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Every story has a beginning. Some seem to have no end. This story continues
into 2014, beginning from 1896. The events that created this tale beg
apprehension as they are nearly unbelievable.
The first part of the tale begins in the 1950s seemingly ending in 1981.
Ruined lives, residue, remnants and ghosts remain. For more than thirty
(30) years, the youth of a small town were offered up to a child rapist.
Children as young as seven (7) were delivered by their parents to a single
devil pretending to be a man. During that time many other men and a few
women engaged in the same actions. Others added necrophilia- sex with
corpses, Santaria- animal sacrifice and child trafficking.
The second part of the story begins in 1896 and still continues. Trafficking
of children, guns and mercenaries from the United States going south,
drugs and wealth coming north. Much of this occurs through southern New
Mexico funneled into the El Paso area into Mexico. From time before the
Mexican War the natural passage of paso-del-norte was used for trade in
all manner of things. The part of this concerning this story begins with a
cowboy and murder. Cattle rustling, murder, land theft, drugs, guns and
child trafficking . . .
Rumblings of a major social disaster percolated from Las Cruces, New
Mexico in late 1979. Las Cruces was the political power for the southeastern part of New Mexico. Many years past, a bizarre
murder/disappearance in Las Cruces made national headlines. Books and
national magazines did stories about a lonely waitress. Cricket Coglin,
Cricket in the Web embroiled New Mexico politicians into Washington and
US Army personnel as distant as Korea and Germany. As small a matter as
that seemed on its surface, nothing is ever small in New Mexico. The
investigation into her death involved a sheriff, state and national senators
and representatives, the state police, , torture, forced confessions and
murder walked through the door. Political fall-out rained from Dallas to

The same power group beat on for that was involved now- all the way to
Phoenix. El Paso is more than a large city, it is the gateway to Mexico. More
than any other place including Tijuana, El Paso is the major funnel that illicit
goods flow through. Blond, many blue-eyed, children and guns flow south,
drugs and illicit wealth flow north.
A radio announcement shocked everyone. The mayor had been arrested,
being charged with multiple counts of child rape was the beginning. Rumor is
not strong enough a word to capture tales thrown around at light speed.
Speculation was wild as tension became explosive. Surely more names would
come forward, more guilty people. Coffee shops were abuzz many bets laid
As this was beginning of a political season, the election for 12th District
Attorney began boiling over. Frank Wilson, lazy, laughing Frank was being
driven out of office by two women who had gone door to door with
brochures explaining how Frank had stupidly botched a murder case of one
of the womens husband, The avowed killer walked free and disappeared.
Frank unarguably sucked as a lawyer. He was appointed D.A. as a political
sop to his father-in-law, Norman Bloom. Typical for Frank, as soon as he got
the job he divorced Norman's daughter. The DA's office became a joke and
Frank had been having fun, The wild women tring to out him were no bother.
During Frank's tenure, murders went un prosecuted, rapists had their
sentences commuted if anything more than a weekend in jail was involved,
cults had sex with corpses, drugs and children were smuggled through the
county going to Mexico along with whatever weapons were sent at any given
Standing at the clerks office when the nominating petitions were read was
a shock for Frank and many others, Frank was dumbfounded,
Laid back, low key city attorney Steve Sanders was running. This in itself
was bad for Frank as Steve had a bit of political clout. Steve's lawyer wife
Peggy- another matter. Peggy was without a doubt a genius. Many people
didn't like her. Everyone acknowledged here brilliance. She was rough and

very smart.
Norman, Frank's now ex-father-in-law, was in a law firm with George
Fettinger- if a non-mafioso can be a concierge then George was it. George
was the fixer. He also was state representative and had brushed up
against running for governor. George also was the bank man. George was
the lawyer for the Mescalero Apache tribe as well. George was attorney for
the bank and many of the wealthy bank customers. He was paid handsomely
to confuse probate- milking fees? Anything if possible. The bank usually was
'trust agent' for probate.
First national Bank ran the county. George Abbott ran the bank, Nice,
gentle, grand-fatherly, He was the keeper of secrets and enforcer. At
Abbott's disposal were two sets of roughnecks. The Las Cruces guys were
for pushing and slapping people around. The El Paso group, with easy escape
into Mexico if need be, specialized in brutality.
During the next few months political jockeying, manipulation, blackmailing,
Grand Juries, indictments, arrests, appeals, warrants served and
unanswered, disappearances and lost evidence along with believed life
threats jumbled together to build up the very fabric of what been a
carefully controlled modern day fiefdom.
Frank Carr was mayor of Alamogordo, New Mexico (USA.) Alamogordo voted
for Reagan- poetically it was conservative personified. Large military base
providing most of the employment of any value. Military, civil service and
government contractor made up most of the adult population. A sizeable
farm/ranch citizenry existed as well, They, the ranchers, had a fair control
on politics. Who was elected and how favors would be dealt with existed
within a hidden system of contacts.