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Nature and Description of the Company

TAGLINE: Enhancing land, enriching lives, for more people.

The company, Residencia, is a corporation established by the stockholders that
contributed to purchase land and later augmented it into places where everyone can
find a better living, a place to stay.

The holders are mutual friends and became

colleagues after having passed the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Board Exam in
the year 1988. Some worked on public/private accounting and auditing firms while other
pursued their masteral degree and law study. Due to the willingness to execute the
profession, an organization is formed and decided to enter the world of Real Estate. But
career satisfaction is not the only reason for this. The organization consider a broader
market and that is the entire society. Accounting is a language of business and business
itself is a money-making entity. This principle that the organizations believed had a
greater impact to track the goal of gaining profit in the most productive way.
Residencia views the society as the primary target thus, ponder the needs of the
people and anomalies as well. The wrong use of land and unsheltered people was the
motivation of the organization to venture in this housing schemes.

RESIDENCIA has the primary goal of creating dream shelters that enhance the quality
of family life. We pioneer housing technology that ensures superior and consistent
quality thereby achieving excellent service because we understand the value of money.

Develop and maintain residential communities that set the standard in the community,
promote the growth of property values and enhance the well-being of its residents and
environment. As a company, we have a pure commitment to our clients.

Brief History

Since year 1990, our company developed a vast swamp of land that is now
bustling the city of Makati, Residencia Real-Estate Corporation has become a name
indelibly etched in the mind of the Filipinos as a visionary developer of land, a builder of
dreams. Also, our company enters the world of real-estate believing that housing
services is the common needs of the people. Residencia real-estate Corporation
expanded its offering to include middle-income housing units and communities.
In the year 2005, we started building residential condominiums around Metro
Manila. About 10,000 condo units was developed for middle-class Filipinos. With the
success of these projects, Residencia Real-Estate Corporation was established to fulfill
its vision of Enhancing land, Enriching lives, for more people. By 2006, we started to
offer dormitories in different campuses like in University of the Philippines Diliman and
Los Banos.
Residencia continuously nurtures among its value of hard work, dedication, and
passion to provide homes for Filipinos. Our company focuses on enriching the lives of
the hardworking middle class by offering their families, especially the students and
professors a home to be proud of one that is nestled in a peaceful and safe community,
accessible to public transportation, beautifully and practically designed, and one that will
proved reliable performance over time.
And now, we are targeting Polytechnic University of the Philippines-Sta. Mesa, to
be our next client. With the goal of having rental services for the employees and
students which also benefited the university itself.
To our Customers, we commit to provide highest value for your investment by
delivering quality and innovative homes and communities that continue to appreciate
over time. We will endeavor to build customers for life by providing the highest
standards of service and constantly improving quality.

Products and Services

Dormitory Rental Services

We offer:
Dormitory rental for both students and working employees.
A mini-library for students and professors.
Wi-fi zone residence
Safe parking lots


With its rectangular shape layout plan. It maximizes the residences optimal
views and ventilation.


Rooms with 3 beds, cabinets, tables and chairs.

Rooms with 4 beds, cabinets, tables and chairs.



Dining Room

Living Room




Parking Lots

As part of Residencias safetiness and security mission, we require our tenants to
adapt and implement the housing rules and regulation that we conducted, the following
rules must be observe:
1. The tenant must maintain the cleanliness inside and outside the dormitory
2. Every tenant must respect his/her housemates.
3. The company conducted a curfew that the tenant must be within the dormitory at
exactly 11pm and can go outside at 4am.
4. The tenant must observe silence when entering mini library. It is open every day
from 6am to 8pm only.
5. In case of emergency and unexpected happenings, you can press the
emergency button or contact the Residencia management at 831-3617.
Whoever violated the stated rules above is obliged to perform the penalty
to be given by the management. In any events or accidents occurred in contrast,
the management will not be some liable.
The given rules and regulations by Residencia aim to increase the selfdiscipline of their customer.




P 9,000

P 11,200

Rooms with 6 bed space

Rooms with 8 bed space

P 1,500 each

P 1,400 each

We are requiring payments of 1 month deposit and 1 month advance.

For students and employees of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, we are
giving 10% discount for the first 2 months of staying!



Dr. Maria Teresa P. Allapitan, CPA, MBA

Dr. Allapitan is a shareholder of Residencia Real Estate Corporation. She is also
the President and Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola Company. She earned her BS
Accountancy and Master of Business Administration Degree at University of the
Philippines and Doctorate in Business Administration at the University of Asia and
Atty. Jose Salvador O. Bolos, CPA
Atty. Bolos is a shareholder and board of director of Residencia Real Estate
Corporation. He is currently an assistant professor of College of Accountancy in Ateneo
De Manila University. He is a formerly a lecturer in CPAR Review Center. He graduated
as Cumlaude having a degree of BS Accountancy at Ateneo De Manila University and
Bachelor of Law graduate at the same university.
Atty. Jerico C. Cagas, CPA
A CPA in profession and lawyer since 2008 with membership license no.
0000135. He is a shareholder of Residencia Real Estate Corporation and the owner of
San Miguel Corporation. A graduate of BS Accountancy at Dela Salle University and
Bachelor of Law at Harvard University.
Atty. Nikki S. Concepcion, CPA
A shareholder and Board of Director of
CPA Lawyer and an assistant professor in
Philippines-Diliman. She is a co-author of
Intermediate Accounting. A graduate of BS.
Southville University.

Residencia Real Estate Corporation. A

College of Law at University of the
Prof. Nenita Robles in the book of
Accountancy and Bachelor of Law in

Ms. Angielou C. Morales, CPA

One of the shareholders and Board of Director of Residencia Real Estate
Corporation and a business consultant of Banco De Oro Unibank, INC. She graduated
at University of Sto.Tomas as a consistent Deans Lister.
Ms. Arlene D. Violante, CPA, MBA
Ms. Violante, a shareholder of Residencia and the Chief Executive Officer of
Nestle Corporation. She participated in different international seminars regarding
partnership and corporation. She graduated as Cumlaude having a degree of BS
Accountancy at Polytechnic University of the Philippines and earned her Master of
Business Administration at Oxford University.

Enhancing land, Enriching Lives for more


Allapitan, Maria Teresa P.

Bolos, Jose Salvador O.
Cagas, Jerico C.
Concepcion, Nikki S.
Morales, Angielou C.
Violante, Arlene D.