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Lesson plan

Teacher: Pirvulescu Daniel - Nicolae
School: Scoala cu Clasele I – VIII, Urdari
Date: 7th May 2015
Grade: 8th
Number of students: 15
Level: Intermediate (L2)
Unit 19: Caught in the Net
Topic: Computer technology and the Internet
Type of lesson: Teaching vocabulary
Skills: speaking, writing, reading, listening
Methods: conversation, explanation, dialogue, exercise
Classroom interaction: individual work, pair - work
Teaching aids: blackboard, chalk, laptop, video projector, handouts
Students’ book: Snapshot Intermediate, Longman
Time: 50 minutes

to check and improve vocabulary

to check and improve pronunciation

to make students confident in themselves when speaking a foreign language

to create a warm atmosphere

to encourage students to get involved in the conversation.

the T tells them to Introduction of pay attention to the video . asks one of the Ss to write the blackboard and the others open their date on the blackboard. T asks the Ss if they liked the The Ss ask the T’s questions.the laptop assure the .questioning .through feed-back Stage of lesson/ Teacher’s activity Students’ activity Interaction Skills and T –Ss methods . which they will 3.chalk . and then T asks if tell the absentees if there are any.reading the New Topic document. Teacher enters the class greets The students greet the teacher and Organizational the students. observation.continue .through activities.speaking Timing Materials Aims used . T tells the Ss that today they are The Ss pay attention to what the T Warm – up / going to discuss about a new says. 2.blackboard -to 1.to assure the transition between the unit in the students’ book.to inform Ss .speaking .chalk learn. watch. notebooks and write the date. A introductive part moment / 2 min.speaking . 4 min topic and to move on to another T –Ss .listening the Ss did not have any .blackboard .Evaluation: . One of Introduction of video they have just watched. Then T student writes the date on the of the lesson. the Ss say that the topic of the about the topic the new topic / 4 and asks them what the topic of lesson is The Internet. there are any absentees.the video Organizational projector Moment and the homework. error correction . Since Ss alone . lesson. T –Ss Ss alone .final . the T writers on the 2 .discussion . After one of the Ss the title of the lesson in their say which is the topic of the notebooks. The Ss write they are going to min the lesson is.

in pairs of two. keyboard. Pair – work mouse. mouse pad. correct matching and writes on the Ss will have to match the items blackboard. where? c) On what purposes do you use 4.chalk make an .speaking . The T asks the Ss how many of and to give the synonyms and the these objects do they use at antonyms required. . Also the other Ss write interdisciplinary in the pictures on that page with in their notebooks. (monitor. modem. connection. Then one vocabulary / 25 through the words on exercise 1. Then.Ss’ .reading . Then T asks them some questions related to the computer and the Internet: a) How many of you have a computer at home? b) Do you use the Internet? If yes. (pair of two Ss) . floppy disk. They write the .to facilitate the notebooks acquisition of the CD – ROM. new words in their notebooks. Ss try to answer teacher’s questions new vocabulary. the Internet? The T tells the Ss to open their Ss open their books and discuss Using the new books on page 110 and to scan with their pair mate.to use and home or at school.discussion . consolidate the 3 .blackboard .blackboard the title of the lesson: “Computer Technology and the Internet”. window. student from each pair gives the min Group A.writing screen.to enrich the Ss` general knowledge and Ss alone the words in Group A. printer). T –Ss .

to start up. 4 . Once they have finished.to make Ss on. to start up = to turn on). gaps. print). e-mail. Internet. word processing. express their to connect.In Group B. hardware. to crash. to surf. online. to log student will read at least one . memory. to opinion. T asks the Ss if they know all these words and also to give some synonyms and antonyms for some if the words which the T writes on the blackboard (e. to surf = to navigate. and then to complete the missing gaps with words from Group B. Ss will find other Then the Ss write the text in their Ss` computer words related to computers and notebooks and complete the missing related the Internet (software. The T asks the Ss to write the text at exercise 1b)/110 in their notebooks. connect # disconnect.g log on # log off. every website. vocabulary. sentence of the text.

T –Ss . the teenagers? 6.writing Ss alone T –Ss -speaking . The Ss express their own opinions. 5 .speaking .discussion T asks the Ss some questions: -to consolidate “How much has the Internet and use the new changed your lives? acquired Do you think that the Internet vocabulary has a good or a bad influence over you. questions from exercise 2/111.writing acquired Ss alone vocabulary quickly as possible the eighteen words related to computer stuff.and also by giving marks. T asks the Ss to read the text on Ss write the homework in their Homework / page 111 from the students’ notebooks and asks for further 2 min book and then to answer the information.the -to consolidate students’ and use the new books and acquired notebooks vocabulary -to increase Ss` self-confidence and encourage them in their study of English. 7.listening . T gives every student a handout Ss complete on the received Feed – back and where they will have to solve a handouts.5. . The Ss have to find as T –Ss .the . Then the teacher says “Goodbye” and leaves the classroom. Evaluation / 2 min T appreciates Ss` activity both The Ss also say “Good-bye” to the verbally -praising the activity of teacher.to consolidate handouts and use the new . the Ss. discussion / puzzle in no more than five 11 min minutes.