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Learning Bentley

for Structural Analysis

` 699/-


Structure Modeling, Assigning Material Constants,
Assigning Cross-Section Properties, Assigning Loads,
Analyzing Structure, Viewing Results, Creating Reports



Coverage of all Important Concepts: The textbook

consists of 7 chapters covering basic as well as
advanced concepts of STAAD.Pro V8i such as
creating 2D and 3D models, assigning different
loads, running analysis, viewing results, and
creating reports using real-world examples. The
text is supported by tables, images, and screen
captures to make various concepts easily

Examples: The author has used about 33 real-world civil

engineering examples in support of the concepts.

Tips and Notes: Additional information is provided to the users in

the form of tips and notes.

Learning Objectives: The first page of every chapter summarizes the

topics that are covered in the chapter.

Self-Evaluation Test and Review Questions: Every chapter ends with SelfEvaluation test so that the users can access their knowledge of the chapter. The
answers to the Self-Evaluation Tests are given at the end of the chapter. Also, the
Review Questions are given at the end of each chapter and they can be easily used by
the Instructors and test questions.


Prof. Sham Tickoo is professor of Manufacturing Engineering at Purdue University Calumet, USA where he has
taught design, drafting, CAD, and other engineering courses for over nineteen years. Before joining Purdue
University, Prof. Tickoo has worked as a machinist, quality control engineer, design engineer, engineering consultant,
and software developer. He has received a US patent for his invention Self Adjusting Cargo Organizer for Vehicles.


Learning Bentley STAAD.Pro V8i for Structural Analysis textbook introduces the readers to one of the worlds leading structural
analysis software, STAAD.Pro V8i. This software is specifically designed to analyze different types of structures for different loadings. In
this textbook, the author emphasizes on the tools, options, and functions that allow users to create, analyze, and export complex
analysis results easily and effectively. Furthermore, the chapters in this textbook are arranged in a pedagogical sequence that makes it
very effective in learning the features and capabilities of the software.

ISBN: 9789351198093 | Pages: 240 | Author: Prof. Sham Tickoo

1: Introduction to STAAD.Pro V8i
Introduction to STAAD.Pro V8i
Basic Features of STAAD.Pro V8i
Starting Bentley STAAD.Pro V8i
User Interface
Project Tasks, Recent Files
Help Topics , License Configuration
Starting a New Project
Working in User Interface
Menu Bar, Toolbars
Side Toolbar, Tabs
Snap Node/Beam Window
Data Area , Main Window
Opening an Existing Project
Saving a Project
Configuring Units
Keyboard Shortcuts
Importing A model in staad.pro
2: Structural Modeling in STAAD.Pro
Structural Modeling Using STAAD Editor
Creating Nodes, Creating Members
Creating Plate Elements
Creating Solid and Surface Elements
Structural Modeling Using STAAD GUI
Creating Nodes and Members Using
Snap Node/Beam Method
Creating Plate Elements Using the
Snap Node/Plate Method
Creating Solid Elements Using the
Snap Node/Solid Method
Structural Modeling using the Structure
Truss Models, Frame Models
Surface/Plate Models, Solid Models
Composite Models
Import CAD Models
VBA Macro Models
SelfEvaluation Test
Review Questions
3: Structural Modeling Using Tools
Essential tools for Structural Modeling
Adding Beams Using Tools
Creating Colinear Beams
Creating Beams Along Axes
Creating Plates Using Tools
Creating Plates Using Meshing
Creating Infill Plates
Creating a Surface Using the Add
Surface Tool
Creating Solid Elements Using the
Add Solid Tool

Published by:

Creating a Structure Using the

Translational Repeat Tool
Creating a Structure Using the
Circular Repeat Tool
Shifting Structure Using Move Tool
Rotating Structure Using the Rotate
Mirroring a Structure
Other Miscellaneous Tools
Stretching Members Using Stretch
Intersecting Members Using the
Intersect Tool
Merging Members and Nodes
Renumbering Nodes, Members, and
Splitting and Breaking Beams at
Selected Nodes
Cutting Sections
SelfEvaluation Test
Review Questions

SelfEvaluation Test
Review Questions
6: Loads
Primary Loads
Selfweight, Nodal Loads
Member Loads, Area Load
Floor Load, Plate Loads
Surface Loads, Solid Load
Temperature Load, Seismic Load
Time History Load, Wind Load
Snow Load, Response Spectra
Repeat Load, Frequency
Load generation
Defining Vehicle Loading
Defining Load Combinations
Defining Load Combinations Automatically
SelfEvaluation Test
Review Questions

7: Performing Analysis, Viewing Results, and

4: Defining Material Constants and Section Preparing Report
Pre Analysis Print
Material Constants
Problem Statistics, Joint Coordinates
Creating New Materials
Member Information
Editing Material Properties
Material Properties
Assigning Materials to the Structure
Support Information
Defining OrthoTropic Material
Member Properties
Section Properties
Element Information
Prismatic Section, Tapered Sections
Solid Information
Steel Sections
All, Entire Table
Steel Joist and Joist Girders
Performing Analysis
Plate/Surface Thickness
Perform Analysis
SelfEvaluation Test
PDelta Analysis
Review Questions
Perform Cable Analysis
Perform Direct Analysis
5: Specifications and Supports
Perform Imperfection Analysis
Perform Buckling Analysis
Node Specification
Perform Pushover Analysis
Member Specifications
Post Analysis Print
Release, Offset
Load List, Joint Displacement
Property Reduction Factors, Cable
Forces, Support Reactions
Truss, Compression, Tension, Inactive
Story Drift, Cg, Mode Shapes
Fire Proofing, Imperfection
Section Displacement, Force
Plate Specifications
Analysis Results, Member Stresses
Release, Ignore Inplane Rotation
Element Forces/Stresses
Plane Stress, Ignore Stiffness
Viewing Results
View Output File
Fixed, Pinned
Go to Post Processing Mode
Fixed But, Enforced
SelfEvaluation Test
Enforced But, Multilinear Spring
Review Questions
Foundation, Inclined
Tension/Compression Only Springs

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