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Who is Adelinde Cornelissen?

Adelinde Cornelissen is a Dutch dressage rider. She
is born in Beilen, at July 8 1979. She started with
horse riding when she was 6. When she was 7 she
got her first horse, Birgitte. From 2002 till 2008 she
was an English teacher. When she was a English
teacher she also ride horse. But in 2008 she have to
choice to be a Olympic dressage rider or to be a
English teacher. She made the choice to be a
Olympic dressage rider.

Why is she our hero?

She is our hero because she ride very good horse
and her horses are very cool!!!
She is one of the best dressage riders of the world.
We can learn very much from her. She have very
good horses to ride with. Parzival is one of them and
our favourite horse of Adelinde Cornelissen. She won
many prizes of the famous competitions for horses.
Theres also an other famous dressage rider, Anky
van Grunsven. We didnt choose her because we
already know very much about her, but we didnt
know much about Adelinde Cornelissen. We hope
that after making this essay we now more about her.

Who are her horses?



Fleau de Baian


Jerich Parzival :
Parzival (KWPN) is 18 years old. He is born in
1997. He is one of the best horses of
Adelinde Cornelissen. She won many prizes
with him. His height is 1.75m
Aqiedo :
Aqiedo (KWPN) is 10 years old. He is born in
2005. Adelinde Cornelissen ride many
competitions with him. His height is 1.71m

Zephyr :
Zephyr (KWPN) is 12 years old. He is born in
2003. We cant find his height. His coat
colour is brown. The owners of him are the
parents of Adelinde Cornelissen.

What is dressage?
Dressage is the base of all the parts in equestrian.
You make sure that youre the boss and not your
horse. Only if you ride dressage well, you can go
further in the equestrian. When ride dressage you
have to have self-control. You have to trust your
horse and the horse have to trust you to. The trick is
doing not let see anyone what you are doing. Only
when youre a real team you can go higher. A
example is Adelinde Cornelissen with her horse
Parzival. They are a real team and trust each other.
What are the different levels?
The first level is B this is the easiest. Then we go
further to L1 than youve got different parts. The
second category in the L class is L2 than you do
more in the gallop. The next level is M1. In this level
youve got a new method. Than youve got M2 than
you ride a gallop-change. Followed with the Z1 and
the Z2 than you do every level aggregated. Than
youve got ZZ-light and ZZ- heavy. That is the
highest level on the easier equestrian. On the more
difficult equestrian youve other levels. As example
grand-prix or FEI.

As a junior, Cornelissen won three national Dutch
titles; twice with Ayesha and once with Mr. Pride. In
2004 she won her first senior title at a national level.
When she won the Z2-class with Parzival. In that
same year she became national champion in the
Reserve Championships in the ZZ-light-class with,
followed by the same title in the ZZ-heavy-class title
in 2005, both times on Parzival. In 2007, she and

Parzival won the Dutch national championship in the

heavy-class and she won two silver medals, at the
International Grand Prix meetings in Falsterbo and
Herentals. In Falsterbo she finished second in the
Grand Prix Spcial, while in she won the GPS in
Herentals. During the Grand Prix in Rotterdam she
and her team mates won the gold medal in the
Nations competition. She came third in the Grand
Prix Spcial. She won another GPS bronze medal in
Arnhem. At the 2009 European Dressage
Championship she won with the Parzival team and
individual (Grand Prix Spcial) gold and in the Grand
Prix Freestyle she won the silver medal. At the 2010
FEI World Equestrian Games Cornelissen was
eliminated in the Grand Prix due because there was
blood in Parzival's mouth as a result of Parzival
having bit on his tongue. This arent all of her prizes,
but there are too many to write about.

What has she achieved?

She have won a lot of prizes with her horses. She
worked hard but with results. In the past she made
good choices. Thats why she became a very good
dressage rider.

Made by : Hanna & Aurely B2B