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training that is engaging & delivers results

SENSIBLY training

priced results
that delivers


& participative

theatre based learning

using actors

The 5 Ted Steps
Ted Difference
What Ted Can Offer
Training Courses

who is ted?

e is

We are a training company with a difference. We use qualified and

experienced trainers along with professionally trained actors to
really bring the experience of learning to life - we call it the 'Theatre
of Learning.
We work extensively with both the public & private sectors - priding
ourselves on fun, engaging learning that adds real value to your
Ted also adopts a sensibly priced approach that gives you a good
return on investment.
When you work with ted, you will be guaranteed that the price
quoted will be the price you pay, with no hidden extras.


ted steps

1 experience

2 build
3 deliver
4 e va l u at e

5 s u s ta i n


ted steps

Prior to any training taking place, we spend time in your

business to understand & experience your culture,
industry & internal processes. We get to know your
people, understand their skills and behaviours & work
with you to discover what the specific outcomes need
to be as a direct result of the training


We then build a bespoke training programme for

your people which is 100% relevant to them and
their needs and delivers your overall business goals


Our accredited & engaging training can be observational

or participative which means the learners can
observe or participate in the day with our actors,
whichever suits their learning style best


Each learner has the opportunity to feedback on

their learning experience. We will then recommend
how our training can be embedded into your business


We help sustain the learning by offering follow up

sessions and assessment of the learning so its fully
embedded into your business and you receive maximum
benefit for your investment

see, hear, feel

the ted

Delivering long term results is important so you see a return on your investment
and we believe the best way to deliver this is through training that leaves a
long-term effect on your employees, appealing to several senses - not only will
your teams SEE and HEAR, they will FEEL. Discussing and learning in the traditional
class-room is effective, but long term memory is better stimulated through experience.
Many people after our courses say I remember feeling this was a better
Our actors will demonstrate behaviours so your employees can understand the
impact their own behaviours and newly learnt skills can have on others. Ted uses
a blend of approaches to deliver its training face to face, e-learning, interactive
practice with actors and theory based. All of our courses are bespoke and tailor
made to your specific industry and training needs.
Time will be spent by the ted team in your business gaining an understanding of
your culture, behaviours and processes. This enables our training to be as realistic
and relevant to your employees as possible. We dont do off the peg or one
approach fits all - we want your people to have confidence that our ted team
understands their business and how our training can add value.

All training courses can be delivered at an introductory, intermediate

or advanced level, dependent on your peoples needs.
We can also offer full access to our ted online booking system so
that all the courses we deliver on your behalf can be managed
hassle free to your L&D team with reduced admin time spent on
finalising which learners are booked on which course.






We also offer ted taster sessions of many of our courses - a free

version of a course so you can determine if ted is right for your
people and your business. We have won many clients through this
process and would be delighted to discuss a free ted taster with you.

what can ted offer?

training courses

all employees

Equality & Diversity

in the Workplace


Driving Top Achievement

PowerPoint Training
Excel Training
Word Training



Presentation Skills - Advanced

Writing for Business

Presentation Skills - Introductory
Selling Skills for Sales People
Managing Projects, Influencing Skills
Conflict Management
Time Management & Personal Effectiveness



Train the Trainer
Managing Projects
Telephone Skills
Brave Conversations

Negotiation Skills Sales Based

Team Building
Providing Excellent Customer Service
Consultative Selling
Effective Communication


manager specific



Coaching Skills,
Facilitation Skills,
Difficult Conversations,
Leading through change,
Giving Briefings & Presentations,
How to manage remote workers,
Leading your Work Team,
Workplace Coaching,
Managing your own Personal Development,
Managing Recruitment / Interview Skills,
Problem Solving & Decision Making,
Psychometric testing for leaders (MBTI or SDI),
Developing your Team & Managing Yourself,
Understanding Performance Management,
Driving Top Achievement

Equality and Diversity for Managers

Interview Skills - Introductory and Advanced
Delivering an Appraisal
Performance Management Reviews (Appraisals)


Inspirational Leadership
Management Fundamentals
Recruitment and Retention
Effective Communication
Managing Conflict

course overviews

Presentation Skills
Selling Skills for Sales People
Driving Top Achievement
Office Excel / Word / PowerPoint
Train the Trainer
Managing Projects
Influencing Skills
Time Management
Personal Effectiveness
Equality & Diversity
Workplace Coaching
Managing Recruitment
Delivering an Appraisal

- 1 day -

Presentation Skills
This course is designed for any employee who needs to
present either internally or externally. We will focus on structure,
content, visual aids and delivering the presentation in an
engaging way. We will also give tips on how to manage

Selling Skills for Sales People

If your role in the business is selling products to external
clients, this course will look at the sales process, establishing
needs, matching them, overcoming objections, best practice
& closing the deal. Great for new and experienced sales
people as either an introduction or refresher, depending on
needs and skill level

- day -

- 1 day -

Driving Top Achievement

Understand what makes a top performing employee within
your Organisation, and how to get there. This session will
offer support & tips and will include producing a Personal
Development Plan

- day -

Office Excel, Word, PowerPoint

each course is a day course

Offered at Introduction and Advanced you will complete a

questionnaire in advance to determine level required

Train the Trainer

This course is designed for employees in the business that
deliver training to clients and would like to explore how to
further enhance their delivery to make it even more engaging
for those attending. We will explore learning styles, structure,
and how to assess learning has taken place

- 1 day -

- 1 day -

Managing Projects
If your role involves managing projects, this course will be
perfect for you. Will look at how to approach the project,
create a project plan, manage deadlines and ensure those
supporting the project understand their roles and deadlines

- 1 day -

Influencing Skills
Frustrated that you dont seem to be able to overcome objections
from your manager or peers? Want some support in how you
influence people in a more effective way? This course is for
you. You will be given best practice models and get the
chance to practice the skills with actors playing the people
you find most challenging to influence

Time Management & Personal Effectiveness

Being organised and getting the most out of our day can be a
big challenge. This course will focus on how you can manage
your time really efficiently with tips on organisation. The 2nd
part of the course will look at how you ensure you come
across to managers and peers in the most effective way, as
well as looking at building confidence in the workplace


- 2.5 hours -

- 1 day -

Equality & Diversity in the Workplace

Understanding the Equality Act of 2010 and your role in
adhering to it and creating an environment in the workplace,
where diversity is respected. This session is an engaging
and fun insight into the legislation

- 1 day -

Workplace Coaching

This course will help move from a tell culture to one where as
managers we actively encourage our teams development
through coaching. We will explore the benefits; discuss the
myths around coaching and why it is the most effective tool for
personal development

Managing Recruitment
Anyone wanting specific support with interviewing will find
this course beneficial. It looks at the interview structure,
highly effective questioning techniques and ensuring that the
interview is legal. This course is practical with the chance to
practice interviewing one of the acting team

- day -

- day -

Delivering an Appraisal
This course will focus on the correct process for delivering an
appraisal/performance review in your organisation. You will
look at how to structure it and which questioning techniques to
use so the employee feels, valued, engaged & listened to.
Practical elements are included with the chance to practice the
skills with the actors

Institute of Leadership
and Management

ILM Level 2 Award certificate

We are delighted to partner with the Institute of Leadership and
Management (ILM) to offer the following levels of Leadership &
Management programmes.
This programme adds real value to your employees and managers
by giving them a long-term programme of training, and recognised
qualification and helps to sustain the learning. A great return
on your investment.
We are happy to discuss your business needs, the content
covered at each level, length of programme and costs. Further
details on the content are on our website at

Level 2 is designed for Team Leaders and aspiring Team

Leaders and covers the fundamentals of managing and
engaging people and can be delivered in a period of 6-18
months dependent on the Level of qualification wanted

ILM Level 3 Award certificate diploma

Level 3 is designed for current managers wanting to gain a
formal qualification. This can be delivered in a period of 6-24
months dependent on the Level of qualification wanted

ILM Level 4 Award certificate diploma

Level 4 is designed for more senior managers, with
management reports, wanting to gain a formal qualification.
This can be delivered in a period of 6-24 months dependent on
the Level of qualification wanted

Working with
ted learning

We would be delighted to come and meet with you to discuss your

training needs. In addition we also offer ted tasters (free sessions
of some of our courses) to give you a flavour of how ted learning
works. Our sensibly priced approach will give you plenty of options
so you can decide which programme works best for you.
To discuss your training needs in more detail, please either call us
or send us an email.
020 3394 0636
You can also visit our website at www.tedlearning.co.uk. for even more
course details on our current course offer & to see videos of some of
our courses, feedback from our delegates and our current client list.