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Beauty and Her Beast

Kyla Logan
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Chapter One

He’d been watching her for the past two weeks. Her long sable coloured hair was
tied up in a tight bun, and she didn’t have much makeup on. Not that she needed
anything to enhance her beauty. Her long legs, her full, firm breasts clothed in her prim
librarian suit disguised her perfect figure -- unless you knew what to look for.
He didn’t know what made him hide at closing time, only that he had to talk to
her, to see her alone. He hadn’t intended to frighten her but, as he stood behind her
with his hand over her mouth, that was exactly what he had done.
“Please, don’t be frightened. I only want to talk to you,” he whispered as he
leaned in closer and breathed in her intoxicating scent. It was pure woman. No chemical
perfume had touched her skin this day.
She gave a moan at his words, unintentionally exciting him as the vibration ran
through his hand and down his arm. He moved his free hand inside the open jacket she
wore, lightly brushing her covered breasts. He felt the shiver run through her body at
his touch. He could pretend she was enjoying the feel of his hands on her body.
She tried to move her face from side to side, to remove his hand from her mouth.
He couldn’t allow that till he calmed her down.
“I just want to talk. I’ve watched you working, and I love the way you deal with
old and young alike. I only wanted to invite you for a drink or to have dinner with me,
not to frighten you so much.” She would never want anything to do with him now.
He lightly kissed the side of her neck. Her beautiful swan neck had been calling
out to him to place his mark since the first time he saw her. He couldn’t stop himself
from gently nibbling her skin -- feeling the shudder that ran through her slim frame as
he did. It was so easy to imagine that she was enjoying this closeness as much as he
Kyla Logan Beauty and Her Beast -4-

Jenna forgot her momentary fear when she recognised the soft, gruff tones of
Xavier, the man she had been watching these past two weeks, always hoping he’d do
more than ask her where he could find his next book to read.
At first when she felt a presence behind her, she’d been scared out of her wits,
but realising it was him calmed her. Somehow she knew he would never harm her.
His gentle touch on her breast and then the light nibbles on her neck sent a wave
of pleasure through her body. She felt her pussy grow moist. She had always fantasised
about an encounter like this. She trembled as he grew bolder. He was already rubbing
his hand over her nipple… just the way she liked it.
Managing to open her lips slightly she gave his palm a quick flick with her
tongue, delighting in his moan of pleasure. She felt his growing length and hardness
against her buttocks.
His palm covering her mouth relaxed, enabling her to turn her head slightly,
moving it enough to murmur, “It’s okay. I am not afraid now that I know it is you.”
Jenna heard his indrawn breath, his hesitation, and then he removed his hand
from her mouth. He didn’t move, waiting to see what she would do or say in response,
she supposed.
She leaned her head back on his well-muscled chest, giving herself into his care,
hoping her submission to his will would encourage him to act on what they both so
obviously desired.

Xavier couldn’t believe she was accepting his touch. If he was reading her body
language correctly, she was actually submitting to him. He wished he knew how to
handle this situation. Oh, he had the normal sexual encounters with women. But that
was not the same as this. A shifter only truly desired one woman. His mate!
And this beautiful woman was his. He had known it from the very first moment.
Her unique scent had filled his senses as it did now. He moved the jacket from her
Kyla Logan Beauty and Her Beast -5-

shoulders and let it fall down over her elbows, catching it before it fell completely, and
placed it on the back of a chair.
Xavier stroked her nipples through her blouse, and then moved to open the
buttons down the front. He loved the catch in her breath as his knuckles brushed over
the hard nubs of her breasts.
Removing her blouse and front opening lace bra, he filled his hands with full, but
firm breasts. Running his thumb over the tips of her nipples brought a satisfying moan
from her throat.
Rubbing and pulling the firm hard nubs between finger and thumb, Xavier
licked and nibbled on the side of her neck. He longed to mark her with his bite, but that
would have to wait until later, after he gained her trust.
Moving one hand from her breast he caressed her stomach and moved down
between her legs. Bunching up her skirt, he felt the dampness of the brief panties she
had on. Slipping his hand under the elastic fabric, he caressed her labia, using her cream
to smooth his way. Brushing his finger over her clit, he was rewarded by her sharp
intake of breath. Then, taking his hand away again, he moved once more up over her
tummy, returning to her nipple.
Turning her around to face him, he was amazed at the glazed look of passion in
her eyes. She knew who he was, and yet she still wanted his touch!
Pulling her closer, he bent his head and closed his mouth over hers. Her taste
was intoxicating. He would never have enough of this woman.
She was his and his alone from this moment on.
The feel of her hands as they ran through his hair nearly unmanned him.
Breaking off his kiss, he moved downwards, kissing her neck and the sensitive area
where her shoulder joined it. Then further down till he reached his goal… the taut buds
waiting for his kiss.
Chapter Two

Xavier’s groan of pleasure as he fastened his mouth over her nipple sent a wave
of satisfaction through her body. Jenna had never felt this way about anyone before.
The strong sucking and nibbling was driving her crazy with passion. She wanted
to touch him as he was touching her.
Pulling out of his gentle but firm grip, she moved back slightly and looked up at
him. He was so big, easily six foot four inches, and that was tall compared to her own
five foot three inches. His black hair streaked with grey and his scarred face told its own
story about a hard life.
Reaching up to stroke one prominent scar, she was startled when he caught her
hand before she could touch him. “Please. Let me touch you. I want to give you the
same pleasure you are giving me,” Jenna whispered and watched the frown that had
appeared at her action disappear from sight.
Jenna ran a finger over his scar and watched his reaction in amazement as he
closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The look on his face told her how much he
wanted… no, needed her touch.
She moved her fingers down, over his jaw and neck until they came to his shirt
buttons. She opened one after another, spying dark chest hair with each gap.
Slipping the shirt off his shoulders and arms, she ran her hands over warm, firm,
taut muscles. Jenna had never seen a more muscular man.
The glaze of passion in his eyes told her that he was letting her have some time
to explore him at a great cost to himself. Jenna took pity on him, and leaned forward to
lick one small male nipple, then the other. His groan encouraged her to be more
adventurous. She drew one hard nub into her mouth and sucked gently on it, then
kissed and licked her way over to its twin.
Kyla Logan Beauty and Her Beast -7-

Pins scattered as his hands reached round to take her hair out of the bun she
wore to work. Pulling her away from his chest, he reached down and unzipped her
skirt. Jenna moved back and stepped out of the fallen garment.
“Fuck, if I had known what you had on underneath!”
Jenna grinned as she heard his exclamation at her thigh-high stockings and little
thong. Just because the outer clothes had to be conservative, there was no need for her
underwear to follow suit. And it was worth the discomfort of the thong to see the
expression of pleasure on his face.

Xavier felt like a child unwrapping his Christmas present, and what a present
this was turning out to be!
Kneeling down in front of his mate, he pushed aside the tiny bit of fabric
covering her pussy. Her intimate scent was an overpowering aphrodisiac to him.
Impatient to touch her, he ripped the delicate fabric to bare her to his sight and touch.
“Open your legs for me, sweetheart. I want to taste this lovely treasure.”
She quickly obeyed him, moving just far enough so that he could see her
protruding clit. Running his tongue along the little nub, Xavier tasted her for the first
time. His cock pulsed and spurted pre-come. He wanted more.
Looking up at her he said, “How do you feel about sucking my cock?”
The blush spreading over her upper body told him that she hadn’t had much
experience, but her response pleased him.
“I haven’t done it before, Xavier, but I am willing to try.”
The sound of his name on her lips pleased him. Standing up, he removed his
trousers, glad he didn’t have to worry about undergarments to slow him down.
Looking around he wondered where the most comfortable place would be for them to
Taking his hand, Jenna said, “Come into the staff room. It has a carpet and sofa.”
Following Jenna, Xavier watched her buttocks clench and release as she walked.
His cock grew even harder.
Kyla Logan Beauty and Her Beast -8-

“How about here? Will this do?” asked Jenna.

“Anywhere, as long as you are there, is fine with me.” She will think I am pathetic
if I keep this up.
Placing her hands on either side of his scarred face, she drew him down until she
could give him a lingering kiss. “Xavier, I have waited weeks for this moment. I don’t
intend this to be the only one.”
Why he was surprised at her reaction after the previous half hour, he didn’t
Backing away from him, she knelt down and took his weeping cock in her
mouth. No hesitation, just took the tip in and ran her tongue around the edge, then let it
slip past her lips and looked up at him.
“You taste so good.”
Groaning, Xavier knelt beside her. Taking her face in his hands he kissed her
deeply… tongue duelling with hers until they broke apart, breathless.
“I am going to lay down. Kneel over my head, facing my feet.” As she complied
with his orders, he moved her until her pussy was within reach. “Yes, that’s it. Can you
lean forward to --” He broke off as she lay over him and took the first inch of his cock in
her mouth.
Xavier shuddered as her tongue swirled around the head. More pre-come
spurted out and he heard her moan of enjoyment at his taste.
Turning his attention to her pussy, he parted her labial folds and inhaled her
scent. Licking her dark pink folds, he fastened his mouth over her clit, sucking then
nibbling on the little protrusion. Her gasp and resultant flow of her juices satisfied him
for the present.
Letting his tongue grow to its shifter length, he licked her from clit to anus and
back. He added one, then two fingers and used them to fuck her while he sucked on her
erect clit. At her moans of delight, he removed his fingers and inserted his tongue into
the warm, silken heat of her pussy. He fucked her until he felt the gripping of her
muscles on his tongue as she had an orgasm.
Kyla Logan Beauty and Her Beast -9-

His little mate had been busy with her own tongue and mouth. Her waves of
pleasure only enhanced his own enjoyment at her actions. It took all his concentration
not to spill his seed in her mouth.
He wanted to save that for her pussy.
“Enough, Jenna. I want to be deep inside you when I come,” Xavier growled as
he removed his cock from her mouth. “Kneel in front of me.”
Thankfully, she obeyed him instantly. He didn’t think he had enough control of
his animal side to wait much longer.
Her anal rosette drew his attention as he positioned his weeping cock at the
opening of her pussy. Running his fingers through her juices, he rubbed his finger over
the opening of her anus. The indrawn breath she took told him she had never had this
part of her body touched before. She would find out in a short time how delicious the
sensations could be. But for now, his cock needed to be in her warm pussy.
Pushing into her elastic sheath, Xavier closed his eyes briefly at the contentment
flooding through him. A further push, and he was halfway seated in her warm depths.
He retreated slightly, and then advanced again until he was balls deep and able to
touch the entrance to her womb.
Jenna gasped out loud as he stilled for a moment to let her become used to his
girth and length.
“I feel so full. Why have you stopped moving?” Jenna moaned, looking over her
shoulder at him.
“Just giving you time to become used to my presence inside you.” He moved
then, in and out, forward and back, and slowly savoured the feeling of joy that being
deep inside her brought him.
Chapter Three

Jenna had never felt so full. He filled her up with his thickness and as for his
length… was it her imagination or was he getting even longer?
He was thrusting faster and faster into her waiting depths. She loved the way his
cock touched the entrance to her womb. That had never happened before.
Jenna savoured the roughness that had crept into his touch; his fingers were
digging into her hips which made the sensations even more intense. She felt the heat
travel along her body as her imminent orgasm approached. Her chest flushed and her
pussy contracted around his rampant cock.
It was delicious!
Groaning, Jenna shuddered and would have fallen but for Xavier’s steadying
grip. “That was amazing.”
Stilling as her contractions died a little, he said, “I have only started.”
“I don’t think I have anything else to give. You have shattered me.” Jenna turned
her head and smiled at him.
She gasped as he gave his hips a little forward thrust. Maybe she could carry on
after all.
“Are you comfortable? We can move to the sofa if your knees are sore.”
“I am fine, Xavier,” she said as she pushed her bottom back toward him.
He started fucking her again, faster and faster as he sped toward his own
completion. She knew then that she hadn’t imagined the lengthening of his cock. Not
only was it increasing in length, but it was increasing in width too. What was going on?
Jenna noticed something else as he increased his motions to a blindingly fast
speed. His fingernails were growing too. They were not hurting her, but they were
longer and claw-like.
Kyla Logan Beauty and Her Beast - 11 -

A masculine grunt came from his throat as he spurted his come deep into her
body. Jenna felt her own unexpected orgasm grip his cock and milk him as he
continued to thrust but with increasing slowness.
Shuddering with pleasure as he moved one hand to flick over her nipples, she
glanced down and saw what she had only felt before. “Xavier. Your nails. They’re
His growl stopped Jenna before she could turn her head to look at him. She felt
the shudders through his body as he attempted to control whatever had overtaken him.
She watched as the claws slowly reshaped themselves into his hands again, then she
heard his sigh and the feel of his damp forehead resting on her neck.
“I am sorry, Jenna. I didn’t want you to find out this way. Not so soon,” he said,
then slowly withdrew his still hard cock from her body.
The flush of both their fluids trickled down her legs at the same time her knees
let her know that it was time to move. Standing up, she moved into the washroom and
cleaned herself up. She now felt the chill of the evening and knew she would have to
find her clothes.
Going back to the main room, she found Xavier dressed in his trousers, holding
his shirt for her to wear.
“We need to talk, and I think you will be more comfortable with something on.
My shirt was the first thing I found.”
Jenna reached out to take it from him when she caught the sad look in his eyes.
She knew that her feelings for him ran deep, but she needed to know who, or rather
what, he was. “Help me with it, Xavier,” she whispered huskily.
The slow smile he gave her was a good enough reward for the present. After he
was satisfied that she was warm enough, he took her hand and drew her over to the
Jenna needed to see his expression as he told her about himself. “Sit next to me,
Xavier. We need to talk.”
Kyla Logan Beauty and Her Beast - 12 -

The fact that he did as she asked showed her how worried he was right now. She
stood in front of him, then straddled his legs and sat on his lap facing him. The look on
his face brought a little grin to hers. It was nice that she could catch him off guard.
“Now tell me everything -- and I mean everything.”

Xavier had hoped this moment would have arrived at a later date, but
considering the speed in which the two of them had connected, he shouldn’t be
surprised at her apparent acceptance of his differences.
“I am what you would call a shape shifter. My chosen form is that of a wolf, as is
my clan’s,” he whispered huskily. He wasn’t surprised to smell her fear. What else did
he expect? “Don’t -- don’t fear me, Jenna. I would never harm you.”
He saw her take a deep breath, close her eyes, and then open them before she
replied. “Deep down I know that, but this is hard for me. Up until tonight, I didn’t
know there was such a thing as a shape shifter except in stories.”
She surprised him again, by reaching up and pushing back a lock of his hair from
his forehead. “Go on.”
The fear had gone, and she was now emitting interest and excitement instead.
Thank the gods.
“I am the enforcer of my clan. Anything my Alpha needs taking care of, he leaves
to me. He is also my older brother.”
“So that is where you got your scars? Fighting for your Alpha?”
She sounded upset… not because he fought, but that he’d gotten hurt.
“Theron has never sent me into anything I couldn’t handle. As Alpha, he’s been
in as many fights as I have, but some things it’s best to leave to the clan enforcer. Thank
you for caring about my welfare,” he said softly, leaning forward to place a kiss on her
Jenna blushed and covered her cheek with her hand. Eyes shining, she leaned
forward and kissed him gently on his lips. Well, it started off gently -- until he took
over, then it became a kiss of passion. A kiss of a new start?
Kyla Logan Beauty and Her Beast - 13 -

Breaking free with apparent reluctance, Jenna asked, “Can you tell me more of
your clan? Where do you live?”
“We live near the town of Lochinver. We mostly live on our own holdings
around the area. There are a lot of tourists, so we work mainly in that sector.”
Taking a deep breath, he touched on a subject that concerned them both.
Hopefully she would be as receptive to this as she had been to the fact he was a shifter.
“There is also a need of a library in the area. Theron is on the council, and they are
planning on opening one soon.”
“Are you offering me a job, Xavier? Why do you want me to live near you?”
Looking deep into her eyes, he was encouraged by what he saw in those blue
orbs. “Now comes the part that you will probably want to run away from. You are my
mate, Jenna. I knew it the minute I saw and smelled you.”
“Smelled me? I smell?” She looked affronted.
“No, you have the most delicious scent I have ever known. It’s how we know our
mates on sight. We can tell by their scent. I am not explaining this well, am I?” he asked
as he saw the frown deepen on her face.
“Hmm. You could have explained how you knew me by my scent a bit better. I
will forgive you this time, but don’t let it happen again.”
“Will there be a next time for us, Jenna? Will you come to Lochinver and live
with me as my mate?” God, he was becoming pathetic in his neediness again!
Running a hand over his cheek and down over his unclothed chest, she said, “I
don’t know exactly how I feel about you, but what I do know is that I have never felt
this way about anyone before. The fact that you’re a shifter, well, that doesn’t bother
me, not really. I do want to get to know you better before we make any plans. Is that
okay with you?”
Xavier closed his eyes for a brief moment, and let out a relieved sigh. “It is more
than all right, little one. I want you to know more about me and my clan before we go
any further. That you’re giving me this chance is beyond my wildest dream.”
Kyla Logan Beauty and Her Beast - 14 -

Unbuttoning his shirt as he was talking, Jenna let it fall off her shoulders. Then
she lifted herself up on her knees and unzipped his trousers, releasing the hot, hard
thick length of his cock. The damp tip with the bead of come excited her.
She knew he was as desperate to join his body with hers. Moving herself in line
with his length, she sank down inch by inch. Savouring the delicious sensations as her
pussy was filled to capacity once more.
Leaning forward and taking one tender nipple into his mouth, Xavier nibbled
and sucked, then let it pop out of his mouth. Planting wet kisses on her chest, he moved
to its twin and pulled strongly on it. Jenna squeezed her internal muscles in time with
his sucks, loving the groan that came from his throat when she did.
Releasing her nipple, Xavier drew her head down for his kiss. Jenna loved his
taste and his scent. It wouldn’t take much for her to fall deeply and totally in love with
She lifted her hips, letting his cock slide out until just the tip was in her pussy,
then down again. She did this repeatedly and gained speed as she went. Xavier gripped
her hips and directed her movements as both of them gazed into the other’s eyes.
Jenna could see the change occur this time as his passion grew. She felt the sharp
points of his claws, but he was careful not to pierce her skin. His incisors had
lengthened, and his eyes started to glow. He closed them, as if to keep her from being
frightened by the changes occurring in him.
“No, keep them open, Xavier. I want to see how I affect you.” Jenna could feel
her impending orgasm. Her nipples had drawn up even tighter, and a flush started over
her chest and down over her tummy heading toward her full pussy.
His cock began to grow again. She felt it expand as she moved up and down. It
was a delicious sensation.
Jenna burst into orgasm. Her contractions around his cock threw Xavier into a
simultaneous explosion, and both cried out at the same time.
When she came down from the overwhelming feeling of pleasure, she saw that
Xavier had once again returned to his human self. He drew her down so she was
Kyla Logan Beauty and Her Beast - 15 -

sprawled over his chest. She still felt his large cock throbbing in her pussy and the little
aftershocks of her own orgasm.
Xavier stroked her damp hair from her head and said, “As much as I don’t want
to move from this position, maybe we should go somewhere else for the night.”
Laughing, Jenna raised her head until she could look him in the eyes. “That’s a
great idea.” Then she bent down and kissed him.

The End
Kyla Logan

Writing erotic romance with the full support and encouragement of her family,
Kyla Logan lives on the east coast of Scotland. Along with her sons and her own life
mate of many years, she lives in an area full of historical interest. In particular, the
fascinating remains of standing stones left by the Picts, who lived in the area so many
centuries ago. An avid reader from an early age, Kyla loves reading paranormal erotic
romance, from shape shifter to vampire, mermaids to futuristic. Other hobbies include
spinning, making paper, and some stitching techniques. The ideas that have been
running through her head for years are finally making their way onto the computer
screen, thanks to the encouragement of two dear friends, and of course, her husband.
Visit Kyla at http://www.kylalogan.com.