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A Business Plan for Fast Food Restaurant

Location: Road-15, Block-D, Banani, Dhaka-1213

Prepared By
S.M.Mamun Morshedul Mohiuddin

Executive Summery
It is a privately owned fast food restaurant which is positioned at Banani, Block-D, Road-15.in
Dhaka city. This is a very premium place for restaurant business. This is our creative approach to
build an image to the customer for the long run business operation in future in restaurant sector.
We will provide a combination of quality and tasty food at value pricing, with fun packaging and
corporate atmosphere.
Today's market is highly competitive; but in this area private Universities and Banks are
increasing day by day. So we select this place to target those customers. Beside that customer
some of residential people, employees of corporate offices, and client of bank and corporate
offices are also targeted.
Our restaurant will serve tasty and quality of foods with customized option on demand. We will
provide entertaining environment for the students and cool environment for corporate customer
and personal meeting.
Here we also focus on customer satisfaction through customer survey through survey question
provided to their table after eating, with order box, complain box, and through random calling.
Here also show the importance of the location by location map of our target customer. Also show
the direction of how they will come to our restaurant. Our basic target market is private
University students and Bank employees, and supplementary target customers are corporate
offices employees and nearby residential people.
We focus on some different marketing and sales plan. This plan is very popular in young
generation at present. We also provide some extra facilities with our menu at restaurant side like
free wifi, surprise discount coupon offer.

Our mission is to serve tasty and quality food with reasonable price. Beside this we focus on
customer satisfaction by providing them a great place for entertainment and leisure.
The most important part for a fast food restaurant is to decide the perfect place. Location
depends on target customer and availability of customer. For our restaurant we chose Road-15,
D, Banani, Dhaka. This is one of the premium places in Dhaka city.
y. Here many people
come and stay for their professional purpose. Most of the people come here are used to have Fast
Food for their lunch and dinner.
The reasons behind the selection of the place are:

There are many Private University campuses around Road no-15.

There are many Banks around Road no
There are many corporate and private offices around Road no
There are lots of residential buildings around Road no

Fig: Target customers location from the restaurant and direction of how they come to us.

In previous page I have shown a location map to make understand the importance of our location
selection. I have shown the target customers position and distances from our restaurant. Here see
that our restaurant is walking distance from our target customers position. I also show the
direction of how they come to our restaurant.
In the map I only show the main target customers places only. But beside this there are lots of
residential houses around the restaurant that I did not show in the map.
So I think this a good location for a fast food restaurant.
Key to success/Competitive edge

Build a unique, innovative, and customized menu for the customer.

Reasonable price and lower than competitors.
Regular customer satisfaction survey through structured questionnaire.
Must analyze competitors price to keep low price than them.
Continuous greetings with loyal customer through SMS.
Always serve quality and fresh food.
Keep the restaurant clean and customer friendly.
Continuous promotional activities.
Customer loyalty relationships.
Complain management.
Service with smile.

Products and Services

We offer variety menu of food and beverages with a distinctive image. We follow three ways to
sell our products; table service at the restaurant, take-out from our restaurant, and delivery to
University, home or office.
The primary Products includes following:

Burger (Beef, Chicken)

Sandwich (Chicken, Club)
Pizza (Chicken, Beef)
Chicken Fry
Chicken Chili Sausages
French Fry
Fried Rice (Chicken, vegetable)
Chicken Biriani
Chicken Khichuri
Beef Items (Kabab, Bhuna)

Coffee (Hot, Cold, Chocolate) & Decaf Coffee

Chop( Chicken, Beef)
Pastry Chocolate
Pastry Cake
Juices (Apple, Orange, Mango, Grape and all seasonal fruit juices)
Soft Drinks
Sausages & Others

Our Services includes following:.

In house services includes following:

Student zone for fun and entertainment.

Corporate zone for relax and meeting.
Party arrangement facility in the restaurant.
Foods serve by well groomed and expert waiter.
Free wifi in the restaurant.

Outdoor services includes following:

Free home delivery (More than TK. 3000 purchase only).

Order delivers for party and occasions.

Market segmentation
We segment our market by
Geographically: Dhaka City- Banani, Block-d, Road-15.

Age: 16-28 (main target customer who like fast food most, basically students),
29-45 (young professional who also like fast food usually for food habit and to
spend time in a nice place), and 45 above (those people are come to fast food
restaurant for maintaining social status and to pass leisure time.

Occupation: Students (Private University) and Professionals (Bankers and other

business professionals). We target these two types of customer because in this
area there are more than five Private University and more than ten campuses.
Every single campus has approximately 1000 students. And in this area there are
more than 10 Banks and every bank has more than 50 employees. So totally we

are targeting approximately 10,000 customers. But our focus is to serve at most
1500 to 2000 customer highly. Because we have to ensure the quality

Gender: Both Male and Female. Because in Bangladesh male and female study
and work in a combine environment. They also have food together.

Behavioral: Both occasions, benefits, loyalty status. In this section we emphasize

to the customer those who come the banks or other corporate offices as a client or
vendor. People who come to shopping nearby shopping mall such as Banani
Bazar. Some customers will come from long away after they taste our food and
like it more than other restaurant.

Psychographic: Both social class, lifestyle, personality. These types of customers

are come to restaurant for passing time with nearest one, friends or colleague.
Some are come to maintain their social status and for show up to other. Some of
them are personally like eat at restaurant for his or her food habit.

Target Market
Our primary target for fast food items intends to university and college students. We have chosen
this group for several important reasons. It is our goal to be "the entertaining fast food place for
the students" and we believe that the age group from 16 to 28 is the primary age where brand
building efforts could take place. Our secondary target is between the ages of 29 and 45, these
groups are usually heavy lounge/restaurant user group. They are mainly professional and they
like to taste variety of food. Go to restaurant for lunch, dinner and some private meeting purpose.
Rest of the target customers are social class people those who come to restaurant for maintain
social class, lifestyle, and occasions those who come to restaurant in shopping time, at evening
with family, meeting with the friends etc.
SWOT Analysis

Walking distance from customer point

Delivery to home or office
Fastest service than other fast-food firm
Good food quality with good taste
Excellent service staff
In a tangible location (Banani)


There have many well-known fast-food restaurant like KFC, Preetom Barger, PIZZA HUT,
We have no any brand reputation
Its difficult to meet the customer because some customer are brand loyal


Our main customers are the university student and Bank Employee of Banani. Its a huge
We have a good location
Fast-food market are popular day by day
We serve delicious food with fair price so customer must come to our fast-food.


The competitors
Customer will switch if they do not like our foods
Weakness is threat

Marketing plan
In store marketing

In-store advertising material containing our concept and philosophy.

Wall posters of our delicious foods.
In-store viewing of processing foods by monitor.
Membership for loyal/regular customers (Manage by customer database system).
Discounts for loyal/regular customers (Manage by customer database system).

Outdoor marketing

Marketing through Poster, Banner, and Leaflet.

SMS base Marketing.

Campaign through buffed lunch or dinner.

Direct mail part containing brochures sent to surrounding addresses.

Web page containing company philosophy, history and news.

Sales plan
In house sale

Sales in the restaurant place.

Single or package food menu in house.

Group sales offer in house like 5 persons lunch box at taka 800. Which is single taka 200
per person.

Surprise discount coupon offer

Outdoor sale

Home delivery ordered at the restaurant by cash or card.

Online order delivery and payment through card.

Party order.