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Human resources

An industrial engineer can specialize in the Area of human resources since it

has the tools required to be part of this category.
As the business world realised that an employee was much more than "work",
and it could contribute more that to the company and to the society,it was
created the concept of "human capital", which included the complexity of this
Because of the globalization and constant competition, many companies from
all the world have begun to discover that their most valuable assets lie not in
their equipment and machineries, but in the loyalty of the customers, the
innovative potential, the technical and specialized knowledge and including
values and attitudes of its personnel.
In other words the experiences and expertise of each person in an organization
must represent, today, the largest source of competitiveness.
What does human resources in the company?
Within the administration of a company, it is known under the name of human
resources the part of the organization which is responsible to search and hire
the workers of the company.
But this is a very simple definition of its activity, because the truth is that this
area is tremendously important in any company because it is charge for
searching the best professionals and manage everything to do with them.
generally the human resources function is composed of areas such as








management during the activity of the company life. Depending of the company

or institution where the human resources function operates, there may be other
groups that perform specific responsibilities that may have to do with aspects
such as the management of the payroll or the management of relations with the
trade unions, among others.
To carry out the Organization's strategy is fundamental the management of
human resources, for which it is required to consider concepts such
comunication in the organization, leadership, teamwork, negotiation and the
organizational culture.
Selection of personnel
After the planning starts the search, moves to the phase of selection of
personnel. Once established what is the profile of the workers who are looking
for the company, it starts to seek candidates publishing the existing vacancy
advertising. Currently the most common way to do this is through specialized
portals specialized of employment on the Web.
As soon as the curriculums arrive, the human resources technicians will begin
to select, discarding those whose profile does not fit the wanted and arranging
interviews with those candidates that are considered that they may be suitable
for the post.
After personal interviews are carried out to know the candidates in more depth,
and if it was necessary, test would be made to ensure that the candidates can
do the job offered it will. Proceed in this way until ideal candidate is found.