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This contract made and executed this 17th of September 2009 at Safe Zone Bldg.
Davao City, Philippines by and between:

PRINT AD PUBLISHINGS, INC., a corporation duly organized and under by

virtue of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines duly represented herein by its
President, Ms. Chika Dora, hereinafter referred to as “CLIENT”.

- and –


organized and existing under by the virtues of the laws of the Republic of the Philippines
with business address at Safe Zone Bldg. Davao City, duly represented by its Executive
Director, Mr. Sik Yu, hereinafter referred to as “SECURITY COMPANY”, AS
EVIDENCED BY ITS DULY APPROVED Board Resolution thereto attached as Annex
“A” of this contract.

- WITNESSTH that –

WHEREAS, the CLIENT, desires to engage the services of the SECURITY

COMPANY for the purpose of maintaining law and order at its premises located at Door
1 Periodical Bldg. Davao City by protecting and guarding its property from all forms of
criminality and irregularities but not limited to theft, robbery, arson destruction or
damage as well as protecting its officers, employees, visitors and regulations relative to
maintenance of security and safety thereat. Copy of the CLIENT’s premises covered by
this agreement is thereto attached as Annex “B”.

WHEREAS, the security company is a duly licensed and bonded security agency
operating under the provisions of Republic Act. No. 5487 as amended, registered and
accredited with PNP.

NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the foregoing premises of the

mutual covenants and provisions hereafter set forth the parties hereto have agreed and do
hereby mutually agree as follows:

1. Place and Location

The SECURITY COMPANY shall provide security guard services to the
CLIENT at its premises located at Door 1 Periodical Bldg. Davao City.

2. Functions and Duties of Guards

The guards are to maintain general peace and order at the aforementioned
premises and specifically, to watch, safeguard and protect the property of the CLIENT
from theft, robbery, arson and destruction or damages, to protect the directors, officers,
employees and visitors from harassment, threat or intimidation; and to enforce and
implement rules, policies and regulations of the CLIENT aimed at maintaining security
and safety thereat.
3. Guard Forces
The SECURITY COMPANY shall initially provide the CLIENT with the
necessary number of duly qualified and licensed Security guards, which must first be pre-
approved by the CLIENT, who shall each render twelve (12) hours work per day at Ten
Thousand Four Hundred Ninety One and 95/100 (P10,491.95) per guard (12 hours duty).

4. Qualification of Guards
Each of the security guards to be assigned by the SECURITY COMPANY to the
client must be:
a. of good moral character and reputation, courteous, alert and without criminal or
police record;

b. physically and mentally fit and not less than 21 nor more than 40 years of age
and at least five feet four inches (5’4”) in height;

c. duly licensed and properly screened and cleared by the P.N.P.. N.B.I. and other
government offices issuing clearances for employment;

d. in proper uniform and must have other security paraphernalia such as flashlight,
radio, night stick etc. armed with appropriate and functional rifle, shotgun, pistol or
revolver, with sufficient ammunition at all times during his hours of duty;

e. must have passed the neuro-psychiatric exam; and in possession of such other
qualifications required by Republic Act. No. 5487 as amended.

The CLIENT must be furnished copy of license and result of exam mentioned
under (c) and (e) above.

5. Mode of Payment
For and in consideration of the above services and during the effectivity if this
Contract, the CLIENT shall pay the SECURITY COMPANY the sum of TEN
guard per month, one half of which consideration shall be paid every 15th and the other
half every end of each month without need of demand.

It is understood that a portion of the above consideration equivalent to that

amount to which the security guard/s is/are entitled by way of salary or compensation
shall be received by the SECIRUTY COMPANY from the client trust only for said

The CLIENT herby agrees that it shall pay interest on accounts covered by
billings received by the CLIENT and unpaid for thirty (30) days or more from the time
said billings become payable at the rate of twelve percent (12%) per SECURITY
COMPANY to terminate this contract immediately for failure of CLIENT to pay the
aforestated consideration in accordance with its terms.

The SECURITY COMPANY shall be entitled to an adjustment of the stipulated

contract price in the event that the minimum wage is increased or in the event that
increased fringe benefits in favor of the employees are promulgated by law, degree or
wage order subsequent to the execution of this contract. Said adjustment shall be
equivalent to the amount of increase in the minimum wage or the amount of increased
fringe promulgated or both as the case may be.

This provision, however, will not apply if the CLIENT is exempted therefrom by
the expressed provisions of said law, decree or wage order or has applied and is granted
exemption therefrom.
6. Supervision and Control
The SECURITY COMPANY shall exercise strict discipline, close supervision
and exclusive control and administration over its guards in accordance with law,
ordinances and pertinent governmental rules and regulations as well as the rules and
policies laid down by the CLIENT on the matter. In so far as enforcement of police and
company rules and regulations related to security and safety is concerned, the CLIENT
shall exercise supervisions and control over the guards.

7. Equipment and Uniform

The guards that the SECURITY COMPANY shall provide shall be equipped with
duly licensed firearms, ammunitions, night sticks, uniforms and other paraphernalia for
security purposes, at their own expense.

8. Liability to Guards and Third Parties

The SECURITY COMPANY is NOT an agent or employer of the CLIENT and
the guards to be assigned by the SECURITY COMPANY to the CLIENT are in no sense
employees of the latter as they are for all intents and purposes employees of the
SECURITY COMPANY. Accordingly, the CLIENT shall not be responsible for any and
all claims for personal injury or death arises out of or in the course of performance of
guard duties.

9. The SECURITY COMPANY shall not be liable for losses and/or damages due to a
fortuitous events or force majeure beyond the control and competence of the guard to
prevent; The provision of the New Civil Code shall be applied in determining the amount
and liability thereto;

10. Replacement of Any Guard

The CLIENT has the prerogative to have a guard change or replaced at any time
whose work it founds or believe to be below standard, or whose conduct is
unsatisfactorily, or is prejudicial to its interest, as determined by the CLIENT. The
judgment of the interest as determined by the CLIENT on such matters shall be final and
binding and should same as valid cause for the termination of this Contract, plus
damages, as the case may be.

11. Employment Restriction

The CLIENT shall not employ, directly nor indirectly, any of the SECURITY
COMPANY’s officers, employees and former employees who have been out of the
SECURITY COMPANY’s employ for less than six (6) months during the time of their
contract or within six (6) months after its termination.

12. Guards Performance Bond

That the SECURITY COMPANY shall furnish the CLIENT a good and sufficient
Performance Bond acceptable to the latter in the sum of TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND
& 00/100 PESOS ONLY (P200,000.00) to insure the faithful execution of this Contract
and as guarantee against any claim of the client for losses and/or damages to CLIENT’s
property which are due to the international act or omission and/or negligence of the
guards. However, losses and/or damages which are not of considerable amount may be
compensated through the monthly remittance to the SECURITY COMPANY.

13. Term of Contract

This Contract shall take effect on September 17, 2009 and shall be for a period of
one (1) year from said date. Unless for good, CLIENT can preterminate this agreement
for grounds or causes it may deem proper to protect its interest.

14. All Judicial and Extra-judicial expenses which shall be incurred by the SECURITY
COMPANY in connection with the performance by its guards of their duties and
functions shall be for the account of the SECURITY COMPANY.
15. Either party may terminate this Contract for any legal and/or valid cause at any time
by written notice given to the other party prior to the intended date of termination.

In case of litigation arising from or in connection with this Contract, venue of

action shall be in the proper Regional or Metropolitan Trial Court of Davao and the
amount equivalent to twenty-five percent (25%) of the amount claimed shall be due and
demandable as attorney’s fees.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto set their hands at the place
and on the date first stated above.


(Security Company)


Ms. Chika Dora Mr. Sik Yu

President Executive Director