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Complete Blood Count

Analisis Darah Rutin




White blood cell (Leukocyte)

Adult: 450010,500/mm3 or 4.5




10.5 ~ 109/L (SI units)

High White blood cell indicates an

is happening when there is viral

Child 612 years: 4500

inflamation or infection

infection, or disruption/destruction

13,500/mm3 or 4.513.5 ~109/L

Other cause of the increase of white

of bone marrow function such as

(SI units)

blood cells is Malignancy, but more

cancer, autoimmune disease. It can

Child 26 years: 500015,500/mm3

diagnostic testing and examination

also an adverse effect of drugs.

or 5.015.5 ~ 109/L (SI units)

needs to be done

Radiation therapy can also decrease

Child < 2 weeks: 5000

marrow function which lead to

21,000/mm3 or 5.021.0 ~ 109/L

decrease white blood cell count.

(SI units)
Newborn: 900030,000/mm3 or
5.021.0 ~ 109/L (SI units)


Segmented Neutrophils 4060%

Increase Band neutrofil is appeared

Neutropenia occurs in disease that

30007000 cells/mm3

when there is an acute inflamation or

damaging bone marrow such as

Band Neutrophils 03% <350

infection, as segmented neutrofil

viral infection that disrupt bone


appear after the inflamation resolves.

marrow, cancer, autoimmune

disease, overwhelming infection or
an adverse effect of drugs.
Some condition such as heavy
alcohol use, chemotheraphy,
hepatitis, immunocompromised
condition can also causing



2040% 10004000 cells/mm3

14% <450 cells/mm3

is increased when there is viral

decreased when there is an

infection, immune related disease,

immunocompromised disease,

drug hypersensitivity, or cancer

autoimune disease.

Increase in parasitic infection or

Eosinophil count reduce because of

allergic reaction

a long term consumption of

corticosteroid. The causes of some
type of anemia can also feature


0.51% 15100 cells/mm3

Increase if there is injury of cell or

decrease count of eosinophils.

Decrease in basophil count is found

infection, also an allergic respone

in some certain condition such as

using a long term medication of

corticosteroid, and also an adverse

effect of thyroid hormon treatment


Increase more when there is viral

in hyperthyroidism.
When an overwhelming infection


occur or during acute stress

Female: 1216 g/dL (7.49.9

Hemoglobin is increase in some

this condition is called anemia.

mmol/L SI units)

certain condition like living at a high

Anemia is a sign of nutritional

Male: 1318 g/dL (8.111.2

altitude, having a lung disease, cancer,

deficiency such as iron, folic acid,

mmol/L SI units)

and tobacco smoking. Some bone

vitamin B 12. Anemia also a feature

Pregnancy: Decreased (dilutional)

marrow disorders can also increase

if there is a blood loss from

Elderly: Slightly decreased

hemoglobin levels

different causes for example

Newborn: Increased

Overdose or inappropriate use of

Gastrointestinal bledding, trauma or

certain drugs can also produce high

surgery. Kidney problem can cause

levels of hemoglobin.

the production of hemoglobin

28% <850 cells/mm3

decrease since it's precursor is

kidney origin
Chemotherapy and radiation can
also suppress bone marrow and
leading to anemia.
Congenital disorder may also cause


Female: 3748% (0.370.48 SI

Hematocrit increased if hemoglobin is

decrease hematocrit levels can be


increased, the cause of increase

accompanied by hemoglobin levels

Male: 4252% (0.420.52 SI units)

hematocrit levels should consider the

or not, if the hematocrite levels is

Pregnancy: Decreased (dilutional)

causes of increase hemoglobin

more then 3 times Hemoglobin

Elderly: Slightly decreased

levels, please consider the causes of

Newborn: Increased

decrease hemoglobin. But if it is

less than 3 times of Hb levels,
meaning a plasma extravasation is
occur, and a concerning


150,000400,000/mm3 (150400 X

Trombhocytosis occur when your body

dehydration present.
Trombocytopenia occurs in viral

109/L SI units)

is having an acute bleeding or blood

infection, heavy alcohol

loss, allergic reaction, too much

consumption. it could also be a sign

exercise, and some types of anemia

of some type of anemia, and

can also causing trombocytosis.

adverse effect of chemotherapy.

Inflamation and infection of some

Some autoimmune disorder and

origin can cause increase platelet.

medication can cause decrease of

Adverse effect of some certain drug

platelet. In pregnant woman mild

also causing trombocytosis.

trombocytopenia can occurs but it

will become normal soon after