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BY JERVIS JOHNSON & GAVIN THORPE Cover Art: David Gallagher DARK ELDAR TACTICS DARK ELDAR 60 HENES Seated ee Stet em mie rad Pierre eerie tee nerp rete Deen ei ene ene erential ena Leet rere eT feecremeemrear eer Ne hry Meneor arena vey soe tech naO oe nL er ers et eeaneeratunn permeate ree en eed enn TIO re Cries i rent retrin eyie eee Tees eees Tl err eterna en senel er taal Se oases eee LoL TI Peet Crean Coed Prd Cone od Peace petro PPC A CUS) a = PRODUC CODE: e801 12 ot eee Sd Se ean ee eee ns Peele ed Beene arse Weeere my brethren to Codex: Dark Eldar, a book entirely dedicated to collecting, painting and gaming with the most evil and decadent race in the Warhammer 40,000 universe = the Dark Eldar. THE DARK ELDAR The Dark Eldar inhabit a realm called Commorragh, a place as darkly twisted as its rulers, trom which they launch piratical raids across the length and breadth of the Warhammer 40,000 galaxy. The purpose of these raids is not to conquer planets or protect territory, but to cause mayhem, steal and pillage, and — most important of all - capture new victims to be taken back 10 ‘Commorragh. What happens to them once they arrive is best not contemplated, for if anybody in the Warhammer 40,000 universe could be called properly evil, it is the Dark Eldar. They are devious, vain and totally self- serving, with no respect for any living creature, not even themselves. They revel in inflicting pain and suffering, and glory in causing death and destruction. The Dark Eldar aré not nice, not nice at all, and to be captured by them is a fate far worse than death! WHY COLLECT A DARK ELDAR ARMY? In the right hands the Dark Eldar are a deadly foe, but make no mistake, they are not an easy army to use, Other armies can rely on nice thick amour or large humbers of models to cope with their leader's errors of Judgement, but not the Dark Eldar. The troops that make up a Dark Eldar army are quite fragile, and it takes cunning and guile to use them well. However, if you possess the finesse and skill, a Dark Eldar army can run rings around any enemy, leaving them bloody, terrified, and, most importantly of all, totally defeated! Three things typify the Dark Eldar amy: it's very fast, has lots of firepower, and is lightly armoured, Most Dark Eldar infantry can move faster than any other troops apart from their cousins, the Craftworld Eldar. With their access to a large number of Raider transports, the Dark Eldar possess an unprecedented level of mobility. They also utilise an impressive array of sophisticated heavy weapons, which allow them to lay down a withering hail of fire. However, they do not possess any tanks, and with the exception of a very limited number of Incubi and Talos, don't have any heavily armoured troops. The result is an army that rewards a player who can use it with subtlety and cunning, but which will punish the player who simply hurls it headlong into battle, ‘Of course battlefield effectiveness is not the only reason for collecting an army, and the Dark Eldar have a lot to ‘offer a player who is looking for an army with a certain flair. The army includes a wide variety of very different models, and this makes it possible to collect a really individual force with its own unique style. The ‘appearance of the army is exceptional too: the Dark Eldar model range, combined with the brooding look that ‘epitomises the army, creates a force that looks as great ‘on the shelf as it does on the battlefield, As you can see, in just about every way the Dark Eldar are a ‘connoisseur’s army! INTRODUCTION WHAT’S IN THIS BOOK This book breaks dewn into the following three main sections; The Army List. This tells you about the different characters, troops, weapons and vehicles available to a Dark Eldar army, and how to work out an army for use in a Warhammer 40,000 game. Painting and Collecting Guide. Describes choosing an army, basic tactics plus step by step details of assembling and painting models and vehicles. This section also shows examples of Dark Eldar colour ‘es and markings, gives advice on choosing your own schemes, and tips on modelling and converting. The Dark Eldar. The final section is dedicated to background details and extra information about the Dark Eldar. olosel Inyaner guzed aumbly at the display screen, his fingers tpping on his thigh in agitation The dirk icons representing the Elda raiders were quickly cocicling bis forces who were guarding the command tower. Mote and more of the Blue icoas of his y flickered and then disippeared as uaits filed to eeport in and were presumed destoyed. The sitstion was looking hopeless: comm= link orders were becoming dificult to ive as more and more comm-channcls were filled with gibberiag cries of texror and tonment. ‘The Eldar attack was fluid. ever-changing, and impossible to muster force sgsiast in ose plice Snapping out of his dazed state, the Coon strode to the armourghas window and fooked out. The cold, clinical icons of the strategic display did litle justice to the horaific scene that grected bin, Like 2 swatm of rveniog bests, the Eldar were spilling across the pluias. Waves of jtbites mored rapidly (com one delessive position to the next, swiftly over-ronsing the belesgured Imperial forces. Arousd thea hovered seats of las wattiors mosoted on one-man anti-gnv craft darting in and around the main enemy squads to harry the retreating forces and sow CDafusion and anarchy. The liger shapes of the Eka tansporis and heavy weapons ychicks glided effortlessly through the ducking shy. pulses of energy lighting up the tonight of dusk Wherever the Elese aticked. » rigged stteam of Guarcamen fled tack towards the command complex. Maay of them were quickly run down by the swift Eldar and piles of human corpss litered the approsches to the citadel As night rapidly fll, the automatic sctchlights lit up, buthing the batlefild in roving columes of light. For Brymer, this only aed te the sense of unreal nightmare, as shadowy shapes flied through the beams, the pulse of weapons erupicd astoss the con horizon and the Eldar moved ever closer. Within minutes the perimeter alums were wailing, aotlying the defenders af x bresch in the outer wall The defeasive batevies opened fire, shaking the command tower with the recoil of flty gons firing in vnisoo, cutting « swathe through the onslaught of the Eldar However, the Fld responded with cten more ferocity, Thin rays of black light, seca only a= they cot through the searchlights beams. picked ovt the gues in tro. systematically elinieating the contol hunker’s armaments: The scarchlights were the next tutget and withia a few heartbeats the ony light 10 be seta was the pale glimmering sur of interior lights shining thooogh Vision slits ‘An explosion rocked the bunker. zed the lanterns inside flickered and filed as the energy grid shut down. The bunker was plunged into darkness for fall 2 minvte hefore the back-up systems came on-line and Jit the inside of the hastion with thei muddy glow. All the while the comm-et wis full af the shoots of desperste soldier, the sceeams of the wounded and the gibbering of men drives insane with terror. Another klixon sousded, low and ominous, and ose of the commind stiff reported the outer doors had been bresched — the Elie were inside the building Switching his grze to the ioteril viewers, Brynnce watched the progress of the alles! attack, as they rin down corridors unleashing hails of deidly fe from their exotic wespons His men were falling buck steadily, the surivors were hardened to the wiles of the foe sow: wsigaed 10 theie deaths they were selling their lives a6 destly as possible It was pointless thovgh. the El shot and cat down men by the score. At the forefront were heavily-irmoused warriors with gleaming power weapons. Compued te the ruthless butbuity of the other Eldar, these wattions advanced ia a caol, detsched fashion, mercilessly dispstching anyone who stood in their path. Brynner sow Commissar Helercch «ot i hall with one blow from + massive powered ghive, his bodyguard of Storm Troopers slaughtered with equal ease It was only then that Bryaser realised st the Eldar were seant rmomeets from reaching the control room. Turning to Veriax, the Tech-Priest, he straightenvd his hack and took 1 deep breith, “Exoyes Station i fost Prepate the plasms reacior for critical ovelosd Well oot let them ‘ake vs alive” Ret, DE/2626/s 5 x File S- DMS Se Recivet lap 1458 n rn 4 ‘Souci (ligh) ~ apk : Das: Clesied ae Dae ass7EMa > ag = * Order: Reoran , " “ie | Veston 6/44 b Speck S9K/E N Gi le ADA \ Inge Souce Ades Arts Detach: Dehn 9 Mace \ I {Be mr Tae Comma i om of wi lel by he Dk i fk m pene ce When || y\ the avy ofthe Inger Commander either to ee or dee tity, the Dark ld make wa sly to sta TL as « by produt of J] |] ss shy ae ale to nd ter vie pasion for muds tort ad her decent sis, ca thy will jyflly do so, bat thi is ar her || Flaky gsSDNAOEIAF Wee Merlo, rvohGatrt ue deze it, oc GER iy ware hes teeter eee aero the siprise stick, ed wil rly stack get they Know is well Madd or prepred Walon gos witout saying hat the | Duk Eldar will wee stealth and guile to win that which Elder use ate all well suited to the take for which they are employed: Dick Eldar Jetbikes 1nd Raiders allow for the rapid movement aed redeployment of their ttoops. while th weposs they we ae design primarily toy dows a heyy, shar-rsged ire tht can subdue a8 esemy ss such by its intensity a is dese ther th + simple hesd-on atic The vehicles aad wexpons the Dark cllect. Although lightly armed and armoured (ot lest by the suadards of ovr owa forces) the Dk Eldir are swift od will generally atempt to use thee lity 10 wid am opponeat’s main stieagth As ean be seen, inal ways the Dusk Eldic re the masters of the tactics of the ide. the pate aod the Bandit nd ia so ay show any deste to follow the noble alling of the tue wurir oF soldi, Yet, slough they should rightly be uadoububly lad to defeat and death epsed for using such igscble tactic should scver be waderestimated, for to do so will les from “The Duk Elan Their Matods Aud How To Det Thom. By One Who Hs Dose So, Cole Sites Vin Dyson, 1h Ving Royl Gua Al pings sopprened by ar of the Adana, SASS erring copy minined ot Igvnton Reserd INR TS/H46 the following army lst will allow you to field @ Dark Eldar areny in battles using the scenarios included in the Warhammer 49,000 rulebook. It also provides you with the basic information youll need in order to choose @ Dark Eldar arrny for scenarios you've devised yourselt. or that form part of a campaign ‘The army list is split into five sections: Headquarters (HO), Elites, Troops, Fast Attack and Heavy Assault. lof the squads, vehicles and characters in the army are placed into ane of these depending upon thelr role on the battlefield. In addition, every ‘model in the army is given a points value wich varies depending ‘upon how effective the model is on the battlotield Before you choose an army you will need to agree with your ‘opponent which scenario you wil be fighting and the total number of points each of you will spend on your armies. Having done this, you ean proceed to pick an army as described below. FORCE ORGANISATION CHARTS The army lists are used in conjunction with the force organisation chart from a scenario. Each chart is spit into five categories that ‘correspond to the sections in the army lst, and each category may have one or more boxes. Each light toned box means that you may make one choice from that section of the army list, but a dark toned box means that you must make a choice from that section of the army lit Note that unless a model or vehicle forms part of a squad or @ ‘squadron, itis a single choice from what is available to your army. STANDARD MISSIONS COMPULSORY OPTIONAL The Standard Missions force organisation chart Is a good example ‘ofhowto choose your army. To Begin with you wil need at feast one ‘HO unit and two Troop units (dark shaded boxes indicate units that ‘must be taken). This leaves th fllening eptions for you to choose fronr to make up your army's fotal points value: up 01 HO unit, 3, ‘ditional Eilte units, 0-4 addtional Troop units, 0 addtional Fast “Attack units or 0-3 additional Heavy Support units USING THE ARMY LISTS To make a choico, ook inthe relovant section in the army lst and decide what unit you want, how many models there can be in it, land what upgrades you wan (ifany). Remember that you cannct, field mode's that are equipped with weapons and wargear if they, are not shown on the model. Then, simply subiract the points cost of the unit rom your total points, and go back and make another choice. Continue doing this untl you have spent all your points. ARMY LIST ENTRIES Each army list entry consists of the folowing: Unit Name: The type of unit and any limitations (it any) on the ‘maximum number of choices you can make fort (eg 0-1). Profile: These are the characteristics of that unit type, including its points cost. Where the unit has different warriors, there may be ‘more than one profile ‘Mumber/Squad: The number of models allowed in the unit, or the ‘number of models you may take for one choice fram the force ‘organisation chart. Often this is a variable amount, in which case it shows the minimum and maximurh unit size ‘Weapons: These are the unit's standard weapons. Options: Lists the different weapon/equipment options for the Unit and any additional points cost for taking them. It may also include the option to upgrade a squad mamber to a character. If squad is allowed to have models with upgraded weaponry (eg, hheawy weapons, shredders, eto) then these may only be taken by ordinary squad members, not the character, Special Rules: This is where youll apply to the unit ind any special rules that SPECIAL RULES ent’ ‘Tho Dark Eldar are a ithe and agile race, noted for thor fleainess of Ce eee el ene Erect ect tr ret Unit may move in that shooting phase. This move is not affected by eee garnets ‘Tho following modols may not run: Pe Te ee te Ti] Peer eet Crt iy Sen eaten enor intent on making a swift allack, seizing przonere ete, and then escaping as quickly as possible. Its not the kind of force used to Cee ee oe oa) a Sea ae ecg Cee er, Ca ate) Se eye gr Cc a ee ee eee ent Perera rid foreach enemy casually in the assauil. On a d+, the model is taken ee ee ne ‘opponents by moving futher than them, any enemy medels remo preteen ir eee rete Leet Re ee teen ot rr a ene ren eee eet Pee a eae cee Pe ean Eten Toren! eee maa Rn ee ac Rie ue ea conor CUCM Tonics Ru le Eos oem ote Urol ole MRM el Roa ee Ue aoe Cee aca ee Ren ene con ache une Cee Ue hore eee eC ce RR MeL oe SINGLE-HANDED WEAPONS eae s Ey fee eal ees pl Pale Ula pa ra) eet ae os ea ae ‘ ne Ersabrie elieieatai aoa Sa ed ; Peers STs (Haemoncul re on edd Bae S A tA te) To Hellglaive no other weapons may be used) . . . 5 pts FAG aie au gate a Se ene WARGEAR ao oc COT rear ete te ene Pucca eee eee ee eee) Plasma grenades. Shadow field (no mote than one per arty). Boe ee mc Sed La A Cas Na ae bh] Points |WS BS ST W 1 A td sv Archon 60 Se 1s) 3 SR 8-02 c8e Dracon 35 6-6 3-3 Tem 2: Oo es Options: The Dark Eldar Lord can be given any equipment allowed from the Dark Eldar Armoury. SPECIAL RULES Independent Character: Unless accompanied by a Retinue (see below) the Dark Eldar Lord is an independent character and follows the Independent Character special rules as Given in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. Retinue: The Dark Eldar Lord may be accompanied by a retinue of his finest warriors, These may either be Dark Eldar Warriors and/or Inoubi, as described in the Retinue entry below. If the Lord has @ Retinue then he and the Relinue are treated as a single unit during baitle, Note that the Retinue does not count as a separate HQ choice (it does not use up one of the HQ ‘slots’ Points/Modell WS BS ST W 1 A td sv Haemonculus 25 4-434 Fa 2 850 Number: You may include between one and three Haemonculi as a single H@ choice, Options: Each Haemonculus may be given equipment from the Dark Eldar Armoury. They can be given wargear normally, but are restricted to 'Haemoncull only’ weapons. SPECIAL RULES Independent Character: Each Haemonculus is an independent character and follows the Independent Character special rules as given in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook. YN SS a PointsiModell WS _BS_S T W | A ld sv Warrior 8 eee ees Incubi 25 Seerabes. 1 5 18 Ge Incubi Master 418 pees sei. 6° 2° te’ as I your army has a Dark Eldar Lord it may also have a Retinue. See the Dark Eldar Lord entry above. ‘Squad: The Retinue contains between five and ten Dark Eldar (either Warriors and/or Incubs. Weapons: Dark Eldar Warriors are armed with splinter rifles. Incubi are armed with a tormentor helm and a punisher. Options: Up to two Dark Eldar Warriors may be armed with either a splinter cannon at +10 pts each or a dark lance at +15 pls each. Up to two Incubi may be armed with a shredder al +10 pts each or a blaster at +6 pts each. Character: If the Retinue consists of five or more Incubi, one of them may be upgraded to an Incubi Master for +18 pts. The Master is armed with a tormentor helm and @ punisher and may have any additional wargear allowed from the Dark Eldar Armoury. Re I the Dark Eldar Lord and his Retinue number ton models or less they may be ‘mounted on a Raider at an additional cost of +56 pts. See the Troops section of this army list for details of the Raider. RU oc Coe aa Peer) eto Vicious and ruthless Cor ece Perea Cree ‘Servants into battle in the Poe nis erie eee) Ceri ok le 2 ee Cer eee Oo Rance fang rey Coe cs Cee arena eet) erence this need for torture that they Perera Ce ee voluntary about their twisted, Cu er) eee CO ucis Sen! wee er etd or Cet Cees Cee ar ‘own kind from the shadows: ‘of Commorragh. Who can say Pees th ee oot pee ees eed eee rd Boned ELITES S Points/Modell WS_BS_S T W | A ld sv Grotesque 15 4 OMMAWe eee oa 6 none) ‘Squad: The squad consists of between three and ten Grotesques. Weapons: None. Raider: If a squad of Grotesques is accompanied by an independent character they may be mounted in a Raider at an additional cost of 455. pts. The independent character must be purchased as a separate HQ choice, and must accompany the Grotesques in ardor to get them, to mount or dismount from the Raider. SPECIAL RULES: ‘Stupid: Grotesques are not noted for thelr intoligence. Unless accompanied by an independent charactor they must pass a Leadership test in order to move in the movement phase. They do nat need to test in order to make an assault move Feel No Pain: Grotesques aro inured to pain and shrug off minor wounds that would leave another ‘creature writhing in agony. Because of this they ignore shooting hits from weapons whose Strengths not atleast twice the Grotosque's Toughness (ie, they are only alfected by shooting weapons witha Strength cf 6+). This means that ranged attacks that can afect Grotesques wil vay get an outright kil (you ether kil them outight or nat at all ~ no half measures). Note that fits in close combat affect the Grotesque normally (as you can chop bits of them). Terrifying Opponent: Grotesques are horrible oppononts to fight against Any epponent beaten by thers In close combat automaticaly falls back without a Leadership test being taken, UP dy PointsiModell WS_BS_S T W 1 A Ld sv Mandrake 15 Gee sense oe marion ‘Squad: A Mandrake squad consists of between five and ten Mandrakes, Weapons: Splinter pistol and close combat weapon. SPECIAL RULES Shadow-skinned: The special chameleon-like qualities of the Mandrakes allow them to blend into the background, even when standing in open terrain. Mandrakes always count as being in cover, giving them 8 S+ saving throw against most alacks. This counts in an assault as wel, s0 unless the altackors are aimed with trag grenades, the Mandrakes will aways strke fist, I ttackod by something that ignores cover their normal armour save of 5+ apples. Hidden Deployment: Mandrakes are not deployed like other troops. They are always deployed at the start of the battle, even i the mission's special rules say thoy must be held in reserve. However, instead ‘of placing the unit on the table a8 normal, take threo Mandrake models (no matter how many models are in the squad), and dopioy them separately in any place allowed by the deployment rues for the mission [Any one ofthese models can ropresent the actual locaton of the Mandrake equad, though you don't have to decide whieh one uni the squad is revealed Until the squads location is revealed your opponent may not shoot, assault, or otherwise attack the ‘Mandrakes in any way, but, by the samo token, the Mandrakes da not affect the enemy, and caritbo used for erossire purposes, to block ines of sight, et, All thatthe individual models may do fs move up to 6° in the movement phase. They can do nothing else, and may not make a fleet of foo! move instead of shooting ‘You may reveal the rue location the squad atthe sar of any phase during your own tum. However you must have revealed thet oeation bythe end ofthe third tu. Pick one ofthe Mandrako models, and ‘remove all th ethers from the table, then deploy the rest of the squad within 4” ofthe model you picked Once revealed, the Mand:akes follow the normal rules and may not return to ‘hidden status again during the game, PointsModell WS BS _S T W 1 A Ld sv Wyches 10 eS Wych Succubus 48 4 4 3 cores ee ‘Squad: The squad consists of bolweon five and twonty Wyches. Weapons: Splinter pistol and close combat weapon Options: Upto two models may be armod with a shredder at +10 pls ora blaster at +S pts. Allmodes in the ‘squad may be aimed with plasma grenades at +2 pts per model andlor haywio grenades at +4 pts per Model. One Wych model may be armed with a shardnet and impaler, one model may be aimed wth hhydraknives and another Wych model may be armed with @ razorsnare and falehion, all at na acdtional points cost ‘Character: One ofthe Wych models can be upgraded to a Wych Succubus at an adliona cost of +8 pts. ‘The Wych Succubus is armed with a splinter pistol & close combat weapon, or with one of the three Wyeh ‘weapon combinations from thelist below. The Wych Succubus may also. choose extra equipment from the Armoury. Rider: Ifthe squad has ton or loss models they can be mounted on a Raider at an extra cost of +55 ps, SPECIAL RULES Combat Drugs: Wiyches use combat drugs to anifcally boost their already finely noned abiltos. Rell a DS for each Wyeh squad at the slant of the bale to soe what etfect the vile narcotics have on the unit. The effect lass for ‘the enti battle. Ifthe Wlych Suceubus leading tha equad has a combat drug dispenser then its ‘May make a 12 assaull move and a SOS" pursuit or fall back move. HWS HS Atways stikes first Fo-oll any misses in close combat. effects only apply to them and replace the effects of the squad's own evil concoctions. eT Altack, \Wych Weapons: ‘Shardnet and impaier: The sharanet és used to ensnare or distract opponents, so that they eutfer a =1 10 hit modifier. Tho impaler alows the Wych fo always stike first nthe frst round of ecm, even ‘against opponents in caver. The model counts as having two close combat weapons and receives a +1 Altack in close combat. Hydraknives: A yeh armed witha pair of ydvaknives always slikes latin close combat but doubles lis Altacks after any modifiers have been applied. The model counts as having two close combat weapons and receives a +1 Ataek in else combat Fazorsnare and Falchion: The faichion Is a special ype of blade that counts a= a close combat ‘weapon. Wen combined with she razorsnare, & gies a +1 Atack bonus as a second weapon. The ‘azorsnare allows the Wh 10 ‘pul a model who Fs within 2" ino base contaet. In aan, opponents fighting a Wych who has a razorsnare lose tho benefit of using two close combat meapens (it. toy on’ get the +1 Attack they would normally receive). 0-1 WARP BEAST PACK Points/Modell WS _BS_S T W 1 A Ld sv Warp Beast 12 40 WANGMe 5.19 (3 Beastmaster 15 4-4 GUGM 6 108 Ge ‘Squad: The pack consists of a Beastmaster and between three and five Warp Boasts. Weapone: The Beastmaster is armed with an agonisar and a splinter pistol. The Warp Beasts must rly on their ezor-sharp teeth and claw! SPEGIAL RULES ‘Warp Beasts: Warp Beasts aro inerocibly fast, even by Dark Eldar standards, Thoy count as being fleet foot, and may charge up to 12" inthe assaul phase in the samo way as cavalry do. Warp Beasts move through dificult terran just like infantry If they move through dificult terain whilst thoy are assauting, they move equa to double the highest dice rol. fhe Beastmaster is slain and the pack are forced fll back, they wll etur tothe warp, and are remnoved from play. Beastmaster: Seastmastors aro a subsect ofthe Wych cult that fight against wild creatures inthe arenas of Commozragh. They use combat drugs lke Wyehes, but always receive the 12" assault move result in ‘order to allow them to Keop up with thet pack. Ifthe Beastmaster i slain then the pack will ove towards ‘he nearest unit trienc or foe) in the Dark Eldar tum, and assault them i they can, een og emi Corre iied PaGar he eo Pecan een these highly-skilled warriors cae es Pr aeuue tet Perea reed Cece Sree f you have any squads lof wyches in your army ‘you may take ons pack of Warp Beasts, The Warp Beasis are a separate Unit, but do not count as a separate Elites eoice ‘wih regard tothe number ‘of Elite units you may have inthe army, Pe cuk) per Warp Beasts are death ee er ea See pete Dates against them ithe arena or ey ea oes Pood TROOPS WARRIOR SQUAD Warrior Sybarite Squad: The squad consists of between ten and twenty Dark Eldar Warriors. Weapons: Spintr ie Pe Eoesotititiogs Options: Up to wo models may be armed wth a shredder at +10 pts ora blaster at 45 ps, rippling ths 3 eee pig ee tae Up to two modo inthe squad may be armed with ether a dark lance ora spite cannon at Pianta ini canara opt, to be tortured and killed’at sells Character: One Dark Eldar Warrior may be upgraded to a Sybarite at an additional cast of +6 pls. The Sybarite is armed with either a splinter rifle or a splinter pistol and a close combat weapon, and may choose additional equipment from the Dark Eldar Armoury. Cero ee ary eee Tacs WS BS S$ oT WwW La Sv ae 2 pa eae Warrior 8 Gis 8s 8-1 6 i 8 ee Boner ener nis) Sybarite 46 MPa 8 3 1G kk RAIDER SQUAD 5+ Tema eee) Cag Cee ‘Squad: The squad consists of between five and ten Dark Eldar Warriors mounted on a Raider Cree (cee the Raider option below for details). sa aes Weapons: Splinter rifle Options: Up to one model may be armed with a shredder at +10 pts ora blaster at +5 pts, Up to one model in the squad may be armed with either a dark lance or a splinter cannon at +10 pis. Character: One of the Dark Eldar may be upgradad to a Sybarite al an additional cost of +46 pls. The Sybarite is armed with a splinter rifle or a splinter pistol and close combat weapon, land may choose additional equipment from the Dark Eldar Armoury. Raider: The squad must be mounted on a Reider at an additional cost of +55 pts. Cee ‘Transport: RAIDER ee ‘and warp portals, Points| Front Armour Side Armour Rear Armour BS Cur a Raider | 55 10 10 10 4 peer ey Bevery pa Te ‘Type: Skimmer, fast, open-topped ord technology far more Crow: Dark Eldar Warriors Puc M Wg Weapons: The Raider is armed Cue ican ‘with a dark lance. Perera Fico aie Options: The dark lance may be heart of the enemy, upgraded to a disintegrator at a giving them little cost of +5 pis. ee ‘Transport: The Raider may Cec transport up to ten Dark Eldar Z 24 Sa Se LU Points/Modell WS BS ST W 1 A id sv Reaver 30 aa Ae eae Reaver Succubus | +16 44 gGeeece 2 8 4 ‘Squad: The squad consists of botnoen throe and ton Reaver jebikos, ‘Weapons: Tho Reaver jetbike rider is armed with a splinter pistol and the etbike is fited with a epinter ile, ‘Options: Up to two bikes can replace their spinor sites with a shredder at +15 pis or a blaster at +10 pis ‘Character: One rider may bo upgraded to a reaver Succubus at an adsional cost of +16 pis. The Reaver ‘Succubus may choose additional equipment from the Dark Eldar Amoury. SPECIAL RULES Reaver Jetbike: Special wes apply to D6 | Result the Reaver jetbke. Those are included — v ‘Grazadl Ignores (all back reauls of any ype, always In he Wargear sociale ie Coders advances attor a cornbat and never conolidates. Combat Drugs: Reaver jtbike riders WS aro a subseet of the Wiyeh cult, and ike us them they. use combat drugs to arial boost het ables. Rol a OS for each Reaver jotbke squad at tho star o he bal o see what ote! the til narcotes have on the unk. A separate DS rol fs mad foreach uni fn! tha elec ass for the ene bate. earae cae roe can il te Reaver Succubus leading the squad is given a combat rug dlspenser than ts effects only apply 10 them and Peer eee cy replace tho effets of the squads oun Always strives fest Fle-oll any misses in close combat 1 Attack There are horrors that no Points/Modell WS_BS_S T W 1 A Ld sv Hellion 16 ee aes) Hellion Succubus | +16 deans) Ss FF ‘Squad: Tho squad consists of between three and ten Helions ‘Weapons: Each Helon is armed wth a helgaive. ‘Options: Up to one Hellion may be armed with a shredder at +15 pis ora blastor at +10 pis. ‘Character: One Hellion may be upgraded to @ Hellion Suecubus at an adkitional cost of 16 pts, The Hellion ‘Succubus may choose additional equipment rom the Dark Eldar Armoury. SPECIAL RULES Hollion skyboard & hellglaive: Speci! rules apply t@ the Hellion skyboard and holigiaive, These are included in the ‘Wargear section o this Codex, (Crazodl Ignores all fall back oaulls, alvaye advances after a combat and never consolidates 1 WS “8 Always strikes first Re-roll any missos in close combat. 1 Attack Combat Drugs: Holions are a subsact of the Wych cul, and like Wyches they use combat drugs to arifialy boost their abilios. Roll a 06 for each Hellion squad {atthe start ofthe battle to see what etiect the vile sareoles have on the uni. A ‘separate 06 rol made for each unit, and the effect lass for the entre battle. If the Helion Succubus leading the squad is given a combat drug dispenser thon its clects only apply to them and replace the cflects ofthe squads own evt concoctions mars Crees ooo Cosi eect Poe era ney errr oy Pee ie) ee Diets eC ere Cee eran’ ui ecru Como net ey Een nea) Seon Preerenertg Doerr ct ‘enemy can turn their guns on Ahern. ee ern Pee ea ne io cerns ea. Reena eer a Cea aren) pusels like grotesque re ers Pe entre hy ein Paes era) Ca Ors ‘Scourges drop down ees any nad ir ed Ce hors ere ed least expected, utlsing thelr wings to quiekly retreat or ROmuu ec Rocce icry ar) eee eee eet ens roe tats Combining amazing speed erty eesti) Deu} vehicles of other r Cea eee reer is eos) eee motors, latching on to its foes ee ans ers eee Pee icoey pesereret eee pe eT Penner Cre ecu ay Pee) an Pay We HEAVY SUPPORT ps DARK ELDAR SCOURGES Points/Modell WS_BS_S TW 1 Aid sv Scourge 16 1s 84 ee eF Sybarite +6 JG 3 1 Be ay ‘Squad: The squad consists of between five and ten Dark Eldar Scourges. Weapons: Splinter rifles. Options: Up to four Dark Eldar Scourges may be armed with splinter cannons at +20 pts or dark lances at an additional cost of +25 pls. Character: One of the Dark Eldar Scourges may be upgraded to a Sybarite at an additional cost of +6 pis. The Sybarite may be armed with a splinter rifle or a splinter pistol and close combat weapan, and may be given additional equipment from the Dark Eldar Armoury. SPECIAL RULES Jump Packs: Scourges’ wings work in the same way as jump packs. Deep Strike: Scourges ean reach almost anywhere on the battlefield. To represent this they can ‘enter play as reserves using the Deep Strike rules glvenin the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, even in missions where reserves and Deep Strike cannot norrtally be used RAVAGER Points | Front Armour Side Armour Rear Armour__BS. Ravager 105 1 1 10 4 Type: Skimmer, fast, open-topped. Weapons: The Ravager is armed with three dark lances. Grew: Dark Eldar Wartiors, Options: Any of the dark lances may be upgraded to a disintegrator at a cost of +5 pts each. PointsModell WS BS ST W 1 A Id sv Talos 100 Sia oir ar aeig range" ax Weapons: The Talos is armed with a Talos sting and Talos claws. SPECIAL RULES Talos Sting: This is a unique weapon found only on the Talos. It has the following proile, Range 24” Strength 4 APS ‘Assault 6 Wildtire; A Tats fies of wild volleys of ahots rather than aiming ata speciic target. When it shoots, ol to hit as normal. Then allocate the first hit scored tothe nearest enemy mode! to the Talos, the second hit tothe socend closest model, and so on until athe his (i there are any!) havo been used up. Note tha this may mean that modals fom dilforent units are hit by the attacks. Also note that only models within range ofthe weapon and ins line of sight can be hit. Once all possible targets in ange and within is ne of sight have Bean it once each, any further hits are wasted. ‘Talos Claws: The Talos gets D6 attacks with is claws (+1 itcharging) when itfights in close combat. Ral, to hit and wound normally. No armour saves are allowed against the claws. Against a vehicle rol only ‘once for Armour penetration, but add +1 to the Armour Penetration de rol for each hit scored by the Talos alto tho fist (09, ifthe Talos hits a vehicle tree times with its claws it would add +2 tits AP rol), Fearless: The Talos never falls back and cannol be pinned, Its automatically assumed to pass any morale checks. Skimmer: The Talos can move over dificult terran witheut penalty. However, iit stars fishes its ‘move in cifcult terrain it wil suffer a wound with no save on a D8 ral of 1 DARK ELDAR SUMMARY w A 8 i co eras og erect eed ee Tn RANGED WEAPONS Reread areas Ema En cored ee Es eet rae eta co 19 arcane weapons and devices used by the Dark Eldar work during a baitlo, ‘o be more detailed than those included in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook, and they super them if they are diferent. Any items not fisted hrere function exactly as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook Agonisers: Those aro combat nearest enemy psyker must pass a but extremely powerul lecto weapons thal alfect victim's nervous Leadership test. Subtract 1 from the pulse thal the grenade produses when sysiam, causing such severe pain thal they psyker’s Ld ithe is within 12" of the model detonated, The grenade, however, fst can ds kill even the largest andadd +119hisLditne needs t 8 in a onan. They eoma in @ Wide varaty of * ch means that each ‘ppes, butte most common are whine aM the test i filed the paykor is removed gronade makes only one atask and arbed gauntets, All fomms of agonisers dessnt count bonus attacks fr charging dont roll to wound, Instoad hte cause 1 fon’ sary worse he hor ithe meanney_ the following tabi 1 soe the ect of the wound on a DG rail of 4+ regarGess of pevkor pasces his Ld test then the next naire gronade on the targa Stongin/Toughness, and no armour saves. nearest must tes, and so on unl ther al 1 =Noetiect psykers have passed, er one has failed. 2-5 = Glancing Hi from play. No saves of any kind are 0 allowed (inwunerable saves may be taken as normal) Vehicles it by an agoniser take 8 glancing hiton @ D6 ral of Aeruablecan enly be wsed once per bate, 6 = Penetrating Hi 6, regardless ofthe vehicle's Armour value. "4 only one can be taken per army. Haywire grenades can only be used ark Lance: The dark lance fies @ beam Gains! Dreacnoughts ithe Dreadnought is Blastor: The blaster is a. shortranged shee bnatiiead pon that works in the same way as a y thal anniiiates anything i dar SaaS fa oso ly elective against heavily Sica dark lance (Gee below). Ithas the follow leligiive: Helions. are armed with a y Vohiles, whose thick armour sigue weapon called a helglawve, ti plate ofers no profecion against the beam. incorporates a spline ilo sade elo Tha dere lance has the following profile: vicious euting blades thal are capable of ng: 96° S:8 AP: 2 —Hoavy 1 slicing a man in hall asthe Helin swo« 8 AP:2 Assault 1 ust tke the dark fance, a baser teats Bega eeeet epee el oat Delia tesed > ncne Reaurea Arar 9 FEST cerabel TTS SME cans ae Used 2s a spinter le of a cose combat Combat Drugs: Dark Eldar characters weapon, butmay not be sed as both inthe have access to a wide range of effective Destructor: This weapon is only used by same tum. if the user charges into close but potentially lethal combat drugs. the Haemonc combat then the heliglaive also adds +1 to as canarecs sue resive acd that ean eal though any thir Sitengh forthe fs found of combal controled device. They may be taken atthe #™0U" and has he flowing protie The nega requres two hands to use, Stan of any assault phase, and allow the : AP08 A s0 cant be combined with any othe! character 10 choose! any number of Me ‘The Desinictor does not have an Armour weapon. Characters taking a heligaive