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abridge shorten

abroad overseas

abrogate cancel
abrupt ending suddenly
abscess infected and inflamed tissue
abscond to run away (secretly)
absolve acquit, free from blame
abstain refrain

abstract theoretical, intangible
abstruse difficult to understand
abut touch, border on
abysmal deficient, sub par
abyss chasm
academy school
accede yield, agree
accentuate emphasize
accession attainment of rank
accessory attachment, accomplice
acclaim recognition, fame
A acclimate accustom oneself to a
climate, adjust
a cappella without accompaniment acclivity ascent, incline
à la carte priced separately accolade applause, tribute
a priori reasoning based on general accommodate adapt, assist, house
principles 10 Vocabulary 4000
aback unexpected, surprised accomplice one who aids a
abacus counting device lawbreaker
abandon desert, forsake accord agreement
abase degrade accost to approach and speak to
abash humiliate, embarrass someone aggressively
abate lessen, subside accouter equip, clothe
abatement alleviation accredit authorize
abbey monastery accrete grow larger
abbreviate shorten accrue accumulate
abdicate relinquish power or accumulate amass
position acerbic caustic, bitter (of speech)
abdomen belly acme summit, zenith
abduct kidnap acolyte assistant (usually to clergy)
aberrant abnormal acoustic pertaining to sound
abet aid, encourage (typically of acquaint familiarize
crime) acquiesce agree passively
abeyance postponement acquit free from blame
abhor detest acrid pungent, caustic, choking
abide submit, endure acrimonious caustic, resentful
abject wretched acrophobia fear of heights
abjure renounce actuate induce, start
ablate cut away acumen insight
ablution cleansing acute sharp, intense
abode home ad nauseam to a ridiculous degree
abolish annul, eliminate ad-lib improvise
abominable detestable adage proverb
aboriginal indigenous, native adamant insistent
abortive unsuccessful adapt adjust to changing conditions
abound be plentiful adaptable pliable
abreast side-by-side addendum appendix, supplement
adduce offer as example aggrieved unjustly injured
adept skillful aghast horrified
adhere stick to agile nimble
adherent supporter agitate stir up
adieu farewell agnate related on the father’s side
adipose fatty agnostic not knowing whether God
adjacent next to exists
adjourn suspend, discontinue agrarian pertaining to farming
adjudicate judge agronomy science of crop
adjunct addition production
administer manage air discuss, broadcast
admissible allowable airs pretension
admonish warn gently akimbo with hands on hips
ado fuss, commotion akin related
Adonis a beautiful man al fresco outdoors
adroit skillful alacrity swiftness
adulation applause, worship albatross large sea bird
adulterate contaminate, corrupt albino lacking pigmentation
adumbration overshadow alcove recess, niche
advent arrival of something important alias assumed name
adventitious accidental, extrinsic alibi excuse
adversary opponent alienate estrange, antagonize
adverse unfavorable, opposing alight land, descend, to happen to
adversity hardship find a place to rest
advise give counsel allay to reassure
advocate urge, support allege assert without proof
aegis that which protects, sponsorship allegiance loyalty
aerial pertaining to the air allegory fable
aerobics exercise allegro fast
aesthetic pleasing to the senses, alleviate lessen, assuage
beautiful alliteration repetition of the same
affable friendly sound
affect influence allocate distribute
affectation pretense, showing off allot allocate, ration
affidavit sworn written statement allude refer to indirectly
affiliate associate ally unite for a purpose
affiliation connection, association almanac calendar with additional
affinity fondness information
affix fasten alms charity
affliction illness aloof arrogant, detached
affluent abundant, wealthy altercation argument
affray brawl altitude height
affront insult alto low female voice
aficionado devotee, ardent follower altruism benevolence, generosity
afoul entangled, in trouble amalgamation mixture
aft rear amass collect
aftermath consequence ambient surrounding, environment
agape wonder ambiguous unclear
agenda plan, timetable ambivalence conflicting emotions
agent provocateur agitator ambulatory able to walk
aggrandize exaggerate ameliorate improve
aggravate worsen amenable agreeable
aggregate total, collect amend correct
aggressor attacker amenities courtesies, comforts
aggrieve mistreat amenity pleasantness
amiable friendly apartheid racial segregation
amid among apathetic unconcerned, uninterested
amiss wrong, out of place apathy indifference
amity friendship, good will ape mimic
amnesty pardon aperture opening
amoral without morals apex highest point
amorous loving, sexual aphasia speechless
amorphous shapeless aphorism maxim
amortize pay by installments aplomb poise
amphibious able to operate in water apocalyptic ominous, doomed
and land apocryphal of doubtful authenticity
amphitheater oval-shaped theater apoplexy stroke
amuck murderous frenzy apostate one who abandons one’s
amulet charm, talisman faith
amuse entertain apotheosis deification
anachronistic out of historical order appall horrify
anaerobic without oxygen apparition phantom
anagram a word formed by appease pacify
rearranging the letters of another word appellation title
analgesic pain-soother append affix
analogous similar apposite apt
analogy point by point comparison apprehensive anxious, worried
anarchist terrorist, nihilist apprise inform
anarchy absence of government, chaos approbation approval
anathema curse, abomination apropos appropriate
anecdote story apt suitable
aneurysm bulging in a blood vessel aptitude ability
angst anxiety, dread aquatic pertaining to water
animadversion critical remark arbiter judge
animated exuberant arbitrament final judgment
animosity dislike arbitrary tyrannical, capricious
animus hate arcane secret, difficult to understand
annals historical records archaic antiquated
annex to attach, to take possession of archetype original model, epitome
annihilate destroy archipelago group of island
annotate to add explanatory notes archives public records
annul cancel ardent passionate
annular ring-shaped ardor passion
anodyne pain soothing arduous hard
anoint consecrate, apply ointment argonauts gold-seekers, adventurers
anomalous abnormal argot specialized vocabulary, jargon
anonymity state of being aria operatic song
anonymous arid dry, dull
antagonistic hostile aristocrat nobleman
antagonize harass armada fleet of ships
antechamber waiting room armistice truce
antediluvian ancient, obsolete arraign indict
anthology collection array arrangement
anthrax disease, bacterium arrears in debt
antic caper, prank arrogate seize without right
antipathy repulsion, hated arroyo gully
antipodal exactly opposite arsenal supply, stockpile of weapons
antiquated outdated, obsolete artful skillful, cunning
antiquity ancient times articulate well-spoken
antithesis direct opposite artifice trick
artless naive, simple authorize grant, sanction
ascend rise automaton robot
ascendancy powerful state autonomous self-governing
ascertain discover auxiliary secondary, supportive
ascetic self-denying avail assistance
ascribe to attribute avant garde vanguard
aseptic sterile avarice greed
ashen pale avatar incarnation
asinine stupid averse loath, reluctant
askance to view with suspicion avert turn away
askew crooked avian pertaining to birds
aspersion slander avid enthusiastic
asphyxiate suffocate avocation hobby
aspirant contestant avouch attest, guarantee
aspiration ambition avow declare
assail attack avuncular like an uncle
assassin murderer awry crooked
assent agree axiom self-evident truth
assert affirm aye affirmative vote
assess appraise azure sky blue
assiduous hard-working
assimilate absorb, integrate
assonance partial rhyme
babbittry smugness
assuage lessen (pain) bacchanal orgy, drunken celebration
astral pertaining to stars badger pester
astringent causing contraction, badinage banter
severe bagatelle nonentity, trifle
astute wise bailiwick area of concern or business
asunder apart, into separate parts baleen whalebone
asylum place of refuge baleful hostile, malignant
asymmetric uneven balk hesitate
atavistic exhibiting the characteristics balky hesitant
of one’s forebears ballad song
atelier workshop ballast counterbalance
atoll reef ballistics study of projectiles
atomize vaporize balm soothing ointment
atone make amends banal trite
atrophy the wasting away of muscle bandy exchange
attenuate weaken, assuage bane poison, nuisance
attest testify barbarian savage
attire dress bard poet
attribute ascribe baroque ornate
attrition deterioration, reduction barrister lawyer
atypical abnormal bask take pleasure in, sun
au courant well informed, chic basso low male voice
audacity boldness bastion fort
audient listening, attentive bathos sentimentality
audition tryout batten fasten, board up
augment increase, supplement battery physical attack
augur predict bauble trinket
august noble, majestic beatify sanctify
aura atmosphere, emanation beatitude state of bliss
auspices patronage, protection beckon lure
auspicious favorable becoming proper
austere harsh, Spartan bedlam uproar
befit to be suitable bivouac encampment
beget produce, procreate blandish flatter, grovel
begrudge resent, envy blasé bored with life
beguile deceive, seduce blasphemy insulting God
behemoth monster bleak cheerless, forlorn
behest command blight decay
beholden in debt, obliged bliss happiness
belabor assail verbally, dwell on blithe joyous
belated delayed, overdue bloated swollen
beleaguer besiege bode portend
belfry bell tower bogus forged, false
belie misrepresent, disprove bogy bugbear
belittle disparage boisterous noisy
bellicose warlike bolt move quickly and suddenly
belligerent combative bombast pompous speech
bellow shout bon vivant gourmet, epicure
bellwether leader, guide bona fide made in good faith
bemoan lament bonanza a stroke of luck
bemused bewildered boon payoff, windfall
benchmark standard boor vulgar person
benediction blessing bootless unavailing
benefactor patron booty loot, stolen goods
benevolent kind botch bungle
benign harmless bourgeois middle class
bent determined bovine cow-like
bequeath will boycott abstain in protest
bequest gift, endowment bracing refreshing
berate scold brackish salty
bereave to rob, to deprive somebody of brandish display menacingly
a love one, especially through death bravado feigned bravery
bereft deprived of bravura technically difficult, brilliant
berserk crazed with anger brawn strength
beseech implore, beg brevity shortness of expression
beset harass, encircle brigand robber
besiege beleaguer, surround brink edge, threshold
besmirch slander, sully broach bring up a topic for
bespeak attest conversation
bestial beast-like, brutal bromide cliché
bestow offer, grant brook tolerate
betrothed engaged browbeat to bully
bevy group brusque curt
bibliography list of sources of bucolic rustic
information buffet blow, pummel
bicameral having two legislative buffoon fool, joker
branches bulwark fortification
bicker quarrel buncombe empty, showy talk
biennial occurring every two years buoyant floatable, cheerful
bilateral two-sided burgeon sprout
bilious ill-tempered burlesque farce
bilk swindle burly husky
biodegradable naturally decaying buttress support
biopsy removing tissue for
biped two-footed animal
cabal a group of conspirators
bistro tavern, cafe cabaret night club
cache hiding place catastrophic disastrous
cachet prestige categorical absolute, certain
cacophony dissonance, harsh noise cathartic purgative, purifying
cadaver corpse catholic universal, worldly
cadaverous haggard caucus meeting
cadence rhythm cause célèbre celebrated legal case
cadet a student of a military academy caustic scathing (of speech)
cadge beg cauterize to sear
cadre small group cavalier disdainful, nonchalant
cajole encourage, coax caveat warning
calamity disaster caveat emptor buyer beware
calculating scheming cavil quibble
caliber ability, character cavort frolic
callous insensitive cede transfer ownership, relinquish
callow inexperienced celestial heavenly
calumny slander celibate abstaining from sex
camaraderie fellowship cenotaph empty tomb, monument
canaille rabble censorious condemning speech
canard hoax censure condemn
candid frank, unrehearsed ceramics pottery
candor frankness cerebral pertaining to the brain
canine pertaining to dogs cessation a stoping
canon rule chafe abrade
cant insincere speech chagrin embarrassment
cantankerous peevish chalice goblet
cantata musical composition champion defend
canvass survey chaperon escort
capacious spacious charade pantomime, sham
capillary thin tube charlatan quack, imposter
capital most significant, pertaining chartreuse greenish yellow
to wealth chary cautious
capitol legislative building chaste pure, virgin
capitulate surrender chasten castigate
capricious fickle, impulsive chateau castle
caption title cheeky brass, forward
captious fond of finding fault in cherub cupid
others cherubic sweet, innocent
captivate engross, fascinate chicanery trickery
carafe bottle chide scold
carbine rifle chimerical imaginary, dreamlike
carcinogenic causing cancer choleric easily angered
carcinoma tumor chortle laugh, snort
cardinal chief chronic continual (usually of illness)
cardiologist one who studies the chronicle a history, record
heart chronology arrangement by time
careen swerve churl a boor
carrion decaying flesh chutzpah gall
cartographer mapmaker Cimmerian dim, unlit
cascade waterfall cipher zero, nobody, a code
cashmere fine wool from Asia circa about (of time)
Cassandra unheeded prophet circuitous roundabout
castigate criticize circumcise remove the foreskin
castrate remove the testicles circumlocution roundabout
casuistry specious reasoning expression
cataclysm catastrophe circumspect cautious
circumvent evade, thwart communion fellowship
citadel fortress commutation exchange,
citation summons to appear in court substitution
clamor noise commute lessen punishment
clan extended family compact covenant
clandestine secret compassion kindness
claustrophobia fear of enclosed compatible well-matched, harmonious
places compatriot countryman
cleave split compelling convincing, persuasive
cleft split compendium summary
clemency forgiveness compensate make up for
clique a small group compensatory redeeming
cloister refuge, monastery competence skillfulness
clone duplicate compile collect
clout influence complacent self-satisfied, oblivious
cloven split to coming danger
cloy glut, to sicken by excess compliant submissive, conforming
cloyed jaded complicity guilt by association
co-opt preempt, usurp comport to conduct oneself
coagulate thicken composed cool, self-possessed
coalesce combine compound augment
coda concluding passage comprehensive thorough
coddle pamper comprise consist of
codicil supplement to a will compulsive obsessive
coercion force compulsory obligatory
coffer strong box compunction remorse
cogent well-put, convincing concatenate link
cogitate ponder concave curving inward
cognate from the same source concede yield, grant
cognizant aware, mindful concerted done together, intensive
cognomen family name effort
cohabit live together conch spiral shell
cohere stick together conciliatory reconciling, restoring
cohort an associate goodwill
coiffure hairdo concise brief
collaborate work together conclusive convincing, ending doubt
collar seize, arrest concoct devise
collateral securities for a debt concomitant accompanying,
colloquial informal speech concurrent
colloquy conference concord accord
collusion conspiracy concordat agreement
colonnade row of columns concourse throng, open space for a
comatose stupor gathering
combine unite, blend concubine mistress
commandeer seize for military use concur agree
commemorate observe concurrent simultaneous
commend praise condescend patronize, talk down to
commensurate proportionate condiment seasoning
commiserate empathize condolence commiseration
commissary food store condone overlook wrong doing,
commission authorization to pardon
perform a task conducive helping
commodious spacious conduit pipe
commodity product confabulate discuss, give a
commodore naval officer fictitious account of a past event
confection candy contort twist
confederacy alliance contraband illicit goods
confer bestow contraction shrinkage
conference meeting contractual related to a contract
confidant trusted friend contrariety opposition
confide trust another (with secrets) contrast difference, comparison
confiscate seize contravene oppose
conflagration large fire contretemps unfortunate occurrence
confluence flowing together contrite apologetic
confound bewilder contrive arrange, artificial
confront challenge controversial subject to dispute
confuse perplex controvert dispute
confute disprove contumacy disobedience
congeal solidify contusion bruise
congenial friendly conundrum puzzle, enigma
congenital inborn, existing from birth convene assemble (a group)
congeries pile conventional customary, standard
congruence conformity converge come together
coniferous bearing cones conversant familiar
conjecture hypothesis, speculation converse opposite
conjugal pertaining to marriage convex curving outward
conjure summon convey communicate
connive conspire conviction strongly held belief
connoisseur an expert, gourmet convivial sociable, festive
consanguineous related by blood convocation gathering
conscientious honorable, upright convoke convene, summon
conscription draft, enlistment convoluted twisted, complicated
consecrate make holy copious abundant
consecutive one after another coquette a flirt
consensus general agreement cordial friendly
considered well thought-out, cordon bond, chain, barrier
contemplated cornucopia cone-shaped horn filled
consign assign with fruit
consolation comfort, solice corollary consequence
console comfort coronation crowning of a sovereign
consolidate unite, strengthen corporeal of the body
consonant harmonious corps group of people
consort spouse corpulent fat
consortium cartel corroborate confirm
conspicuous obvious cortege procession
conspire plot coruscate sparkle
constellation arrangement of stars cosmopolitan worldly, sophisticated
consternation anxiety, bewilderment cosset coddle
constrained confined coterie small group
construe interpret countenance facial expression
consummate perfect countermand overrule
contagion infectious agent counterstrike strike back
contemplate meditate countervail counterbalance
contempt disdain coup master stroke, sudden takeover
contend struggle coup de grâce final stroke, a blow
contented satisfied of mercy
contentious argumentative court-martial military trial
contiguous adjacent, abutting courtesan prostitute
continence self-control courtier member of the king’s court
contingent conditional covenant agreement, pact
covert secret dearth scarcity
covet desire debacle a rout, defeat
cower showing fear debase degrade
crass crude debauch corrupt
crave desire (D) phenomenal (E) accountable
craven cowardly debauchery indulgence
credence belief debilitate weaken
credenza buffet debonair sophisticated, affable
credulity gullibility debrief interrogate, inform
credulous believing debunk refute, expose
creed belief debutante a girl debuting into
crescendo becoming louder society
crestfallen dejected decadence decay (e.g. moral or
crevice crack cultural)
cringe cower decant pour
criterion a standard used in judging decapitate kill by beheading
critique examination, criticism decathlon athletic contest
croon sing deceive trick
cruet bottle deciduous shedding leaves
crux gist, key decimate destroy
cryptic mysterious, puzzling decipher decode
cubism a style of painting decline decrease in number
cudgel club decommission take a ship out of
culinary pertaining to cooking service
cull pick out, select decorous seemly, dignified
culminate climax decorum protocol, etiquette
culpable blameworthy decree official order
culprit offender decrepitude enfeeblement
culvert drain decry castigate
cumbersome unwieldy deduce conclude
cumulative accumulate deduct subtract
cupidity greed deem judge
curb restrain, block deface mar, disfigure
curmudgeon boor, bad-tempered defamation (noun) slander
curriculum course of study defame (verb) slander
curry seek favor by flattery defeatist one who is resigned to
cursory hasty defeat
curt abrupt, rude defer postpone
curtail shorten deference courteously yielding to
cyclone storm another
cynical scornful of the motives or deficit shortage
sincerity of others defile pollute, corrupt
cynosure celebrity, center of attention definitive conclusive, final
czar Russian emperor deflect turn aside

deflower despoil
defraud swindle
dab touch lightly defray pay
dais platform deft skillful
dally procrastinate, linger defunct extinct
dank cold and damp degrade demean
dauntless courageous dehydrate dry out
de facto actual, in effect deign condescend
de jure legally deity a god
de rigueur very formal, compulsory delectable delicious
deadpan expressionless delegate authorize
delete remove despot tyrant
deleterious harmful destitute poor
deliberate ponder desuetude disuse
delineate draw a line around, describe desultory without direction in life
delinquent negligent, culpable detached emotionally removed
delirium mental confusion, ecstasy detain confine
delude deceive détente truce
deluge a flood detention confinement
delve dig, explore (of ideas) deter discourage, prevent
demagogue a politician who appeals deterrent hindrance, disincentive
to base instincts detract lessen, undermine
demean degrade detractor one who criticizes
demeanor behavior detrimental harmful
demented deranged detritus debris
demise death devastate lay waste
demobilize disband deviate turn away from
demography study of human devise plan
populations devoid empty
demoralize dishearten devotee enthusiast, follower
demote lower in rank devout pious
demur take (mild) exception, balk diabolical devilish
demure sedate, reserved dialectic pertaining to debate
denigrate defame diaphanous sheer, translucent
denizen dweller diatribe long denunciation
denomination class, sect dicey risky
denote signify, stand for dichotomy a division into two parts
denouement resolution dictate command
30 Vocabulary 4000 dictum saying
denounce condemn didactic instructional
denude strip bare diffident shy
depart leave digress ramble
depict portray dilapidated neglected
deplete exhaust dilate enlarge
deplore condemn dilatory procrastinating
deploy arrange forces dilemma a difficult choice
deportment behavior, posture dilettante amateur, dabbler
deposition testimony diligent hard-working
depravity immorality, wickedness diminution reduction
deprecate belittle diocese district
depredation preying on, plunder dire dreadful
deprive take away dirigible airship, blimp
deracinate uproot disabuse correct
derelict negligent disaffect alienate
deride ridicule disarray disorder
derisive mocking disavow deny, disown
derogatory degrading disband disperse
derrick crane disburse pay out
desecrate profane, defile discernible visible
desiccate dehydrate discerning observant
designate appoint disclaim renounce
desist stop disconcert confuse
desolate forsaken disconsolate inconsolable
despicable contemptible discord lack of harmony
despise loathe discourse conversation
despondent depressed discreet prudent
discrepancy difference, disagreement diversion pastime
discrete separate diversity variety
discretion prudence, the ability to divest strip, deprive
make well-reasoned decisions dividend distributed profits
discriminating able to see differences divine foretell
discursive rambling divisive causing conflict
disdain contempt divulge disclose
disengage release, detach docile domesticated, trained
disfigure mar, ruin dock curtail
disgruntled disappointed doctrinaire dogmatic
dishevel muss document verify
disinclination unwillingness dodder tremble
disingenuous deceptive, insincere dogged persistent
disinter unearth doggerel poor verse
disinterested impartial dogmatic certain, unchanging in
disjointed disconnected, incoherent opinion
dismal gloomy dolce sweetly and gently
dismantle take apart doldrums dullness
dismay dread doleful sorrowful
disparage belittle dolorous gloomy
disparate various domicile home
disparity difference, inequality dominion area of authority
dispassionate impartial don assume, put on
dispatch send donor contributor
dispel cause to banish dormant asleep
disperse scatter dossier file
dispirit discourage dotage senility
disposition attitude, temper doting attending
dispossess take away possessions double-entendre having two
disputatious fond of arguing meanings one of which is sexually
dispute debate suggestive
disquietude anxiety doughty resolute, unafraid
disquisition elaborate treatise dour sullen
disrepute disgrace dowager widow
dissemble pretend, hide true beliefs doyen dean of a group
disseminate distribute draconian harsh
dissent disagree with the majority dregs residue, riffraff
dissertation lecture drivel inane speech
dissidence disagreement droll amusing
dissipate scatter, squander drone speak in a monotonic voice
dissolute profligate, immoral dubious doubtful
dissolution disintegration ductile stretchable
dissonance discord 34 Vocabulary 4000
dissuade deter dudgeon resentment, indignant
distend swell humor
distortion misinterpret, lie duenna governess
distract divert duet twosome
distrait preoccupied, absent-minded dulcet melodious
distraught distressed dupe one who is easily trick, victim
distrust suspect duplicity deceit, treachery
dither move without purpose duress coercion
diurnal daily dynamic energetic
diva prima donna
diverge branch off
diverse varying
ebb recede
ebullient exuberant embrangle embroil
eccentric odd, weird embroil involve with trouble
ecclesiastical churchly embryonic rudimentary, nascent
echelon degree, rank emend correct
éclat brilliance emergent appearing
eclectic from many sources emeritus retired, but retaining title
ectoderm top layer of skin eminent distinguished, famous
ecumenical universal, promoting emissary messenger
unity emote to display exaggerated
edict order emotion
edifice building empathy compassion, sympathy
edify instruct employ make use of
editorialize express an opinion empower enable, grant
educe draw forth, evoke emulate imitate
efface obliterate enact decree, ordain
effeminate unmanly enamored charmed, captivated
effervescence exuberance enate related on the mother’s side
effete worn out encapsulate condense
efficacious effective enchant charm
efficacy effectiveness enclave area enclosed within another
effigy likeness, mannequin region
effloresce to bloom encomium praise
effrontery insolence encompass contain, encircle
effulgent brilliant encore additional performance
effusion pouring forth encroach trespass
egocentric self-centered encumber burden
egregious grossly wrong encyclopedic comprehensive
egress exit endear enamor
ejaculate exclaim endeavor attempt, strive
eke supplement with great effort, strain endemic peculiar to a particular region
elaboration detailed explanation endocrinologist one who studies
elate raise spirits glands of internal secretion
electorate voters endoderm within the skin
eleemosynary pertaining to charity endorse approve
elegant refined, exquisite endowment property, gift
elegiac sad endure to suffer without giving up
elephantine large enervate weaken
elicit provoke enfranchise liberate, grant the right
elide omit to vote
elite upper-class engaging enchanting, charming
ellipsis omission of words engender generate, prompt
eloquent well-spoken engrave carve into a material
elucidate make clear, explain engross captivate
elude evade engulf overwhelm
elusive evasive enhance improve
emaciated underfed, gaunt enigmatic puzzling
T he Words 35 enjoin urge, order, forbid
emancipate liberate enlighten inform
emasculate castrate, dispirit enlist join
embargo restriction enmity hostility, hatred
embellish exaggerate, adorn ennoble exalt
embezzlement theft ennui boredom, world-weariness
emblazon imprint, brand enormity large, tragic
embody personify ensemble musical group
embrace accept, adopt enshroud cover, obscure
ensnare trap, lure estimable meritorious
ensue follow immediately estrange alienate
entail involve, necessitate eternal endless
enterprise undertaking ethereal light, airy
enthrall mesmerize ethical conforming to accepted
entice lure standards of behavior
entomology the study of insects ethos beliefs of a group
entourage assemblage, staff etiquette manners
entreat plead etymology study of words
entrench fortify euphemism genteel expression
entrepreneur businessman euphoria elation
enumerate count euthanasia mercy-killing
enviable desirable evade avoid
envision imagine, visualize evanescent fleeting, very brief
envoy messenger evangelical proselytizing
eon long period of time evasive elusive
ephemeral short-lived eventful momentous
epic majestic, a long narrative poem eventual ultimate, coming
epicure gourmet eventuate bring about
epidemic spreading rapidly evidential pertaining to evidence
epidemiology study of the spread evince attest, demonstrate
of disease eviscerate disembowel
epigram saying evoke draw forth
episode incident evolution gradual change
epistemology the branch of ewe female sheep
philosophy dealing with knowledge ex officio by virtue of position
epithet name, appellation exacerbate worsen
epoch era exact use authority to force payment
epoxy glue exacting demanding, difficult
equable even-tempered exalt glorify
equanimity composure, poise exasperate irritate
equine pertaining to horses excerpt selection, extract
equitable fair excision removal
equivocate make intentionally exclaim shout
ambiguous exclude shut out
era period of time exclusive prohibitive
eradicate abolish excommunicate expel
ergo therefore excruciate torture
erode wear away execrable abominable
err mistake, misjudge execute put into effect
errant wandering exegesis interpretation
erratic constantly changing exemplary outstanding
erroneous mistaken exempt excuse
ersatz artificial exhaustive thorough
erudite learned exhibitionist one who draws
erupt burst forth attention to himself
escalate intensify exhort strongly urge
escapade adventure exhume uncover
escarpment a steep slope exigency urgency
eschew avoid exiguous scanty
esoteric known by only a few exile banish
esplanade boardwalk exodus departure, migration
espouse advocate exonerate free from blame
esteem respect exorbitant expensive
esthetic artistic exorcise expel
expanse extent of land fanaticism excessive zeal
expansive sweeping fane temple
expedient advantageous fanfare publicity
expedite hasten farcical absurd, ridiculous
expel drive out farrago mixture
expertise knowledge, ability fascism totalitarianism, extreme
expiate atone nationalism
expletive curse, invective fastidious meticulous
expliate atone fatal resulting in death
explicate explain fathom understand
explicit definite, clear fatuity foolishness
exploit utilize, milk fatuous inane, stupid
expose divulge, reveal fauna animals
expostulate protest faux pas false step, mistake
expound explain fealty loyalty
expropriate dispossess, confiscate feasible likely to succeed
expunge erase feat deed, remarkable achievement
exquisite beautifully made febrile feverish, delirious
extant existing feckless incompetent
extemporize improvise fecund fertile
extent scope feign pretend
extenuate mitigate felicity happiness
extirpate seek out and destroy felonious criminal
extol praise highly femme fatale a woman who leads
extort obtain under duress men to their destruction
extract to pull out, exact fend ward off
extradite deport, deliver feral untamed, wild
extraneous not essential ferment turmoil
extrapolate infer ferret rummage through
extremity farthest point, boundary fertile fruitful
extricate disentangle fervor intensity
extroverted outgoing fester decay, to make someone
extrude force out increasingly bitter
exuberant joyous festive joyous
exude emit festoon decorate
exult rejoice fete to honor with an event

fetid stinking
fetters shackles
fabrication a lie fey eccentric, whimsical
facade mask, front of a building fiasco debacle
facet aspect fiat decree
facetious joking, sarcastic fickle always changing one’s mind
facile easy fictitious invented, imaginary
facilitate make easier fidelity loyalty
facility skill figment falsehood, fantasy
facsimile duplicate filch steal
faction clique, sect filial son
factious causing disagreement filibuster long speech
factitious artificial fillip stimulus
factotum handyman finale conclusion
fallacious false finesse skill
fallacy false belief firebrand agitator
fallow unproductive, unplowed firmament sky
falsetto high male voice fiscal monetary
falter waver fitful starting and stopping irregularly
fjord coastal inlet fuming angry
flabbergasted amazed, bumdfounded furlough leave of absence
flagellate whip furor commotion
flagrant outrageous, blatant furtive stealthy
flail whip, to thrash something around fusillade bombardment
uncontrollably and menacingly futile hopeless
fledgling just beginning, struggling
flippant pert, glib, dismissive
florid ruddy, ornate
gaffe embarrassing mistake
flout to show disregard for the law or gainful profitable
rules gainsay contradict
fluctuate waver, vary galvanize excite to action
foible weakness, minor fault gambit plot, strategy
foil defeat, thwart gamut range, scope
foist palm off a fake gargantuan large
foment instigate garner gather
font source, fountainhead, set of type garnish decorate
forage search for food garrote stranglehold
foray raid garrulous talkative
forbear abstain, restrain oneself gauche awkward
force majeure superior force genealogy ancestry
foreboding ominous generic general
foreclose exclude genesis beginning
forensic pertaining to debate genetics study of heredity
foresight ability to predict the genre kind, category
future genteel elegant, refined
forestall thwart, preempt genuflect kneel in reverence
forgo relinquish (usually voluntarily) genuine authentic, sincere
forsake abandon geriatrics pertaining to old age
forswear deny germane relevant
forthright frank ghastly horrible
forthwith immediately gibe heckle
fortify strengthen gingivitis inflammation of the gums
fortitude resilience, courage gist essence (of an argument)
fortuitous lucky glabrous without hair
foster encourage, cultivate glaucoma disorder of the eye
founder sink. fail glean gather
fracas noisy fight glib insincere manner
fragile easily broken glower stare angrily
fragmented broken into fragments glut surplus, excess
fraternity brotherhood glutton one who eats too much
fraught filled gnarl deform
frenetic harried, neurotic gnome dwarf-like being
fret worry goad encourage, provoke
fritter squander googol a very large number
frivolity playfulness gorge stuff, satiate
frolic romp, play gorgon ugly person
frond bending tree gormandize eat voraciously
frugal thrifty gory bloody
fruitful productive gossamer thin and flimsy
42 Vocabulary 4000 Gothic medieval style of architecture
fruition realization, completion gouge overcharge
fruitless unprofitable, barren gracious kindness, politeness
fulminate denounce, menace gradient incline, rising by degrees
fulsome excessive, insincere gradual by degrees, changing slowly
grandiose impressive, large heliocentric having the sun as a
granular grainy center
grapple struggle helix a spiral
gratis free helots slaves
gratitude thankfulness herald harbinger
gratuitous unwarranted, uncalled for herbivorous feeding on plants
gratuity tip Herculean powerful, large
gravamen the essential part of an hermetic airtight, sealed
accusation hermit one who lives in solitude
gravity seriousness herpetologist one who studies
gregarious sociable reptiles
grievous tragic, heinous heterodox departing form established
grimace expression of disgust or pain doctrines
grisly gruesome heuristic teaching device or method
grovel crawl, obey, beg hew cut
grudging reluctant heyday glory days, prime
guffaw laughter hiatus interruption
guile deceit hibernal wintry
gullible easily deceived hidalgo nobleman
gusto great enjoyment hidebound prejudiced, provincial
guttural throaty hideous horrible
gyrate whirl hie to hasten

highbrow intellectual
hirsute bearded
habitat natural environment histrionic overly dramatic
habituate accustom holograph written entirely by hand
hackneyed trite homage respect
haggard gaunt homely plain
halcyon serene homily sermon
hale healthy homogeneous uniform
hallucination delusion homonym words that are identical in
hamper obstruct spelling and pronunciation
hapless unlucky hone sharpen
harangue tirade horde group
harass torment hortatory inspiring good deeds
harbinger forerunner hospice shelter
harbor give shelter, conceal hovel shanty, cabin
hardy healthy hoyden tomboy
harlequin clown hubris arrogance
harp complain incessantly hue color
harridan hag humane compassionate
harrowing distressing humanities languages and literature
harry harass humility humbleness
haughty arrogant hummock knoll, mound
haven refuge humus soil
havoc destruction, chaos husbandry management
hearsay gossip hybrid crossbreed
hedonism the pursuit of pleasure in hydrophobia fear of water
life hygienic sanitary
heed follow advice hymeneal pertaining to marriage
heedless careless hymn religious song
hegemony authority, domination hyperactive overactive
hegira a journey to a more pleasant hyperbole exaggeration
place hypertension elevated blood
heinous vile, atrocious pressure
hypocritical deceiving, two-faced implausible unlikely, improbable
hypoglycemic low blood sugar implement carry out, execute
hypothermia low body temperature implicate incriminate

implicit implied
implore entreat
ibidem in the same place implosion bursting inward
ichthyology study of fish impolitic unwise, inappropriate
iconoclast one who rails against imponderable difficult to estimate
sacred institutions import meaning, significance
idiosyncrasy peculiarity importune urgent request
idyllic natural, picturesque imposing intimidating, stately
ignoble dishonorable imposition intrusion, burden
ilk class, clan impotent powerless
illicit unlawful impound seize
illimitable limitless imprecation curse, inculcate
illusory fleeting, deceptive impregnable invincible
illustrious famous impresario promoter
imbibe drink impressionable susceptible, easily
imbue infuse influenced
immaculate spotlessly clean impressionism a style of painting
immaterial irrelevant imprimatur sanction
immense huge impromptu spontaneous
immerse bathe, engross improvise invent
imminent about to happen impudence insolence
immobile still impugn criticize, accuse
immolate sacrifice (especially by fire) impulse inclination, sudden desire
immunity exemption from impulsive to act suddenly
prosecution impunity exemption from harm
immure build a wall around impute charge
immutable unchangeable, absolute in toto in full, entirely
impair injure inadvertent unintentional
impale pierce inadvisable not recommended
impartial not biased inalienable that which cannot be
impasse deadlock taken away
impassioned fiery, emotional inane vacuous, stupid
impassive calm inanimate inorganic, lifeless
impeach accuse, charge inaudible cannot be heard
impeccable faultless inaugurate induct (with a ceremony)
impecunious indigent inborn innate
impede hinder incalculable immeasurable
impediment obstacle incandescent brilliant
impel urge, force incantation chant
impending approaching, imminent incapacitate disable
imperative vital, pressing incarcerate imprison
imperceptible slight, intangible incarnate embody, personify
imperialism colonialism incendiary inflammatory
imperil endanger incense enrage
imperious domineering incentive stimulus, inducement
impertinent insolent incessant unceasing
imperturbable calm, unflappable incest sex among family members
impervious impenetrable, unreceptive inchoate just begun
impetuous impulsive incidental insignificant, minor
impetus stimulus, spark incinerate burn
impinge encroach, touch incipient beginning
implant instill incision cut
incisive keen, penetrating inevitable unavoidable, predestined
incite foment, provoke inexorable relentless
incivility rudeness infallible unerring
inclement harsh, stormy infamous notorious
inclusive comprehensive infamy shame
incognito disguised infantry foot soldiers
incommunicado unable to infatuate immature love
communicate with others infer conclude
incomparable peerless infernal hellish
incompatibility inability to live infidel nonbeliever
in harmony infidelity disloyalty
inconceivable unthinkable infiltrate trespass
incongruous out of place, absurd infinitesimal very small
inconsiderate thoughtless, insensitive infirmary clinic
inconspicuous not noticeable infirmity ailment
incontrovertible indisputable inflammatory incendiary
incorporate combine influx inflow
incorrigible unreformable infraction violation
incredulous skeptical infringe encroach
increment step, increase infuriate enrage
incriminate accuse infuse inspire, instill
incubus nightmare ingenious clever, resourceful
inculcate instill, indoctrinate ingrate ungrateful person
inculpate accuse ingratiate pleasing, flattering,
incumbent obligatory endearing
incursion raid ingress entering
indecent offensive, lewd inherent innate, inborn
indecorous unseemly inhibit restrain
indelible permanent inimical adverse, hostile
indemnity insurance inimitable peerless
indict charge iniquitous unjust, wicked
indifferent unconcerned iniquity sin, injustice
indigenous native initiate begin
indigent poor initiation induction ceremony
indignant resentment of injustice injunction command
indiscreet lacking sound judgment, inkling hint
rash innate inborn
indiscriminate random innervate invigorate
indispensable vital, essential innocuous harmless
indistinct blurry, without clear innovative new, useful idea
features innuendo insinuation
indolent lazy inopportune untimely
indomitable invincible inordinate excessive
indubitable unquestionable inquest investigation
induce persuade, provoke inquisition interrogation
indulge succumb to desire inquisitive curious
indurate harden insatiable gluttonous
industrious hard-working inscribe engrave
inebriate intoxicate inscrutable cannot be fully
ineffable inexpressible understood
ineffectual futile insensate without feeling
ineluctable inescapable insidious treacherous, sinister
inept unfit, incompetent insignia emblems
inert inactive insinuate allude
inestimable priceless, immeasurable insipid flat, dull
insolent insulting invidious incurring ill-will
insolvent bankrupt invincible cannot be defeated
insouciant nonchalant inviolate sacred, unchangeable
installment portion, payment invocation calling on God
instant at once irascible irritable
instigate incite irate angry
insubordinate disobedient ironic oddly contrary to what is
insufferable unbearable expected
insular narrow-minded irrational illogical
insuperable insurmountable irrelevant unrelated, immaterial
insurgent rebellious irreparable cannot be repaired
insurrection uprising irresolute hesitant, uncertain
intangible not perceptible by touch irrevocable cannot be rescinded
integral essential isosceles having two equal sides
integrate make whole itinerant wandering
integration unification itinerary route
integument a covering
intelligentsia the intellectual elite
of society
jabberwocky nonsense
intensive extreme, concentrated jaded spent, bored with one’s
inter bury situation
intercede plead on behalf of another jargon specialized vocabulary
intercept prevent, cut off jaundiced biased, embittered
interdict prohibit jeer mock
interject interrupt jejune barren, unsophisticated
interloper intruder jest joke
interlude intermission jilt reject, end a relationship promptly
interminable unending jingoistic nationalistic, warmongering
internecine mutually destructive jocular humorous
interpolate insert jostle push, brush against
interpose insert journeyman reliable worker
interregnum interval between two joust combat between knights on
successive reigns horses
interrogate question jubilant in high spirits
intersperse scatter judicious prudent
interstate between states juggernaut unstoppable force
intervene interfere, mediate jugular throat
intestate leaving no will juncture pivotal point in time
intimate allude to, hint junoesque stately beauty
intractable unmanageable junta small ruling group
intransigent unyielding jurisdiction domain
intrepid fearless jurisprudence law
intricate complex justify excuse, mitigate
intrigue plot, mystery juvenescent making young, growing
intrinsic inherent out of infancy and into childhood
introspection self-analysis juxtapose to place side by side
inundate flood
inure accustom, habituate, harden
invalidate disprove, nullify
invective verbal insult kaleidoscope series of changing
inveigh to rail against events
inveigle lure, wheedle keen of sharp mind
inventive cleaver, resourceful ken purview, range of comprehension
inverse directly opposite kindle arouse, inspire
inveterate habitual, chronic kindred similar, related by blood
kinetic pertaining to motion liaison relationship, affair
kismet fate, the will of Allah libertarian one who believes in
kite bad check complete freedom
kitsch trashy art libertine roué, rake
kleptomania impulse to steal libidinous lustful
knave con man licentious lewd, immoral
knead massage, to fold, press, and lien financial claim
stretch a substance into a uniform mass lieutenant one who acts in place of
knell sound of a bell another
Koran holy book of Islam ligature bond
kowtow behave obsequiously ligneous woodlike
kudos acclaim Lilliputian very small

limerick poem
limn portray, describe
labyrinth maze limpid transparent, clearly
lacerate tear, cut understood
lachrymose tearful linchpin something that is
lackey servant indispensable
laconic brief, terse lineage ancestry
lactic derived from milk linguistics study of language
lacuna a missing part, gap liquidate eliminate
laggard loafer, slacker lissome agile, supple
lagniappe bonus listless lacking spirit or interest
laity laymen litany list
lambent softly radiant lithe supple
lament mourn litigate contest with a lawsuit
lamina layer litotes two negative statement that
lampoon satirize cancel to make a positive statement
languish weaken liturgy ceremony
lanyard short rope livid enraged
larceny theft loath reluctant
largess generous donation loathe abhor, dislike
lascivious lustful lofty high
lassitude lethargy logistics means of supplying troops
latent potential, dormant logo symbol
laudatory commendable logy sluggish
laurels fame, success loquacious talkative
lave wash lothario rake, womanizer
lavish extravagant lout goon, hoodlum
lax loose, careless lucid clearly understood
laxity carelessness lucrative profitable
layman nonprofessional lucre money, profit
lectern reading desk ludicrous absurd
leery cautious, doubtful lugubrious extremely sad
legacy bequest luminous bright
legerdemain trickery lupine wolf-like
legible readable lure entice
legislate make laws lurid ghastly, sensational
legitimate lawful luster gloss,sheen
lenient forgiving luxuriant lush, lavish
lethargic drowsy, sluggish lynch to execute by hanging without a
levee embankment, dam trial
leviathan a monster
levity frivolity M
liable legally responsible macabre gruesome
Machiavellian politically crafty, masticate chew
cunning mastiff large dog
machination plot mastodon extinct elephant
macrobiosis longevity maternal motherly
macroscopic visibly large maternity motherhood
maelstrom whirlpool matriarch matron
magisterial arbitrary, dictatorial matriculate enroll (usually in school)
magnanimous generous, kindhearted matrix array
magnate a powerful, successful matutinal early, morning
person (especially of business) maudlin weepy, sentimental
magnitude size maul rough up
magnum opus masterpiece mausoleum tomb
maim injure, disfigure maverick a rebel, individualist
maladjusted disturbed mawkish sickeningly sentimental
maladroit clumsy mayhem mutilation, chaos
malady illness mea culpa my fault
malaise uneasiness, weariness meager scanty
malapropism comical misuse of a meander roam, ramble
word median middle
malcontent one who is forever mediocre average
dissatisfied medley mixture
malediction curse megalith ancient stone monument
malefactor evildoer melancholy reflective, gloomy
malevolence bad intent, malice melee riot
malfeasance wrong doing (especially mellifluous sweet sounding
by an official of government) melodious melodic
malice spite memento souvenir
malign defame memoir autobiography
malignant virulent, pernicious memorabilia things worth
malinger shirk remembering
malleable moldable, tractable memorandum note
malodorous fetid menagerie zoo
mammoth huge mendacity untruth
manacle shackle mendicant beggar
mandate command menial humble, degrading
mandatory obligatory mentor teacher
mandrill baboon mercantile commercial
mania madness, obsession mercenary calculating, venal
manifest obvious, evident mercurial changeable, volatile
manifesto proclamation metamorphosis a change in form
manifold multiple, diverse mete distribute
manslaughter killing another meteoric swift, dazzling
person without malice meteorology science of weather
manumit set free methodical systematic, careful
manuscript unpublished book meticulous extremely careful,
mar damage precise
marauder plunderer metier occupation
marginal insignificant metonymy the substitution of a
marionette puppet phrase for the name itself
maroon abandon mettle courage, capacity for bravery
marshal array, mobilize miasma toxin fumes
martial warlike mien appearance, bearing
martinet disciplinarian migrate travel
martyr sacrifice, symbol milieu environment
masochist one who enjoys pain militant combative, activist
militate work against moribund near death
milk extract morose sullen
millennium thousand-year period morphine painkilling drug
minatory threatening morsel bite, piece
mince chop, moderate mortify humiliate
minion subordinate mosque temple
minstrel troubadour mote speck
minuscule small motif artistic theme
minute very small motive reason for doing something
minutiae trivia motley diverse
mirage illusion mottled spotted
mire marsh, a situation that is difficult motto slogan, saying
to escape from mountebank charlatan
mirth jollity mousy drab, colorless
misanthrope hater of mankind muckraker reformer
misappropriation use dishonestly muffle stifle, quiet
misbegotten illegitimate, obtained mulct defraud
by dishonest means multifarious diverse, many-sided
miscarry abort multitude throng
miscegenation intermarriage between mundane ordinary
races munificent generous
miscellany mixture of items murmur mutter, mumble
misconstrue misinterpret muse ponder
miscreant evildoer muster to gather one’s forces
misgiving doubt, hesitation mutability able to change
misnomer wrongly named mute silent
misogyny hatred of women mutilate maim
T he Words 59 mutiny rebellion
misshapen deformed mutter murmur, grumble
missive letter muzzle restrain, stifle
mitigate lessen the severity myopic narrow-minded
mnemonics that which aids the myriad innumerable
memory myrmidons loyal followers
mobilize assemble for action mystique mystery, aura
mobocracy rule by mob mythical fictitious
modicum pittance
modish chic
module unit
nadir lowest point
mogul powerful person narcissism self-love
molest bother, sexually assault narrate tell, recount
mollify appease nascent incipient
molten melted natal related to birth
momentous of great importance nativity the process of birth
monocle eyeglass naturalize grant citizenship
monolithic large and uniform ne’er-do-well loafer, idler
monologue long speech nebulous indistinct
monstrosity distorted, abnormal necromancy sorcery
form nefarious evil
moot disputable, no longer relevant negate cancel
moral ethical negligible insignificant
morale spirit, confidence nemesis implacable foe
morass swamp, difficult situation neologism newly coined expression
moratorium postponement neonatal newborn
mordant biting, sarcastic neophyte beginner
mores moral standards nepotism favoritism
nervy brash obeisance homage, deference
nether under obelisk tall column, monument
nettle irritate obese fat
neurotic disturbed obfuscate bewilder, muddle
neutralize offset, nullify obituary eulogy
nexus a link between two or more objective (adj.) unbiased
people or things objective (noun) goal
nicety euphemism objectivity impartiality
niche nook, an activity that well oblation offering, sacrifice
suits a person’s talents obligatory required, compulsory
niggardly stingy oblige compel
nimble spry obliging accommodating, considerate
nirvana bliss, the attainment of oblique indirect
spiritual enlightenment obliquity perversity
noctambulism sleepwalking obliterate destroy
nocturnal pertaining to night oblong elliptical, oval
nocturne serenade obloquy slander
noisome harmful, disgusting obscure vague, unclear
nomad wanderer obsequious fawning, servile
nomenclature terminology obsequy funeral ceremony
nominal slight, in name only observant watchful
nominate propose, recommend obsolete outdated
somebody for a position obstinate stubborn
nominee candidate obstreperous noisy, unruly
nonchalant casual obtain gain possession
noncommittal neutral, circumspect obtrusive forward, meddlesome
nondescript lacking distinctive obtuse stupid
features obviate make unnecessary
nonentity person of no significance Occident the West
nonesuch paragon, one in a thousand occlude block
nonpareil unequaled, peerless occult mystical, secret, relating to
nonpartisan neutral, uncommitted the supernatural or witchcraft
nonplus confound, befuddle octogenarian person in her eighties
notable remarkable, noteworthy ocular optic, visual
noted famous ode poem
notorious wicked, widely known odious despicable
nouveau riche newly rich odoriferous pleasant odor
nova bright star odyssey journey
novel new, unique offal inedible parts of a butchered
novice beginner animal
noxious toxic offertory church collection
nuance shade, subtlety officiate supervise
nub crux, crucial point officious forward, obtrusive
nubile marriageable offset counterbalance
nugatory useless, worthless ogle flirt
nuisance annoyance ogre monster, demon
nullify void oleaginous oily
nullity nothingness oligarchy aristocracy
numismatics coin collecting olio medley
nurture nourish, foster ominous threatening
nymph goddess omnibus collection, compilation

omnipotent all-powerful
omniscient all-knowing
oaf awkward person onerous burdensome
obdurate unyielding, hardhearted onslaught powerful attack
ontology the study of the nature of pacifist one who opposes all
existence violence
onus burden pacify appease
opaque nontransparent pact agreement
operative working paean a song of praise
operetta musical comedy pagan heathen, ungodly
opiate narcotic page attendant
opine think, express an opinion pageant exhibition, show
opportune well-timed, appropriate pains great effort, attention to detail
oppress persecute painstaking taking great care, thorough
oppressive burdensome palatial grand, splendid
opprobrious abusive, scornful palaver babble, nonsense
opprobrium disgrace Paleolithic stone age
oppugn assail paleontologist one who studies
opt decide, choose fossils
optimum best condition pall to become dull or weary
optional elective palliate assuage
opulence wealth pallid pale, sallow
opus literary work or musical palpable touchable
composition palpitate beat, throb
oracle prophet palsy paralysis
oration speech paltry scarce
orator speaker pan criticize
orb sphere panacea cure-all
orchestrate organize panache flamboyance
ordain appoint pandemic widespread, plague
orderly neat, arranged pandemonium din, commotion
ordinance law pander cater to people’s baser
ordnance artillery instincts
orient align, familiarize panegyric praise
orison prayer pang short sharp pain
ornate lavishly decorated panoply full suit of armor
ornithology study of birds panorama vista
orthodox conventional pant gasp, puff
oscillate waver, swing pantomime mime
ossify harden pantry storeroom
ostensible apparent, seeming papyrus paper
ostentatious pretentious parable allegory
ostracize banish, shun paradigm a model
otherworldly spiritual paragon standard of excellence
otiose idle parameter limit
ouster ejection paramount chief, foremost
outmoded out-of-date paramour lover
outré eccentric paranoid obsessively suspicious,
outset beginning demented
ovation applause paranormal supernatural
overrule disallow parapet rampart, defense
overture advance, proposal paraphernalia equipment
overweening arrogant, forward paraphrase restatement
overwhelm overpower parcel package
overwrought overworked, highstrung parchment paper
ovum egg, cell pare peel

parenthetical in parentheses
pariah outcast
pachyderm elephant parish fold, church
parity equality pedestrian common
parlance local speech pedigree genealogy
parlay increase peerage aristocracy
parley conference peevish cranky
parochial provincial pejorative insulting
parody imitation, ridicule pell-mell in a confused manner
parole release pellucid transparent
paroxysm outburst, convulsion pen write
parrot mimic penance atonement
parry avert, ward off penchant inclination
parsimonious stingy pend depend, hang
parson clergyman pending not decided, awaiting
partake share, receive, consume penitent repentant
partial incomplete pensive sad
partiality bias penurious stingy
parting farewell, severance penury poverty
partisan supporter peon common worker
partition division per se in itself
parvenu newcomer, social climber perceptive discerning
pasquinade satire percolate ooze, permeate
passé outmoded perdition damnation
passim here and there peregrination wandering
pastel pale peremptory dictatorial
pasteurize disinfect T he Words 67
pastoral rustic perennial enduring, lasting
patent obvious perfectionist purist, precisionist
paternal fatherly perfidious treacherous (of a person)
pathetic pitiful perforate puncture
pathogen agent causing disease perforce by necessity
pathogenic causing disease perfunctory careless
pathos emotion perigee point nearest to the earth
patrician aristocrat perilous dangerous
patrimony inheritance peripatetic walking about
patronize condescend periphery outer boundary
patronymic a name formed form the perish die
name of a father perishable decomposable
patter walk lightly perjury lying
paucity scarcity permeate spread throughout
paunch stomach permutation reordering
pauper poor person pernicious destructive, evil
pavilion tent peroration conclusion
pawn (noun) tool, stooge perpendicular at right angles
pawn (verb) pledge perpetrate commit
pax peace perpetual continuous, everlasting
peaked wan, pale, haggard perpetuate cause to continue
peal reverberation, outburst perpetuity eternity
peccadillo a minor fault perplex puzzle, bewilder
peculate embezzle perquisite reward, bonus
peculiar unusual persecute harass
peculiarity characteristic persevere persist, endure
pedagogical pertaining to teaching persona social facade
pedagogue dull, formal teacher personable charming, friendly
pedant pedagogue personage official, dignitary
pedantic bookish personify embody, exemplify
peddle sell personnel employees
perspicacious keen placate appease
perspicacity discernment, keenness placid serene
persuasive convincing plagiarize pirate, counterfeit
pert flippant, bold plaintive expressing sorrow
pertain to relate platitude trite remark
pertinacious persevering platonic nonsexual
pertinent relevant plaudit acclaim
perturbation agitation pleasantry banter, persiflage
peruse read carefully plebeian common, vulgar
pervade permeate plebiscite referendum
pessimist cynic, naysayer plenary full
pestilence disease plentiful abundant
petite small pleonasm redundancy, verbosity
petition a written request plethora overabundance
petrify calcify, shock pliable flexible
petrology study of rocks pliant supple, flexible
pettifogger unscrupulous lawyer plight sad situation
petty trivial, niggling plucky courageous
petulant irritable, peevish plumb measure
phantasm apparition plummet sudden short fall
phenomena unusual natural events plutocrat wealthy person
philanthropic charitable plutonium radioactive material
philanthropist altruist poach steal
philatelist stamp collector podgy fat
philippic invective podium stand, rostrum
Philistine barbarian pogrom massacre, mass murder
philosophical contemplative poignant pungent, sharp, heartbreaking
phlegmatic sluggish polemic a controversy
phobia fear polity methods of government
phoenix rebirth poltroon dastard
physic laxative, cathartic polychromatic many-colored
physique frame, musculature polygamist one who has many
picaresque roguish, adventurous wives
picayune trifling ponder muse, reflect
piecemeal one at a time ponderous heavy, bulky
pied mottled, brindled pontiff bishop
piety devoutness pontificate to speak at length
pilfer steal pootroon coward
pillage plunder porcine pig-like
pillory punish by ridicule porous permeable, spongy
pine languish, to long for someone porridge stew
or something portend signify, augur
pinnacle highest point portent omen
pious devout, holy portly large
piquant tart-tasting, spicy portmanteau suitcase
pique sting, arouse interest posit stipulate
piscine pertaining to fish posterior rear, subsequent
piteous sorrowful, pathetic posterity future generations
pithy concise posthaste hastily
pitiable miserable, wretched posthumous after death
pittance alms, driblet postulate supposition, premise
pittance trifle potent powerful
pivotal crucial potentate sovereign, king
pixilated eccentric, possessed potion brew
placard poster potpourri medley
potter aimlessly busy overconfident
pragmatic practical presuppose assume
prate babble pretense affectation, excuse
prattle chatter pretentious affected, inflated
preamble introduction preternatural abnormal, supernatural
precarious dangerous, risky pretext excuse
precedent an act that serves as an prevail triumph
example prevailing common, current
precept principle, law prevalent widespread
precinct neighborhood prevaricate lie
precipice cliff prick puncture
precipitate cause priggish pedantic, affected
precipitous steep prim formal, prudish
précis summary primal first, beginning
precise accurate, detailed primate head, master
preclude prevent primogeniture first-born child
precocious more developed than is primp groom
expected at a particular age princely regal, generous
preconception prejudgment, prejudice prismatic many-colored, sparkling
precursor forerunner pristine pure, unspoiled
predacious plundering privation hardship
predecessor one who proceeds privy aware of private matters
predestine foreordain probe examine
predicament quandary probity integrity
predicate to base an opinion on problematic uncertain, difficult
something proboscis snout
predilection inclination procedure method, process
predisposed inclined proceeds profit
preeminent supreme proclaim announce
preempt commandeer proclivity inclination
preen groom procreate beget
prefabricated ready-built proctor supervise
prefect magistrate procure acquire
preference choice procurer pander
preferment promotion prod urge
prelate primate, bishop prodigal wasteful
preliminary introductory prodigious marvelous, enormous
prelude introduction prodigy a person with extraordinary
premeditate plan in advance ability or talent
premonition warning profane blasphemous
prenatal before birth profess affirm, admit
preponderance predominance proffer bring forward for consideration
prepossessing appealing, charming proficient skillful
preposterous ridiculous profiteer extortionist
prerequisite requirement profligate licentious, prodigal
prerogative right, privilege profound deep, knowledgeable
presage omen profusion overabundance
prescribe urge progenitor ancestor
presentable acceptable, well-mannered progeny children
preside direct, chair prognosis forecast
pressing urgent prognosticate foretell
prestidigitator magician progressive advancing, liberal
prestige reputation, renown proletariat working class
presume assume, deduce proliferate increase rapidly
presumptuous assuming, prolific fruitful, productive
prolix long-winded prowess strength, expertise
prologue introduction proximity nearness
prolong lengthen in time proxy substitute, agent
promenade stroll, parade prude puritan
promethean inspirational prudence discretion, carefulness
promiscuous sexually indiscreet prudent cautious, using good
promontory headland, cape judgment
prompt induce prudish puritanical
prompter reminder prurient lewd
promulgate publish, disseminate pseudo false
prone inclined, predisposed pseudonym alias
propaganda publicity, misinformation psychic pertaining the psyche or
propellant rocket fuel mind
propensity inclination psychopath madman
prophet prognosticator psychotic demented
prophylactic preventive puberty adolescence
propinquity nearness puckish impish, mischievous
propitiate satisfy puerile childish
propitious auspicious, favorable pugilism boxing
proponent supporter, advocate pugnacious combative
proportionate commensurate puissant strong
proposition offer, proposal pulchritude beauty
propound propose pulp paste, mush
proprietor manager, owner pulpit platform, priesthood
propriety decorum pulsate throb
prosaic uninspired, flat pulverize crush
proscenium platform, rostrum pun wordplay
proscribe prohibit punctilious meticulous
proselytize recruit, convert pundit learned or politically astute
prosody study of poetic structure person
prospective expected, imminent pungent sharp smell or taste
prospectus brochure punitive punishing
prostrate supine puny weak, small
protagonist main character in a story purblind obtuse, stupid
protean changing readily purgative cathartic, cleansing
protégé ward, pupil purgatory limbo, netherworld
protocol code of diplomatic etiquette purge cleanse, remove
proton particle puritanical prim
protract prolong purlieus environs, surroundings
protuberance bulge purloin steal
provender food purport claim to be
proverb maxim purported rumored
proverbial well-known purposeful determined
providence foresight, divine pursuant following, according
protection purvey deliver, provide
provident having foresight, thrifty purview range of understanding, field
providential fortunate pusillanimous cowardly
province bailiwick, district putative reputed
provincial intolerant, insular putrefy decay
provisional temporary putsch a sudden attempt to overthrow
proviso stipulation a government
provisory conditional pygmy dwarf
provocation incitement pyrotechnics fireworks
provocative titillating pyrrhic a battle won with
provoke incite unacceptable losses
rail rant, harangue
raiment clothing
quack charlatan rake womanizer
quadrennial occurring every four rally assemble
years rambunctious boisterous
quadrille square dance ramification consequence
quadruped four foot animal rampage run amuck
quaff drink rampant unbridled, raging
quagmire difficult situation ramrod rod
quail shrink, cower rancid rotten
quaint old-fashioned, charming rancor resentment
qualified limited randy vulgar
qualms misgivings rankle cause bitterness, resentment
quandary dilemma rant rage, scold
quantum quantity, particle rapacious grasping, avaricious
quarantine detention, confinement rapidity speed
quarry prey, game rapier sword
quarter residence, district rapine plunder
quash put down, suppress rapport affinity, empathy
quasi seeming, almost rapprochement reconciliation
quaver tremble rapture bliss
quay wharf rash hasty, brash
queasy squeamish rasp scrape
queer odd ratify approve
quell suppress, allay ration allowance, portion
quench extinguish, slake rationale justification
querulous complaining ravage plunder, ruin
questionnaire survey, feedback ravish captivate, charm
queue line raze destroy or level a building
quibble bicker realm kingdom, domain
quicken revive, hasten realpolitik cynical interpretation of
quiddity essence, an unimportant or politics
trifling distinction reap harvest
quiescent still, motionless rebuff reject, snub
quietus a cessation of activity rebuke criticize, reprimand
quill feather, pen rebus picture puzzle
quip joke rebuttal reply, counterargument
quirk eccentricity, a strange and recalcitrant stubbornly resisting the
unexpected turn of events authority of another
quiver tremble recant retract a previous statement
quixotic impractical, romantic recapitulate restate, summarize
quizzical odd, questioning recede move back
quorum the minimum number people receptacle container
who must be present to hold a meeting receptive open to ideas
quota a share or proportion recidivism habitual criminal activity
quotidian daily recipient one who receives
reciprocal mutual, return in kind
R recital performance, concert
recitation recital, lesson
rabble crowd reclusive solitary
rabid mad, furious recoil flinch, retreat
racketeer gangster, swindler recollect remember
raconteur storyteller recompense repay, compensate
radical revolutionary reconcile adjust, balance
raffish rowdy, dashing recondite mystical, profound
reconnaissance surveillance relinquish release, renounce
reconnoiter to survey, to scout relish savor
(especially for military purposes) remedial corrective
recount recite remiss negligent
recoup recover remit forgive, send payment
recourse appeal, resort remnant residue, fragment
recreant cowardly remonstrance protest
recrimination countercharge, remorse guilt
retaliation remuneration compensation
recruit draftee renaissance rebirth
rectify correct, to make right renascent reborn
recumbent reclining rend to tear apart
recuperation recovery render deliver, provide
recur repeat, revert rendezvous a meeting
redeem buy back, justify, restore rendition version, interpretation
yourself to favor or to good opinion renege break a promise
redeemer savior renounce disown
redemption salvation renown fame
redolent fragrant rent tear, rupture
redoubt fort reparation amends, atonement
redoubtable formidable, steadfast repartee witty conversation
redress restitution, compensation repatriate to send back to the native
redundant repetitious land
reek smell repellent causing aversion
reel stagger, to lurch backward as repent atone for
though struck by a blow repercussion consequence
referendum vote repertoire stock of works
refined purified, cultured repine fret
reflux ebb replenish refill
refraction bending, deflection replete complete
refractory obstinate, disobedient replica copy
refrain abstain replicate duplicate
refurbish remodel, renovate repose rest
refute disprove, contradict reprehensible blameworthy
regal royal repress suppress
regale entertain reprieve temporary suspension
regalia emblems reprimand rebuke
regime a government reprisal retaliation
regiment infantry unit reprise repetition
regrettable lamentable, unfortunate reproach blame
regurgitate vomit, repeat reprobate miscreant
rehash wearily discuss again reprove rebuke
reign rule, influence repudiate disavow
rein curb, restrain repugnant distasteful, revolting
reincarnation rebirth repulse repel
reiterate repeat, say again repulsive repugnant
rejoice celebrate repute status, reputation, esteem
rejoinder answer, retort reputed supposed, presumed, alleged
rejuvenate make young again requiem rest, a mass for the dead
relapse recurrence (of illness) requisite necessary
relegate assign to an inferior requisition order, formal demand
position requite to return in kind
relent soften, yield rescind revoke
relentless unstoppable reserve self-control
relic antique reside dwell
residue remaining part rift a split, an opening, disagreement
resigned accepting of a situation righteous upright, moral
resilience ability to recover from an rigor harshness, precise and exacting
illness or a setback rime crust
resolute determined riposte counterthrust
resolution determination risible laughable
resolve determination risqué off-color, racy
resonant reverberating rivet engross
resort recourse robust vigorous
resound echo rogue scoundrel
resourceful inventive, skillful roister bluster
respectively in that order romp frolic
respire breathe roseate rosy, optimistic
respite rest, temporary delay roster list of people
resplendent shining, splendid rostrum podium
restitution reparation, amends roué libertine
restive nervous, uneasy rouse awaken, provoke
resurgence revival rout vanquish, cause to retreat
resurrection rebirth rubicund ruddy complexion
resuscitate revive ruck the common herd
retain keep rudiment beginning, kernel
retainer advance fee rue regret
retaliate revenge ruffian brutal person
retch vomit ruminate ponder
reticent reserved rummage hunt, grope
retiring modest, unassuming runel stream
retort quick reply ruse trick
retrench cut back, economize rustic rural
retribution reprisal
retrieve reclaim
retrograde regress
Sabbath day of rest
retrospective reminiscent, display sabbatical vacation
revamp recast saber sword
reveille bugle call sabotage treason, destruction
revel frolic, take joy in saccharine sugary, overly sweet
revelry merrymaking tone
revenue income sacerdotal priestly
revere honor sack pillage
reverent respectful sacrament rite
reverie daydream sacred cow idol, taboo
revert return to a former state sacrilege blasphemy
revile denounce, defame sacrosanct sacred
revision new version saddle encumber
revive renew sadist one who takes pleasure in
revoke repeal hurting others
revulsion aversion safari expedition
rhapsody ecstasy saga story
rhetoric elocution, grandiloquence sagacious wise
rheumatism inflammation sage wise person
ribald coarse, vulgar salacious licentious
rickety shaky, ramshackle salient prominent
ricochet carom, rebound saline salty
rife widespread, abundant sallow sickly complected
riffraff dregs of society sally sortie, attack
rifle search through and steal salutary good, wholesome
salutation salute, greeting scurry move quickly
salvation redemption scuttle to sink (a ship)
salve medicinal ointment scythe long, curved blade
salvo volley, gunfire sear burn
sanctify consecrate sebaceous like fat
sanctimonious self-righteous secede withdraw
sanction approval secluded remote, isolated
sanctuary refuge seclusion solitude
sang-froid coolness under fire sectarian denominational
sanguinary gory, murderous secular worldly, nonreligious
sanguine cheerful secure make safe
sans without sedation state of calm
sapid interesting sedentary stationary, inactive
sapient wise sedition treason, inciting rebellion
sarcophagus stone coffin seduce lure
scornful scornful, sarcastic sedulous diligent
sartorial pertaining to clothes seedy rundown, ramshackle
satanic pertaining to the Devil seemly proper, attractive
satchel bag seethe fume, resent
sate satisfy fully seismic pertaining to earthquakes
satiate satisfy fully seismology study of earthquakes
satire ridicule self-effacing modest
saturate soak semantics study of word meanings
saturnine gloomy semblance likeness
satyr demigod, goat-man seminal fundamental, decisive
saunter stroll semper fidelis always loyal
savanna grassland senescence old age
savant scholar senescent aging
savoir-faire tact, polish seniority privilege due to length of
savor enjoy, relish service
savory appetizing sensational outstanding, startling
savvy perceptive, shrewd sensible wise, prudent
scabrous difficult sensory relating to the senses
scant inadequate, meager sensualist epicure
scapegoat one who takes blame for sensuous appealing to the senses,
others enjoying luxury
scarify criticize sententious concise
scathe injure, denounce sentient conscious
scepter a rod, staff sentinel watchman
scheme plot, system, diagram sepulcher tomb
schism rift sequacious dependent
scintilla speck sequel continuation, epilogue
scintillate sparkle sequester segregate
scion offspring seraphic angelic
scoff jeer, dismiss serendipity a knack for making
scone biscuit fortunate discoveries
scorn disdain, reject serene peaceful
scoundrel unprincipled person serpentine winding and twisting
scour clean by rubbing, search serried saw-toothed
scourge affliction serum vaccine
scruples misgivings servile slavish
scrupulous principled, fastidious servitude forced labor
scrutinize examine closely sessile permanently attached
scurf dandruff session meeting
scurrilous abusive, insulting settee seat, sofa
sever cut in two slake quench
severance division slander defame
shallot onion slate list of candidate
sham pretense, imposter slaver drivel, fawn
shambles disorder, mess slay kill
shard sharp fragment of glass sleight dexterity, skill
sheen luster slew an abundance
sheepish shy, embarrassed slither slide, slink
shibboleth password slogan motto
shirk evade (work) sloth laziness
sliver fragment, shaving slovenly sloppy
shoal reef smattering superficial knowledge
shoring supporting smelt refine metal
shortcomings personal deficiencies smirk smug look
shrew virago smite strike, afflict
shrewd clever, cunning smock apron
shrill high-pitched snare trap
shun avoid, spurn snide sarcastic, spiteful
shunt turn aside snippet morsel, small piece
shyster unethical lawyer snivel whine, sniff
sibilant a hissing sound snub ignore, slight
sibling brother or sister snuff extinguish
sickle semicircular blade sobriety composed, abstinent, sober
sidereal pertaining to the stars sobriquet nickname
sidle move sideways, slither socialite one who is prominent in
siege blockade society
sierra mountain range sociology study of society
sieve strainer sodality companionship
signatory signer sodden soaked
signet a seal sojourn trip, stopover
silhouette outline, profile solace consolation, comfort
silo storage tower solder fuse, weld
simian monkey solecism ungrammatical construction
simile figure of speech solemn serious, somber
simper smile, smirk solemnity seriousness
simulacrum vague likeness solicit request
sinecure position with little solicitous considerate, concerned
responsibility soliloquy monologue
sinewy fibrous, stringy solstice furthest point
singe burn just the surface of soluble dissolvable
something solvent financially sound
singly one by one, individually somatic pertaining to the body
singular unique, extraordinary somber gloomy, solemn
sinister evil, malicious somnambulist sleepwalker
sinistral left-handed somnolent sleepy
siphon extract, tap sonnet short poem
sire forefather, to beget sonorous resonant, majestic
siren temptress sop morsel, compensation, offering
site location sophistry specious reasoning
skeptical doubtful soporific sleep inducing
skinflint miser soprano high female voice
skirmish a small battle sordid foul, ignoble
skittish excitable, wary, jumpy sorority sisterhood
skulk sneak about soubrette actress, ingenue
skullduggery trickery souse a drunk
sovereign monarch sterling high quality
spar fight stern strict
spasmodic intermittent, fitful stevedore longshoreman
spate sudden outpouring stifle suppress
spawn produce stigma mark of disgrace
specimen sample stiletto dagger
specious false but plausible reasoning stilted formal, stiff
spectacle public display stimulate excite
spectral ghostly stint limit, assignment
spectrum range, gamut stipend payment
speculate conjecture stipulate specify, arrange
speleologist one who studies caves stodgy stuffy, pompous
spew eject stoic indifferent to pain or pleasure
spindle shaft stoke prod, fuel
spindly tall and thin stole long scarf
spinster old maid stolid impassive
spire pinnacle stout stocky
spirited lively strait distress
spirituous alcohol, intoxicating stratagem trick, military tactic
spite malice, grudge stratify form into layers
spittle spit stratum layer
splay spread apart striate to mark with stripes
spleen resentment, wrath stricture censure, restriction
splenetic peevish strife conflict
splurge indulge striking impressive, attractive
spontaneous extemporaneous stringent severe, strict
sporadic occurring irregularly strive endeavor
sportive playful studious diligent
spry nimble stultify inhibit, enfeeble
spume foam, froth stunted arrested development
spurious false, counterfeit stupefy deaden, dumfound
spurn to reject a person with scorn stupendous astounding
squalid filthy stupor lethargy
squall rain storm stylize formalize, artificial artistic
squander waste style
squelch crush, stifle stymie hinder, thwart
stagnant stale, motionless suave smooth, charming
staid demure, sedate sub rosa in secret
stalwart pillar, strong, loyal subcutaneous beneath the skin
stamina vigor, endurance subdue conquer
stanch loyal subjugate suppress
stanchion prop, foundation sublet subcontract
stanza division of a poem sublimate to redirect forbidden
stark desolate impulses (usually sexual) into socially
startle surprise accepted activities
stately impressive, noble sublime lofty, excellent
static inactive, immobile sublunary earthly
statue regulation submit yield, acquiesce
staunch loyal subordinate lower in rank
stave ward off subsequent succeeding, following
steadfast loyal subservient servile, submissive
stealth secrecy, covertness subside diminish
steeped soaked, infused subsidiary subordinate
stenography shorthand subsidize financial assistance
stentorian loud or declamatory in tone substantiate verify
substantive substantial sycophant flatterer, flunky
subterfuge cunning, ruse syllabicate divide into syllables
subterranean underground syllabus schedule
subvert undermine sylph a slim, graceful girl
succor help, comfort sylvan rustic
succulent juicy, delicious symbiotic cooperative, working in
succumb yield, submit close association
suffice adequate symmetry harmony, congruence
suffrage vote symposium panel (discussion)
suffuse pervade, permeate symptomatic indicative
suggestive thought-provoking, risqué synagogue temple
sullen sulky, sour syndicate cartel
sully stain syndrome set of symptoms
sultry sweltering synod council
summon call for, arraign synopsis brief summary
sumptuous opulent, luscious synthesis combination
sunder split systole heart contraction
sundry various
superb excellent
supercilious arrogant
tabernacle temple
supererogatory wanton, superfluous table postpone
superfluous overabundant tableau scene, backdrop
superimpose cover, place on top of taboo prohibition
superintend supervise tabulate arrange
superlative superior tacit understood without being spoken
supernumerary subordinate taciturn untalkative
supersede supplant tactful sensitive
supervene ensue, follow tactics strategy
supervise oversee tactile tangible
supine lying on the back taint pollute
supplant replace talion punishment
supplication prayer tally count
suppress subdue talon claw
surfeit overabundance tandem two or more things together
surly rude, crass tang strong taste
surmise to guess tangential peripheral
surmount overcome tangible touchable
surname family name tantalize tease
surpass exceed, excel tantamount equivalent
surreal dreamlike taper candle
surreptitious secretive tariff tax on imported or exported
surrogate substitute goods
surveillance close watch tarn small lake
susceptible vulnerable tarnish taint
suspend stop temporarily tarry linger
sustenance food taurine bull-like
susurrant whispering taut tight
suture surgical stitch tautological repetitious
svelte slender tawdry gaudy
swank fashionable technology body of knowledge
swarthy dark (as in complexion) tedious boring, tiring
swatch strip of fabric teem swarm, abound
sweltering hot temerity boldness
swivel a pivot temperate moderate
sybarite pleasure-seeker tempest storm
tempestuous agitated toady fawner, sycophant
tempo speed tocsin alarm bell, signal
temporal pertaining to time toil drudgery
tempt entice tome large book
tenable defensible, valid tonal pertaining to sound
tenacious persistent topography science of map making
tendentious biased torment harass
tenement decaying apartment building torpid lethargic, inactive
tenet doctrine torrid scorching, passionate
tensile stretchable torsion twisting
tentative provisional torus doughnut shaped object
tenuous thin, insubstantial totter stagger
tenure status given after a period of touchstone standard
time tousled disheveled
tepid lukewarm tout praise, brag
terminal final toxicologist one who studies poisons
terminology nomenclature tractable docile, manageable
ternary triple traduce slander
terpsichorean related to dance tranquilize calm, anesthetize
terrain the feature of land transcribe write a copy
terrapin turtle transfigure transform, exalt
terrestrial earthly transfix impale
terse concise transfuse insert, infuse
testament covenant transgression trespass, offense
testy petulant transient fleeting, temporary
tether tie down 94 Vocabulary 4000
theatrics histrionics transitory fleeting
theologian one who studies religion translucent clear, lucid
thesaurus book of synonyms transpire happen
thesis proposition, topic transpose interchange
thespian actor trauma injury
thews muscles travail work, drudgery
thorny difficult traverse cross
thrall slave travesty caricature, farce
threadbare tattered treatise book, dissertation
thrive prosper trek journey
throes anguish trenchant incisive, penetrating
throng crowd trepidation fear
throttle choke triad group of three
thwart to foil tribunal court
tiara crown tributary river
tidings news, information trite commonplace, insincere
tiff fight troglodyte cave dweller
timbre tonal quality, resonance trollop harlot
timorous fearful, timid troublous disturbed
tincture trace, vestige, tint trounce thrash
tinsel tawdriness troupe group of actors
tirade scolding speech truckle yield
titan accomplished person truculent fierce, savage
titanic huge trudge march, slog
titer laugh nervously truism self-evident truth
tithe donate one-tenth truncate shorten
titian auburn truncheon club
titillate arouse tryst meeting, rendezvous
titular in name only, figurehead tumbler drinking glass
tumefy swell unilateral action taken by only one
tumult commotion party
turbid muddy, clouded unimpeachable exemplary
turgid swollen unison together
turpitude depravity unkempt disheveled
tussle fight unmitigated complete, harsh
tussock cluster of glass unmoved firm, steadfast
tutelage guardianship unprecedented without previous
twain two occurrence
twinge pain unremitting relentless
tyrannical dictatorial unsavory distasteful, offensive
tyranny oppression unscathed unhurt
tyro beginner unseat displace

unseemly unbecoming, improper
unstinting generous
ubiquitous omnipresent, pervasive unsullied spotless, pure
ulterior hidden, covert unsung neglected, not receiving just
ultimatum demand recognition
ululate howl, wail untenable cannot be achieved
umbrage resentment untoward perverse, unseemly
unabashed shameless, brazen unwarranted unjustified
unabated ceaseless unwieldy awkward
unaffected natural, sincere unwitting unintentional
unanimity agreement upshot result
unassuming modest urbane refined, worldly
unavailing useless, futile ursine bear-like
unawares suddenly, unexpectedly usurp seize, to appropriate
unbecoming unfitting usury lending money at high rates
unbridled unrestrained utilitarian pragmatic, useful
uncanny mysterious, inexplicable utopia paradise
unconscionable unscrupulous utter complete
uncouth uncultured, crude uxorious a doting husband
unctuous insincere
undermine weaken V
underpin support vacillate waver
underscore emphasize vacuous inane, empty
understudy a stand-in vagary whim
underworld criminal world vain unsuccessful
underwrite agree to finance, vainglorious conceited
guarantee valediction farewell speech
undue unjust, excessive valiant brave
undulate surge, fluctuate validate affirm, authenticate
unduly excessive valor bravery
unequivocal unambiguous, vanguard leading position
categorical vanquish conquer
unexceptionable beyond criticism vapid vacuous, insipid
unfailing steadfast, unfaltering variance discrepancy
unfathomable puzzling, vassal subject, subordinate
incomprehensible vaunt brag
unflagging untiring, unrelenting vehement adamant
unflappable not easily upset venal mercenary, for the sake of
unfrock discharge money
unfurl open up, spread out vendetta grudge, feud
ungainly awkward veneer false front, facade
uniformity sameness venerable revered
venial excusable vouchsafe confer, bestow
venom poison, spite vulgarity obscenity
venture risk, speculate vulnerable susceptible
venturesome bold, risky vulpine fox-like, cunning
venue location
veracity truthfulness
veranda porch
wager bet
verbatim word for word, literal waggish playful
verbose wordy waive forego
verdant green, lush wallow indulge
verdict decision, judgment wan pale, pallid, listless
vernacular common speech wane dissipate, wither
vertigo dizziness want need, poverty, lack of
vestige trace, remnant wanton lewd, abandoned, gratuitous
veto reject warrant justification
vex annoy wary guarded, cautious
viable capable of surviving, feasible wastrel spendthrift
viaduct waterway waylay ambush, accost
viand food wean remove from nursing, break a
vicious evil, cruel habit
vicissitude changing fortunes weir dam
victuals food welter confusion, hodgepodge
vie compete wheedle to coax with flattery
vigil watch, sentry duty whet stimulate
vigilant on guard whiffle vacillate
vignette scene whimsical capricious, playful
vigor vitality wield exercise control
vilify defame, malign willful deliberate, wanton
vindicate free from blame wily shrewd, crafty
vindictive revengeful wince cringe
virile manly, strong windfall bonus, boon
virtuoso highly skilled artist winnow separate
virulent deadly, poisonous, infectious winsome charmingly innocent
visage facial expression wistful sad yearning, melancholy
viscid thick, gummy wither shrivel
visitation a formal visit wizened shriveled
vital necessary woe anguish, despair
vitiate spoil, ruin wont custom, habit
vitreous glassy woo court, seek favor
vitriolic scathing wraith ghost
vituperative abusive, critical language wrath anger, fury
vivacious lively, high-spirited wreak to inflict something violent
vivid lifelike, clear wrest snatch
vivisection experimentation on wretched miserable
animals, dissection writ summons, court order
vocation occupation writhe contort, thrash about
vociferous adamant, clamoring wry twisted, ironic sense of humor
vogue fashion, chic
volant agile
volatile unstable, precarious
volition free will xenophillic attraction to strangers
voluble talkative xenophobia fear of foreigners
voluminous bulky, extensive xylophone musical percussion
voracious hungry instrument
votary fan, aficionado
yarn story, tale
yearn desire strongly
yen desire, yearning
yore long ago
Young Turks reformers

zeal earnestness, passion
zealot fanatic
zenith summit
zephyr gentle breeze