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Compiled and Fingered BY WALTER CARROLL, Book I Book II | Each60 cts Net. NEW YORK, LONDON, EDWARD SCHUBERTH&CO., FORSYTH BROTHERS Lp,, EAST 22" ST. BOGREAT TITCHFIELD ST, Preface ‘The appreciation of Bach as a tremendous force in the progress of Music has been growing steadily during the last fifty years. The performance of his incomparable works, whose in - fluence flows in an ever widening channel through the whole domai of musical education,tas clearly demonstrated that the practical study of Bach is the gateway to the mastery of tech - nique. It has accomplished still more; for out of the Anowdedge of Bach has grown the fone of Bach, and the love of Bach has helped materially in creating that taste for good music which is so striking a feature of the present and so hopeful a sign for the future. Bach wrote « large number of charming Tittle pieces which provide elementary teaching material of priceless value, Short, melodious and rhythmical, they are played with keen de - ight by young pupils in the early years of their instruction and serve as a natural stepping - stone to the vast store of intermediate and advanced compositions of the same writer, The present selection is compiled with the’ object of placing within reach of the teacher a t form, All the movements contain features of real ed- J attention and care. Each number should pass threntgh (aw Accuracy o1 notes, time and fingering. Clos series of very easy pieces in convenis ucational worth wl will repay spe three stages of preparatio: phrasing, expression and speed. (e) Performance from memory. Whether they be used ax Stud- ies or as Pieces is immaterial as they combine the technical value of the one with thegrace and charm of the other. Any pupil capable of playing a very easy Sonatina may commence the reg- ular study of Bach and thus early learn to love, in simple form, those elements of truth, sin - cerity and refinement which are revealed in every bar of his music; elements at once the source altention to of his greatness and the measure of his power, With the exception of NOS 6.7, 8. 11.12 & 14. all the pieces are from the Clavier Book of Anna Magdalena Bach, the composer's second wife, Some of them were lelt unsigned, a cir. - cumstance which, for a time, caused their authenticity to b nature from works which were undoubtedly geruine was, however, such a common occurrence that this fact alone was not long permitted to stand as evidence of doubt,and the pieces are juestioned. The absence of the sig- now accepted as authentic specimens of the master’s art WAUTHH CARROLL E.8.4 60.1200 Minuet 2 A study in accent and in the correct timing of half beats Allegretto 4... Spee ee oe Beet tees JS. BACH Minuet A study in accent and in obtaining a proper balance of tone Allegretto 4.+ 61 ee fee % a. : c 4 (At the close of tis movement the previous Minuet may be repeated ) Peptides! be arrange ment with Forsyth Brothers Ltd. London Minuet A study in the arpeggio of the Common Chord. (close position) 4.8. BACH Animato_¢..a9 ea bite BS Sco v0 Polonaise A study in phrasing and in the correct tinting of quarter beats Moderato d=100 A J. 8, BACH 1 t a -—o* (At the close of this movement Minuet NO 8 may be repeated? March A study in syncopation and in keeping a steady beat throughout 3,8. BACH Marcato, d = 100 5 —. > 8 B.8, 4€0.4200 a aeel . Minuet A study in legato playing with careful balance of tone Andante d- 120 3.8. BACH Pree = 1 ie Minuet A study in contrasting the effect of the major mode(N° 7) with that of the minor(N° 6) Allegretto 4 3.8. BACH ] sis 1s 2 8, after being studied separately, may be grouped together for per ss.ane 8200 8 after boing parately, may be grouped together for perfo. mace) Minuet : ‘A study in tone-values, the lower part to be slightly more prominent than the upper.(Compare with N° Andante d= v0 J. 8, BACH 4 B March A study in staccato touch, repeated notes and observance of rests Giocoso d= 0 | 1s \ 4.8, BACH ‘ 434 5 Minuet A study in phrasing, legato touch and balance of tone J 3.8. BACH Andante e semplice 8 Fy : - 2 3 4 4 Musette A study in sustained notes and quality of tone J.8, BACH Andante pastorale ¢ = 108 . 2.8. & 00.4200 Bourree A study in contrasts of touch and independence of each hand Vivace d 108 3.8, BACH 2 Musette A study in broken octaves and in neat phrasing Allegro con brio 4 = 12 * 2 = x + + 3 4.8. BACH 13. Pole ae 2.8.4 70.4200 = or ~ vy te s . ‘P Gavotte A study in phrasing, gradation of tone and cantabile playing Allegretto J = 72 3.8. BACH RN B88 C0, 4200 Minuet A study in expression, phrasing and beauty of tone Larghetto e sostenuto d= 96 3.8. BACH 15. = lerese. poco] a poco fe B.8.£ Go,.4200 E March A study in the accurate timing of triplets and in steadiness of rhythm Allegro moderato 3.8. BACH ste st 4 ae By the wa form a tins 18 &08..4200 1d publishers: First Lessons in Bach Book Il. Specially arranged to follow Book I and to tween that work.ard the Two Part Inventions, “1 e Arranged in systematic order etc. Loliection Senuberth | N°74 Book]. 22 Studies for the advanced elementary grade. 75 Book H. 32 Studies for the lower middle grade. ~ 16 Book 11.28 Studies for the middle grade. » 17 Book WV.20 Studies for the advanced middle grade. * 78 Book ¥. 16 Studiesforthe upper grade, NEW-YORK. Edward Schuberth &Co. NW EAST 224 ST. ~"for the PIANOFORTE, Carefully Revised and Corrected with instructive Annotations by H.W. NICHOLL. Caerns ©, 100 Prozessive Recreations 00 basy Studies, Op.tay Sebo! of Velocity, Op, 290, 8 2 : Foesiminary Sehuol of Vetovity, O).480, Book ¢ : 2 2 ? Duvernoy J.B, Sehuol of Mechanism, 0p.420, Boot ¢ Heller St, Stu, Op 48, donk £ ? es for Rbythen and Expression, Op 47, Bank n é 2 Kubler L,Sealot and Chords, 0: iminy Studies, Op.90, Kr School of Veloc Preparatory Lessons, © Daily. Seale Studies, Op 15 Lemoine M80 Juvenile Studies without Oct Loeschhorn’ A, Studies for Beginners, Op.6%, wud revised vdition 1.8 (H.Germer) Book # i sr} Nez. = al MODERATELY DIFFICULT, PROGRESSIVELY ARRANGED, CAREFULLY EDITED AND FINGERED. EF Wo, DOROTHY. SEYMOUR SMITH | 2, BUTTERFLY. G-MERKEL | M3. PIZZICATO #4: °SYLVIA’ L.DELIBES. | MAYBELLS. BOHM, POLISH DANCE. THOMA. MAZURKA. E.MEYER-HELMUND. IN MAY. ¥J.PEDROSS. | NEW YORK, EDWARD SCHUBERTH &CO., ‘Nel East 2240Sr, Copy ay Ebner eruberm 0 EACH COMPOSITION IS PUBLISHED ALSO IN SHEET FORM “When ardacing this simply mentian "Cellaction Schuberth No.2”