tie the topic to Fitzgerald’s life. What information about
his life impacts the topic.
Body paragraph #3: Tie the topic to the historical 1920’s period. This novel is
called a period piece for a reason. How does your topic fit
into this time period.
Conclusion: Reflection of your thesis and topic.

Topics: Choose one of the following topics and analyze it as outlined above.

1. the American Dream 5. have/have nots

2. prejudice 6. the role of men and women
3. values/morals or morality 7. idealism
4. careless people 8. disillusionment

1. Time Line January 20th Assigned

1/26/2010 Gale Database training

2/3/2010 Preliminary Works Cited page due. List all your

sources (minimum of 5) alphabetically in MLA
format, double spaced. Book/Gale sources only.

2/10/10 Preliminary draft due for peer revision

2/12/10 Early Bird Rough Draft due (+5 on Final paper)

2/24/10 Rough draft with revision sheet due

4/12/10 Final draft due with all research and revisions.

2. Steps to writing the paper

A. Conduct research in the library and on the Academic websites for your
paper. All sources must be photocopied and turned in with rough
draft. Our library contains many sources, and Mrs. Brown will be
happy to help you gather additional sources. However, you may need
to go to a public or college library to get other sources for your paper.
B. Write a thesis statement: based on your research, write a thesis that
expresses your opinions about the topic. Your thesis must have a point
that will be proven in your paper.

C. Prewrite: Organize your research into 3 categories (novel, life, and

times) for your body paragraphs.

D. Rough draft: Make your paper look like a paper. Add the introduction
and conclusion paragraphs. Make sure your documentation is
complete and correct. You must include your endnotes and your
works cited page in your rough draft. This step must be typed. For
information concerning documentation check Write Source for proper

E. Peer revision: In this step someone else will read your paper and make
suggestions for improvement and/or clarification.

F. Self-revision: Correct all spelling and mechanics. Be sure the length

meets the requirements and that you have proven your thesis.

G. Final Draft: Clean copy – all corrections made. Turn in your final
copy as follows: Put your final draft (stapled together) along with
your rough draft, self revision sheet, and photocopied sources in a
brown mailing envelope. Do not put your paper in a folder or binder.

H. You must do a research paper to receive credit for English 3.

Plagiarism is the intentional or careless copying of another’s words or ideas without

giving proper credit to the reference and will result, not only in a failing grade, but
will require a trip to Dr. Bragg’s office for additional consequences.