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The numbers in your chart indicate a body and its capacities, also point to the fact you are

using them as an asset or experiencing its negative side.

As you get more familiar with the bodies you'll come up with your own interpretations of
the numbers in the positions.
Karma, soul and path numbers are often experiencing as challenges.
which means that until you get into a conscious relationship with that body you probably
will be demonstrating its negative aspects.
Gift and destiny numbers generally manifest in a positive way, but we also need to
develop those bodies to become even strongers assets.
For instance if you have a gift you need first accept it, then use this your natural talent
and strengthened in order to serve you.
Havng the same numbers in the gift or destiny position as you have in on of the more
challenges postions(i.e. karma soul path) may mean that you are struggling
or being lazy about using your natural talents, and that your life is pushing you to
consciously acsses them.
Use your own intuition to interpret this kind of combinations.
SOUL- needs to be accessed by becoming cozy with your own inner guidance.
KARMA-needs to be neutralized by Dharma, by engaging in a pratice the harmonizes
both your internal and external world.
"When there's Dharma, there's no karma". YB
GIFT-needs to be accepted and strengthened trough engaging in a concious practice.
DESTINY-is waht you have developed trough many life times and how other people see
you. In order to manifes your destiny in full, you need to develop a strong concious
relationshp whit that body.
PATH-is how you use all your fulfilled potential in order to serve
others on the path to conciousness.
You can live in the positive side of any body.
Your chart is only a starting place, any cahllenges indicated in it are places to begin
developing more consciousness.
Turn any gift to a wonderfull asset, you have within your self the capability to fully
manifest all the gifts of all ten bodies and to use them with flexiblity and joy.

Following I invite you to tune in for this week into the meaning of the first
tree bodies, read on, get info from your books or other resources
(always as taught by YB), and more important post your comments, questions,
conclusions, thoughts, this may help you to clarify or may make you more consciuos of
its meanings and also may help others to see from diferent points of view..in a nutshell
please participate so we can develop slowly but surely a group study together, thanks!!
ps. you may be anxious to get into your numers of you chart, and its of course fine, since
it is one of the main goals of this study, but consider this way we'll be able to tune in to
the realm of the numbers, and also later you can interpret others chart which is the other
important goal of this study.

The Number 1
The first Spiritual Body is the Soul: it is represented by Guru Nanak and Guru Nanak
represented Humility.
The negative aspect of the number 1 is non-creativity. A person with a 1 in a negative
position will have zero creativity. This is the most negative aspect of the number 1. He
will be completely head-dominant.
A person who has a 1 in the Karma position normally relates to other people from the
head. In order to be happy in the external realm, this person has to come from his heart,
and the people that he deals with have to feel that he is coming from the heart; this is
crucial for him if he wants to have harmony in his external world.
Any particular technique that will work on harmonizing the 1 will also allow a person
who has a 1 in the Karma position to feel in harmony with all his external dealings.
A person with a 1 in the Soul position is the kind of person who in his internal
relationship with himself will create a circular argument with his subconscious and get
stuck there. His tendency will be to deal with his internal stress from his head. This is
frustating to him because his logic will carry him to a dead end and he will not be able to
get out of that stress.
If these people do a meditation or some sort of practice that will give them control of the
first spiritual body then they will find that their logic will be conquered; they will begin
to come from their heart and they will know what is right even if it doesnt make logical
sense. Their internal peace will come into harmony because they will be able to come
from their hearts.

A person with a Gift of 1, like someone born in 1901, will have the ability to come from
his heart as long as he is on a spiritual path. Ones Gift works when a person makes a
committment to follow some spiritual path.
The number 1 represents creativity, so creativity is the real key. A person who has a 1
as a Gift will be super-creative.
In terms of Destiny a 1 means that this person has been very creative in many lifetimes
before. If a person is on a spiritual path he will appear very creative to people who
observe him from the outside.
A person with a Path of 1 has to be very creative in order to feel really deeply fulfilled
and to feel like he did his mission for God on this earth. Guru Nanak was in this position,
his Destiny represents this number 1 - he created Sikh Dharma. A person who has a 1 in
his Path would be in this same situation - his spirituality would be expressed through this
creativity of God.
--------------------------------------------------------------The Number 2
The key phrase for the number 2 is Longing to Belong. In order to make this number
harmonize you have to connect with your spiritual teacher. This body is represented by
Guru Angad - Obedience.
For years I was in torment because I couldnt connect with Yogi Bhajan. Finally, after 8
years of being in the Dharma I wrote him a letter, Dear Sir: Help! He wrote me back a
letter and said, My dear son, you and I will always be one in our hearts. For a 2 thats
the ultimate bliss. Thats the way that I got the 2.
My problem with being a 2 was that once I got attached you could not get rid of me. I
would attach myself, but it would take me a while. When I was young I became attached
very quickly and it was pretty devastating. Twos learn right away that they can easily get
hurt when they want to connect only on the physical level. For me the key was to connect
with Yogi Bhajan; I connected on the spiritual level. When you connect on the spiritual
level you cant be hurt because it is your Godly relationship. Connecting on the spiritual
level has nothing to do with your emotions and commotions. It is your real self that you
must connect with on that spiritual level.
The negative aspect of the number 2 is that this person will form negative associations or

he will be unable to calculate the danger in any situation.

In the birthday of february 13th, 1954, the formula gives a 4 as Soul number, a 2 as
Karma Number, a 9 as gift and a 10 as destiny:
In order for this person to be in tune with his Karma (2), to make sure that his external
world is going right- his Negative Mind has to work. Karmically, this person would be
very susceptible to try to connect with everyone. He would try to connect no matter what.
He needs the company of quality people (The Company of the Holy) in order to be of
quality himself. If his Negative Mind works he can calculate the danger in any
relationship and he would make sure that the relationship would be beneficial to his Soul.
When he is stressed out he might not be able to be neutral about the situation that he is in.
In order to be in tune with his Soul, which is the number 4, it is important for this person
to master the Neutral Mind so that whenever he is forced into a stressful situation his
yogic mind will automatically calculate the correct action; this is called intuition.
In a business sense, this person does business to make a friend, to make a connection, or
to form a close tie with somebody. This person may make a deal where he would lose
money in order to gain a friend. Thus, in a negative sense, this person is easily taken
advantage of in business dealings as well as emotional relationships.
The key for a person with a 2 in the Soul position is to process his longing to the point of
neutrality. This person asks himself, What can I learn from this relationship or this
situation? If this number is working for the person, the first thing he remembers is that
he is connected to God, then he makes a neutral evaluation of the situation to see if there
is anything that could affect his soul in a negative way. He makes a roadmap through
meditational processes and connects with his spiritual teacher. Connecting to his spiritual
teacher he is connected to God, therefore, his connection to people is not that important.
Protecting oneself is basically what this number is about, protecting ones own
spirituality and ones own soul.
This person has the ability to connect to anyone and to make everyone feel relaxed. A
Gift of 2 means one has the ability to calculate the danger in any situation and this is
valuable when one has to make a very accurate evaluation of the danger.
If a person with a Destiny of 2 has made the choice to be spiritual, people will look at this
person as being an easy person to talk to, an easy person to connect with, someone who
has a level head about relationships, a friend.

The number 2 is represented by Guru Arnad. He represents the perfect student and superobedience. He was the one who walked miles to the river to bring water to the guru - total
dedication, total connectedness to the Infinity of the Guru.
A person with a Path of 2 has to show this deep connection to Infinity. I look at it in terms
of devotion, how a person should enact devotion towards Infinity. A number here teaches
-----------------------------------------------------The Number 3
The Third Spiritual Body is the Positive Mind. It is represented by Guru Amar Das Equality.
A 3 is flexible and mischievous. He gets pulled down by negativity and needs a positive
sense of humor.
The negative aspect of the number 3 is that this person will not able to see the good in
The Karma for this person is to be positive in terms of his external relationships. In a
business situation you will see that this person cannot make it because everything about
the business world is negative. After a little bit of stress he cant handle the relationship
because his mind wont focus on the positive; his mind is always focusing on the negative
aspects. He is stuck in the Negative Mind.
To harmonize his Karma he needs to do a meditation, a yoga set or some practice, for
1000 days to hope to see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. He needs to see the
harmony and the goodness in his work situation; then his mind will focus on the positive
aspect of the relationship.
This position is the internal process of how one deals with himself. Lets say he has an
argument with somebody; after he works through it he will say:You know, all this is
happening because I am such a creep, I am just no good. . .. In other words, this persons
own internal process will be to negate himself - a sort of an inferiority complex - not
being able to see himself clearly in a positive light.
This person has to see himself as a Soul, as being part of God, instead of seeing himself
as a sinner and as part of the Devil.

This person will always have a positive thing to say. Evervbody else can be negative but
he will listen to them and it will not be a problem. He will say, But have you ever looked
at it from this point of view...". This is his Gift. He always has a cheery attitude about
People will see somebody who has a Destiny of 3 as a cheerful person, as somebody who
always has a positive input. Lets say that I am a businessman and I want to hire a
salesman. I might be able to look at this persons numbers and say, He appears to be
pretty happy but he has 3 as his Destiny. I would say to him, Id like to observe you for
a week. In reality I may observe that this person really does have a very cheerful,
positive outlook and I will feel that this will be beneficial to me as the employer.
Three is Equality; this was the great quality of Guru Amar Das. In order to see Guru
Amar Das, first you had to sit in langar and eat, even if you were the king. He realized
that all people were equal; he created free kitchens; he wanted to make sure that everyone
was taken care of.
A person who has this quality will want to see equality in all situations, he wants to take
care of everyone and is concerned about everyone.
If the Soul Number is a 3 and the Gift is a 3, it means that this person has the ability to
know his Soul; it means that he has the ability to connect to his Soul when he wants to.
His Gift is mastery of the 3rd Body and in order to connect with his Soul he has to master
the 3rd Body, but it has already been given to him as a Gift, so he doesnt have to. Having
a 3 both as Soul and as Gift means that this person has the ability to connect to his Soul
already. It means that as a child he was able to connect with his Soul readily. There are a
lot of people in 3H0 that are like that.
If your Gift is the same number as your Soul, it means that you have been given as a Gift,
mastery of that particular body which allows you to communicate with your Soul freely.
It is like a freeway - once you connect with that freeway and make that map, you can
always go back and forth. If you are given that as a gift, it means that you have the ability
to travel back and forth between your earthly and spiritual consciousness very easily,
however, sometimes it can make you lazy...
next wekk we'll tune in to numbers 4, 5 and 6
Dearest one, it was Guru Amar Das (3.Guru) who was very old, when getting guru-ship.
He was the water bearer for Guru Angad! Guru Angad was very devote to Guru Nanak
and developed the scripture and the letters for gurmukhi! Guru Amar Das was the home
keeper for all who were homeless and rised up free kitchens and lungar for all, who
needed it --- Beant

You wrote it by Path of 2: "The number 2 is represented by Guru Arnad. He represents

the perfect student and super-obedience. He was the one who walked miles to the river to
bring water to the guru - total dedication, total connectedness to the Infinity of the Guru."
HE was NOT the one, who run miles after miles with the full water bottles for Guru
Nanak, it was done by Guru Amar Das for HIS Guru, which was Guru Angad! --- This is
a mistake in the text of the book, which has to be corrected!
Love and peace - I am a 9 with Path number! Beant
The Fourth Body is the Neutral Mind. It is represented by Guru Ram Das - Service.
In the negative sense, this person has the inability to be neutral; he has an opinion or a
comment about everything. He is the most opinionated person in the world; he loves to
argue whether hes right or wrong, or whether it has been proven right or wrong; it
doesnt matter to him, he just has to comment on everything.
By doing a practice or a meditation this person can hope to accomplish neutrality. He will
gain the ability to listen and to make a neutral decision about the process he is involved
in. A 4 in a positive sense is a listener and a source of blessings.
This person is very indecisive. He will say, Well, I dont know; Im not sure; let me
think about it..." He is never able to make a decision because he can t come to that point
of neutrality. If he has the positive quality of this number he will be very decisive; he will
be able to very quickly analyze himself. He may know himself so quickly that he will
know the accurate answer immediately. He can listen to his own inner voice and he is
totally sure; he is a yogi in terms of his Soul.
A Gift of 4 means that this person has a Yogic Mind. This person is neutral, humble, and
loves to be serviceful.
People will see this person as being neutral. People come to this person for advise.
This number represents Service. This person has to become very serviceful oriented.
Guru Ram Das has given the exarnple of building the Temple over and over and over
again, seven times. This is what this person must strive for - humility and servicefulness.

If this person does his meditation or sings Guru Ram Das shabads for 1000 days, he will
be in tune with what it takes to express his own divinity.
The Number 5
The 5th Body is the Physical Body and physical things are pretty easy for someone with a
5 in his numbers. It is easy for a person with a 5 to push himself physically. He has a
strong body and has the ability to sacrifice. Use what you have to overcome your
The Fifth Body is represented by Guru Arjun. It represents the Physical Body but it is
also the Teacher number. Guru Arjun had so much physical control that he sat on the hot
plate and chanted Wahe Guru. That was his example. Guru Arjun represents Selfsacrifice.
The negative aspect of the number 5 is that these people have a lot of problems with their
physical body. They cant control their physicial environment at all - it is hard for them to
do exercises and it is hard for them to keep control of their weight. They love to eat and
they can become lazy. They prefer comfort over sacrifice. They are scared to death to
A 5 is half God and half Man (half balance).
The negative aspect of the Fifth Spiritual Body in the Karma position is manifested in
somebody who is self-indulgent and extremely overweight. In a business situation this
person is seen as being self-interested and self-motivated. After mastery of this body this
person will be able to make sacrifices and will have the willpower to make certain things
happen in his relationships.
The key word here is Balance. A person with this body out of tune cannot reach a balance
in his internal processes. Rather than going to Solstice he stays home in his nice, cozy
house because he cant make that sacrifice for his own spiritual growth. He cant push
himself out in front of a class to teach about God because he hasnt reached that
comfortable place within himself. The block to finding his own Soul is that he doesnt
have the ability to sit down and do a meditation for 1000 days. He doesnt have the
ability to do an exercise set to get rid of his obesity or whatever health problem he may

be having. His self-indulgence takes him down the path of self-distruction; whereas a
person who goes through a clearing process for 1000 days and gets in charge of the Fifth
Spiritual Body will have the ability to sacrifice his own comfort so he can be less angry.
The number 5 is my Gift: The ability to teach. It has always been easy for me to teach. As
soon as I was in 3HO I was teaching. Teaching has never been a problem for me; it is like
eating breakfast - there is no hassle to it, in fact, it is quite enjoyable and a very
pleasurable experience. I have always enjoyed helping others learn. To discipline my
physical body has never been hard either.
This person will be seen as the personification of God which is what Guru Arjun
represented. He will be seen as someone who can make self-sacrifices.
This person must become a teacher by example. This is what Guru Arjun represented teaching by example. People need to see that this person lives his example and that he is
the personification of what he teaches.
By doing a particular discipline for l000 day's this person can tune himself to the fact that
he has to live what he is teaching. In the present lifetime this person must teach to feel
The Number 6
The Arc Line is the Sixth Spiritual Body and the Sixth Guru was the master of the Arc
Line. His actions, his life, his entire purpose, was to teach us about the Arc Line. Guru
Hargobind stands for Justice.
A person with a 6 will love to meditate. A Person at Prayer is someone who really likes
to meditate. It should be easy for someone in 3H0 to meditate, so a person with a 6 will
benefit from meditation. Other people have other talents - it may be counseling, it may be
physical yoga sets, it may be music.
The number 6 represents the Are Line, and the strength of this body will depend on
whether the person has a 6 as his Soul Number or his Gift Number. It depends on how
much he has worked on himself and it depends on his ability to meditate. It is going to
depend on the person - if he is doing nothing spiritual the 6 may not work at all, then the
Arc Line will be his biggest block. But if he worked on himself for 1000 days developing
himself with meditation, his Are Line will be his biggest asset.

The Are Line gives you your intuitive ability. The negative aspect of the number 6 is that
this person will be non-intuitive, he will talk without thinking and will have a hard time
in situations where he has to concentrate.
The person who doesnt have control of the Sixth Body in the Karma position will not
have the power of the word in his business and personal relationships. He will say
something but he wont be able to live up to that because he doesnt have the power of
the word. He will not be constant for consistent. What a person can hope to gain through
mastering this position will be the ability to be consistent, to follow through, to meet his
commitments, to be one-pointed and very concentrated.
If a persons Soul number is 6, then when he is onder stress his key is to keep his center.
What is the center? It is the Soul, the sense of self, it is who one is. When one is
under stress one should have his Are Line working for him. If one is under stress and his
Are Line doesnt work, this block will not allow him to tune in into the deeper levels of
If this persons Arc Line doesnt work, the information that he interprets will be
contradictory; he is always in a state of confusion about what is going on. Doing a
meditation or a process for 1000 days will give him the ability to be very confident and
be sure that he knows exactly what is going on.
This person is totally one-pointed about everything that he does.
The number 6 is Person at Prayer. It is the Arc Line. I have a 6 as my Destiny Number
and for some reason my Arc Line has always worked; I always loved to meditate. I used
the 5 and the 6 as my talents to work on the other bodies. In other words, meditation
seemed to be the most natural way for me to work through my Karma, Soul and Path.
Other people will see a person with a Destiny of 6 as being one-pointed and very
The negative aspect of this position is that this person will not want to be a person at
prayer ; he won t even consider it. People dont usually consider their Path until they
have found their Soul.
This person s divine expression as a human being is to be a channel that people relate to
as a person at prayer - a holy person, a representative of God - very prayerful, very

meditative, very concentrated doing whatever it is that he does.

As an example, lets say this person is a lawyer. People need to see him having total
control in a courtroom situation - he is never thrown off by anything that comes along in
court; he always maintains a prayerful, calm, and confident poise.
The Seventh Body is the Aura. The number 7 is what gives the person the ability to uplift,
what makes a person feel at peace. It is Mercy.
The number 7 has tremendous qualities. The number 7 will want to be up-front; he will
do this because he wants to elevate people. A 7 may be a singer (singing can open
peoples heart), he can heal with his voice, or he might want to sing just because he
enjoys watching people be lifted. He will have a strong self-identity in all situations.
The negative aspect of the number 7 is that this person will hide out in his shell - he will
just stay in his house a whole lot and he wont like to come out. He lives in his shell; he
has the ability to grow in that shell and not go out. His house goes with him, he wants to
be totally protected. A 7 can be easily swayed by other people and unfamiliar
surroundings. Sevens who work through this block feel at home everywhere.
This person is overwhelmed by everything in the external world. He will walk into an
office with a speech all ready but will be unable to speak at all. There is so much input
coming through his aura that it totally confuses his mind. What this person can hope to
gain by doing something about it, is to be able to walk into any situation and feel totally
confident; no matter how much negativity is present in his surroundings, he will uplift
that situation because his aura is so strong that the negative input will not be able to
penetrate his aura.
When this person processes internal information he does not have the ability to uplift
himself; he cant get his spirit moving. He cant uplift his own internal processes so that
life would seem good or exciting. Working through this block will give this person instant
ability to uplift his own soul and to connect to his soul in terms of allowing that
expression of the flowing spirit. When he sits to meditate he will be able to easily channel
the constant flow of uplifting soul energy.
This person is always able to uplift situations. He can walk into any situation and bring
spirit into it. This person is the life of the party. He can generate good energy easily.

People will see a person with a Destiny of 7 as a very uplifting, elevating type of person.
This person has to learn to be merciful, like Guru Har Rai. He has to learn to uplift all of
humanity, always give inspiration and make people feel hope where there is no hope.
This person can look at a situation and see all the pain involved, and he will be able to
bring the other person out of that situation. By meditating this person will tune himself
into this mercy.
The birthday February l3th, 1954 has a Path Number of 7 (1+3+2+1+9+5+4=7). In order
for a person with this birthday to be fulfilled, he must uplift himself and others. He must
uplift humanity. His position in life is that in order to feel his most divine self he must
uplift. That is what he has to do. Many people who are into singing have a lot of 7energy. Many people who are out front in the Dharma have a lot of 7s. We have some
people who have three or four 7s. Sat Kirpal Singh has three 7s; Premka has three 7s. A
person with a 7 is one who is out front a lot, whose presence is real powerful. The
number 7 is a very powerful number. These people have a real strong presence; they don
t lose the sense of who they are. That is because outside influences don t throw them off.
Their aura is strong enough that they don't get thrown off.
The Number 8
The Eight Body is the Pranic Body, it represents Guru Har Krishans quality of Purity.
The number 8 also stands for healing. My Path Number is 8 and I am a Chiropractor.
Healing has always been the thing that I loved most, and it is the thing that gives me the
most joy in life. It is written in my astrology chart. Everything in my chart says Heal,
heal, heal, heal, everything.
I f you master 8 you also master 2, 3, and 4 (When you master pranayama you will have
control of your mind").
Music can bring automatic mastery of the 8th Body because music takes tremendous
control of prana. Singing will give you tremendous control of your Pranic Body.
The person with an 8 will want to see others really jazzed up in terrns of energy. An 8
looks to food for energy and tries to get energy from gross forms rather than from subtle
The negative aspect of the number 8 is being tired all the time. This is the one thing that

doctors have missed: Tiredness does not come from the adrenal glands. That is the
biggest mistake in the medical field. Tiredness comes from your Pranic Body not
working. The Pranic Body is your diaphragm. When you open up the diaphragm (which
is the main exercise you give to somebody who has adrenal problems), when you get the
diaphragm flexed out, the Pranic Body starts working and there is no more tiredness.
Tiredness has nothing to do with adrenals. The energy to the adrenals comes from the
Pranic Body.
You will see a lot of fear in this person. No matter what he gets into, there is never
enough energy to do it. He does not have the infinite vision to see that he can do better.
The positive aspect of the number 8 in this position is that once he harrnonizes the eighth
body, he will able to look at a very finite situation and project outwards. He will be able
to see the steps that he has to take to make it from where he is to where he wants to be.
By having mastery of the Pranic Body he will able to follow through with his plan and
make it to his goal.
Mastery of this body gives one that ability to have the energy to control the prana to do
that which one needs to do and also to gain the vision to be able to see a more infinite
picture of what it is that one is involved in. This person is the long-range planner.
The main blockage that this person has in processing his own internal states is fear. It is
said, Spiritual people should be happy, but this person will say, Oh... I cant be happy
because.... He will always find some excuse which is fear-oriented. This fear will keep
him from being able to see happiness and joy in his life. The positive aspect of this
number, once he works on this body, is that he will be totally fearless to deal with
anything that comes his way. Once he tunes in to his soul he will see the expansiveness of
his relationship with God. He will see that he is God, that he is Infinite; he will be in the
ecstasy of the joy of seeing the infinity of God, the Wahe Guru.
This person will be fearless. This person is sought after when one wants to expand a
business - get an 8 in your team and ask him, Where can we go from here? This person
can plan ahead and help you get ahead.
The basic viewpoint of this person is that he is fearless and he has the ability to carry
through when everybody else fails by the wayside.He has the ability to latch unto some
project and take it all the way to its maximum.

Guru Har Krishan had so much joy and compassion for his town that he gave up his life
so that all else could live; this is an incredible example of Purity to follow.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Number 9
The Ninth Body is the Subtle Body; it gives a person the ability to be subtle. It is
represented by Guru Teg Bahadur and the quality of Calmness. It is easy for a 9 to tune
into what is really happening.
The negative aspect of the number 9 would be to be super-gullible - the inability to be
subtle. This block can make a person innocently naive.
A person with a Karma of 9 is not subtle in his external relationships. In business and
emotional relationships he will be very crude; he lacks gentleness and the beautiful flow
that a 9 can have. When the 9 is working one can be as graceful as the swan. This person
might see the negative sides of situations but he will blur them out; he is innocently
naive. If the 9 is working, this person will see the problem and he will work it out on a
subtle level so that the relationship becomes very smooth. Instead of confronting
somebody very directly this person will let you know that he knows, and offer graceful
ways to correct the problem.
Lets say you know somebody who has no interest in Kundalini Yoga and he has a 9 in
his Karma position. If you ask him, What do you do for a living? most likely he will
answer, Well, I had fifty-seven jobs... He cant stick with anything because his problem
is that his Subtle Body is not working.
This particular persons frustation in life comes from getting a new job every 3 months,
and the reason why he gets sick is because he cant keep a job.
His cure would be to do something over and over again. If he has a hobby he really likes
he should really dive into it. It doesnt have to be a yogic technique, but if he practices a
yogic technique, great! If not, he can still work through his karma by just totally diving
in. Tell him, You have to work on your hobby every day for half an hour. It will do
wonders for him. Its incredible! That discipline of working on his hobby will give him
mastery. When he gets mastery he will not go from job to job to job.
I have a 9 for my Karma and this meant that the Virgo in me had to be a master; I had to
take something and master it. You will find that Virgos can be very one-pointed about
doing things, about being very articulate, and about just getting systems down. The act of
mastery gives you the ability to know the subtle things about your art, your craft, or
whatever it is that you are doing.

Michaelangelo was a master. What made him a master was that he lived and breathed his
art. Whatever you do, live it, breathe it and become a master at it. A master understands
the subtlety of the art that he is doing.
In his own relationsbip with himself and his Soul, this person is very hard on himself; he
doesnt give himself the consciousness to stick to things. He will not want to master; his
misery comes from everything being a mystery; whereas, his joy comes from mastering
things. He will stick with something for a short period of time but once he will learn to
stay with things and have that mastery, he will become very subtle. This is the artist. This
person may be very crude and hard om himself, but once he does a process to get this
particular body in harmony he will be gentle with himself and give himself a little more
space and time to be the master at any particular thing. The prime example is Guru Teg
Bahadur meditating for 26 years before he became Guru. This number gives one the
ability to be totally at ease, and gives one complete knowledge and mastery of any
situation. It is like the lotus flower on the water, it just rides along and doesnt fight the
In the birthday 9/9/1954 one has a Soul which is a 9 and a Gift which is also a 9. What
this means is that God gave him as a gift his Soul. These people are usually very in tune
on a very deep level with their own being, so it is not the Soul they need to work om, but
it may be the Path Number that they need to work on. You can give them any meditation,
and if they do it for 1000 days it will automatically work on the Subtle Body.
This person can master situations very quickly. He is very accurate about what goes on
around him.
A birthday in the year 1954 has a Gift Number of 9. This persons gift is that he is master.
Whatever he tries to do, hell understand the subtlety of it very quickly.
People will see this person as being very masterful. He learns systems and learns things
very quickly.
What this person has to manifest in terms of his Path is that he has to be very masterful
and has to exhibit total calmness in whatever it is that he does. This brings about the
subtlety of things. He never gets excited about anything; not that he is dull, but he can
process information in such a way that it soothes people. By doing a meditation for 1000
days this person will gain the ability to express his own spirituality with subtlety and

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Number 10
Every number is reduced to a one digit number except the numbers 10 and 11. The Tenth
Body is the Radiant Body. The Royal Courage of Guru Gobind Singh is the divine
expression of this body.
People who have the number 10 working for them walk into a room and everybody
notices them. People who have no radiance and no spark look like death warmed over they have a 10 that doesnt work. The perfect definition of a 10 thats not working is
banana spine.
People with a 10 should keep their hair long, do the Archer Pose, and drink cucumber
This person will be All or Nothing, and usually he will be very banana spine in his
relationships and business dealings. The positive aspect of this position is manifested as
radiance in his involvements, both business and emotional. He will put 150% effort into
his work.
This person s attitude is, I cant do it; I dont have the energy; Oh, God, Im just not
able to... The world for this person is nothing; he can never make things happen. What
a person can hope to get out of a meditation is the attitude of, Im going to give it my
150%, no matter what it is that he will do. If he is going to meditate, he will sit down
and do it with 150% of his energy.
If you own a company and you want something to happen, ask a person with a 10 as a
Gift to get involved and he will make things happen, quicker than anybody else. He does
his work with such zest that the project itself will manifest radiance. Whatever this person
applies himself to becomes radiant.
This person is seen as being very radiant and as doing everything with a lot of zest and

Royal Courage is the perfect definition of what this person has to manifest in his lifetime.
In the birthday 9/9/l954 the numbers are: Soul number=9, Karma number =9, Gift
number =9, Destiny number =10 and the Path number=10
A Destiny (Century) number of 10 means that this person worked on his Radiant Body
many times in his past lifetimes. With a Path Number of 10 the key is to do a meditation
like Gobinde Mukande Udare Apare Hariang Kariang Nirname Akame, the mantra that
Guru Gobind Singh gave us. If he meditates on this mantra for 1000 days, it will not only
take care of his Soul, but it will also take care of his Path. In a 1000-day period, it can
turn that being totally around.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Number 11
Every number is reduced to a one digit number except the numbers 10 and 11. If you
have an 11 in any position, do not change it. Thus, whenever you have an 11 in your
numerology, it does not turn into a 2. For example, lets take December the l3th - the 12
of the month would change into 3 and the 13 would change into a 4, but with October the
11th, nor the 10 does not change neither the 11, leave it as an 11.
The number 11 represents the Siri Guru Granth, the Entirety, the Perfection of the
The numbers for somebody with a birthday on November 11, 1947, are 11, 11,
11. This rneans that this person has to have a very intense relationship with the Guru.
When you bow before the Siri Guru Granth your Arc Line merges with the Arc Line of
the Gurus feet and your 10 bodies automatically work perfectly; that is why the most
important discipline, the most valuable discipline for a Yoga student is to go before the
Guru and bow, because it automatically makes the 10 bodies work.
People who have 11 in key numbers must spend a lot of time with the Guru - serving the
Guru, Parkash, whathever - they have to put a lot into the Guru. It is amazing how many
people have 11s. I know one lady that has 3 11s, and she is a holy terror. Now she is
finally responding to that and it totally switched her. She has an 11 in the Gift position,
but she has been resisting that gift. She didnt accept gifts very easily.
The number 11 is a Scorpio (in Astrology). A negative 11 would be really down into the
Scorpio consciousness. There are 3 aspects of Scorpio: the Scorpion, the Eagle, and the
Phoenix. The Siri Guru Granth is like the Phoenix - that pure light, this is the positive
aspect. The negative of this number is the real scorpion projective consciousness. A

person with an 11 in a negative position can forget his infinity and be ruled by Maya.
A Karma of 11 means that the Karma is set.
An 11 in this position represents mastery of the physical realm. In a negative sense, this
person has no mastery of the physical realm; he is always worried about money and about
his physical looks - he wants the prettiest cars and he is always concerned about how
others see hirn. In a positive sense this person is elegant, royal and divine, and he knows
it, so he wears the best clothes and he drives the nicest car, but not because of what others
might think of him, but because he has the highest opinion of himself.
This person will have a huge conflict because he wants to be the complete master of
himself and he cant see at all how he can do it. The only way he can become a master is
to surrender to the Guru. Once he surrenders to the Guru (and I recommend raading from
the Guru for 1000 days) he will allow God to run his life and he will know that God is
really the Master. Then he becomes the representative of God and he becomes master of
the physical universe; therefore money doesnt bug him and nothing bothers him.
A person with a Gift of 11 is able to express the energy of any one of the spiritual bodies
whenever he needs to.
The number 11 is called Unchangeable Destiny. It is written: There is no change - your
destiny is written, it has been written and will never change.
This person is looked at as someone who constantly reminds people of God, through his
dress, through his projection, or in any other way he will remind other people of Infinity.
This person must become the Siri Guru. He must become a constant reminder of God to
other people. The way he can do this is by bringing other people to the Feet of the Guru the Siri Guru Granth. Whenever he is having a conversation he can always take that
person and expand that persons consciousness through that interchange; he can expand
other people to Infinity. People walk away from this person feeling very elevated and
very conscious.


Karma is external disharmony, it is representative of your weak points and challenges

which you must overcome. you will experience the negative, disharmoniuous aspects of
that body.
Karma push you to you own spiritual path, your Dharma.
"Where there's Dharma, there's not Karma." YB
"Once you have engaged in a spiritual discipline, that discipline begins to harmonize your
internal state and your external world so that you no longer have external disharmony,
What is Shakti Pad and Sahej Pad?
guruchande says --after you have practiced your Dharma for a while, you come to the
ussually also manifes as distrust of your spiritual teacher, who is the external reflection of
your inner voice. You'll know you've made it trough Shakti Pad when you have accepted
the guidance of you own inner voice as a way of life. Then you'll begin experiencing your
life as a flow of divinity, which is the stage of Sahej Pad."
Steps Along The Path----------- by Yogi Bhajan
Id like to paint before you the picture of Spiritual Infinity. A person starts having weird
trips and weird combinations, feels pressures from this world and starts running toward
the spirit. Somebody uses himself as the introducer. So first you meet an introducer who
introduces you to the path. Then when you come to the path, it is not the person but it is
the discipline which is told to you. It is called Saram Pad. Saram Pad is when you are
introduced to the path and Karam Pad is the sadhana which you are to do on that path.
Then within four to seven years, you enter Shakti Pad, time when you confront nobody
else but your own ego, and it is the last chance in 8.4 million lifetimes wherein you
escape the aavaagavan, the cycle of birth and death. This is called Shakti Pad. Between
Shakti Pad and Sahej Pad, there is no rope, there is no link, it is a leap. Either you leap
forward in faith or you fall down to the base and crash. And when from Shakti Pad you
enter Sahej Pad, you become Attal (that which is Infinite and doesnt change.) Thats it.
Then there is no He, She or It, is is Heshit. It is not a big deal when you realize it. Then
you mentally have a permanent link with your teacher. How do I know it? When I
meditate, all those teachers who have a mental link with me, appear just like a panorama
show. So long as a persons link appears on my rosary, I never consider him gone. When
he stops appearing on that link of my rosary, he may tell me I am a great Yogi, I never
consider that he is with me. When Sahej Pad comes, it automatically will take you to Sat
Pad or what we call Sach Khand a state of consciousness of Truth here and hereafter. You
will be saved, your generations will be saved.*
Now knowing that technology, people started practicing it. These worldly difficulties,

jealousy, greed, and all those things, were with you. They are with you, and they can only
leave you when you have that mental capacity to create a link. It is the link of the mind
which a person creates with his teacher that creates the grace. You project from your
heart, you project the link. It is just as when you want to scale a castle wall, you take a
rope which has a hook on one end and you throw it up. It catches and then you climb and
jump overno problem.
Commitment is the highest virtue, it must be practiced in the highest discipline. That is
why Kundalini Yoga demands commitment. You do this hanky-panky. You think you can
get away with this, you can get away with that. It is your obnoxiousness, I am not party to
it. I know that without pressure, carbon can never become a diamond. If you think you
cannot stand the pressure, then you do not know whether you are a human being, because
the human body, the sympathetic, parasympathetic and action nervous systems have been
made to withstand extreme pressure to crystallize the consciousness.
There are two technologies, short technologies and long technologies. Kundalini Yoga
is the shortest technology between the unconscious and the Supreme Conscious. It is a
Yoga of Awareness. Hatha Yoga means where sun and moon energies meet into oneness.
The totality of all yogas is one YogaKundalini Yoga, the Yoga of Awareness, the Yoga of
Consciousness. It is specific. This Yoga is for those who want to do a specific and special
course in consciousness and awareness. It demands a commitment.
In Raag Raamkalee, Guru Gobind Singh talks to his own mind. He gives you the antar of
the patantar. Antar means nucleus and patantar means projection. Now how can anybody
teach yoga if he is not a yogi? Guru Gobind Singh teaches yoga to his mind.
Yoga enables you to get rid of sicknesses. It is a medical process of consciousness.
Technology does help us. Without it nobody becomes an expert.
Shakti Pad eats up people because there is one gap which can only be conquered
by a leap of faith. Shakti Pad is the era of consciousness in which you confront the
ego and the ego confronts you in a million ways, but if you take faith and the mental
link of your teacher, you can lean through it, you can penetrate through it, you can
pass it.**
Excerpts from KWTC,
August 23, 1978
*In other lectures, the Siri Singh Sahib has defined Saram Pad as the step where you
come under the protection of the Teacher, Karam Pad as the doing of the practices and
Shakti Pad is the experience of such personal egopowerthe ego forms alliance with the
intellect to convince the person he or she no longer needs the discipline nor the devotion
(one forgets to be humble!) Sahej literally means wisdomand Sat, of course means
truththe unqualified, unchanging divine reality.
**An additional help in crossing safely and successfully through Shakti Pad is the

chanting of the mantra,

Ardas Bhaee Amar Das Guru,
Amar Das Guru Ardas Bhaee,
Ram Das Guru Ram Das Guru,
Ram Das Guru,
Sachee Sahee.

Mastering the Ten Bodies

"About ten years ago I first began to tune into my own numerlogy.
I saw that I had a karma 9, which means that I have to achieve mastery
in order for my life to be harmonious, but I didn't yet know what that
really meant. The one day I went a class where Yogi Bhajan was talking
about how to make changes in your life. He said,' forty days of a meditation
begins to break the old habit. Ninety days put the habit into your subconcious.'
I was begining to wonder what mastery meant when he continued,
' One hundred and twenty days locks a new habit into the subconcious so
that it an automatic pattern from that point forward.' Then YB looked
right at me and said, ' After 1,000 days you will be a master.' Well, that's
all I need to hear. I knew right then that I was to do a meditation
for 1,000 days....
Yogic technologies
What do you have to do to master something? You have to do it
over and over again, until you go trough the highs and the lows and
the boredom of it, until you get into the very essence of it.(see blog posted by Tej
...you can do a specific technology for 40, 90, 120, or 1,000 days, that's
even more powerful. Your intention, you prayer, your projection, and this technology
together constitute a very powerful formula for transformation."
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The Soul Position

Your soul number is what connects you to your Soul. that part within
that gives you a sense of peace and balance. To experience your soul
you should let the heart be the ruler instead of the head.
The soul number indicates where may be your weakness to connect
with you soul, so you need to strengthen this weak link and master it
so it can help you.
I have a 7 soul number. it means I need to develop my auric body
in order for this body help me to connect with my soul.
By mastering this body (the one corresponds to your soul number)
it always will serve you under difficults situations by connecting with
you soul, so you'll be able to act from a place of inner trust.
I find the following lecture very helpful to understand the procces
we all have engaged on awakening our Soul, the kundalini energy,
to experience our souls in its full dimension.
Awakening the Soul
to be healthy, to be happy, and to be holy while living in this society. But you must have
energy so that your dead computer may live and pass on the signal to you, and may compute all that you want to do in this society. We call this energy, in the old science,
kundalini, which has been blocked in muladhara, the lowest of all chakras, or lotuses.
These are imaginary things. Huge books have been written on them. These books misled
me, too, for many years. Still, I learned about them, and about the chakras (or circles, as
we call them in English). These books have put us in so many circles that we do not come
out of it, and we reach nowhere. Yet, there is a way we can set our computer to be in
direct contact with Him, the Biggest Computer, and all things must then work
automatically. That cannot work until the kundalini, the spiritual nerve, breaks through
the blockage at the muladhara, travels up, and reaches the stage that you may have
Superconsciousness in Consciousness.
You must generate the pressure of the prana and mix it with the apana. Thus, when the
two join together, you generate heat in the pranic center. With this heat of the prana, you
put a pressure or charge on the kundalini, the soul nerve, which is coiled in three and a
half circles on muladhara. (Kundal means the curl of the hair of the beloved. It does not
mean snake or serpent.) This will awaken it so that it may pierce through the imaginary
chakras and pass ultimately through jalandhara bandhthe Neck Lockthe final
blockage in the spine before the energy reaches the head.
Let me define a few terms. Prana is the life force of the atom. Apana is elimination, or the
eliminating force. These are two forces in uspositive and negativewhich are
governed by ida and pingalaleft and right. When we join these two energies under the

power and science of Kundalini Yoga, we mix the prana with the apana and, under that
pressure, bring the kundalini up. When it passes through the central nerve, or sushmuna,
it reaches the higher chakras or lotuses, and thus one can know his total surroundings and
he is a blessed being.
After one inhales the prana deep down to the navel center, and pulls the apana with the
Root Lock up to the Navel Center, prana and apana mix there. This is known as the Nabhi
Chakra at the fourth vertebra. Heat is felt during the kundalini awakening, and that heat is
the filament of the sushmuna, or central spinal channel, being lit by the joining of prana
and apana. Below the Nabhi Chakra, the energy leaves the navel and goes to the lower
chakra at the rectum, and then it rises. This is called the reserve channel. Then there are
six more chakras through which the kundalini must rise and it will happen all at once.
Once you have raised it, thats it. The hardest job is to keep it up, to keep the channels
clean and clear.
The pathway of energy from the rectum to the vocal cord is known as the Silver Cord.
From the neck to the top of the head is the passage1. From the Third Eye to the pineal
gland is the Golden Cord. To make the energy rise in these cords and passage, you must
apply hydraulic locks. You must put a pressure. You know how we take the oil out of the
ground, by putting a pressure so that the oil will come out? Like that, your spine the mind
from is a staircase of energy. First, mulbandh brings apana to the navel, or
fourth vertebra, the central seat of the kundalini. Second, the diaphragm lock takes it to
the neck. Third, the Neck Lock takes it up the rest of the way.
The pineal gland, or seat of the soul, does not work when the Tenth Gate at the top of the
head is sealed. But when the pineal secretes as the kundalini heat is released, your
pituitary acts as a radar, keeping the mind from negativity.
Kundalini is known as the nerve of the soul. This is to be awakened; your soul is to be
awakened. When the soul gets awakened, what else can remain?
In the practical reality, these chakras are imaginary and nothing else. This kundalini is
just a kundalini and nothing else. It is not very important. These pranas and apanas are
just there. Everything is set in us. We lack nothing. We use these terms simply to make
the process clear so that we can get on with it. It is very simple. After getting myself into
the darkness for years, I found that if I would have known on the first day that it was so
easy, I could have saved myself a lot of hassle. When I found out that the kundalini really
can come up like this, I was astonished. It was a surprise to me.
Thats it. That is the greatest truth. Truth is bitter, I know. So I cannot speak all the truth.
But I speak indirectly and directly about the truth, because I cannot speak anything
beyond truth...continue reading