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Background of Project Area

Area Population / Demographics
Nibong Tebal is situated in Seberang Prai and it is the largest town in South Seberang
Prai district. According to the GeoNames geographical database, the population in Nibong Tebal
in year 2010 was approximately 40,072 capita. Due to rapid growth at the area, the population
has grown to approximately 60,000 capita in the year of 2005. Residents are made up of different
races, Malay forms the largest community, the largest ethnic group is Chinese and the least is
from Indian. There is also a small portion of community which is not belong to the three main
ethnic groups.

Design Project
The purpose this project is to design a new treatment plant near Nibong Tebal to supply sufficient
amount of clean water to overcome the increasing water demand in the district. The water
treatment plant is designed to supply treated water within Nibong Tebal for domestic use.


To provide sufficient amount of water to meet the water demand

To improve the water quality supplied to the area
To overcome the piping problems in the distribution system.

The Study Area

Nibong Tebal is in Seberang Perai on the mainland side of Penang, bordered by Parit
Buntar (Perak) and Bandar Baharu (Kedah). This small tranquil town is surrounded by oil palm
plantations and fishing villages dotting along the Krian River.
During the site surveying, this project area/land also is the largest town in South
Seberang Perai district and is surrounded by oil palm plantation, residential area, commercial
area and also industry area. This make the area have many population and need a lot of water
demand. This is the evident that the area is a topography area that effects on the distribution land

Figure: NibongTebal, Penang

(Source: Google Earth map view)
From the figure above, it was seen that the project area is near to the Kerian River. The
water will be intake from that river and will be treat before supply that clean water to
NibongTebal area. The water from Kerian River can support the capacity water demand at
NibongTebal. During the monsoon season, the water level will increase due to the rainwater from
catchment area.

Initial Assessment / water intake location

Water Sources / River
Kerian River is our raw water source for our new water treatment plant. The river
originates from the Bintang Range and is located at the northern part of Perak. The main
tributaries are Selama River, Ijok River, Samagagah River and Ulu Mengkuang River. Kerian
river flows through the town of Parit Buntar, Nibong Tebal, Bandar Baharu and discharges into
the Straits of Melaka. The length of this river is 90km and the basin area is 1420 km.

However, Kerian River was considered slightly polluted in comparison with the general
rating scale of water quality index. The water quality of the rivers can be classified into Class III
and IV by on overall river classification based on the DOE-WQI. Basically, raw water intake
have to pick from the water source with water quality Class I and Class II, some cases may
choose water source with Class III water quality. For water quality Class I, the water is definitely
clean to use while there are some basic treatment on the raw water with Class II and advanced
and further treatment have to conduct on Class III water before distribute to the user or

Development Plan
Area Development

(Source: thesundaily)