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________ fuel oil grade under marine distillate fuel mentioned in ISO
8217:2005 standard has been re-assigned as __________ fuel oil grade under
marine residual fuel (as per ISO 8217 : 2010 standard)


2. The energy savings with variable speed drives will be maximum for which of the
following system.
A. pure static
B.pure friction head
C. high static head and low friction head
D. low static head and high friction head
3. The floating ring of a shell and tube type cooler utilizes a packingring to
A. prevent leakage past the floating end tube sheet
B. dissipate heat
C. baffle cooling water so it can be directed on a multiple pass
D. modified to a mixer type cooler
4. A passenger ship must have redundancy of steering operation upon single failure
to the order of.
A. 50%
B. 75%
C. 100% check

D. none of the above

5. we know that iso 8217:2010 standards are used to order marine fuels on
merchant vessel. U have ordered the marine distillate fuel as per marine standards
and upon fuel oil testing it was found to confirm with the standards. However chief
engineer just told u that u cannot use it in your engine room because the fuel is not
meeting certain safety requirements mentioned on the SOLAS. Which grade of fuel
do u think it would be?
B.DMB(for marpol)
6. When does a relief valve operate on a main engine onboard. It indicates

Abnormal fuel supply to the cylinder

Abnormal fuel timing of the cylinder

Abnormal exhaust temperature of the cylinder

Abnormal exhaust pressure in the cylinder

7. pump efficiency is directly proportional to

A. pump losses
B. npsh(a)
C.dynamic head
D. all of the above
8. gagging of boiler safety valve is done during
a.normal working
b.pressure testing of safety valve
c. leak of safety valve
d. all of the above
9. Temp. at which water vapour in atmosphere begins to condense

a. dew point temp.

b.condensation temp
c. psychometric temp
d. absolute temp
10. Bilge injection valve is
a. bilge pump suction valve
b. main sea water pump suction from wngine room
c. sludge pump suction valve
d. none of the above
11. Pipes of cross section from 1/8 inch to 12 inch (30cm) is sized by
a. wall thickness
b. nominal inside dia
c. outside dia
d. threaded dia
12. UMS is allowed in
a. bad weather
b. cargo operation
c. bunkering
d.none of the above
13. Expansion valve is located between
14. surging of turbocharger of A.E may be due to
a. fuel system fault
b. scavenge manifold fire
c. exhaust manifold fire
d. all the above
15. hot work permit is required for work in

a. engine room
b. workshop
c. enclosed space
d. all of the above
16. prior man entry in LNG tank first action- gas freeing has to be done
a. purging
b. aerating
c. inerting
d. warming
17. gate valve should never be throttled to prevent
a. excess pressure drop
b. air ingress
c. wire drawing
d. all of the above
18. TLV timing.
a. 8 hrs a day 40 hrs a week
19. limit of tankers to use only one standard steering gear without 100%
a. 10k gt
b. 100k dwt
c. 100k gt
d. 10 k dwt
20. variable speed drivers for capacitive control can be with
a. centrifugal pump
b. scew pump
c. reciprocating pump
d. all of the above

21. alkaline hardness salts in boiler are __________ , _________ and _________ of
________ and ________
a. hydroxide, carbonate and bicarbonate of calcium and magnesium
b. chloride, phosphate and carbonate of calcium and magnesium
c. sulphate, phosphate and carbonate of calcium and magnesium
d. none of the above.
22. main engine L.O sump
a. never integrated to engine foundation
b. sloped bottom
c. with non ferrous no corrosive metal
d. with drain above or at normal level
23. oil separator in refrigeration is between
24. record of testing of fire fighting equipment in MODU must include
a. name and details of the person conducting
b. weight of charge
c. recommendation for next
d. all of the above
25. 380 cst to 700 cst ( it was a very long question)
a. change over if the manual approves
b. for main engine it can be done but for A.E it cannot be done
c. storing handling and purification may not be possible
d. iso 8217:2010 not recommends
26. pump is not installed on main drainage or evacuation system.
a. reciprocating p/p
b. centrifugal p/p
c. HP radial vane p/p
d. educator p/p

27.y crank case sweating takes place?

a.oil carry over
b.expansion v/v stuck open
c.air in system
d.moisture in system
28.how wrought iron make from pig iron?
b.blast furnace
c.basamer furnace
28.lowest flash point grade of
a.Dmx- correct
29.purpose of steam drum
a.collect steam
b.equalize water in line
c.precipitate salt formation
30.swell & shrinkage how we control?
a.feed flow
b.water flow
c.steam flow
d.water level
31.c/e order 1000 MT 180cst engine running,now 380 cst bunker comes .can we
a.we can use it
b.mix it with marine diesel oil

c.note of protest to company

32.plane carbon steel having 0.83% carbon
b.hypo austenite
c.hyper austenite
33.where scale trap located in refrigeration system?
a.b/w compressor & condenser
b.b/w main v/v & solenoid v/v
c.at receiver
34.location of thermostatic expansion valve
a.Between king valve
b. b/w solenoid v/v & evaporator
35.when high suction pressure of ref. compressor
a.dirty dryer
b.dirty l.o separator
36.l.o purifier inlet temp.
37.what is the problem due to low suction pressure of compressor?
a.short cycling
37.use of wear ring in centrifugal p/p

38.reducing flame oxyacetylene welding

a.soften & ferrite.
More option dont know?
39.where we charging the refrigerant in ref. system?
a.b/w receiver & solenoid v/v
b.b/w solenoid & TEv/v
c.b/w king v/v & receiver
40.wat we add in fuel oil for reducing its pour point- ans is anti static elements
c.excess pressure
41.both S/G motor is used wen?
a.4 nauical miles
b.12 Nm
c.wen having navigation circumstances
d.arrival & dep. From port
42.ciculation of water b/w steam drum & water drum
a.due to density difference
43.good house keeping?
a.fire hazard reduced
b.sea pollution
d.save fresh water mix with oil
44.in steam water hammering is due to?
a.put steam in cold pipe
b.water in hot pipe

c.steam v/v is crack open

45.in Alcap SYSTEM??
A.water v/v open when water content is more
46.swash plate type variable delivery p/p motor?
a.constant speed
b.variable speed motor
c.for reversing direction of flow reverse motor direction
47.for proper functioning of ows dont put__________in bilge holding tank.
a.air cooler washing descaling liquid
b.detergent solution
c.soot from E.G economizer
d. all of above
48.NPSH required definition
49.burner turn down ratio
a.throughput maximum to minimum
50.ship stability depend upona.duct keel
b.stability tank
d.all of above
51.in boiler where the water boils above the boiling point.
52.if solenoid v/v of meat fish & veg room all manualy shut & compressor run,wat is
the effect on compressor?
a.h.p cut off
b.l.p cut off

c.refrigerant comes in liquid form

d.all of above
53.when h.p cut out takes place?
b.condenser choked
54.slider mechanism of steering gear.(rapson slide)
a.rudder stock
b.change linear motion to rotary motion
d.all of above
55.acetylene cylinder
a.red colour left handed tight
56.fuel system change from 8211-2005 to 8217-2010
57.boiler safety v/v outlet vent pipe is how much bigger then the size of safety v/v?
a.5% b.10% c.15% d.20%
58.vapour-absorbent cycle
59.rudder locking arrangement?
b.v/v hydraulic line
c.v/v b/w cylinder
60.main parameter to determine rudder torque?
a.Vessel size & rudder type

b.sea wave propeller size

c.dead weight tonnage
61-frequent testing of auxiliary boiler ANS- BI-ANNUAL FOR EIGHT YRS, AFTER THAT
a.5 years
b.2.5 years
c.1 year
d.30 month per new boiler upto 8 year
62.economiser pressure difference
a.fouling exhaust side
63.inert gas system is applied with cow washing in ANS20,000GT
a.all tankers
b.10000 grt
c.40000 grt
64.in solid bowl separator solid remove by
a.automatic desludge
b.clean manually
65.oil fired burner is in operation what chack to be done.
a.gauge glass blow down
b.manualy safety v/v lift
c.flame eye
d.pilot burner clean.
66.rotary vane S/G connect with rudder stock?

A,single key
b.double key
67.fan curve characteristic change with
a.inlet damper
b.outlet damper
c.vane of impeller
68.(NPSH) req. of centrifugal p/p




69.ecofriendly refrigerant for marine environment.

a.R 21 b.R 12 C.Amonia d.SO2
70.purifier oil outlet transducer work on the principle of.
a.oil dielectric constant is more then water
b.water dielectric constant is greater then oil
c.mixture of oil water dielectric constt is less compare to pure oil
71.Copper tube adding procedure
72.preferential trip
b.overload on generator
73.if fuel oil is mix with lube oil we send sample in lab for testing.
b.ca, mg, zn
c.ca, mg, p

74.viscosity increase if p/p speed constt then

a.H decrease ,efficiency decrease,power decrease
75.flooding takes place
a.bilge injection v/v open
b.emcy bilge suction v/v open
76.oil pairing disc function
a.remove oil from water
b.remove oil with pressure
c.remove water with pressure
d.to maintain interface
77. 0.5 NPSH available in p/p is using where we will install it.
a.0.6 b.0.48



78.where we put thermostatic expansion valve

a.in suction
d.any of above
79.relation b/w NPSH & speed directly proportional to

b.n^2 c.n^3


80.1 tone refer = 200 BTU/min

81.conradson carbon residue in fuel- AMT OF UNBURNT RESIDUES IN FUEL
a.fuel quality b.carbon residue


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