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Teacher: Colin

Class: EP3 Daisy

Week: 3

Dates: 6/2-6/5/2015

Sitapatr School

Anuban Weekly Outline

This week we are learning:
Circle Time Review
This week in circle time we will
continue to learn the months of the
year, days of the week, and weather.
We will also continue to practice
introducing ourselves to the class
using complete sentences. We will
learn different animals and their
young, we will also begin to associate
each animal with the type of sound
they make and the types of food that
are produced from each. We will
learn the old macdonald
Review had a farm
This week in phonics we will
begin with a review of the
blends and words for the
previous unit by playing a few
games. I will then introduce
and model the new words for
this week: ad, pad, dad, ag,
bag, rag. First we will learn
how to break down ad and ag
into individual letters then
practice building them back
up into the blends. I will do
this using alphabet flashcards
and by writing them out on
the board. Once they can
read, say and spell these
blends we will practice adding
some consonants onto them
i.e. d + ad = dad. We will then
sit in circle and go through the
activities in the big Oxford
Phonics World 2 workbook. I
will model each exercise to the
students which include
pointing and repeating,
circling the words that rhyme
and writing out words next to
the correct picture. We will
then do the exercises in the

Animals and Their Young

Activity Time

This week in activity time we will go over all of the different animals and their
young. We will associate each animal with different sounds and foods.
Songs: We will practice the Old Macdonald had a farm song.
Games: We will use the animal flashcards to play games such as; fly swat,
bowling, spelling races, etc.
Activities: We will complete various worksheets that associate different animals
with their sounds and foods via matching. We will also practice our spelling and
letter writing with worksheets that have tracing letters on them. We will make
animal masks that the students can colour, cut out, and wear. We will also have
picture and word association worksheets so the students can practice their


New (letters/sounds/vocabulary)
Vocabulary: Duck/duckling; hen/chick; cat/kitten; dog/puppy; frog/tadpole;
kangaroo/joey; horse/foal; bear/cub; sheep/lamb; deer/fawn; bird/nestling
Writing Practice
Parent Follow Up / Useful
/ Homework:
Phonics: dad, pad, bag, rag, cap, map, nap, tap, bat,Websites
rat, hat, mat
For writing practice we will
Dear Parents, please use English
complete tracing worksheets, I will
as much as possible with your
then have the students copy the
children. Have them tell you what
words from the worksheets in their
they have learned and review he
notebooks. We will also work
phonics cd-rom at home if
through some pages of our
possible. Also please make sure
handwriting books and the oxford
that they finish any work at home
phonics workbooks. I will also
that was not completed in class.
have the students practice writing
on the white board.