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Asked Questions
Core Box

Base Box As of 6/8/2015

Drawing New Monsters

Building Walls

When drawing the 2 Monster tokens, should

Can you re-build a Wall after its corresponding

resolve the second or draw them both and

tower has been destroyed?

Yes. As long as you have a Brick card and a
Mortar card, you can rebuild any Wall,
regardless of the presence or absence of the
corresponding tower.

Moving Monsters
What happens when two Monsters move into
the same space in the Castle ring at the same
time? Two Monsters wont fit in one space.
If two or more Monsters occupy the same space
in the Castle ring, they should be stacked, one
on top of the other. It doesnt matter which
Monster is on top. They will stay stacked as

you draw one and resolve it and then draw and

choose which one to resolve first?
You can draw both tokens at the same time, but
you should flip them over and resolve them one
at a time, resolving the first token before you
flip and resolve the second one.
When your first drawn Monster token has you
draw more Monster tokens, does it matter
whether you resolve the new tokens before you
turn over your second token?
You should add the new tokens to the end of
your original draw. In other words, turn over
and resolve your second original token before
you resolve the newly added tokens.

they move clockwise through the Castle ring

When the Goblin King is drawn, are the 3 other

and any of them can be attacked.

drawn tokens placed into the same space as the

If the last Monster in the game is destroyed

when it moves into the last Tower, is that a
win, a loss, or a tie?
Since the players can win only by playing
through all the Monsters with at least 1 Tower
remaining intact, that outcome would be a loss.

Goblin King (if they are Monsters)?

No. When you draw the 3 new Monsters, they
should be placed just like regular Monster
tokens. Roll the die, and place them in the
Forest ring space that matches the number

Playing Cards
Can you play a card, Scavenge it, and play it
again, all in the same turn?
Yes, you may play Scavenge to retrieve a card
that you just played, and play that card again.
Technically, you are still in the Play cards
phase of your turn, so that is entirely legal. Plus,
it's a great way to do some serious damage.
If you have cards in your hand that you cannot
play, (such as a Red Archer with no Monsters in
that ring, or Brick without Mortar) can you
play those cards just to discard them?

rulebook for an illustration of how Boulders


A Mans Home Is His Castle

If Im playing a game with fewer than 6
players, what happens to those leftover towers
that no one is connected with?
Those towers are essentially extra. If they are
destroyed, no one is removed from the game.
Another way to play this variant if you have
fewer than 6 players is to treat the unclaimed
towers as Reserves and use them as fallback

No, you can discard only 1 card on your turn

positions. If a players claimed tower is

during the Discard and Draw phase.

destroyed, rather than being out of the game, he

Otherwise, you can play a card only if playing

or she may choose one of these Reserve towers

the card has an eect. The only exception to that

and continue playing with the new tower as

rule is the Missing card, which can still be

their own. However, once all the Reserve towers

played even if there are no Monster tokens left

are taken, any player that loses his or her tower

to draw.

is out of the game at that point.

Are you allowed to look through the discard

What if my tower was destroyed and I was out,

pile before deciding whether or not to play the

but the other players were able to win the

Scavenge card?

game. Can I still count my Monster tokens for


victory points?

Giant Boulders
When I draw a Giant Boulder, do I roll for it
and place it in the forest like a regular Monster?
No, Boulders are not placed in the Forest at all.
Instead, you roll to determine which arc the
Boulder starts in. The Boulder immediately
travels within that arc straight across the board
toward the arc on the opposite side of the board.
Boulders destroy any Monsters in their path and
do not stop until they hit and destroy a Wall,
Tower, or Fortify token. See page 10 in the

Sorry, you add up points only if you survive

until the end.

Overlord Version
Is the Overlord counted as 1 of the 6 maximum
players or apart? That is, can 7 players play the
game, 1 as the Overlord?
You can play the game with 6 Castle players and
1 Overlord, making the Overlord the 7th player.
Six players is still the maximum for either a
Standard or Co-op variation, though.
When 5 players and 1 Overlord are playing,
can the human players exchange 6 cards
among them or only when there are 6 human
The Castle players are still limited to the same
hand size and number of trades that they would
be for a game with the same number of
human players. In the example above, each
player would have a hand size of 5 and would be
able to trade 1 card per turn.
If the Overlord plays the Goblin King, does he
have to play the three tokens which come with
him or can he play any other token from his
The Overlord can play any token from his or
her hand after drawing up. When the Overlord
draws any token that lets him or her draw more
tokens (such as the Goblin King, Draw 3
Monster tokens, or Draw 4 Monster tokens), he
or she adds that number of tokens to his or her
hand. The Overlord can then play that same
number of tokens, and those tokens can be
ANY tokens from his or her hand. It doesnt
have to be the tokens that were just drawn.

When the Overlord plays a Boss Monster, does

the Overlord have to roll to place that Monster?
The description of each Boss Monster
specifically begins with the roll for placement
The Overlord has his/her own rules for placing
Monsters, which overrides the normal
placement rules in the Standard or Co-op game.
On his/her turn, the Overlord can always
choose to either place 1 Monster in any arc of
the Forest ring as they wish or place 2 Monsters
randomly with die rolls. This means the
Overlord can choose to place a Boss Monster
anywhere, but that will be the only Monster
placed on that turn. The only exception to that
rule is if the Overlord is placing a Boss Monster
as one of multiple Monster tokens due to
playing a Draw 3 Monster tokens, Draw 4
Monster tokens, or Goblin King token. In that
case the Boss Monster, like all the tokens played
that way, must be placed randomly by rolling
the die.

Castle Panic: The Wizards Tower

Updated 4/4/2012

Boss Monsters
When the Chimera hits a Wall and has one
health point left, does it live to breath fire, since

cannot bring Mega Boss Monsters back into

Does the Dragon always move by its special

the rules state that he breathes fire immediately

movement rules, or only on Phase 5?

after moving, or is he killed by the wall before

The Dragon, Chimera, and Warlock all move by

he has the chance?

those special rules when:

In that situation, the Chimera destroys the Wall

a. They move during Phase 5, when all Monsters

and perishes before he can breathe fire. This


circumstance is resolved in a manner similar to

b. They are moved or rotated by another

the two-step process that burning Monsters

hitting a Wall go through. First, they move and
resolve all eects from movement, and then they
take damage from Flame tokens.
Does the Necromancer damage the Wall when
he hits it? And what number of health points do
I use to determine how many people he
summons if he takes damage? The health before
or after taking down the Wall?

monster token.
They do not move by the special movement
rules if they are moved by a card, such as KnockBack, Drive Him Back, Teleport, Extinguishing
Wind, or Wall of Force.
Is the Conjurer a Boss Monster?
Yes, the Conjurer is a regular Boss Monster, not
a Mega Boss Monster.

Yes, the Necromancer destroys the Wall when

Playing Cards

he hits it. The number of Monsters returned to

If I use Hammer of Light or Barbarian on the

the draw pile equals the number of health points

he had before he was destroyed. This guarantees
he will reanimate at least 1 Monster if he reaches
the Castle, even if he was on his last damage
Can the Necromancer redraw himself? In other
words, is his Harbinger token put into the
Monster discard pile before you do the random
redraw of Monsters?
No, the Necromancer cannot redraw himself.
All Harbinger tokens are removed from the
game as soon as they are played, not placed in
the Monster discard pile, so the Necromancer

Hydra, does he still spawn Imps, since those

cards slay rather than just do damage?
No, the Hydra doesnt spawn Imps if he is
slayed, whether it is slayed in one hit or in the
last of a series of hits.
Can the Barbarian hit the Dragon or other
flying Monsters?
Yes, the Barbarian can hit the Dragon and other
flying Monsters. The cards that do not work on
flying Monsters are listed specifically on page 6.
The Barbarian can still be as awesome as always.

When I play Reinforce do I go through either

deck and take whatever card I want?
No, a player cannot go through either deck to take
any card when playing Reinforce. Reinforce
allows a player to draw the top card from the
players choice of either deck, not the players
choice of card from the entire deck.
If I play Change Range to turn a hit card into
an Archer, can I use that to attack a flying

What happens when a Climbing Troll
encounters a Wall that is on fire?
When a Climbing Troll encounters a Wall that is
on fire, the Climbing Troll bypasses the Wall
and moves from the Swordsman ring into the
Castle ring as usual and then catches fire. A new
Flame token is added to the Climbing Troll, but
the Flame token is not removed from the Wall.
Damage from the Flame token is not taken until

Can I use Mystical Manufacturing to build a

the next Move Monsters Phase, however.

Tower on top of a Monster?

Does the Ogre take 4 hit-points to kill, or is it

Yes. Once Mystical Manufacturing is played to

just worth 4 points when taken?

build a Tower on a Monster in the Castle ring,

Yes, the Ogre is a bigger, tougher monster that

the tower is immediately destroyed and the

Monster takes 1 point of damage. If that
Monster is slayed, you keep it as a trophy. If the
Monster still has damage points remaining, it
will then move 1 space clockwise in the Castle
ring, as usual, on Phase 5 of your turn.
If Wizard Quake is played to destroy a Tower
and there is a wall in front of that Tower, is the
Tower destroyed as well?
No, the wall is untouched. The Wizard merely
requires the sacrifice of the Tower.
Since Knockback says to move the monster
after it takes damage, is it valid to play an
Archer hit card with Knockback to move a
Centaur in the Archer ring back one space?
The special range Monsters (Cyclops, Centaur,
and Golem) take no damage from cards played
in their immune ring. So since Knockback
moves the Monster after it takes damage,
Knockback cannot be used on those Monsters
when they are in their immune rings.

takes 4 points to kill and is worth 4 points.

If a Cyclops is struck by a Wizard card in the
archer ring is he slain?
Yes. The three special range Monsters
(Cyclops, Centaur, and Golem) all have the
same rule. If they are damaged at all in their
vulnerable ring, they are immediately slain. It
doesnt matter if that damage is done by a Hit
card or a Wizard card.

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