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Objectives of the

Establish conscious
communication with
your tman

The tmaved Course provides everything you need to initiate the life-transforming
process that will ultimately result in Brahman Consciousness for you.
The course is presented online as a series of presentations by Vis'vamitra. This is an
experience based home study course package that will provide the life-changing
Awakening that accompanies being in direct two-way communication with your
In addition to the online presentations, the course includes the two books tmaved,
Part I and tmaved, Part II plus a complete set of s'akti activated Maha-Samjvini
Yantras, drawings and devanagri scripts for the prescribed darshan
meditations and S'r Chakra activations.

The titles of the 12 course topics are:

1. A Vision of the Goal - Brahman Consciousness
2. Life in Perspective - the structure of the subtle realms
3. The Process of Manifestation - the seven states of consciousness
4. S'r Chakra - the universal archetype
5. Karma
6. God
7. Establishing Communication with your tman
8. Creating a Pure Living Environment
9. Creating the Perfected Prnamy Kosha

Learn to depend
upon the
cooperation and
assistance of your
Activate your S'r
Purify your living
Begin to create
perfect health to
support life in

10. Activating the S'r Chakra - Phase I

11. Activating the S'r Chakra - Phase II
12. Activating the S'r Chakra - Phase III
During this course you will establish direct conscious two-way communication with your tman and
begin to immediately receive life-changing guidance from this Superior Intelligence who created your
life's Divine Blueprint.
In your intimate work with your tman you will establish your birthright to Unity Consciousness,
enlist the aid of local devas to create a pure living environment, initiate the healing process to create
perfect health in your physical body through the use of s'akti activated Maha-Samjvini Yantras, and
activate your S'r Chakra on the level of Prnamy Kosha and Manomy Kosha.
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Jai Guru Dev

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The jiva is the fundamental, eternal life unit of every evolving being - tiny fragments of Siva/Krishna , the Eternal
Omnipresent Reality of Pure Consciousness. A jiva is the essence or soul of an individual evolving being. Each one
of us is a jiva . We came into existence as separate from Siva by our own choice and in...

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