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For Immediate Release

Proxicast Releases LAN-Cell 2 Firmware Update

With Additional Modem & Management Support
Version 4.02(AQP.6) adds support for Novatel Wireless & Sierra Wireless
2-in-1 PC-Card/ExpressCard 3G modems plus an enhanced SNMP interface

Pittsburgh, PA. (January 25, 2010) – Proxicast (www.proxicast.com)

Proxicast announces the immediate availability of a new firmware release for its flagship LAN-Cell 2 3G
cellular router. The Proxicast LAN-Cell 2 is an enterprise-class upgradeable 3G secure cellular router.

The latest LAN-Cell 2 firmware, version 4.02(AQP.6), incorporates many new features to enhance the
LAN-Cell's already extensive complement of connectivity, security, and management functions. Proxicast
has added support for several new 3G cellular modem cards along with an enhanced SNMP (simple
network management protocol) agent and MIB (management information base) with support for the
Proxicast’s soon to be released ProxiVIEW Dashboard centralized device management system.

To keep pace with the latest in 3G wireless technologies and standards, Proxicast has added support for
these additional cellular PC-Card (PCMCIA) and ExpressCard modems:

 Sierra Wireless AirCard 402 (Sprint & Verizon Wireless)

 Novatel Wireless Merlin C777 (Sprint)
 Novatel Wireless Merlin PC770 (Verizon Wireless)

The Sierra Wireless AirCard 402 and Novatel Wireless Merlin PC770 / C777 feature innovative 2-in-1
designs that allow them to function as both full size PC-Card (54 mm) and ExpressCard (34 mm) 3G
cellular modems. They also support high speed EV-DO Rev. A wide area wireless broadband access on
the Sprint PCS and Verizon Wireless cellular networks.

The new LAN-Cell 2 firmware features an enhanced SNMP agent and MIB that includes full 3G & Wi-Fi
parameters, making it easier to manage the LAN-Cell 2 with popular third-party SNMP management tools,
such as HP OpenView (Network Node Manager), IBM Tivoli (NetView) and SolarWinds. Firmware support
has also been added for Proxicast’s own soon to be released hosted central management system called
ProxiVIEW Dashboard.

ProxiVIEW Dashboard centralizes the management of multiple remote LAN-Cell’s into a single web site.
Device status is automatically polled and reported in an easy to use spreadsheet interface. ProxiVIEW
includes a full SYSLOG server so that device log data can be kept indefinitely. It also includes graphing
options to show trends such as cellular signal strength, data traffic usage, and VPN connectivity over

The free upgrade to firmware version 4.02(AQP.6) is available now on the Proxicast support web site
(http://support.proxicast.com/support/downloads.htm). Customers can easily update all existing
LAN-Cell 2 devices via the LAN-Cell's LAN, WAN or serial console interface, including remote upgrades
over an Ethernet or 3G cellular WAN connection.
The LAN-Cell 2 3G mobile router with firmware version 4.02(AQP.6) currently supports all of the following
3G cellular modem cards:

 Huawei E612
 Huawei E620
 Huawei E630
 Huawei EC321
 Huawei EC360
 Huawei EC500
 Kyocera KPC680
 Novatel U740
 Novatel Wireless / Sprint Merlin EX720
 Novatel Wireless / Verizon Merlin V740
 Novatel Wireless / Sprint Merlin C777
 Novatel Wireless / Verizon Merlin PC770
 Option GlobeTrotter GTMax 3.6
 Option GlobeTrotter GTMax 7.2
 Pantech / Sprint PX-500
 Pantech / Verizon PC5750
 Sierra Wireless Aircard 402
 Sierra Wireless Aircard 580
 Sierra Wireless Aircard 595
 Sierra Wireless Aircard 597E
 Sierra Wireless Aircard 850
 Sierra Wireless Aircard 860
 Sierra Wireless Aircard 875
 Sierra Wireless Aircard 880
 Sierra Wireless Aircard 881

The LAN-Cell 2 is a rugged commercial-grade 3G cellular router with enterprise-class routing, security
and VPN features that allows multiple PC's, laptops, webcams, controllers, PLCs, ATMs, VoIP phones
and other Ethernet-based devices to simultaneously share a single cellular data account for primary or
backup connectivity. Every LAN-Cell 2 includes 4 LAN, 1 WAN and 1 Serial ports along with an integrated
802.11 a/b/g Wi-Fi access point, full VPN end-point capabilities, military-grade encryption and X.509 PKI
certificate support.

The LAN-Cell 2 3G router supports all major worldwide cellular (wireless) carriers and standards including
Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile, Rogers, Telus, Bell Mobility, Telcel, Orange,
Vodafone, MTN, O2, Telstra and others.

Typical LAN-Cell 3G mobile router applications include:

 Remote Monitoring, Telemetry, SCADA & AMR

 Remote Control of PLCs and Industrial Controls
 Video Surveillance & Security Applications
 Vending, Point-of-Sale (POS) & ATM Machines
 Backup for Wired Internet and Alarm Connections
 Traffic Monitoring & Signal Control
 Sales & Service Fleets
 Commercial Transportation
 Cars, Buses, Limos & RVs
 Delivery & Courier Vehicles
 Boats & Marine Vessels
 Mobile & Stationary WiFi Hotspots
 Police, Fire & Emergency Vehicles
 Mobile Security & Surveillance
 Military & Defense Applications
 Digital Signage, Electronic Billboards & Signs
 Homeland Security & Disaster Recovery

The LAN-Cell 2 3G cellular router is available for immediate delivery worldwide directly from Proxicast
and through select resellers. For more information visit:

About Proxicast

Proxicast designs and manufactures innovative, commercial-grade, secure wireless communications

equipment that enables customers to increase productivity, enhance security, improve operational
efficiency and reduce on-going communication costs. Proxicast focuses on wireless equipment for use
with all major worldwide cellular standards including (CDMA) EV-DO Rev-A, EV-DO Rev-0, 1xRTT (1x)
and (GSM) HSUPA, HSDPA, UMTS, W-CDMA, EDGE and GPRS. In 2003, Proxicast introduced the
revolutionary and award winning, LAN-Cell™ Mobile Gateway, the original cellular router, which is in use
at thousands of mobile and stationary application sites around the world. Proxicast is based north of
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and is a privately-held corporation founded in 2000.

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