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Mary and Martha have a story that goes far beyond what we read in the tenth chapter of
Luke. They experienced the full range of human emotions in their encounter with Jesus.
This week we have the opportunity to read about their encounter. Each day well have a
chance to go deeper into some aspect of their relationship with Jesus.
Enjoy! Comments about the devotion can be E-mailed to pastor@colpres.org.

Monday, June 1
Read Luke 10:38-42
Most of us can relate to Martha. We are so busy with do many tasks. We are distracted!
We know deep within us that we should spend more time at the feet of Jesus listening to
him and learning more about the one thing. But our focus gets pulled to all of the details
of our own life.
Jesus gently encouraged Martha to let go of her distractions. Martha, Martha, you are
worried and distracted by many things. Luke 10:41 As Lena Truong shared in her video
interview Jesus wasnt chiding Martha. Instead Jesus was inviting her to go deeper by
letting go. Its not as if Martha had to be less responsible. Instead it was a matter of focus
about what was most important to her.
Today as you pray, pray that you wont get caught up into the many distractions of your

Tuesday, June 2
Read Luke 8:26-39
At the end of this powerful healing story, the man who suffered from demon affliction was
sitting at the feet of Jesus clothed and in his right mind. Luke 8:35
In sitting at the feet of Jesus the man was like Martha, who also sat at the feet of Jesus and
listened to what he was saying. Luke 10:39
Jesus claimed that sitting at his feet was the way to go. At this moment of sitting at his feet
we are nourished, we are helped, we are given the opportunity to let go of the worries of
our day.
Today as you pray imagine yourself as Martha sitting at the feet of Jesus. Or imagine
yourself as the man healed from demon affliction sitting at the feet of Jesus. Then imagine
yourself sitting at the feet of Jesus.
Enjoy the imaginations! The Spirit can take you to a wonderful place.

Wednesday, June 3
Read John 4:27-30
One part of the story of Mary and Martha was how significant it was for Jesus to be talking
to women. Women were viewed much differently in the times that Jesus lived than they are
today. And though our world has plenty to do to combat sexism, it pales in comparison to
what happened when Jesus lived.

We can see this sexism reflected in the astonishment of the disciples when they discovered
that Jesus was speaking to a woman.
Jesus consistently was willing to break these artificial barriers.
What can you do today to break through a barrier that we humans create? It doesnt have
to do with a barrier with womenthough it could. As you pray, ask God for insight in how
you can push through a barrierpush through as Jesus did.

Thursday, June 4
Read John 12:1-8
The Mary in this story is the same Mary in the Mary and Martha story. From a time
perspective this story from John probably happened after the story of Jesus being at the
house of Mary and Martha.
In this story from John Mary was preparing Jesus body for burial. Of course, some were
astonished by what happened. It was probably too intense emotionally for some who saw
what Mary did.
Dont take any credence to Jesus statement that the poor will always be with us. He wasnt
making a universal statement about poverty.
Anointing Jesus feet was very special. As you pray today talk to God about this very
special act of Marys.

Friday, June 5
Read John 11:17-44
This story happened right before the story we read yesterday. Mary and Martha witnessed
Jesus raising their brother Lazarus. This story is one of the most important in the Bible. It
showed the mercy of Jesus, it showed his power, and it showed the care that he had for
Many of us learned the verse in 11:35Jesus wept. The NRSV translated it as Jesus began
to weep.
When the religious leaders saw Jesus weeping they were astonished. See how he loved
[Lazarus] they exclaimed. Some were still cynical as they asked why Jesus hadnt stopped
Lazarus from dying.
The emotion and compassion of Jesus is worth pondering. The humanity of Jesus was
shared in a moving way in this story. Today as you pray give thanks for this very human
response by Jesus.

Saturday, June 6
Read Luke 10:38-42
In reading these stories of this past week we can have a new appreciation for the story of
Mary and Martha story. Both women went through quite a lot in their relationship with
Ultimately both of them experienced the pain surrounding the death of their brother,
Lazarus. Then they experienced the exhilaration of having him come back to life.

Mary prepared the body of Jesus for burial by anointing his feet.
They were able to spend time with Jesus in their own home in the village of Bethany. They
experienced how Jesus was willing to break cultural traditions.
Their story is a remarkable oneone that can continue to reveal to us more about our Lord,
Jesus Christ.