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June 11, 2015

File: 195-20/Metro Ops
Cliff: 1012345

Metro Operations Staff


Delta Fire and Emergency Services EMR Licencing and Practice

BCEHS has been advised that Delta Firefighters have completed training and licencing through
the Emergency Medical Assistants Regulation to the Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)
level. On the 25th May 2015 the Municipality of Delta also passed a bylaw to approve the
provision of enhanced on-scene emergency medical care by Firefighters.
Delta has taken these actions unilaterally BCEHS does not support these initiatives and has
serious concerns about their implementation.
It is BCEHS position that the Municipality of Delta is not acting in accordance with the
Emergency Health Services Act and the Regulation; we are urging Delta to collaborate with us to
address the many issues that would need to be addressed before Delta Firefighters could provide
an expanded scope of services without compromising patient care. We have been informed that
Delta intends to change their practices on Monday 15th June 2015 and Delta Fire (Delta FR)
crews may undertake the following medical interventions prior to our arrival:
Delta FR staff may use Medications licenced for use by EMA-FR including:
Nitrous Oxide
Other clinical skills that may be practiced include:
BP by auscultation/palpation
Emergency fracture/immobilization
Airway suction and BVM
Soft tissue injury treatment
Nasopharyngeal airway device
Delta FR staff may also hold one or more of the following endorsements:
Occupational First Aid
IV Maintenance (No Meds/Blood)
Medication administration using PO,
SL & Inhalation routes
BCEHS Victoria Office PO Box 9600 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria BC V8W 9P1 TEL 250-953-3298 FAX 250-953-3119

BC Emergency Health Services - MEMORANDUM

Platelet inhibitors
Chest auscultation

Our priority is always to provide the patient with the best possible care and we must ensure that
there is a continuity of care based around the patient need. This change by Delta FR may impact
both PCCP Dispatch staff and Paramedics on scene.
While we work with the Ministry of Health, our legal counsel and the Emergency Medical
Assistant Licensing Board (EMALB) to put a halt to this initiative, our expectations for BCEHS
staff are as follows:
PCCP Dispatch Staff
1. Record and action any updates from Delta FR in the normal way, recording any clinical
information shared by Delta FR on scene
2. Upgrade calls in line with current practice at the request of Delta FR
Responding Paramedics
On arrival effect a full verbal handover from Delta staff using the SBAR process and
record this information on the BCEHS PCR including the name and/or ID of the person
giving the handover
Ask for a copy of the Delta FR PCR for the hospital
Record in the BCEHS PCR any interventions not captured above or any deficiencies or
concerns with the treatment given by Delta FR
Exchange any appropriate equipment noting on the BCEHS PCR what was exchanged
Transport any patients appropriately without delay or impact on their clinical care
regardless of the treatment given by Delta FR in line with BCEHS Treatment Guidelines
BCEHS staff accepting a patient will not accept any liability for the treatment given by Delta FR,
however a full and detailed assessment of all patients should be made as required in the treatment
guidelines prior to initiating any additional treatment.
We will share more information as it becomes available. We would stress that providing
appropriate, timely and quality clinical care to patients is our priority. Patient transport should
not be delayed due to the changes introduced by the Municipality of Delta.
Original signed by
Jodi Jensen
Chief Operating Officer


Linda Lupini, Executive Vice-President, PHSA and BCEHS

Carl Roy, President, BCEHS

BCEHS Victoria Office PO Box Stn Prov Govt, Victoria BC V8W 9P1 TEL 250-953-3298 FAX 250-953-3119