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Install Oracle 12C Release 1

(12.1) on Windows 7, 8
Posted on July 11, 2013

This article presents how to quickly install Oracle Database 12C Release 1
( on Windows.
In case you want to install Oracle RAC 12C on Windows 2008 check following
Install Oracle RAC 12C on Windows 2008 using Oracle Virtual Box
Software used:

Oracle Database 12C Release 1( 64 bit for Windows

Windows 8 Pro edition 64 bit

Binaries Database 12C Release 1(


Hardware and software requirements:

at least 2GB ram as minimumat least 10G space

Windows Server 2008 x64 and up Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter,

Web, and Foundation editions.

Windows Server 2012 x64 Standard, Datacenter, Essentials, and

Foundation editions

Windows 7 x64 Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions

Windows 8 x64 Pro and Enterprise editions

I installed database software on Windows 8 Pro edition. Grid 12C is not

supported for Windows 8 Pro.
Install database software

Unzip both files to the same directory


it will create following structure. Just run setup.exe.

1. Installer should start

2. Uncheck checkbox I wish to receive security updates via My Oracle Support

and then click Next button.

3. Ignore following message and click Yes button.

4. Select Skip software updates and click Next button.

5. Select Create and configure a database and click Next button.

6. Select Server class option and click Next button.

7. Select Single instance database installation option and click Next. Other
options are available if you have grid software 12C installed.

8. Select Advanced install to have more options during installation of a new

database. Click Next button.

9. Select your language option. Once its done click Next button.

10. Accept default Enterprise Edition and click Next button.

11. On this screen you can select account which will be used to install and use of
new database software. I used Use Windows Built-in Account. Click Next

12. In such case ignore next message by clicking Yes button.

13. On the screen you can select directory for new binaries. Click Next button.

14. Accept default General Purpose/Transaction Processing and click Next


15. Enter Global database name, Oracle system identifier (SID) for your new
database which will be created. If you check checkbox Create as Container
database your database will be able to consolidate many databases. In such
case you need to enter name of your first pluggable database Pluggable
database name. Click Next button.

16. Specify more details about your database on 3 tabs where you can define
memory settings, character set and if to install sample schemas on your
database. Once you are happy with your settings click Next button.

17. On this screen you can select place where database files will be created.
Select File system option and click Next button.

18. On this screen you can register your new database in Oracle Enterprise
Cloud. Click Next button to continue.

19. Check checkbox Enable Recovery to specify recovery area where backups
will be stored. Click Next button to continue.

20. Specify password for each user or enter the same for all. Once its done click
Next button.

21. Checks are started to verify if OS is ready to install database software.

22. If everything is right click Install button. Its the last moment to come back
to each of previous point and make changes.

23. Installation in progress go play football

24. Database Configuration Assistant will start automatically and create

database for you.

25. Once database is created you should see summary window. Click OK

26. Installation is completed. Click Close button.