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Mak, Ivan

(b Gbelce, nr Nov Zmky, 26 Aug 1935). Slovak ethnomusicologist. He studied

ethnomusicology under Kresnek at Bratislava University (19539), graduating in
1959 with a diploma thesis on the folk music of Turzovka; he took the doctorate
there in 1969 with a dissertation on the classification and history of Slovak folk
instruments. After working as editor of udov tvorivos (195965) he became
curator of the musical instruments of the Slovak National Museum, Bratislava (from
1965; director 19915). He also served as a part-time lecturer in ethnomusicology
at the Bratislava Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (196191), and was
commissioned by the National Museum of Man, Ottawa, to catalogue its collection
of instruments (197071). His main areas of research are ethnomusicology and
instruments; at the Slovak National Museum he has built up a collection of about
900 instruments and about 7000 items of iconographic material. He is particularly
interested in the earliest history of instruments and in problems of methodology in
organological research and documentation. With Oskr Elschek and Erich
Stockmann he was an editor of the Annual Bibliography of European
Ethnomusicology (Bratislava, 196575).
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