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Weekly newsletter of


Website: www.tootps.vic.edu.au
Telephone: 5985 2864

Email Address: tootgarook.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

Issue 16

4th June, 2015

Friday 5th June
Monday 8 June
Wednesday 10th June -

Report Writing Day students not required at school

Queens Birthday Public Holiday no students at school
Winter Lightning Premiership

Music Camp 17th 19th June

The Department of Education and Training has released an App which is designed to help
you better understand the curriculum we use to teach your children every day.
The App, called SchoolMate, is available for free download now in the App Store for iPhones
and iPads and in Google Play for Android phones and tablets.
SchoolMate gives you a general overview of the Victorian curriculum in each subject at each
year level and:
Provides you with an overview of what your child/children are learning in each subject
at each year level according to the Victorian curriculum (AusVELS)
Provides you with tips regarding activities and things you can do at home to help your
child/children in each subject and year level
Suggests apps, books, events and activities related to each subject area and year
Our school, like all other government schools in Victoria, uses AusVELS as the basis for the
learning programs we run at school every day.
Our teachers adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of our students and community, for
example, designing learning programs around what your children are interested in, or around
days or celebrations that are important to our community.
SchoolMate is designed to give you an overview of what children are expected to learn in
Victorian government schools across every subject from Prep to Year 10.
I encourage you to download SchoolMate and to please talk with your teacher or myself if
you are interested to find out more about how our school teaches the curriculum.


Please note that we request that dogs are not brought into the school grounds; particularly during busy drop
off and pick up times. Even the most placid of dogs can become excited and unpredictable with
traffic of hundreds of students and parents. In addition to these safety concerns, we also
need to ensure appropriate hygiene standards within our classrooms. Over recent weeks,
when students have walked through dog faeces in the grounds and then gone into their

If bringing a puppy/dog or any animal into the school for show and share, we ask
that you make contact with the classroom teacher prior to this visit so that the appropriate
arrangements can be made.

REMINDER to all parents


Friday 5th June

School staff will spend the day
preparing students mid-year reports for
Semester One.
Queens birthday public

Special photo orders of our

School Captains, House Captains,

Junior School Council and School Band
may be viewed at the school office and
also viewed and ordered online.
The cost per photo is $16.00 and needs
to be ordered online

@ www.msp.com.au
by Monday 30th June

No students required at
school on either day

Student of the Week

Students will be presented with certificates at Monday morning assembly.
Prep B Mrs Bos Will Hartley for practicing his getting along skills and sharing and playing nicely with his
Prep R Mrs Read Sinthyah Hppcroft well done Sin, you always use the 6 Ls and are ready to learn. You
also make good contributions to class discussions keep it up!
1H Mrs Hughes Bella-Mia Magnano for being an enthusiastic student who actively participates in all
activities both inside and outside the classroom.
1P Miss Perkins Alfred Tomakin-Barrett- well done on your oral presentation about you mini garden. You
spoke clearly and confidently and added fantastic information.
2B Mrs Baird Jasmine Stewart for achieving her 100 night reading award as a result of the integrity she
shows by reading at home every night.
2J - Mrs Johnstone Daniel Malloy for demonstrating Integrity and being ready to learn promptly in Literacy.
Great organisation, well done!
3A Miss Arnold Jake Bell for improving with his behaviour towards learning tasks. You are concentrating
and trying your hardest during English and you can see in the quality of your work. Keep up the great work Jake!
3W Ms Walton - Mikayla Oliver for her participation in class discussions and for the effort she is putting
into her writing.
4S Miss Staley + Miss McGhee Dylan Raymond - for your mature and positive approach to problem
solving. Keep up the terrific work Dylan, youre a superstar!
5Q Miss Quintin Kayley Hazendonk you always use your nicest manners in the classroom. Youre a role
model to 5Q and a pleasure to have in our class. Well Done!
6W Miss Withers Obelia Wycisk - For always trying her best in English groups, and presenting to the class
with confidence and clarity. You try your hardest and youre a pleasure to teach.
Art / Craft Miss Davey Nayden Scott - 3W - For listening well during mat time and actively contributing to
his group to help produce a beautiful rubbish landscape. Well done on all your hard work!
P.E Mr Kitchen Riley Chen and Daniel McKenzie for representing Phillip district at Division Cross Country.
Well done boys, you have made the school proud.
Music - Mrs Young Emmie-Li Moylan for being such a dedicated piano student. You have worked your way
into band and it is great to have another piano player. Your achievement has also led to your participating in
Music Camp in a couple of weeks. Well Done!

Breakfast Club is a HUGE success and the children are thoroughly enjoying
coming to school and having breakfast with their friends. All children are more than
welcome to come along each Tuesday and Thursday and have some cereal, toast, warm
milo or juice. A BIG thankyou to the many parents who help out on each of these days..
Some children have brekky at home and then enjoy some toast with their friends and
their more than welcome to do that !


20% Storewide SALE
(some exclusions apply, please see in-store for more details).

The sale will run during the normal trading hours of each store
between 1 June 2015 to 13 June 2015