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Hello Hackers, this month I am going to show you excerpt from

my hacking log. This excerpt is about my excursion with Citibank and

how I got into it. Alright lets get going:
December 20, 1984
I booted up my computer and called Airwolf. There I got Washington's
Citibank Number. Curious, I wrote it down. After uploading and downloading
a few files, I logged off. I turned then set my equipment into "hack"
mode and called Citibank. The first time I called a lady answered. I
hung up.
December 21, 1984
I tried it again. This time I got a carrier and got on. A bunch of crap
flew accross the screen. Then I got to the cursor asking me to type
in something. I typed in 1 (a good thing to type when first logging on
into a bank, I dont know why though). It returned with "@bad logon"
H! I found out I had to type a Logon (I knew that 1 was good for something)
I typed in some crap:"some crap" and watched what happened. It returned with
that error message again. I did it a third time, and this time got logged
off. I wonder if I got traced during that call? I said to myself. I checked
and found out I didn't. Most banks will do it sooner or later so I stopped
hacking for now.
December 29 1984
Christmas was great. I also got a password scanner from Santa Claus. I
dialed Citibank and got that lady again. I called half an hour later, and
got the carrier. I set up my scanner, and let it rip. about 7.32 minutes
later It got something. I am not going to tell you what format the
logon is in but it is sort of like this X XXXX.XX. Scan your own crap.
It then asked for a verification Number or something. I typed in 1.
after that, it said "fuck you, I know you are a freak. get off this computer
", just kiddin'. It said something like "error , please try again, thank you
", well at least it said something in between. anyways, I then typed A1
(no relation to the steak sauce). nothing happened for a while, am I
in????? nope. It logged off. I didn't get traced that time either. This
looks like a safe bank (or a hacker trap). I called again. I am not
going to tell you how I got in, because if you can, then you are worthy
of getting in, if you can't then you shouldn't be doing it. It is for
your own safety (also, the wolfman wouldn't let me put up the logons(
( i guess even he has some tact)). I will though tell you what to do
once you get in. it goes something like this
i have just logged on. this is the cursor you see :"@"
loggin off
(if you type b you will get logged off)
if you type l or something else that is stupid you will get an
error message. not just "error" I was using it for an example. It
will actually say someting like "error in format" etc....



That is something like what you get. It is some listing. Now that I am into
10245's account, I want to see his name, right, so I type the following
if you type n you will get "new account:" since you don't want that you
type x . dont ask my why x, but it will give you that. here is what you
Doe, John.m 77-342-13=29184781932798123790=123918074987321703=2194
I figured out that the numbers at the end are the social security number.
(not that long though). Nice now that I am in Johns account, what should
I do.I tried a few bum keys. Here are the keys that work :
ther are probably a lot more. lots more. they are 1 ,2 or maybe 3 letters
long. an interesting one is the following
it will then ask for the following
you type in a number say 1
then it will ask...
you type in another number say 3
then it will ask ...
de: you type in 10245 (remember john's number) what you are really
supposed to do is type return, but I found this more interesting.
it will then put show:
then you look at john's account.
you will see that his account total with be in the range of $200,000 or so.

He only had $1100. what that set of stuff did was skimm off the extra
100th's place of the decimal point and total it all into john's account.
ie: $100.21231
the 231 is less than a penny. but if you total all of those things, they
can add up.
by the way $200,000 is a bit far fetched. It was in the range of 13,000 or
so. I got carried away. At least that is my theory on what it does. who
knows, it might of transfered a persons bank account (but that is another
trick). anyways, it doesn't matter, it gave john 13000 bucks. one thing
though: I got so scared I logged off. I didn't call for a while
January 12, 1985
I called and looked at john's account, it was back to 1100 dollars.
three things could have happened
1. the bank saw the error and fixed it.
2. the transaction was not saved.
3. john withdrew the cash and bought a car.
I think that either 1 or 3 is the correct thing.
anyways,...here are a few more commands
cc. this one is neat (ever want to put someone on a black list)
well that is all for now..
oh, i almost forgot, the banks number is in the "numbers of the month"
section of Airwolf. It is the one called Citibank, DC"
also try the other banks. if you get into one, maybe you may get