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anyakumari is a famous
destination of spiritual
tourism. Thousands of people
visit this place every day.
History, geography and the
culture of this place is very
conducive for spirituality.
Spirituality is grossly
misinterpreted and misused
from the very beginning of
human history.

Philosophers Stone

Every body has their own

interpretation of it.
Here is my attempt to express
my version of spirituality.

Any discussion on spirituality

should start with a proper and
scientific definition of the term.
It is highly subjective so the
spirituality has many definitions
Even though its a subjective topic,
many universities are including
spirituality in their curricula now a
Below are some of the definitions of
1. Spirituality is the search for
transcendent meaning can be
expressed in religious practice or
expressed exclusively in relationship
to nature, music, the arts, a set of
philosophical beliefs, or relationships
with friends and family
(Astrow et al. 2001)
2. Spirituality is the praxis and
process of personal transformation,
either in accordance with traditional
religious ideals, or increasingly,
oriented on subjective experience and
psychological growth independently
of any specific religious context.
3. Spirituality is that which gives
meaning to ones life and draws one
to transcend oneself. Spirituality
is a broader concept than religion,
although that is one expression of
spirituality. Otherexpressions include
prayer, meditation, interactions with
others or nature, and relationship with
God or a higher power.
( Burkhardt 1989)

Vivekananda Rock Memorial : Swami Vivekananda said to have

meditated on this rock for three days from 25 December 1892.

Spirituality means something

different to everyone. For some, its
all about participating in organized
religion: For others, its more
personal: Some people get in touch
with their spiritual side through
private prayer, yoga, meditation,
quiet reflection, or even long walks.
Some others enter into spiritual or
divine trance with art, literature or
music etc.

A grant stone sculpture of

Thiruvalluvar the author of
Thirukkural. The height of this statue
is 133 feet, denoting 133 chapters of

Cognitive psychologists says,

while the brain processes sensory
stimulation we look for patterns
and then seek out meanings in
those patterns. Once we believe in
something, we try to explain away
any thing that conflicts that belief.
Mind use different methods
to process information in line
with its belief systems and
attitudes. deletion, distortion and
generalization of the information
are some among them.
In laymans words: We tend to
see what we want to see, we
remember what we want to
remember and we do what we
think right.

The concepts about spirituality is evolving with human history.

Now people see clear difference between spirituality and
religion. Many people started proclaiming they are spiritual
but not religious.

And I am one among them.

At times we have to come out of our believe systems and
realize the boundaries cross over to each other at many points.

I consider this as a spiritual experience, because I could recharge myself with the energy available here.

Could you see the alchemy ? Grass becoming golden - I experience spirituality here!

Permutations and combinations of lights and shades here are numerous - and well beyond human interpretations - I experience spirituality here also!

Golden lining is there in every person light of Spirituality some times make it glow

O ! dear eyes, Its your luck that the divine grace is flowing into you
Moon and Sun are seen like spots here - Still if I believe I is bigger - is it not foolishness?

carve the idols out of stones with my heart and head

to Godliness
the magic of my hands.
Mere stones
be be
to Godliness
with mywith

I give them my shape and names... and then

I build houses to dwell my Gods -. But...

The TIME is more powerful than these Gods. It will bring back and
line up these idols in a museums after one thousand years of solitude.
Some people could experience Spirituality in this cycle - Not poor me!

Following the footsteps of predecessors is easy, but I feel its not always worth it!

Here I feel the free and abundant flow of spirituality!

Some times symbols and colours of spirituality may not actually represent it!

Culture and values can be transferred

through human touch and I could
experience spirituality in such situations!

Love and togetherness bless us with eternal

supply of spiritual energy...

Material possessions are not

criteria to experience happiness
and the flow of spirituality.

Its one hand who created us, so we are equal. I think, at times philosophy also provide spiritual bliss!

One of the greatest symbols of

Spirituality is lotus. It stands in
mud and lies in water but, neither
mud not water can make it wet, It is
unaffected by its surroundings.

Thank you