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Bonus Travel Q. Who can use Bonus Travel?


The member, their spouse and dependent children

residing in the same household.

Q. How are reservations made?


Call the toll-free number and provide the Travel ID

number. Both can be found in the materials provided upon


Q. I want to arrange a group travel package for my

club program. Will Bonus Travel Service arrange
the group tour?
A. No. Bonus Travel Service does not make group travel

Q. I live in Alaska. Can I call any day of the week for


Q. What type of travel can I book through the

Bonus Travel Service?
Airline Reservations
Car Rental Reservations
Hotel Reservations
Cruise and Tour packages


Q. Are there any additional charges for the

purchase of airline tickets?

Q. What room rate is booked by the Bonus Travel




Yes. The cost to pick up pre-paid tickets at the airport is

$25.00 per ticket. If you prefer to have the tickets mailed,
we will send via 2-day delivery for $14.95 domestic and
$35.00 for international.

Q. When is the best time to call the Bonus Travel

Service for a reservation?



Yes. The travel agent will do their best to access your

Travel ID number. In order to be eligible for your cash
bonus, you will need to write your Travel ID number on
your receipts and mail to bonus travel along with your
itinerary or email confirmation.


Yes. Bonus Travel Service can make reservations for

participating rail service.

You can upgrade or downgrade reservations once they

arrive. This will not affect eligibility for a bonus, as the
bonus is awarded from the base room rate (the room rate
excluding taxes, gratuities, and other miscellaneous

Q. What if I want to cancel my reservations?


Reservations should be cancelled by the Bonus Travel

Service whenever possible. A reservation may also be
cancelled directly at the property.

Q. How are guaranteed rooms affected by


Q. Can I make reservations for rail service through

Bonus Travel Service?

The Bonus Travel Service will always request the lowest

standard rate.

Q. What if I would like a deluxe room?

For domestic travel, you can call 7 days a week at

1-800-251-2672 (with the exception of 6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
MST on 12/25). Travel agents are ready to assist.

Q. I lost my ID card that has my Travel ID number.

Can I still call for a reservation?

Yes. All members living in the continental U.S., Alaska,

Hawaii, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico have access to
service seven days a week (with the exception of 6 a.m.
to 7:30 p.m. MST on 12/25).

The Bonus Travel Service will advise you of the required

time to cancel room guarantees without penalty.
Cancellations should be done by the Bonus Travel

Q. When I make a reservation and pay with my

credit card, when will my card be debited?

Q. I had Bonus Travel Service book a hotel

reservation for me. Once at the property, I
decided to extend my stay. Will I receive a
bonus for the additional days of my stay?



It will be debited at the time the reservation is made for

airline reservations, tours and cruises. Most car and hotel
reservations will be charged at the time of pick up and/or
check in.

Bonus Travel FAQ

You will receive a bonus for the additional days only if you
called Bonus Travel Service and asked your travel agent
to make arrangements with the hotel for you. You will not
receive a bonus if you asked the hotel directly to extend
your stay.

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Bonus Travel -



Q. How do I know I will get the "best fare search"
on my domestic air travel from Bonus Travel

Bonus Travel Service does a "best fare search" at the

time of your call based on the published fares available at
the time of the inquiry. The rate quoted will depend on
your travel requirements.

Q. I purchased my airline ticket through Bonus

Travel Service, and then found out that a lower
price was available from the airline at the time I
booked my flight. Am I eligible for the 100% Low
Price Guarantee.

Q. How are tickets sent to me?


Electronic tickets are mailed for reservations made at

least 10 days prior to the departure date. If paper tickets
are requested, a fee of $9.50 is charged and the tickets
are sent by Federal Express for a 3-4 day delivery. For
reservations made less than 10 days prior to the
departure date, ticket is sent overnight courier ($8-$10
charge) or is issued prepaid at the departing airport ($25

Q. What is the difference between an electronic and

a paper airline ticket?

An electronic ticket is a coupon that is presented at the

airline ticketing gate and redeemed for a printed paper

Q. Will Bonus Travel Service make a tentative

airline reservation for me?

To cancel an airline reservation, call the airline or Bonus

Travel Service at 1-800-251-2672 and return your unused
ticket to the carrier or Bonus Travel Service. Your refund,
minus penalties, will be processed through the carrier.
The credit, if any, will usually appear on your statement
within 6-8 weeks.


After giving the travel agent your Travel ID number, give

them your frequent flyer number as well. The travel agent
will enter your frequent flyer number on your travel record
and it will automatically be sent to the appropriate airlines.

Q. I received my airline tickets in the mail and the

reservation was wrong. What should I do?

Call Bonus Travel Service immediately at 1-800-251-2672.

They will correct the reservation. Depending on your
departure date, your tickets will either be delivered overnight
or you may pick them up at the airport. If there are at least
10 days prior to the departure date, your tickets will be
mailed back to you.

Bonus Travel FAQ

No. Bereavement reservations must be requested directly

from the airline. The travel agent will tell the member how
to request a bereavement reservation and give them the
appropriate phone number to call.


Q. What type of rate can be booked?

Q. How do I use my frequent flyer benefit when

making reservations through Bonus Travel

Bonus Travel Service can only make your reservation

when you are ready to purchase the ticket. You may call
the airline directly and make a tentative reservation. When
you are ready to purchase the ticket, call Bonus Travel
Service with the reservation information and purchase the
ticket through Bonus Travel Service.

Q. Can Bonus Travel Service book bereavement

reservations for me?

Q. How do I cancel my airline reservation?


To be eligible the lower price must be published, available

to the general public and for the identical itinerary. Also
you must call Bonus Travel within 30 days after the date
of purchase to be eligible.

The travel agent will ask for your preference of Rental

Company, size of car, and other requirements. If you have
no preference, the travel agent can provide a list of rates
in a location for a specified car type.

Q. I had Bonus Travel Service make a car rental

reservation for me. When I got to the rental
office, I downgraded the type of car I requested.
Can I still get my bonus?

Yes. As long as the reservation was made originally by

Bonus Travel Service, you can upgrade or downgrade the
type of car you requested.

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Bonus Travel -



Q. What special packages are available?

There are many tour and cruise packages available that

include travel, lodging, and one or more of the following:
transfers, car rentals, tickets to area attractions or events,
gratuities/taxes, meal plans, and/or sightseeing tours.
Call the Bonus Travel Service with the following
information: date and length of trip, desired location,
number of people traveling; amenities desired, and
approximate amount you wish to spend. The travel agent
will advise you on the available trips.

Q. Are special packages available outside the U.S.?


Yes. Availability can vary, but packages are often

available at destinations such as the Caribbean, Mexico,
Hawaii, Europe and Canada.

Q. Do family members also receive a cash bonus?

Yes. Member, spouse, and dependent children at the

member's same address also receive a cash bonus when
travel arrangements are made through the toll-free

Q. What do I send in to receive my cash bonus?


To receive a bonus check, you must send in the following:

1. Cash Bonus Application copy of the member's
itinerary, including member's name, return address
and Travel ID number.
2. Appropriate original proof of travel with itinerary
number written on it:
a. Original or legible copy of itemized hotel/motel
receipt with itinerary number written on it
b. A copy of airline ticket and validated boarding pass
stub or passenger coupon with itinerary number
written on it
c. Original or legible copy of itemized car rental
contract with itinerary number written on it
d. Appropriate cruise/tour documentation:
Documentation or proof of travel varies according
to type of package. It may include: the member's
copy of the tour confirmation voucher, passenger
coupon of air travel segments, the hotel/lodging
folio, or any other documentation. Members should
write the itinerary number on each itemized receipt.

Q. Can I send my bonus requests in prior to the

completion of my travel?

No. Travel must be complete in order to be eligible.

Q. Do I have to send in receipts for a bonus request

within a certain time frame?

Yes. All bonus requests must be made within 90 days of

the last day of the stay, auto rental, or air travel.

Q. I mailed all my itemized receipts for my cash

bonus. When will I receive my check?

Typically within 4-6 weeks of receipt of a properly

documented bonus request.

Q. I have a question about my cash bonus. Who

should I call?

Please call Bonus Travel Service at 1-800-251-2672,

Monday Friday; 8 AM to 5 PM, Central Time.

Bonus Travel FAQ

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