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(1997). International Forum of Psychoanalysis, 6:153-154

Editorial: Nina Coltart, Erich Fromm and the Psychoanalytic Movement
Jan Stensson, Ph.D.
During the summer came the sad news that Nina Coltart died on June 24.
Nina Coltart was an Editorial Reader for International Forum of
Psychoanalysis from 1994. It was a joy when an evaluation arrrived from
Nina Coltart. Her comments were always written by hand in black ink and
in a powerful, intensive and very characteristic style. Already the
encounter with her style made you feel that you met another human being.
Her way of formulating her impressions, thoughts and evaluations had the
same vigour and energy. She was straightforward, clear and with a sense
of humour which was not used to distort reality but rather to open your
mind. At the meetings of the Editorial Board her recommendations often
released laughter and a sense of freedom. In this way she strengthened the
morale of the board.
The only text by Nina Coltart which was published in this journal
appeared in vol. 4, no 1, where she commented on The Silent Cry by
Mona Serenius. Nina Coltart's resonance and response to the silent cry
characteristically was extended and deepened during the years.

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