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Issue No.

17 November 2006

A monthly guide for the people of Lindfield. Circulation: 3,800

• Pink Ladies take over KEH! • How the Lindfield Calendar was created •
• Call for past T&S pupils • Plum Soul Cake recipe • Fish disaster in pond •
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Page 2 Lindfield Times
Fish saved by quick action
of residents of Lindfield

Worried residents look on helpless as the fish are

stranded in a few inches of water.

AT 8AM, Sunday 24th September residents in

Lindfield were alarmed to find that nearly all the
water in the Pond had disappeared and all the
fish in the pond were in serious danger. A few
residents acted extremely quickly and took it
upon themselves to jump into the pond and
move some of the stranded fish to the last
remaining area of water just a few metres across. be at the right level by 11am the following
Another resident put sand bags over the drain morning. Somehow the rate of drainage
hole to stop the loss of any more water. increased overnight and the pond was virtually
This quick action definitely saved the fish dry by 8am the following morning.
from certain death. Some speculation and inaccuracy have been
Once the drain plug was blocked the pond published recently about the incident and the
slowly began to fill up again from its own numbers of fish that died. The true number of
natural spring. The Fire Brigade were also called fish that died in the whole process is around 12.
and they pumped water into the pond as well On a positive note the drainage of the pond
which definitely helped the fish in their gave an opportunity for the fish to be destocked
immediate plight. by around 200 (this normally happens every
The reason for the loss of water was that a two years). In addition to this, all the walls
specialist stream and water contractor for Mid around the pond were exposed and many areas
Sussex District Council had been asked to drain were shown to need significant repair.
the pond by 60 Centimetres in order for work The pond will be kept 85centimetres below
to start on the wall of the pond. On Saturday its normal level whilst all the work on the walls
they had monitored the rate of fall of the water of the pond is carried out.
in the pond and calculated that the pond would
November 2006 Page 3
Tufnells Lindfield
75 High Street, Lindfield
Interior Furnishings, Bedding,
Glass & China, Jewellery, A warm welcome awaits you at this long
Accessories, Kitchen & Garden. established Flower Club.
Imaginative Cards & Gifts Monthly meetings take place on the fourth
Come and visit our christmas room full Tuesday in the month, at 2.30 pm, in the King
of decorations and gifts Edward Hall.
Christmas wish list available Each meeting consists of a demonstration by a
opening sunday NAFAS approved demonstrator; there is a sales
november & december 11 to 3 table and a raffle for the arrangements created by
the demonstrator. In addition we hold social
Opening Times
events during the year.The annual subscription is
Monday – Saturday
£17 starting in January 2007 and a charge of £3
9.30 am – 5.00pm
is made for visitors.
Telephone 01444 483200
Do come and enjoy a pleasurable afternoon
Email: tufnells@aol.com seeing beautiful arrangements created and picking
up tips about flower arranging, not forgetting the
chance to take one of the arrangements home!!
Why not come to our Christmas Meeting on
Tuesday 28th
November 2006,
when there will
be wine and
mince pies,
tombola and a
Lindfield based company offering demonstration.
affordable & professional solutions to Should you
those time consuming jobs require any
please contact
the Secretary,
01444 414352,
Phil Saltmarsh or just come
Phone: 01444 487613 along to a
Mobile: 07850 677484 meeting. Hope
to see you soon.
Page 4 Lindfield Times
November 2006 Page 5
All at Sea with ‘Horti’ Society
THE LINDFIELD HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY’S northern daylight. We also visit St Kilda, the
November talk is ‘North to the Wilderness Faroes and the eastern tip of Iceland. A voyage
Lands, by Ship’ presented by our old friend to remember.
Christopher Rudd. Christopher was a teacher of Before the talk at 7.30pm is the Society’s
English and Geography before his retirement Annual General Meeting which we would ask as
and is a very keen photographer. Although his many members as possible to attend, this is
greatest love is his charity involving sailing for their opportunity to make their comments or
mixed ability crews which he is always keen to concerns known and to offer their help.
talk about. It started in 1977 with a sailing Members of the public are more than
barge on the Thames and later through the welcome to come to the AGM as well as the Talk
charter of a tall sailing ship. The trust has now but they of course would not be allowed to
built their own tall ships the Lord Nelson and vote. As this is the AGM, entry will be free but
the Tenacious. The talk on Wednesday 8th we would ask that everyone has a go on the
November 2006 at 8pm in the King Edward raffle.
Hall, will take us on a voyage to Spitzbergen in
the High Arctic during one of the few ice-free
months, when all is bathed in continuous

Page 6 Lindfield Times

About Us
Our experienced
team offers a range
of services to help
SMEs and taxpayers
with all their
financial needs

For further
call Chris
on 01444

Business Development Specialists

Kingfisher House, Hurstwood Grange, Hurstwood Lane, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH17 7QX

November 2006 Page 7

Old school stories welcome
Tavistock Hall and
Summerhill Court schools.
We are seeking stories and
memorabilia about these
two well known local
landmarks. Do you recognise
yourself in this photograph?
The current pupils of
Tavistock and Summerhill
Prep School are researching
their heritage. Do you have
an old school badge? Can
you recall the motto? If you
can please drop me a line at
the school.
Past pupils are at
Contact us with your memories: info@tavistockandsummerhill.co.uk



The White Horse / Siam Aspect
22 The High St, Lindfield
01444 482251
Christmas Party menus now available
Take away service available.

With this advert for tables

10% of 2 to 4 persons.
off On Sunday to Wednesday evenings
Valid Until January 30th 2007

Page 8 Lindfield Times

Tiger Arts presents

All Saints
Arts Festival at
All Saints Church – Lindfield

11th to 19th
November 2006

New English Orchestra & Choir | ABC Puppets | Saltmine Theatre |
Lance Pierson | Sarah de Nordwall | Greek Folk Music Quintet | Exalt Band |
Garth Hewitt | Stoke Brunswick School Choir | Horsham Accordion Band |
Derek Heyman & ‘Cecil’ | and Jonathan Veira
Programmes and tickets from All Saints Church Office (482405) & Christian Bookshop
and Carousels (Haywards Heath), and Mid Sussex Models (Burgess Hill).

A week of top quality Music, Drama, Poetry, Tea Dance and Exhibition of Art and Photography
November 2006 Page 9
Farewell St George,
welcome the dragon
ST EDMUND’S DAY on the 20th of November serious interest to
should be a special day for us. Why? Because St academics, is part of
Edmund is the patron saint of England, and has a lively discussion about
been for over a thousand years. St George is what it means to be English
merely the Sovereign’s patron saint. So how did St against the background of our country’s growing
George become our great national symbol, and St cultural diversity.
Edmund forgotten? Relegation of St George could quite literally
Edmund was a 9th century Anglo-Saxon king, lead to a return of the dragon. With George
something which went down badly with the would have to go his cross, so proudly borne and
Normans. In 1199 the Crusader Richard I placed worn by Norman invader and England football
himself under the protection of St George, whose supporter.This would leave open the way for the
memory thereafter came to supplant that of St original flag of England to return - the white
Edmund. dragon that King Alfred the Great fought under
There is a strong case for giving St Edmund when he defeated the Vikings.
back his rightful place. For one thing George was John Usher
not English, whereas Edmund was; and for
another, George and the dragon are legend,
whereas the story of Edmund is true, and possibly
as interesting.
In 856, at the age of 14, Edmund succeeded to
Your carpets ready
the throne of East Anglia, and fought alongside to use in 1 hour
the future King Alfred to defend England from the
Vikings. In 869 he was defeated and captured, Your carpets ready to use in one hour
with the standard cleaning process,
and ordered to renounce his Christian faith and Carpets
ensuring you and your family no
become a vassal of the heathen Danes. Edmund longer need to suffer the
replied: “Living or dead, nothing shall separate Curtains inconvenience of wet carpets!
Call and let the experts remove your
me from the love of Christ”. So he was tied to a stains and deep dry clean your
Upholstery carpets and soft furnishings leaving
tree, shot through with arrows until his body had
you free to enjoy the amazing results!
the appearance of a porcupine, and then
beheaded. His enshrined remains became the
focal point of a great abbey at Bury St. Edmunds STAIN-AWAY Ltd
(and are incidentally now at Arundel).
Surely this is only of historical interest? Not
entirely.Talk about changing the nation’s patron Hard Floor

saint can be controversial.The tabloids recently For a fully guaranteed service at a guaranteed time and
at a guaranteed price call Stain-Away Ltd for an instant
became excited by a campaign by Church of quotation or booking:
England clergy to replace St George on the grounds Office Tel/Fax: 01444 443888
that his Crusader associations offended Muslims. Mobile: 07970 735 722
The subject of national symbols, once only of
Page 10 Lindfield Times
Childcare for working families
o 5 Open 8am to 6pm, 51 weeks a year

o 5 Birth to 5 years old


o 5 Professional and caring staff


o 5 Webcam facility for parents


The Pavilion, Hickmans Lane

Tel: 0845 004 5226
Visit www.norto5.com
(for our prospectus and details)

November 2006 Page 11

Scene from above
- a different perspective

YOU MAY have seen us in Lindfield recently at

different times of the day. Some of you have
satisfied your curiosity and chatted to us as we
worked and others have looked on with raised
eyebrows but haven’t stopped to enquire what
we were doing. Well, we’re Skyline Photography,
your local service for high definition ground
based aerial photography. And being just a few
minutes away from Lindfield, we can meet to
discuss your requirements at short notice.
Our system produces images from a
digital camera mounted on a telescopic mast
which can reach to a height of up to 50ft
(15m). The camera can be tilted and rotated
through 360 degrees, and with the use of a Unlike photographs taken from an aircraft
laptop computer images are captured by and sold door to door, Skyline Photography can
remote control. produce a detailed image that can be selected to
It is cost effective, quick to set up and easy to suit your requirements, where you can be
reposition on site, allowing photographs to be involved in choosing the best location for your
tailored to your requirements. photograph if you wish.
Page 12 Lindfield Times
Ground based aerial photography can provide you with more
informative and interesting images to help you:-

• Attract buyers to your house by presenting it in a unique fashion

• Give clarity and perspective to planning applications
• Raise the profile of your event and enhance the advertising
potential and earnings
• Portray cutting edge landscape designs to impress your
• Give your corporate brochures the edge over your competitors

This distinctive style of photography can be used in many other

applications and could be of benefit to small and large

Skyline Photography has provided the Bird’s Eye View

photographs for the 2007 Lindfield Calendar. These unique
photographs of Lindfield will provide you with a different
perspective of the village. The Calendars are on sale in many
retailers in the High street and also the Pubs and Parish office,
with all the proceeds going to the Lindfield Bonfire Society.
Larger prints of these and other photographs of the village
are available from us at Skyline Photography.

November 2006 Page 13

Lindfield Rural Parish
Council Newsletter
Lindfield Rural Parish Council, Millennium Village Centre
Lewes Road, Scaynes Hill, West Sussex RH17 7PG. Tel: 01444 831499
email: lindfieldrural.parishcouncil@virgin.net NOVEMBER 2006
website: www.lindfieldrural-pc.org.uk

Small Scale Housing Allocations Plan - time. Our objections are:

Alternative Sites This site would be an incursion on to the
strategic gap and will set precedent for other
As a prelude to our Council Meeting on the 25th potential land to be lost. The strategic gap has
September 2006, the Council held an been defined and safeguarded under Policy C2
Extraordinary meeting for residents to discuss of the Mid Sussex Local Plan and any
the above subject. The meeting was called not development therefore conflicts with that policy
only for residents to air their views on the of the Local Plan. It also conflicts with Policy
proposed alternative sites but to afford guidance CH3 of the West Sussex Structure Plan as this site
to their Council on how we should respond. For is in a designated strategic gap “to prevent
the Parish Council's part, it was our intention to coalescence of settlements and to retain their
encourage residents to write to the Inspector, via separate identity and amenity”.
the Planning Policy Division MSDC, using the This site also lies within a Countryside Area of
appropriate form, to express their views. Over Development Constraint.
one hundred residents squeezed into The Millard It would be obtrusive and damaging to the
Room of the Village Hall, Scaynes Hill (the main landscape.
hall was previously booked) and there was Adversely affect the amenities of not only
certainly a frank exchange of views. Gravelye Lane but also Lindfield generally. This is
The Council was able to formulate their response particularly relevant as the site is located on high
to the proposed alternative sites as follows: ground.
Any development at this site would not be in
Site no. ALT/32 Land at Gravelye Lane and keeping with the rural setting of that part of
Scamps Hill , Lindfield Gravelye Lane/Scamps Hill.
At its Council meeting on 25 September 2006 The increase in the volume of traffic would
Council considered this site at Gravelye Lane and be unsustainable in a village such as Lindfield,
Scamps Hill, Lindfield , and for that matter exacerbate traffic problems
again. This site was the subject of a planning in Haywards Heath.
appeal in 1987 at which the Inspector upheld Any access from Scamps Hill and/ or Gravelye
the LPA’s decision to refuse planning permission. Lane will create serious highway issues.
The Secretary of State confirmed the refusal. It would also put tremendous pressure on the
Council feels that the reasons given for rejection infrastructure of the village. The Services,
are more relevant now than they were at the Schools, Doctors, Dentist, Primary Care and
Page 14 Lindfield Times
Hospitals are insufficient to fill the need of the amenity of footpaths.
current Residents. The traffic problems, which Apart from developing on a Greenfield site
are afflicting our area, would be further and the strain on the infrastructure, the main
exacerbated by extra housing, not to mention problem is the inadequate road system. Access
the current drought problem. roads to the site provide no off highway
This Council, supported by more than 100 parking and would not be able to sustain
Residents who attended the Meeting, object additional traffic.
most strongly to the proposed inclusion of this It would also put tremendous pressure on the
site, particularly to the erosion of our green and infrastructure of the village. The Services,
pleasant land. Schools, Doctors, Dentist, Primary Care and
Hospitals are insufficient to fill the need of the
Site no. ALT/33 Land at rear of Newton Road, current Residents. The traffic problems, which
Lindfield are afflicting our area, would be further
Council objects to the proposed development exacerbated by extra housing, not to mention
of the site rear of Newton Road, Lindfield, the current drought problem. We would contend
although not within in the Rural Parish. that facilities are limited and Lindfield High
Members concur with the Local Plan Inquiry Street would not meet the new demands and
in 2003 when the Inspector rejected inclusion movement into Haywards Heath will be
of this site on the grounds that the development necessary, adding to even more congestion.
would have a very negative impact on the setting
of the attractive open countryside and the visual continued over page >>

November 2006 Page 15

The Council objects to the proposed refusal at that time are still relevant.This is back-land
inclusion of this site as we see it as a threat to site on high ground with very difficult access.There
the character of that part of the village of must be serious concern that any development of
Lindfield. this site would cause flooding to the houses below.
Site no ALT/34 Land east of Portsmouth Wood This Council object to the proposed inclusion
Close, Lindfield of this site.
Members considered the inclusion of this site
at its Council Meeting on 25 September 2006 Site no ALT/37 Land at Anchor Wood,
and comment as follows: Scaynes Hill
This application has previously been refused At its Council Meeting on 25 September 2006
by MSDC and it is felt by this Council that the Members considered this site again and object to
reasons for refusal at that time are still relevant. the inclusion of the Anchor Wood site, and
This is back-land site on high ground with endorses the MSDC decision to exclude this site
very difficult access. There must be serious from the development plan for the following
concern that any development of this site would reasons:
cause flooding to the houses below. Environmental – This site is an ancient semi
This Council objects to the proposed natural woodland and development of this site
inclusion of this site. for housing would destroy ancient woodland. To
This Council object to the proposed inclusion of develop this site would destroy important
this site.is felt by this Council that the reasons for woodland that has been in existence for many
centuries and with it, the habitats of a number
of protected species.
Policy Constraints – site lies within a
Countryside Area of Development Restraint, and
N.Whittaker a Tree Preservation Order has been placed on the
Landscape and Paving Contractor (Est 1979) northern boundary
Drainage - Southern Water previously
identified that a property downstream of this
site had flooding issues. Improvements to the
sewerage infrastructure would be needed.
Accessibility – Any access from Ham Lane or
Orchard Close/Hillcrest Close on to the
extremely busy A272 will create serious highway
issues. Ham Lane is a private road which would
need to be widened and parking restricted.
The traffic problems which are afflicting our
Brick Driveways, Patios, Paths, area would be further exacerbated by extra
Garden Walls, Fencing, Turfing etc housing, not to mention the current drought
All Estimates and Advice Free! Social Infrastructure - The development of 60-
243 houses in Scaynes Hill would further stretch
Tel: Lindfield (01444) 450300 the infrastructure in the village. The amenities
80 Savill Road Lindfield RH16 2NN comprise of a Primary School, a Village Centre
and a garage with a small shop, all children of
Page 16 Lindfield Times
secondary school age have to travel 4.5km, the separate identity and amenity.”
main shops and nearest employment The site also lies within a Countryside Area of
opportunities are 3.8 km away, and the railway Development Constraint.
station is 4km away. Medical centres, post offices It would put tremendous pressure on the
and other requirements are 4km away in infrastructure of the village. The proposed site is
Haywards Heath. The public transport system is within walking distance of a primary school,
also limited. An additional 243 houses would public house, petrol station and the village
increase the population of Scaynes Hill by about centre. However, all other requirements like
700, a 65% increase on the current population. secondary schooling, post office, shops and
This Council, supported by more than 100 medical centres are 4km away in Haywards
Residents who attended the Meeting, object Heath.
most strongly to the proposed inclusion of An extensive amount of wildlife inhabits the
this site. wood and it is home to some important and
protected species such as grass snake, common
Site no ALT/38 Land at Costells Wood, Scaynes dormouse, water vole and brown long-eared bat.
Hill The wood is a local amenity of great value to
At its Council Meeting on 25 September 2006 the village.
Members considered the inclusion of the site at With particular drainage problems it would be
Costells Wood, Scaynes Hill, and comment as difficult to satisfactorily build on the land.
follows: This Council, supported by more than 100
“Council is concerned that any development Residents who attended the Meeting, object most
would be detrimental to the area for the strongly to the proposed inclusion of this site,
following reasons: particularly to the erosion of our green and
The woodland is designated as a Site of pleasant land.
Nature Conservation Importance.
It is an ancient and semi-natural woodland.
There is a Tree Preservation Order on every tree
on the site. The Council Office in the
There is no safe access on to the extremely Village Centre in Scaynes
busy A272. The development of this site would Hill is open to the public on
result in a significant increase in traffic on the Tuesdays (12.30 –1.30) and on
A272, and predominantly on a stretch that has Thursdays (10.00 –11.00).
seen a number of serious and fatal accidents in
recent years. Your Parish Councillors:
This site would be an incursion on to the John Dumbleton (Chairman) Tel: 482633
strategic gap and will set precedent for other Sheila Hobbs (Vice Chairman) Tel: 483396
potential land to be lost. The strategic gap has Brian Bunt Tel: 831636
been defined and safeguarded under Policy C2 of Margaret Hersey Tel: 482270
the Mid Sussex Local Plan and any development Chris Hersey Tel: 482270
therefore conflicts with that policy of the Local Dennis Hicks Tel: 831599
Plan. It also conflicts with Policy CH3 of the West Ray Jones (Newsletter Editor) Tel: 453868
Sussex Structure Plan, as this site is in a Christopher Snowling Tel: 482172
designated strategic gap to “to prevent Karin Milne (Parish Clerk) Tel: 831499
coalescence of settlements and to retain their Tracey Pinard (Assistant to the Clerk) Tel: 831499
November 2006 Page 17
Lindfield revisited: end of an era

Pranklins Shoe Shop, Lindfield (1859)

JOSEPH PRANKLIN, an inspirational Initially I ran the business with my daughters

businessman of his time, had the initiative to Linda and Elaine. Although Elaine has now left
create an institution in Lindfield High Street the business this is a very sad day for us all.
that has lasted for nearly 150 years. Increasing costs associated with small businesses
People from miles around came to see the have meant we will have to close but this is not
top purveyors of foot attire in Mid Sussex and by choice. We will miss everybody and
to marvel at the latest fashions in footwear. everything about Lindfield.
When Joseph Pranklin retired his daughter Joan and Linda
Clare took over and was later joined by her
daughter Elizabeth who involved her future
husband Colin in the business. (Colin and
Elizabeth were much loved in the village).
I – Joan Bundy ( lease holder of the business
for the last 20 years) – came to help out one
Easter Saturday just for one day and ended up
staying for 40 years. In the early days we used
to fit up all the children for miles around. A
high technology X-Ray machine used to check
that the shoe fitted correctly. Also there were
large government contracts and we would
supply many workers in dispatch boxes
Page 18 Lindfield Times
Thanks for your help
I WOULD LIKE to express my thanks to the kind
lady who helped me when I went over on my
Shoe-Fitting ankle and fell down on Lindfield High Street
Fluoroscope last Tuesday (26th September). My 5-year-old
(ca. 1930-1940) grand-daughter who was with me was also very
shocked and upset.
The shoe fitting fluoroscope was a This unknown lady helped me up and got an
common fixture in shoe stores during ice-pack from the coffee shop.
the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. A typical A big thank you again to her and to the other
unit, like the Adrian machine shown people who offered me help.
here, consisted of a vertical wooden Janice Black
cabinet with an opening near the
bottom into which the feet were placed.
When you looked through one of the
WWII talk
three viewing ports on the top of the THE LINDFIELD PRESERVATION Society has a
cabinet (e.g., one for the child being talk at the King Edward Hall by Richard Bryant
fitted, one for the child's parent, and the on Wednesday 15th November at 8pm on
third for the shoe salesman or Lindfield in World War II. Admission £1
saleswoman), you would see a including refreshments, all welcome.
fluorescent image of the bones of the
feet and the outline of the shoes.


01444 455081


November 2006 Page 19

Opera Live TEL: 01444 482918
Sunday 26th November at 7.30pm.

THE LOCAL BRANCH of Motor Neurone Disease

Association is holding a very special fund raising
event at Clair Hall in Haywards Heath. “Opera * MOSS TREATMENT
Live” will be an evening of popular opera classics
performed by Andrew Rees, Jo Appleby and their
friends Louise Armit and Andy Rupp. They will All hard surfaces treated for weeds and moss.
be accompanied by Andrew Quartermain. Tenor,
Andrew Rees, sang
with Katherine *Competent
Jenkins last year in *Fully Qualified
Victoria Park and is
*Fully Insured
appearing in “La
Traviata” at the Local long established family business
Coliseum with the
ENO. Soprano, Jo
Appleby was, until
very recently, a
member of the
hugely popular
Beauty Treatments
opera band Amici Forever and is a Decca At
recording artist.
All the money raised will be used for
House of Elliott
supporting local people living with Motor Poplars, High St, Lindfield
Neurone Disease. This is a fatal neurological
illness that leaves people unable to walk, talk or
Book now for Christmas
swallow whilst usually remaining mentally Dermalogica Facials Aromotherapy
unimpaired. Previous fund raising has provided Manicures Spray Tanning
communication aids, helped towards the Pedicures Waxing
purchase of a special car hoist, a stair lift and Lash & Brow Tinting Make-up
bathroom adaptations for people with the
disease. The main prizes for the raffle will be two gift vouchers available
return flights with Monarch Airlines, dinner for 2
at Ockenden Manor and a champagne breakfast Current Opening Times
for 4 at Orange Square. Thursday 10.00am - 8.00pm
For more information contact Carol Rieley, Friday 10.00am - 6.00pm
Chairman MND Assoc. West Sussex North Saturday 10.00am - 4.00pm
Branch Tel: 01444 482387. Tickets are available Telephone Anna: 01444 482541 or 07753 167007
from the Clair Hall box office, price £10.
Page 20 Lindfield Times
We offer a full range of legal services relating to the personal affairs of individuals and families.
Our partners have extensive expertise in the following areas:-

Stephen Gallico
Personal, Financial and Estate Planning
(including Wills, Probate, Tax Planning and Powers of Attorney)

Melanie Allen
Residential Property Matters
(house and flat sales, purchases and mortgages)

Wendy Ryle
Family and Matrimonial Work
(including divorce, separation, children issues, pre-nuptial agreements and cohabitation disputes and agreements)

Free initial meetings available for family and matrimonial matters.

Our offices are located conveniently at 51 Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath

and parking is available. Home visits can also be arranged.
Contact us on 01444 411333 or visit our web site at www.sgallico.co.uk

Satellite & Aerial Specialists

TV / FM / Dab Aerials – Supplied & Fitted
Digital Tv Aerial Upgrades Multipoint Systems
Extra TV / FM / Satellite / Telephone Extension Points
Realign Reposition Service
Plasma Screen Installations Discreet Dish Installations
Free Estimates Domestic & Commercial

Showroom: 33 East St, Horsham

Areas: Sussex/Surrey

Get noticed locally!

Call 01444 487454 now to advertise in this magazine.

November 2006 Page 21

What’s cooking in November?
Lindfield Times warms up by the stove with Caroline Young

NOVEMBER is a month of many ‘special’ days November 2nd is All Souls’ Day when prayers
marked both in the past and today with were said for souls in purgatory. The poorer
traditions and traditional foods. It was 401 years people would offer their richer neighbours
ago that Guy Fawkes and his friends decided to their prayers for departed relatives in return for
try and blow up King James 1st and Parliament, alms or soul–cakes. The cakes, which were eaten
little did they know we would be still be with mulled ale, could just be simple flat
celebrating their failure today. fruited buns marked with a cross or more
“Please to remember elaborate recipes containing fruit.
The Fifth of November “A soul, a soul, a soul cake,
Gunpowder, treason and plot. Please good missus a soul cake,
I see no reason An apple, a pear, a plum or a cherry,
Why gunpowder treason Or any good thing to make us merry.”
Should ever be forgot.”
Remember Guy Fawkes with a very English PLUM SOUL CAKE
warming supper before joining everyone at our Serve warm as a pudding or cold as cake. Be
village’s traditional procession, bonfire and fireworks. sure to use ripe plums.
Preheat the oven to 180°C. Lightly butter a
SAUSAGES WITH CABBAGE AND BACON shallow 23cm cake tin and line the base.
Serves 4 Put 250g golden caster sugar, 2 medium
Using a large frypan with a lid, gently fry 450g eggs, 150ml grapeseed oil, 1tsp vanilla extract
meaty pork sausages for 10 min or until golden and 2tbsp orange juice into a large bowl. Beat
brown on all sides. Remove to a plate and keep hot. with an electric mixer until light and creamy.
Add 1tbs olive oil, 4 roughly chopped Sift 225g self-raising flour, 1/2tsp bicarbonate
rashers of back bacon and 1 finely chopped of soda and a pinch of salt on to a plate then
large onion to the pan. Sprinkle with 2tsp sugar gradually blend into the egg mixture with a
and cook over low heat until soft and golden metal spoon. Gently stir in 300g ripe plums,
brown, stirring once or twice. halved and stoned.
Meanwhile, trim 1 small green cabbage and Spoon into the prepared tin and bake for 45
cut into fine shreds, discarding the core and any min or until the cake is just pulling away from
thick stems. Pack into the pan (it will cook the sides of the tin. Cool for 20 min before
down), add 150ml vegetable stock, seasoning turning out on to a wire rack.
and 2tsp white wine or cider vinegar. Cover and Sift a little icing sugar over the top before
cook over low heat for about 15 min, stirring serving.
once or twice, or until the cabbage is very soft.
Stir 2tsp whole grain mustard into 150ml Caroline Young
soured cream.
Pile the cabbage onto hot plates and top with
the sausages and soured cream. Excellent with
jacket potatoes or garlic bread.
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November 2006 Page 23

pink night out
The girls pink
KING EDWARD HALL became a man
free zone on Friday the 6th of
October. Lindfield Primary School
PTA held The Girls Pink Night Out,
raising money primarily for Breast
Cancer Research UK and also the
school. It was a night of pampering,
dancing, shopping, wine and cake, an
irresistible combination.
There were manicures, massages and
shopping in the Library, renamed the Pamper
Room for the night. The beauty therapists and
masseurs did an incredible job in the face of
overwhelming demand. There was some great
shopping to be done: jewellery, chocolate and
pink things from Cancer Research - what girl
could ask for more? Meanwhile, the amazing
Henna Boy from Brighton tattooed the lovely
ladies of Sussex non-stop. Pinard, and many more.
The main hall was packed and the bar did a At 10 o’clock the Chill Out (more commonly
roaring trade (I will say no more on that known as the Jubilee) room opened, a candlelit
subject). The Saucy Flapdragons, a fantastic local oasis of calm in which to chat, eat cake and
band, kept the dancing going all night with kick off those shoes you knew you shouldn’t
some great music to dance around a handbag to have worn.
- a pink one of course! Really girlie prizes were It was a great night bringing together over
to be won in the raffle, from lunch at Limes to 250 women from all over the area to support a
a hairdo at Bliss, champagne afternoon tea at great cause and have some fun. The evening
Ashdown Park Hotel and some gorgeous raised a total of £2500, thank you to everyone
jewellery from Paula Louise Paton, massages who supported the event and to those who
donated by Amanda Hammond and Tracey made it possible.

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2007 NOW
Lindfield Calendar
This new calendar of the village is now on sale
in most retail outlets in the High Street for £3.50
or 3 for £10.
All proceeds go to the Lindfield Bonfire Society
and they too will be calling door to door to
promote the calendar in early November.
It’s a view of Lindfield never seen before, a
view from the rooftops; a birds eye view.
Lets keep the Bonfire Night in Lindfield
‘a night to remember’!
For information or sales please phone
Jeremy Crooks 487454

November 2006 Page 25

Splendour in
the Grass
THE LOW NOVEMBER sun and sparse
vegetation in the borders gives a real emphasis
to ornamental grasses at this time of year.
Provided the winds are not too severe,
movement will enhance the graceful effect of
their long flowering stalks.
Grasses are fantastically easy to care for,
requiring minimal maintenance and can survive
on little water.
Ornamental grasses work best visually, when
combined with the contrasting foliage, form
and colour of bulbs, perennials and shrubs.
Whether massed in swathes and drifts or dotted
in small groupings throughout a border, grasses
bring an array of sensory elements: softness,
texture, colour, translucent winter interest and a
sense of naturalism.
One of the most beautiful sights in winter, is
to see the sun shining through the exquisite
Miscanthus grasses when glittering with dew or
raindrops and best of all, iced with frost. Like
any ornamental plant, grasses are attractively
coloured: Japanese blood grass, as the name
suggests, is vibrant red and Elymus hispidus, a
dramatic blue. The textural element of grass can
be maximised by planting close to a path or
beside steps - no child can resist the silk-like
softness of Stipa tenuissima or the silvery
squirrel tails of Pennisetum alopecuriodes.
It is amazing that one can have this much fun
with grass and not break the law!

Haut Talk by Karoline Baird of Lindfield-

based Haughty Culture Garden Design,
M: 07742 731967
E: haughty.culture@virgin.net

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BSW Central Heating. Established 1962.
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Keeping Sussex

WA R M 190353

November 2006 Page 27

It’s “Bonza” at Blackthorns
WE’VE GONE all ‘down under’ at Blackthorns Blackthorns and now a highly accomplished
CP School with visits from didgeridoo players didgeridoo player as well as an environmental
and a donation of an Australian tree… lecturer.
Parents of Elara Nicholson, one of last year’s Mike teaches both school children and
year six pupils have recently presented the school undergraduates about the cultural significance of
with a wonderful tree called the Wollemi Pine. the didgeridoo in Aboriginal society and some of
The history of this gift is truly amazing as the the social and environmental issues facing
Wollemi Pine is one of the world’s oldest and Aboriginal people in Australia. Mike has lectured
rarest tree species belonging to a 200 million at universities in Australia and the UK and most
year old plant family. The tree was previously recently at Hong Kong University and Dartmouth
known from fossil records and presumed extinct College in the States. His visit to Blackthorns was
until it was discovered in 1994 by a bushwalker filmed by the BBC and formed part of a
in the Wollemi National Park just outside lunchtime feature on BBC South East news.
Australia’s largest city, Sydney. Widely believed to According to Headteacher, Ruth Schofield,
be the botanical find of the century, plans are the donation and the school’s ongoing
now in place to conserve this ancient species. connection with Mike Edwards fit perfectly with
The children have also been lucky enough to the school’s commitment to raising children’s
meet Dr Mike Edwards, a former pupil of awareness of the environment.

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What’s the alternative?
NIGEL GARION-HUTCHINGS is a Homoeopath and stress management educator.
Email your questions to wta@fullspectrum.org.uk or write to Fullspectrum,WTA 33 High St,
Lindfield, Sussex RH16 2HJ.

Dear Nigel homoeopath would prescribe on the whole of

My son who is 9 has had a persistent cough the symptom picture which includes what makes
for over 4 weeks. It started with a cold then it better or worse and how the patient is dealing
turned into a cough. He doesn’t cough all the with the condition so things like violent
time but sometimes he coughs so much he is paroxysms of coughing, coughs so much he cant
almost sick. It sounds worse at night and often get his breath, worse lying down, worse at night,
wakes him. Can you suggest some coughs so much he may be sick, dryness and
homoeopathic remedies that might help him? irritation of throat or larynx provokes cough, has
Many thanks. to hold the chest when coughs, persistent cough
Celia coming from deep down in chest etc could
indicate the remedy Drosera. We have seen a few
Dear Celia children at our homoeopathic clinic with similar
Strangely this is not an uncommon situation. persistent coughs and modalities and have had
In fact not that long ago a study on children with some success with Drosera 30. When the
persistent coughs was conducted in Oxford symptom picture of the remedy is similar to the
University and it was found that almost 4 out of symptom picture produced by the patient the
10 had recently been infected by Bordetella remedy then becomes truly homoeopathic and
pertussis which is the bacterium found in can not fail to work and will bring the patient
whooping cough. Even though 85% had been back to health. There are of course a number of
immunised when they were younger they still other remedies that have this persistent and
became infected. Researchers claim that distressing cough and they may be indicated if
vaccination probably lessened the severity of the they have some individualising symptoms that
condition but never the less the 100 day cough your son has but Drosera does not have. For
as they coined it was endemic among younger example Rumex has cough from breathing cold
school age children. Regardless of the diagnosis a air or changing rooms from warm to cold air
and has a lot of mucous that can not be brought
up. Spongia has a very dry croupy cough that
sounds like sawing wood. It wakes the patient
Local who feels suffocated and is alarmed by the
violence of the cough. Arsenicum has cough with
advertising wheezing and constricted breathing. But try
Drosera 30 night and morning leave it for a few
opportunities days and let me know what happens. I would
also recommend Thyme and Liquorice cough
Call 01444 487454 now linctus as it helps to sooth the larynx irritation
to book your space. and also acts as an expectorant helping to bring
up any mucous that may be stuck there.
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Saturday 11th November 2006
Clair Hall, Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath 10.00 - 4.30
Minerals - Gems - Fossils - Meteorites - Flints - Books - Accessories

Gold (field of view 35mm) Hope's Nose, Devon. Royal Cornwall Museum Collection Photo: David Green

Judge: Bob Symes OBE Former Keeper of Minerals, Natural History Museum


Sara Chambers


Richard Belson, Gavin Malcolm and Michael Doel


Terry Denney, Jo and Ivan Tingley & Derek Underdown (SMLS)

Colin Brough (Sussex Mineral & Lapidary Society)


Alan Grey (Brighton & Hove G.S.)


Bob Symes OBE (Former Keeper of Minerals at the Natural History Museum)

Admission £2.00, Children 50p, Rockwatch Members fre e

Organised by the Sussex Mineral & Lapidary Society Tel: 01444 233958
Posters sponsored by UVP. UV light sources for home,
industrial and scientific applications - www.uvp.com

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