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KerConsult Businessi
KerConsult SRL is a Romanian company, since 2005 that provides value-adding
services such as financial planning, evaluation, consultancy, financing and
operations for our clients. Most importantly, we focus on long-term business
strategic planning. KerConsult assist his clients in developing strategic plans that
combine financial potential of the planned transaction with the main aims of the
company involved in the acquisition. The companys fresh vision enables our
efficient consulting experts to identify potential merger and/or acquisition
candidates. Our rapidly gained reputation has put KerConsult within the first 50
similar companies in Romania, thanks to our confidentiality and discretion that
made us the first choice for national and international companies or investors
wanting to acquire business investments in the Central and East European
What recommends KerConsult is a complete and fine understanding of strategy
and business objective. Our productive team is characterized by creativity,
constant performance, formed of informed consulting experts, with high
knowledge, competence and experience in this field.

Client Portofolio
Former Sidex as Arcelor Mittal, former Banca Agricol as Raiffeisen Bank,
United Agri Product (UAP), Houmesource Ltd, CMC Group Broker, Tipoholding
SRL, Richter Gedeon LTD, Trigranit Development Corporation Romania, Marriott
International, Inc. and AKSD Varosgazdalkodasi KFT. Our Confidential Agreement
prevents us from listing all companies with whom our projects are still in

KerConsult is Providing Consulting Support For:

Preparatory Phase and Mediation Proper

Identifying merger/acquisition candidates

Analyzing the target companys culture and possibilities

Developing a communication plan and mediating negotiations

Providing key consultancies and feedback to clients and executives

Creating integration strategies and a matching management plan


Consulting in investment and financing options/alternatives, others

than banks (investment funds or private investors)
Procedures after Merger/Acquisition
Harmonization of legal terms and conditions of benefit
Supervising the managements efficiencies
Keeping clients constantly informed on the integration policy and its

SC KerConsult SRL, CUI: RO 16711891 Tel./Fax.: +40-264-434175

39/10 Mihai Viteazu Sq., 400151 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

i Propun sa folosim KerConsult Business sau gasim un alt cuvant descriptiv pe care sa il atasam. Daca tot facem
rebranding, acum e un moment oportun pentru asta. Motivul este acela ca business and consult impreuna transmit
mesajul de consultant in business cu o mai mare usurinta. KerConsult simplu nu transmite nimic specific, din ceea ce
am experimentat cu cei din jur care au auzit despre KC.