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*" Fast swing Moment’s Notice A J= 236 Em" At wp A John Coltrane Fa Be Bbyst Aba? DbT “4 CG Eb? AT Doma? Dm GT Om" Cw" Bow” Eb? Arma p? , CC Fw oF Oe "Bp — pedok +f t 7 b " b Gm Fan. B Ce Five Gu a Fw. & Dur GT Eb? Ab LJ + Dra? Om? sr xd Cu? Bow” ES" Arms p” (bass walks) eu ct Abmi™ Dp G MA Fmi™ Br Ew" AT Fan” BP’ Ebusl ae al 7 Chey dL eA ee ee Dm? GT Ebw TAX Dhan? Dmwi™" G7 vb ee 4 Cur Bow” PT Aba D* Fan b CG ci F We Bb Ee “BP pedal 5 tf *He F 5 } solg bregh~----------- Cm Fh Ey Pity, Su Png tl ger = = i= 7 "Bat x Zz x Solo on BC. After solos, DS, al Coda pea) oF Kicks are not played for solos except for the pedal and the solo break (which are played every chorus). ‘Melodic rhythm is somewhat freely interpreted. 212