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Jnae Saunders
Graphic Design
Level 06

The DBA is the trade association for design in the UK; building the bridge between
designers and businesses, and championing effective design. Six members from alternative
studios came to brief and review a project about improving the transport infrastructure
through HS3, connecting Leeds to Manchester, and tapping into the huge potential of the
North of England, enabling it to be a significant economic force it has always promised to

Considering the name Capital North create a brand identity and concept that
highlights the important features of the selected cities and how they have more to
offer than what audiences initially think in comparison to the South of England. In
representing this the design should communicate the four cities coming together to
build more for the North of England,

Studio Brief


To brand the Northern Powerhouse and create awareness of its many and varied
attributes to the rest of the world. The four cities that head up the Powerhouse will be
Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Hull which creates a nice neat line across the North.
The name Capital North has been selected, combining purpose and place. Its easy to
remember and recall.

Poster designs.
Train Livery.
Economic designs.

Extended Practice OUGD603


In collaboration with Will Jeffery, Roxxie Blackham, Joe Leadbeater and Amy Hill.


Visual Research



A series of logo designs that follow a isometric or geometric format. This influenced the
idea of train lines and the concept of more through a 3D perspective.

Initial research into poster designs that work with goemetric shapes and grids that
represents a collection of shapes. This visually influenced the idea that it represents the
four cities in the Northern Powerhouse.






Design Development



For initial logo development, the indiviual designs were influenced by the theme of
connectivity. This is represented through four links that represent all of the cities that
experiment with connecting together to build more.

Colours for each link where influenced from different mounmental structure within the
cities with red highlighting Manchesters infamous football team.


Design Development



A series of poster designs experimenting with layout, colour and pattern mainting a bold
and colourful aesthetic to attract consumers to visit the North.

The type maintains a clean and simple appraoch for readability with the introduction of
coloured type to highlight certain words that connect to the campaign slogan and cities for

A progression of colour and pattern was introduced to create a gradual build up to the
Capital Norths inital logo to represent the idea of building together.


Branding Guidelines



As the collaborative project progressed the finalised logo incorporates the letter N from
the Capital North name using an isometric grid to create four shapes within the letter
form the represent the cities.

A personalised typeface was created for the brand with alternating counter points to
represent the tracks of a train.

A series of isometric blocks where created to visually represent the concept of building
more for the north, the different blocks show diversity and progression.

A series of colours and tints where used for the brand to represent each city, the extensive
use of colour was influenced by the monuments in each city and to captivate a bold and
engaging aesthetic.





A series of four posters where created and colour coded to define each cities. The poster
would be distributed around the cities to engage potential visitors and existing residents to
explore the North of England.

The photography in the poster highlights the monuments in each cities so that they are
recognisable to the target audience. All the elements of the branding guidelines are
incorporated onto the poster for consistency and for impact.


Train Livery



With the HS3 being brand new, exclusive train designs have been created to highlight and
promote the new travelling facility. The brand correlates across the transport to support the
campaign imagery and to showcase the new travelling opportunities available to the North.

The signature pattern works throughout the outside of the train and would create a mirage
of bold colours when the train is at full speed again to create impact and to implement the
brands aesthetic against other competitors. The build up of colour signifies the idea of more
through visually engaging consumers to board the train.


Economic Design

Wall Installations


Inner city wall installations of type and the branded pattern would work across the city to
highlight the Capital North campaign. The wall art generates a fresh and young aesthetic
attracting a new and upcoming audience to travel to the North.

Lenticular billboards will be distributed around the cities to represent the campaign, the
type slowly builds up to reveal the slogan due to the nature of the lenticular process. This
links directly to the concept of building more for the North.