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Nitish Kumar : The Locomotive of Bihar


The state of Bihar has always been the epicenter of revolutions, an epitome of resistance against invaders and tyrants, a valley of death for oppressive zealots. From Alexander to Advani whoever has tried to disturb the harmony of this state and conquer its people by force or treachery has had to bite the dust. There is something about the soil of Bihar that makes it invasion resistant. Be it military, cultural, ideological or recent communal attacks by the RSS mercenaries spearheaded by the butcher of Gujarat and his stooge the shylock that heads the BJP. No less important have been the valiant leaders of this state from Chandragupta Maurya to Nitish Kumar, to name a few influential figures whose revolutionary thoughts have swept aside the outmoded and unjust institutions of power in their respective times. The relevance of Nitish Kumar and his contribution to Modern Bihar:

Born as an activist in the crucible of 1975 anti-Emergency Pan India Revolution led by Loknayak Jai Prakash Narayan of Bihar, Nitish Kumar has not given up his fight for social justice and pluralistic development of India ever since. Otherwise a technocrat, an engineer by education , a Vaidh (herbopath doctor) by inheritance and a secular- minded politician by profession .Nitish Kumar is the face of Bihar since 2005 as the peace maker CM of the multi-ethnic , multi cultural, multi-religious impoverished but fastest growing state of a 100 million people, most of whom are youth. Bihar became the knowledge capital of India under the leadership of Nitish Kumar

capital of India under the leadership of Nitish Kumar Unlike Jahil Modi and his equally illiterate
capital of India under the leadership of Nitish Kumar Unlike Jahil Modi and his equally illiterate

Unlike Jahil Modi and his equally illiterate lieutenant the bar girl MHRD who have destroyed Indian education by compromising it’s quality and moral under the inevitable influence of their mentor the saffron terror group RSS; Nitish Kumar has reimagined and reinvigorated education in Bihar. His dedicated and sustained effort in supporting educational institutions in both public and private arena has resulted in producing the maximum number of IIT and IAS qualifiers from the state others call backward. With poet laureate like the Dr.Kalim Ajiz whose work supersedes that of Ghalib and Iqbal ,internationally celebrated writer like Arshad Mohsin whose books are published in more than seven countries of the world and the brilliant mathematician like Anand Kumar whose free world class training in Mathematics and science has discovered brilliant minds from amongst the poorest of the poor kids of ordinary peasants, Bihar under Nitish Kumar has reached a new milestone. The world can call us old fashioned and rustic but can’t compete with us in mathematical and linguistic skills. I believe that Bihar will continue to maintain it’s first position in Mathematics and Science despite alarmist rhetoric and policy of deprivation from the RSS’s PM of India who identifies himself as the personal rival of the beloved chief minister of the state.

By : Arshad Mohsin

to be continued

…… ( A proud Bihari & Not a Gujarati mass murderer)