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I must warn you about a threat to our world.

Long before mankind roamed this earth, there lived great and
terrible beings. Even a single of these ancient beasts held the
power to enslave, or even destroy, the world. When they entered
a state of hibernation, humanity was allowed to prosper.
Even now, however, their power infects mankind.
Weak-minded men have fallen under their control and formed
Cults dedicated to each Elder Gods revival.
You must prevent them from succeeding or the world will be lost.
- Walter P Matherson

This book showcases the art of Cloud Quinot.

We were very excited when we found out Cloud would be able to
create the art for The Cards of Cthulhu. We have worked with
him on several other games and it is always a pleasure to work
with someone with so much talent and enthusiasm.
Next to each painting are Clouds thoughts and inspirations
pertaining to that specific piece, as well as some of the
techniques and tools he used to create them.

In the Philippines, one of the many trees growing in

our land is the Narra Tree. It is known to be a
sturdy tree and it is most commonly used for
furnitures such as tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. I
decided to make this dagger a wooden one
because I would like to introduce a different
approach when it comes to designing weapons. I
believe it's not only metal that we can use for
protection but other natural resources as well.

This particular work is a infusion of 3d and

2d art. The statue was first created in
Zbrush, then I transferred it to Photoshop
to add textures, colors and all its final
touches. I am fond of experimenting so the
physical characteristics of this statue were
all made from scratch.

The elder sign is situated on the gates of

this "Hell". It greets visitors and
passersby with a warning that it isn't
that pretty on the other side.

I was practicing proportions

and poses when I was
creating Xiurhn. I like
detailing as well so I wanted
my creature to be enormous.

This sword is only for someone who is

mighty and perfect. It can't be lifted or
removed from the ground unless the most
fit individual who possesses the right
attitude and skills comes along. The image
was created using Photoshop tools such as
brush and lasso. I only played around with
the color and textures to finish it.

I'm a frustrated artist when it comes to

illustrating the human anatomy. So what I
do is I apply the basics that I know in the
human body and eventually transform it to
a whole different creature. I really love
experimenting with the form and textures
and colors. That's why I'm more comfortable
drawing these kind of images.

They are hungry and they will hunt

you. They don't stop until they get
what they want.

Deep down below the quiet

sea these creatures live, die,
reproduce, and hunt. They
are disturbed though, so
they're risking to come out
of their comfort zone and
find who/whatever woke
them from sleep.

The leader of all leaders. He

is dark, mysterious, stern and
knows too well how to lead his
own people.

Fire symbolizes power and passion and

that's what are seen spitted out from the
mouths of these creatures. They are
fierce and will make sure their enemies
are all burned to the ground.

This unusual floating

gate welcomes
expected or unexpected
guests to the world of

Its face is triangular and

that makes it more
dangerous. Sharp and
swift, the God will make
you wish you could just
disappear just from the
looks of it.

For this particular composition, I was basically

playing around with the textures and how it would
complement the creatures and the environment.
I also practiced some lighting here.
I played with lights again for this piece since I
was imagining then that the feel of the image
would be dark, with only minimal light inside
the room. I think it was perfect to what was
happening in the illustration.

Just like some of my works, the

intricate patterns were created in the
software, Alchemy then I transferred
to Photoshop to create and finish the
whole composition.

Since I badly want to be better in

illustrating humans, I created this
piece without reference. Thankfully,
the outcome is close to what a man
actually looks like.

I got the inspiration

of the Arwassa from
one of the seven
deadly sins, which is
Gluttony. This is a
creature too lazy to
move and does
nothing but eat

I really have the most random

stuff my mind imagines and
this piece is one of them. I
honestly can't remember why
I drew this thing but I'm glad
its outcome is as it is.

This gigantic serpent was

disturbed from its sleep, hence
the presence of the dynamic
pose and expression. This was
also a time for me to
experiment on the lighting in
my illustration.

I am not really familiar when it comes

to illustrating faces or even the
human body. I only tried my best to
come up with the face of a woman
that would fit to the role of a thief.

I once dreamed of becoming a soldier.

It brings such honor to be out there on
the battlefield in order to save the
country. I focused more in detailing
the soldier so the background was
created in a more plain style.

Prison Break! A wild and

enormous beast that tries
to free himself, was what
I had in mind during the
production of this
particular work. I see him as the most
feared, strongest, and wisest creature in its world.

I started using the software

Alchemy to create the object's
silhouette, then I transferred it to
Photoshop to add its details.

I wanted to break the usual image of a

scroll that is commonly placed/found
inside a room or on top of a table. I
thought of something that would still
represent an old era so I brought the
scroll outside and placed it on top of
a concrete pillar.

Inspired by the master,

Kekai Kotaki.

I usually start doodling

random figures and if I
see something from the
abstract image I was
able to create then
that's where I start
imagining a certain
creature. The human
mind is very creative
and wise and that's
what I'm really thankful for.
Without the expression of all the things we
can think of, I'm pretty sure this wouldn't exist.

The cultist can be your friend, your

enemy, your neighbor or your boss.
He has a modern take on fashion
making him look like he fits in with
the crowd. But when
midnight comes, he turns
into this monster and goes
to a gathering of people
believing in eerie things.

Like the rest, this piece was created merely

from imagination. As much as I wanted to
have a reference for the face, I honestly
can't copy from an original. I always
settle for just thinking about it while
creating the whole process.

This image was one of my favorites.

Aside from the lighting, I also
experimented by tilting the
perspective to make it a bit more
dynamic. And with the use of
custom brushes, I added details in
less time.

This one is considered as

speed paint. I used big brush
strokes, and had fun
duplicating those dark
minions :) This took me
about 30 minutes.

These flying creatures were

inspired by a game I
downloaded. This is also my
own interpretation of fire flies
wherein they have their own
"lamps" attached to their
bodies in order to see the path.
I'm fascinated with these kinds
of insects because they're
really unique.

Inspired by the awesome art

of Resident Evil, this creature
came to existence. I wanted
it to be a little exaggerated,
so I drew a number of
tentacles. I wanted it to
look massive. That's why I
drew the people so small
compared to it.

I basically used the lasso tool to

create the elements in this
composition. I also played
around with the angle of the shot
so it would display some

This piece is just a part of my

practice/daily sketch. I didn't
really put much thought
when I created this because
I only wanted to improve my
texturing skills.

I experimented with the anatomy of this

creature so it would look odd but still
have a more human side. I also played
around with the textures and colors of
the composition.

Jerad Maratz is one of my

idols in concept art and
every time I browse his
works, I can't help but get
inspired. This piece is one
of them. Im trying my best
to be better in designing creatures.

I have this thing called "mood

painting" wherein I start painting
whenever I'm in whatever mood I'm
in. This piece is inspired by Clash of
the Titans. I wanted to try creating
my own creature.

I wanted this priest to be a little

different in terms of its facial features,
compared to those priests that look
more approachable.

I'm actually quite happy with the result

of this piece because I'm really not into
drawing the human anatomy. It came
out normal as if this is not my
weakness. Maybe its because I spent
more time creating this, compared to
my speed paintings.

To be successful in my field, I must push

myself to my limitations and try as hard
as I can to achieve more of what I
originally planned. I spent more time
actually on this work since I wanted it to
look as realistic as possible.

This young lady journalist hides behind her

long blonde locks and sometimes her beanie.
She's shy but she knows where the news is. I
made her look like this since I was aiming for
breaking the normal look of my creatures.

This old man knows how to fool people

because he's been a magician ever since he
was young. He may forget names or places
but he never forgets his magic tricks.

Another play with the textures

piece. I really wanted to create
something that looks realistic
but at the same time still looks
like it's painted.

This red potion is inside a beautiful bottle

so it can fool people to drink it. It looks
appetizing since it resembles a tasty
wine. I made the design of the bottle
appeal to women because they are the
main victims of this potion.

This piece was a practice in color

combinations. I usually go for dark, neutral or
warm tones, so I decided to use cool colors. I
didn't make it red except for the inner glow
that shines through the details.

I spent more time rendering this

one because I really wanted to
improve in this kind of art.

This was created actually for a demo to

my classmates when I was in school.
They asked me to create a character
from scratch and this is what I came up
with. Who would've guessed this piece
would be included in a cool game? :D

This piece is inspired by

Carnage, Spiderman's enemy.
Although I wanted it to be more
scary, wild and disgusting.
That's why I added an
exaggeration to its features.

I honestly enjoyed doing this

piece. Not only because it's
for the cover but I'm a fan of
this kind of creature. I love
experimenting with it and
even though I'm given a
description of the character, I
still want to add my own
interpretation to it.

Some of Clouds Art Appearing

In Other DVG Games

Cloud Quinot is an artist from Metro Manila, Philippines that specializes in digital
painting and concept art. He is the co-founder and president of Black Canvas
Organization, a group that recognizes various art styles and artists around the world.
For the past 4 years, he worked as a freelancer for the following companies: Vapor
Studio Asia, Black Tea Studios, Studio Atom, HomeWorld Studio, Kinetic Mod Group,
GMA Network, After Reset, DVG / Dan Verssen Games, Darkana Creative, Watch
Tower Games, and KAET Public Television Station. He's currently on the move of
pursuing his dreams to be a part of the professional game/movie industry.

M: + 63 939 922 64 35

Websites Featuring His Work:


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